U.S. wants citizens in Uganda to stay home

United States officials on Saturday warned their citizens in Uganda to stay home or go to a safe location as authorities conducted an “operation” against a suspected terror cell in the capital of Kampala.

“All U.S. citizens are advised to stay at home or proceed to a safe location,” US mission in Uganda said.

The US mission, however, did not give further details.


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  • alert

    I cannot pick any point from your write up.

    • Dumbo

      You’re not very bright or are you?

  • frank

    Radio Changi nko….?

  • frank

    Radio Changi nko….. Abi u dey fear boko haram?

  • En

    I wish Radio Biafra good luck. Let them establish their Biafra. However, they should stay far away from the South West as they would be thrown into the Lagoon and the Niger Delta as they would be soaked in crude oil and burnt.

    They should be BOLD and walk their talk. Stop being cowards! Go for landlocked Biafran Republic!

    • Edeki Suku

      Go and see the map of Biafra from1967-1970 before writing your ignorance.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The sponsors of this editorial lack social understanding. Radio Biafra is a product of Free Speech which is guaranteed under the Constitution. You find such groups in many countries. Even in the UK does Scotland not have a political party that aims to pull Scotland away from the UK? In the US don’t we have the KKK that is even more vicious and venomous against some sections of the society? Has the American government done anything serious to eradicate it?

    When a group of people feels marginalized it has a right to speak up and even call for self-determination which is guaranteed under international law. And there are World Court’s pronouncements to this effect. So bellyaching about the existence of Radio Biafra is just a non-starter. What the Nigerian state should do is to find out why these people are doing this and then make efforts to right whatever wrongs that exist. Saying the people should be hounded, destroyed and put out of existence is only a primitive and out-of-fashion approach. When the Nigerian state hounded the Boko Haram we now have what is with us today; and as we see many faceless individuals in Nigeria have joined forces to give the Boko Haram the serious bite it presently possesses.

    It is not etched in stone that Nigeria must be one, indivisible and all that sort of talk. The question is: what have we done to make everybody feel that oneness that attracts a sense of indivisibility in the minds of every citizen?

    Radio Biafra is an example of a social call for self-determination. As far as it is now, no crime has been committed. This is just the simple fact. But a sensible government must have to go underground to find out why such a call for self-determination is in the air.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      There is no where in the world where ‘free speech’ inciting violence against others is protected.

      • Pause

        who is the Radio inciting and against whom? Stop jumping into issues you know nothing about…..for now you come across as Jack of all trade master of none…and I have to state that people like that are average at best….so use your time to improve your skills instead coming here for all these hours posting nonsense.

  • omo56

    They have the right to speak, I just wish that the people they are addressing will pack and relocate to Biafra

  • Alina Bassie

    I don’t really understand what this babbler is talking about , this is arm chair critic at worse and cheap blackmail .
    The writer wanna-be just want to unleash his preconceived condemnation and hatred for the name Biafra which many Nigerian timid morons will rush to swallow hook line and sinker having beclouded in their reasoning by ardent hatred for the Biafran nation

    I think that this primitive buffoon would have analyzed the origin of Biafra , what it stands for , what it is trying to achieve and why the issue of Biafra still lingers many years after the end of civil war , could it be that the same reason in which the war was forced upon them still exist today ?
    It is only after thorough and critical analysis that realistic solution can be proffered rather this shameless semi illiterate that wrote this crap made show of his intellectual bankruptcy by failing to make any single point neither is there any meaningful and reasonable remedy suggested .

    I think the only way to nip the situation by the bud is to start addressing urgently and sincerely the legitimate concerns and issues raised which is fueling the agitation for self determination of Biafran people
    Nigerian leaders has the choice to confront this issue objectively and practically to address them once and for all or continue to bury their heads on sand wishing it will disappear like a vapor

    They may choose to seek the futile advice of their treacherous mother called Britain who always misinform,mistreat,manipulate, deceive and will continue to deceive them until its too late .
    When Yaradua was faced with Niger delta problem the ” Harlot ” under Gordon Brown promised Nigeria bombs, tanks and ammunition though Britain settled their IRA issue peacefully with “Good Friday” accord but when boko haram ran amok and Jonathan went to them they promised him military advisers which never happened .

    For your Information, Biafran nation is determined unto death to stand firm against all odds to see the birth of new Biafra having put into consideration the worst case scenario therefore it was not by accident that radio was born , it is in the blue print of actualizing the sovereign state of Biafra and we cannot be bullied by any opposing forces to abandon this sacred duty because when injustice becomes a law resistance becomes a duty .

    We would rather die standing on our feet in honor than to live on our knees in humiliation in this false and expired entity called Nigeria , an evil enclave that represents everything despicable where beggers ride horses and princes walk on bare foot
    Let no one make mistake about our resolve to free Biafra from the shackles and evil machination of Nigeria and we promise our detractors and oppressors a 21st century battle not 1967 everyone will feel the heat

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Remove your ‘rubish-tinted-glasses’ and you will see the light.

      • Pause

        the light you see is a symptom of yellow fever….a recent study shows that the fever cells may survive in the blood stream for years…..when last did you go for a checkup?

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    The difference here is that while the Hutus were the majority in Rwanda, Ndigbo is a tiny percentage of Nigeria and Radio Biafra is inciting them towards there own doom.
    Ndigo’s have forgotten how a few morons with eastern names started the civil war and how it decimated their population. They claim to be the smartest ethnic group in Nigeria but they can’t see past their own nose to realize that the very idea of Biafra is synonymous with their own annihilation as an ethnic group.

    Folks discussing the Biafra issue always arrive at the question of addressing the underlying factors. What freaking factors? Non inclusion? These very same people have sworn not to participate in anything progressive for Nigeria. They Unanimously voted for President Jonathan despite knowing that their choice was detrimental to the nation, yet they complain of being excluded from the governmental appointments of President Buhari. How can Buhari appoint people with the single goal of destroying the country. People that do not even identify themselves as Nigerians? how can you include people that have excluded themselves from the nation to the point that the worst crime their sons or daughters can commit is to marry Nigerians from other ethnic groups.

    They walk around with a chip on their shoulders as if someone has wronged them when in fact, Nigeria has done nothing but be humble and merciful towards their treasonous actions. They tell themselves these romanticized nonsense stories about the civil war and they worship the few folks who started the war as heroes, forgetting the fact that the key individuals they call their heroes are Hausa in everything but name. They go to bed and wake up the next day with hatred of the Hausa on their mind. When the Hausa could not care less about them. They are always looking for someone to blame for their own shortcomings and they brainwash their children, thereby dooming said children into their self imposed miserable life filled with hatred.

    I say enough of this rubbish. Let them obey radio Biafra and start something that will give the motherland reason to evacuate our innocent igbo brothers and sisters then level the whole freaking place into a car park! They can go and build their Biafra in the hereafter because it will never happen in this life.

    • Pause

      hahah…I can see that your keyboard is now a gun which you use to shoot down all enemies real and perceived…eeekwa? Remember, Nigerian Army is still recruiting…..per your expectation, I am curious how many car parks we have now in NE, NW, Irak after leveling the freeking places ala your way……my only advice to you is to stop drinking ogogoro because it is banned by the Federal Govt, and also you can die

    • AlBsure23

      I know that deep down inside you, you are jealous of the Igbos. You cannot hide it anymore. You know that I know that your problems with the Igbos is that you are envious of them.

    • Edeki Suku

      Are the yorubas and awusa not capable to survive on their own?Nigeria should let biafrans be. Scotland want to be out of Uk, y not biafrans?

  • ayobamiba

    Government must move swiftly to deal with the issues of radio Biafra,Mr KANU must be arrested and brought to book for preaching hate instead of love.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      This is an issue best left to Ndigbo leaders to deal with (if they exist). In the absence of action on their part, then I agree with you. However, the Government must be careful not to turn these morons into anything more than what they are… irritating A**holes hell bent on the destruction of Ndigbo as an important Nigerian ethnic group!

      • Pause

        No radio, ethnic,religious,business, economic and even military group can destroy Igbos. That being stated, those who fear Radio Biafra has some explanation to give

    • Edeki Suku

      Are the yoruba afraid to go on without the biafrans?

  • Okey

    It is meet that the so-called Radio Biafra (but Agitation Radio properly so called) has been neutralized. We do not have any need to heat up our polity by preaching dislike and hate. What we need at this juncture of our national life is Peace and not Pieces.

    But while it is good to Remove Radio Biafra from the Airwaves, what should be more important to Nigeria is the Removal of Radio Biafra of the Heartwaves of both those hosting and those it disconcerts. For as Peter Macintosh sang in his music, “Everyone is talking about peace, peace, peace; no one is talking about Justice.” Peter sang that because he knew that Justice is the first condition for peace.

    Now, Mr President has made 18 appointments so far, none from the over 50 million Igbo was found merit-able and worthy; he has appointed his Service and Security Chiefs, no Igbo soldier was found to be of any merit; Mr Ewurum is a Deputy Director at the Civil Defence and next to the former boss of the organization, Dr Aboderin, in fact, Ewurum was generally known as Aboderin’s engine in the Civil Defence, well and read and highly educated and with unblemished record. Yet his junior was elevated as the Civil Defence boss by the President Buhari for Mr Ewurum to serve – canything explain it other than where Mr Ewurum comes from; and, the lull in the National Assembly is: “Why should Ike Ekweremadu who is a non-Nigerian and a citizen of Kwazulu Nataal from South Africa, be Deputy Senate President under a President Buhari ?” And for this, the “real” Nigerian Senators ably goaded by powers in the high places are battle set for the roof of the National Assembly to come down rather than EKweremadu, the foreigner, to be Deputy President of the Senate of Nigeria. These are the real “Radio Waves” in the sick-bed of our national life we should urgently attend to.

    While, for me, nothing should propel anybody to seek recourse to any route that will harm the sovereignty of Nigeria. We shall all dig it out here together. Because, for me again, time is the healer of all wounds. The day Barakka Hussein Obama was declared the President of America, I saw tears of joy dripping down the cheeks of Rev. Jesse Jackson, as he was wondering, “Is this in my life ? Because it was at his feet that Martin Luther King Jnr, Malcolm X and other messengers of the oppressed, justice, equal rights and fair treatment died. Right here in Nigeria, it was before us, that Jonathan, a minority of the minorities became President of this great country. So, why must the heavens fall because “I am not the one on that seat today” ?

    While we must refrain from taking untoward recourse, Nigeria must Remove Radio Biafra from our Heart-waves.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Radio Biafra, and its promoter Mr Kanu, will be destroyed through his present pro-separation anti-Nigeria stance.Nigeria will remain solid and united as a nation.If any tribe wants out of the present union,let there be a plebiscite.Millions of innocent souls were killed during the late Col Odumegwu Ojukwu.If some disgruntle selfish murderers have not realize their fault and still agitating for destruction?Well! they might live to bite their upper thumbs.
    President Muhammadu Buhari, witnessed the civil war and will use his power to prevent destruction of the unity of Nigeria.Appointment into political or ministerial positions should be on merit not on ethnic/tribal/religious grounds.Maximum ministerial positions should be eighteen only to reduce waste.

  • Garden-City Boy

    We have read editorials, and we have also read “editorials”.
    Here again is another insane Premium Times newspaper’s anti-Biafra Radio
    vitriolic that hardly passes for an editorial. For, in the first place, the
    writer exhibits, not just the crude knowledge of, but crass ignorance of the
    genealogy of incitements to ethnic violence across Africa and, perhaps the
    world. The write-up bears all the credentials of an abusive editor’s Igbophobic
    romanticism that is driven by anti-Biafra paranoia. For bigoted pig-head, anything
    that smells like Biafra must be chased down a dark sinkhole. But times have
    changed. Times was when you dared not think about the word “BIAFRA”, let alone
    vent it under your breath in subdued whisper. But guess what is happening now. Does
    that say that the antecedents to Biafra have been addresses?

    This so-called “editorial” is nothing more than limp effort to
    advance the primordial benediction of the barbaric, awusa islamists. Should one
    assume that the author is indeed an editor or that this idiotic garbage was
    reasoned from his cow-head rather from his tail-pipe, he could find it a very daunting
    task to point to one positive awusa contribution to this nation’s development.
    All awusa can bring to the table is the gratuitous blight on every citizen of
    this country (both at home and in the diaspora) with the dirtiest stereotype
    ever across the entire globe. Fifty years
    after independence, the typical awusa man is yet to learn to say the word “NIGERIA”
    right. He totally lacks the faintest nuance of the virtue of patriotism.
    Whatever patriotic zeal he mouths off is for his Oil Bloc monopoly and the Oil
    money from the South. It would be considered mischievous of anybody to
    challenge the awusa president, Buhari, to a recitation of the National Pledge or
    the lyrics of the National Anthem. Yet, charlatans passed off as Premium Times
    Editor would wish to promote an alien awusa clan as God-sent patriots without
    whom the sanctity of Nigeria’s territorial integrity would not have been

    Seen through the foreign lens, Nigeria is the nesting ground for a
    most depraved brood of demonic islamic awusa vipers, who have no regard
    whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. Waziristan would be considered a
    safe heaven, a choice holiday resort, compared to the Nigerian hellhole. Rather
    than contribute their quota of Achebes and Wole Soyinkas to the system, awusas
    give us Christmas day underpants bombers like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, vicious
    murderers and rapists like Mohamed Yusuf and Shekau. For the Awos and the Ziks,
    awusas have a divisive Ahmadu Bello and the notorious, horse-riding Islamic bandit
    called Uthman Dan Fodio to offer. For the Alaafins of Oyo and the Obis of
    Onitsha, they have a duplicitous Lamido Sanusi –the Kano Emir (who, by the way,
    is yet to explain what he did with Gideon Akaluka’s head), and the blundering Lamido
    of Adamawa, the pathetic epitome of awusa disloyalty to the national cause. And
    you can go on and on.

    In going across borders to cite the clumsiest equivalent and “equate
    the activities of Radio Biafra with Radio Television Libre des
    mille (RTLMC) that allegedly aided the massacre of 500,000
    Rwandans during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda”, this protagonist of awusa
    image laundry has inadvertently drawn attention, scrutiny and, of course, fire.
    That awusa exported the culture of mass murder as tool of settling political
    scores, not only to Rwanda, but to the far away Balkans, is not a subject for

    The jackass believes we have all forgotten about the ghoulish role
    played by ‘GASKIYA TAFI KWABO’ and RADIO-TELEVISION KADUNA’ in sensitizing
    awusa almajiri murderers in the Igbo genocide across the North in 1966. These
    media reeled out hate propaganda and the gruesome incitement that fueled waves upon
    waves of coordinated pogroms that left over 50, 000 innocent civilians, mainly
    Igbos, dead from July 1966 through January 1977. Then the shooting war! All
    through those dark days, every “Radio-Television Kaduna” and “Radio
    Nigeria” hourly newscast was shamelessly preceded by this eerie exhortation for
    Nigerian troops to kill all Igbo adult males, rape their women and claim the
    act as their field entitlement and incentive. The troops must pillage and
    vandalize the Igbo heartland and leave the “lucky” survivors crying
    in vain. With this relentless bombardment of the airwaves with nauseating hate,
    the Igbo massacre spiraled out of control. When finally the guns fell silent
    and the dust settled, over 3million Igbos had been murdered by rampaging,
    sex-starved vandalistic troops on a killing spree and freewheeling rape.

    It is easy for a hypocritical dumb-head editor to waste
    everybody’s time going afield to 1994 Rwanda to seek for the genesis of incitement
    to mass murder. Worse atrocities were perpetrated by awusa people way back in
    1966. Mass murder became branded evil with a “Made in Nigeria” imprimatur. It
    is awusa export to Rwanda. On the other hand, Radio Biafra does not preach or
    advocate for retaliatory murderous response by aggrieved Igbo survivors of
    awusa opprobrium. All the Radio asks for is justice, equity and inclusiveness;
    it points out -and rightly so- that the present configuration of the polity
    which heavily skewed in favor of double-dealing awusa people, is unsustainable.
    Everybody knows it, but the Nigerian establishment prefers to bury its head in
    the sand, sit on a ticking time-bomb as though it is all kumbaya. The thinking
    is for the reckless plunder of Southern Oil Resources to continue while there
    is time. So, who is fooling who, Mr. Premium Times Editor?

  • Garden-City Boy

    That is Obasanjo, true to type. Yinka Odumaki was spot on when he characterized this old pig as one only out to run down every initiative that does not serve his personal, selfish aggrandizement. It is always “my this”, ‘my that’ and “my everything else”. Okonjo-Iweala was good enough to serve in his cabinet. For her to serve another president, it is “Naaaaaaa! Okonjo-Iweala is must be bad; she chops money”. That reminds one of this clown’s row with Kashamu, who became a “drug baron” the moment they parted ways.
    The grumpy bonobo carries his tantrums close to his chest just as a pack of cards. Each morning, he tosses out a new one realizing that the last one made little or no impression to Nigerians who have learnt to ignore the 85 year-old crybaby. But, each time Tessler, Halliburton or Siemens is mentioned to him, a burst of hot fart jets out forcefully from his shaggy butt-hole.
    All he is doing is play to the gallery and hope we will all forget about his corrupt past and human right abuse of the Odi and Zaki Biam people. He should get his prison briefcase ready for another spell in jail. This time, he does not return “looking like an exhumed corpse”, but like a mummified one. Ever since Jonathan’s ouster, while Former presidents Shagari, Babangida, Abdulsalam, and even brain-dead Buhari, have conducted themselves with dignity, this motor-park tout has been all over the place making a jackass out of himself. We wish him luck in his current endeavor.

    • Sheriff

      Osuboy! First and foremost why are you hiding your identity? In as much as you have the right speaking your mind on any topical issue, insult especially geared towards elders is absolutely against our core culture, so be extremely careful. On the whole does it implies if you happened to have conflict of opinion with your biological father, you’ll look straight into his face and abuse him?

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