Iran President, Hassan Rowhani

Iranian billionaire bags death sentence for fraud

“Zanjani was also blacklisted in the U.S. after he breached international sanctions against Iran by selling oil.”

Nigerian military personnel among 99 United Nations officials accused of sex crimes in 2015

The majority of those allegations involved personnel in 10 peace keeping missions.

Beheaded Russian child is revenge for Putin’s Syria strikes – suspect

Investigators say the suspect could be mentally ill.

Bin Laden

New bin Laden documents show a suspicious, pressured al Qaeda

Al Qaeda’s leaders also urged further attacks on the U.S.


UK to send troops to stop ISIS crossing from Libya to Tunisia

Last June, 30 British holidaymakers were killed at a hotel on Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast.

Muslims praying

Denmark Imam triggers controversy over adulterers stoning call

The Imam, Abu Ismail, said that a virgin who committed adultery should be whipped.

Missing plane with 23 people on board found crashed in Nepal – Minister

The aircraft crashed after colliding with trees.

United Nations chief hails U.S.-Russian accord on Syria

Mr. Ban says the ISSG and the Syrian parties must remain steadfast in their resolve.

Saudi Arabia says war games will boost military ties with Muslim allies

The exercises, tagged “Northern Thunder”, commenced on February 14 and would run until March 10.

Saudi Arabia puts 32 Shi’ites on trial for spying for Iran

Charges include establishing spy ring, passing sensitive information, inciting sectarian strife, etc.

Red Cross

Five Red Cross staff kidnapped in Afghanistan

No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping so far​.

An iPhone used to illustrate the story

Apple CEO opposes court order to help FBI unlock killer’s iPhone

CEO says order meant “asking Apple to hack our own customers”

Pilot strike in Thailand grounds hundreds of travellers

Airline says it would provide alternative for the stranded passengers

Philippines to auction $21.27m jewellery seized from ex-First Lady, Imelda Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos ruled for 20 years until he and his family were forced into exile by a four-day mass uprising in February 1986.

Another Australian minister resigns after China trip probe

In December, Cities Minister, Jamie Briggs, resigned following a late night scandal involving a female diplomat in Hong Kong.

Former U.S. President, Bush, to hit campaign trail for brother, Jeb

Their mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, hit the campaign trail for Jeb in New Hampshire, and George Bush had already appeared in a radio advertisement on his brother’s behalf.

CPJ condemns firebomb attacks on newspaper offices in Turkey

CPJ called on all parties in Turkey to respect the role of the media.

Turkish journalist arrested for posts on social media

Interrogators asked the journalist about his recent Facebook and Twitter posts, including links to articles.

Barack Obama

US reports first sexually transmitted case of Zika virus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and other public health authorities are alarmed about the Zika virus.

Donald Trump slumps as Americans kick-start presidential race

Mr Trump’s campaign has been famous for his incendiary remarks against Hispanics, Muslims and other minorities.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

Netanyahu rejects French ultimatum on Palestinian statehood

Mr. Fabius said that if the French plan did not break the deadlock, Paris would recognise a Palestinian state.

Turkey arrests 10 ISIS recruiters in Ankara

Turkey blames ISIS for a recent bombing that killed 10 German tourists

China indicates interest in Nigeria’s honey, other products

China said it would send a delegation to Nigeria to showcase investment potentials.

Viktor Orban, Hungary Prime Minister Photo:

Hungary to keep migrants away – prime minister

The prime minister has maintained an openly hostile stance to migrants.

World’s oldest man dies at 112 in Japan

In 2015, the number of centenarians surpassed 60,000 for the first time in Japan​.​