UN agencies seek $810m to help South Sudan refugees

Humanitarian agencies are seeking $810 million from donors to aid South Sudanese refugees in 2015.

This was disclosed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, Antonio Guterres.

Mr. Guterres warned that unless armed hostilities ended and a peace agreement was reached, total refugee outflow to neighboring countries could reach 821,000 in 2015.

“UNHCR and its partners are calling for a boost in funding to save lives and seek longer-term durable solutions for the refugees,” UNHCR said in the 2015 Regional Response Plan for the South Sudan Refugee Emergency. “Thanks to governments’ open border policies, refugees fleeing South Sudan have had access to asylum on a prima facie basis. The refugees have also benefited from unrestricted access to host countries’ territory.”

Mr. Guterres noted that UNHCR and its partners had closely coordinated with governments to ensure physical protection of refugees and the full respect of the civilian character of refugee camps and sites.

The UN refugee agency said basic registration had been completed in all countries, while individual registration and biometrics had been done for 87 per cent of the South Sudanese refugees in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The South Sudanese civilian population at large was bearing the brunt of the conflict, with some 1.4 million people uprooted and another half a million taking refuge in neighbouring countries.

More than 97,000 people remained in compounds of the UN Mission in South Sudan, UNMISS, in very difficult conditions.

The continuing violence could also precipitate famine in the country, where millions suffered from food insecurity and varying degrees of malnutrition as they could not plant, grow and harvest crops due to their forced displacement.

Kenya’s Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed who inaugurated the 2015 Regional Response Plan in Nairobi, called on donors to mobilise resources to help avert refugee crisis.

Ms. Mohamed said humanitarian agencies carried out the regional refugees’ needs assessment and concluded that 810 million dollars was required for the year 2015.

“I appeal to the international community to assist in the mobilisation of these resources in order to facilitate an effective response to the refugee crisis in South Sudan,” she said.

Ms. Mohamed also commended donor agencies for their generous contributions towards the South Sudan Crisis Response Plan for 2014.

She said the cessation of hostilities and the negotiation of an effective peace agreement held the key for stability in South Sudan.

“With the prevailing cessation of hostilities, it is our hope that the parties to the conflict will quickly reach an agreement on the transitional governance mechanism necessary to restore peace in South Sudan,” Mr. Mohammed said.



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  • emmanuel anizoba

    The Igbo are drunk from an overdose of Christian super-naturalism. It’s amazing how even the so-called educated Igbo can be so easily swayed by the gibberish of Christian priests. But that is the result of a pernicious indoctrination inflicted on the Igbo child and youth by Christianity. The Igbo elite and their followers have chosen to remain on their knees folding their hands in useless prayer, while the world is up on its feet giving a fight to ignorance and poverty. They will wake up some day to blame the Christian Devil or something for their self-inflicted woes. Pitiable folks. Cheers!

    • OakSprings

      You’ve said it all. Well done!

  • RestructureNigeria



    As long the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. Although there WILL be Islamic attacks..

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    This is happening in:

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  • Kickboxer




    1. Brainless Buhari was a criminal for stealing $2.8b in 1978, current value is $68billion, as petroleum and then overthrew Shagari/Ekwueme govt when Justice Irikefe Tribunal ordered for his arrest)

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    All it takes to be Igbo online, is to utilize a pseudonym to write. But, the content of the article often betray the fake, and the compromised.

    You wondered: “If Buhari hates Ndigbo, would he have chosen Igbo people as his running mates on two occasions – persons who had the potentials to succeed him if he had won power on any of the attempts”? What’s wrong with Buhari being number two on the ticket? Especially now that it is abundantly clear that he doesn’t have what it takes; he is not the sharpest knife in the armory.

    Your subservient mentality wont allow you see Buhari as the second banana abi?

  • Odigbo Ikechukwu

    If anyone does not see that Buhari is a bigot, the person is living on another planet. How does this writer convince himself that Buhari is not parochial when almost all the security council are from the North. A truly great leader must rise above cheap politics of divide, and heal rather than awaken the spirit of division. It is not all about comparing GEJ with Buhari, it is about assessing Buhari on his own merits and demerits. Whatever the good intentions of the President, people are suffering and the Igbo people are being marginalised. Action they say speaks louder than words. Let us wait and see if Mr. Buhari the way he is moving does not plung Nigeria into recession and consolidate the politics of division and suspicion which he is watering with all his presidential power. It is a shame, it is also a greater shame that public pundits should hold opinions that fly from the face of truth, and even dare to make it public. Shame indeed.

  • Xanthos1

    Born to rule versus Born to hate……

  • Egbu Yugo