UN urges parties to address root cause of Gaza conflict

The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, on Sunday in Cairo, urged all parties to last summer’s war in Gaza to address the root causes of the conflict.

He said doing so would help in preventing the “cycle of building and destroying”.

A statement issued by Ban’s Spokesperson, Stephane DuJarric, in New York, quoted him as making the call in a remark to the Cairo Conference on Gaza.

It said the conference was attended by the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, and several foreign ministers including of Egypt and Norway.

“The successful reconstruction of Gaza requires a strong political foundation,” said Ban adding that “the comprehensive reconciliation agreement reached in Cairo on Sept. 25, was a promising first step.”

Ban pledged UN support for the Government of National Consensus as it manages Gaza’s reconstruction needs.

He said he was encouraged by the recent historic Palestinian unity government meeting in Gaza led by Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

“Promoting an environment conducive for peace must include an investigation into potential violations of international humanitarian law by all parties to the conflict.

“It is equally important to make the most of the opportunity presented by the upcoming Cairo talks, strengthen the ceasefire to return to broader peace talks.

“It is also imperative to refrain from unilateral actions which only exacerbate tensions and resentment. Gaza remains a tinderbox,” said Ban.

Ban said all parties must come together to chart a clear course towards a just and final peace.

He said the parties should also aspire to achieve a full lifting of the blockade, ensuring Israel’s legitimate security concerns, and establishing two states living side by side in peace and security.

“I do not want my successors or yours to make conferences such as this a ritual: building and destroying– and then expecting the international community to foot the bill,” the Secretary-General said.

Ban recalled that no fewer than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the recent 51-day conflict, along with no fewer than 70 Israelis.

Almost one-third of Gaza’s population, he said, was uprooted from their homes and entire neighbourhoods were flattened.

The Secretary-General recalled how in 2009, the international community gathered in Sharm el-Sheikh in the wake of another devastating war in Gaza.

“We pledged our support. We expressed our commitment. We resolved to rebuild. And yet here we are again.

“The cycle of building and destroying has continued– only worse,” said Ban.

The “UN Support Plan for the Transformation of the Gaza Strip” amounts to about 2.1 billion dollars for early recovery and reconstruction efforts.

The UN Chief will visit Gaza on Tuesday to help advance reconstruction efforts.

The UN said dozens of schools, hospitals and clinics were either destroyed or damaged during the last conflict.

The UN facilities sheltering women and children were hit, resulting in many casualties while 11 staff members of the UN were killed in the course of the conflict.



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  • Romberg

    Physician heal yourself. You are corrupt too, because you lie pretty much like Minister, Hish Exclemency, Chief Liar Mohammedu.

  • Babatunde Razaq

    In as much as one may want to ponder over some issues raised in the write up, the writer couldn’t hide which side of the divide he belongs. Change was brought about by the fact that the country was not properly managed by PDP. The fundamental platform that ushered in the needed change was and still is corruption. How then can you blame a government that wants to tackle that same problem in all fronts? Whatever short comings or challenges faced in the process should have been reasoned by the writer as part of a process towards achieving the set objectives. One of the attributes of good journalism is an analytical presentation of different views and opinions. Any write up that runs short of this may be seen to be biased or expressing sentiments for whatever reason or reasons.

    • Mayo

      For the writer, this is not about short-comings of a process that is effective. As the writer quoted – he who comes to equity must come with clean hands – the writer is saying APC campaigned to end corruption but that the very basis of APC’s campaign were all lies.

      Secondly, this is an Opinion piece, not a news article. This means the person is writing from his POV and so there is no requirement for the person to present different views and opinions.

      • Babatunde Razaq

        Thanks Mayo. I got the points, but we might just be mistakenly picking challenges as lies, depending on which side of the divide we belong or the angle we are looking at the issues raised. No doubt, there are areas in the write up to ponder about and this I think i mentioned. But while doing that, we should not loose side of the fact that change itself is a process and the dynamics of the process will throw up many things some of which I think the writer considered as lies. That is my opinion too.

        • Mayo

          I agree with you that ‘Change is itself is a process and the dynamics of the process will throw up many things..’ but I responded to your implication that the writer did not practice good journalism because I’ve come to observe that lots of Nigerians do not distinguish between an Opinion piece and a news article. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to question what an opinion writer has written.

          Secondly, I disagree with your overall summation of this article. The author is not talking about something that happened after the fact (what you have referred to as change process throwing up certain things). The author is arguing that the fundamental basis on which a party campaigned is false. If the author is wrong on that, challenge him on it.

          You said ‘..The fundamental platform that ushered in the needed change was and still is corruption…’. The author agrees with you but the author is saying the ruling party is not doing anything different. Apart from all the examples the author cited, today the Senate (APC members) confirmed Rotimi Amaechi as a Senator even though the report of the committee that the Senate had asked to look into the petitions against Amaechi recommended he not be confirmed. For me, this is not about Amaechi as a person but what is the essence of telling us you will do things differently and then you end up doing exactly the same thing you accuse the other party of doing?

          • Babatunde Razaq

            Mayo, You have actually impressed me by your presentations. Well, when matured and well cultured minds are involved in any issues, it shows easily. And this why I like to share ideas with you. You see, on Amaechi, my question still remains, should there be a debate an issue already in court which will be contrary to the rules of the house- senate? This is not exonerating Amaechi, and more so that even whether confirmed or not the court is there to judge him on corruption allegations. We may have to contend with a lot in this fight against corruption. For example too, the law says an accused is still innocent until proved otherwise by a court of law. So why should Amaechi not be a minister and allow the law to take its course.? This probably is one of the challenges I talked about.

          • Mayo

            You asked – Should there be a debate on an issue that is already in court? This is exactly the point that the Senate Committee on Ethics is making. They were asked to investigate if the allegation against Amaech is true and based on that recommend if he should be confirmed or not. They came back and said – Amaechi has gone to court and their rule says they can’t investigate a case in court so based on that they can’t recommend that Amaechi be confirmed since they can’t say if he is guilty or not. They said to wait till after the court cases have been concluded. In a layman’s POV, it’s like saying – I don’t have enough information so maintain the status quo till we have enough information.

            On a different note, remember that GEJ was roundly lampooned for refusing to fire Stella Oduah even though GEJ said no court had found her guilty of corruption. Even when the Senate investigated her, their judgement was that she did not follow due process not that she corruptly enriched herself in the purchase of the BMW cars but the opposition party still heavily criticized GEJ for refusing to fire her. Buhari while campaigning said – nobody with a ‘whiff’ of corruption will be in his cabinet. Note the word ‘whiff‘. Based on that, why nominate Amaechi?

          • Babatunde Razaq

            Mayo, if we can also recollect , the senate president also ruled in favour of the standing order of the senate that why stopping screening when in the first instance they should not be debating on the issue because it is already in court. So there seems to be a problem here. It was like, don’t debate confirm, then allows the court to do the rest. I maintained the same stance when the senate president , Bukola himself went to high court to stop his trial. The question is why stop a case if you know you are not guilty? But my question is does the law allow that? If yes why pick on an accused but not the law? You see Mayor, the system we practice here is in itself a problem. So fighting corruption in a system already embedded in problems and contradictions, will throw up a lot of challenges. But has you rightly observed and which I also agreed to, sentiments and politics can not be ruled out in the process. My position once again Mayo.

          • Mayo

            I guess you and I will both agree to disagree on this issue.

            On a topic different from our original discussion – you asked why should the Senate President go to court to stop his trial if he is not guilty. The Senate President went to court because he is challenging the process that resulted in him being taken to court. His argument was that CCT could only try someone upon the recommendation of a the Attorney General and that the country presently has none. He also contended that the law says if there are discrepancies in someone’s asset declaration form, you should first invite the person to explain those discrepancies and it is only if those explanations are not enough that the person gets charged. He said he was not invited to explain those discrepancies. I’m not Saraki’s lawyer but I agree that irrespective of whether someone is guilty or not, you must follow due process while prosecuting someone. This is the reason why in America (which we are trying to emulate), any confession from a suspect obtained without first mirandizing the person, without his lawyer being present or without the person waiving access to a lawyer is inadmissible in court.

          • Babatunde Razaq

            Mayo, yes I know the reason as you stated why Bukola went to court, but I was just trying to justify why he did in another way. That, for some people that may question his action or even accuse him of wanting to tactically stop the trial. It is a wrong accusation in that the law allows him to do that. This why I asked ‘why pick on an accused but not the law?’ It is unfortunate that our system here allows things to go regardless of how unethical they are. Then with politics again, things at times, are twisted to suit the whims and caprices of political operators.

  • Outraged

    False prophet Aribisala, God punish your generation of liars. Rot in hell fake hungry prophet

    • Mayo

      Which part of this article is a lie? It’s much better to pick specifics from the article and refute them with your own points than to just make a general statement which you can’t substantiate.

      • eBusinesz

        you spoke my mind. people are confused and try to transfer same confusion to others. No wonder they never do good. its simple what did you not agree with the write-up

    • Eze Udeka

      It is your generation of evil doers that God will wipe out. Parasites.

  • hyperbole123

    this is sound writing. never believed i could agree with aribisala given i (used to) be a buhari guy. but the hypocrisy and lack of integrity is so glaring that stevie wonder can see it! it is galling and potentially evil too. nothing to add or take away from what this evil genius – aribisala – has written

  • Kadiri

    In Wailing Wailers Society of Nigeria one of the requirements to get registered is a special public statement and we have a few examples to guide you.

    I will sue you -Falana
    Our economy is nose diving. -Oby Eze
    We need Revolution in this country- Pat Utomi.

  • john

    Aribisala is a tactical and charismatic writer, one of the very best.This is a masterpiece only for the matured minds and truthful which unfortunately is in short supply in our country due to blind loyalty, tribalism, nepotism,and share neo colonialism.APC is the subriquent for lie

  • Abasi-akan

    Nigerians are reaping what they sow, for those who voted them into power will reap what they sow.

  • Eze Udeka

    Thank you sir. Nigeria is not Rwanda and there is no way Fulani will dominate this country. Sooner than later other tribes will coalesce and wipe them out.