INTERVIEW: I have the authority to make Buhari president – Sat Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji [Photo: PREMIUM TIMES - Ben Ezeamalu]
Sat Guru Maharaj Ji [Photo: PREMIUM TIMES - Ben Ezeamalu]

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES’ Ben Ezeamalu, the self-proclaimed Living Perfect Master, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, bares his mind on the forthcoming general elections, the Not-Too-Young-To-Run legislation, and his relationship with Nigerian church leaders.


 PREMIUM TIMES: The elections are a few days away. What are your thoughts on what have been happening so far?

Maharaj Ji: The political climate is not different from the post independent Nigeria where the independence was given on a platter of convictions and reconnect. And so we find out that because the people who have been given this form of government to practice, they don’t know how they came about, so you find then working in a kind of trial and error. And so the situation now can be said to be, yes, okay because I am here. And because I am here, the fear of God – in bracket Marahaji – is deeply getting into them. That’s why today we don’t see violence, we don’t see any kind of threats here and there. People are saying what they want to say, people are talking what they want to talk, but they have not got to the real point and the real point is what system are we going to use? Is it going to be presidential system that has turned all our leaders into stealocrats? Stealocrats in the sense that monies meant for initiatives like heavy constructions, heavy industries that will uplift the the people for their names to be written on the sands of time have been diverted. You will find out that we are now producing illiterates, unskilled labour who are now being used as mules, area boys, thugs and so on.

So, we now have to ask ourselves: what is the way forward? The way forward is that, unlike other nations, Nigeria is so blessed, heavily blessed to have someone who is a Living Perfect Master. And if you want to succeed it is onto him we have to look up to and ask him: how did it happen for us to become slaves today? If we are the  negros race, the beginning of civilization, the architect of great science, technology and all areas of human endeavour. What happened? Until that is done, even though the whole situation might look rosy, but there is danger there. Why? Because we have the raw materials, we have the human resources but that area is still always being ignore. So just like somebody who has abandoned home and now living in the forest, time and time again wild animals are coming you ran back home. So the climate is okay because I’m here. It is up to to the people now to decide which way to go.

PT: You keep saying ‘because you are here.’ Are you going to be here forever? What happens when you are not here?

Maharaj Ji: I never traveled anywhere but only we lost the compass. Instead of seeking for the father of grace we are looking for stomach infrastructure which was brought in because that one, it sustains the mind, but for how long? So today this power has come back it is up to us now to either tap in final in such a way so that this legacy will not be lost again.

PT: In 2014, you spoke about how you were communicating with the then president, Goodluck Jonathan, and how you revealed those who are behind Boko Haram to him? Have you been communicating with the current president?

Maharaj Ji: I am never partisan, I’m fully involved. As a father of creation, my own duty is to make sure that whosoever is there is able to captain this boat called Nigeria into a successful end. And so right from the… if you check my antecedents, right from the time of Shagari I have been communicating, telling them ‘don’t follow the European way,’ they are from the cold and we are from the warm. More or less, they are the mind the black is the heart. The black is the origin of man. So I have been communicating with them through circulars, press conferences. Apart from giving knowledge, saving lives, the next thing is on the political situation. When I was young, if you read any paper from Russia they’ll tell you you’re a rebel. Gradually as we were becoming wiser, growing up, they dropped that idea they are bring in globalization and all those things they don’t mean anything. I have my raw materials, I’m the one to use it the way I want. Even if you present something, I cannot just carry everything hook and sinker, this is what is worrying our people now. They are aping and that’s what I’m telling you, they should stop aping let’s go to our village because the old scientist are still there. How do we go to our village? It’s start from here, unquestionable law, whether you are PPP, AAA your objective is to make Nigeria great and so today I am always communicating with them.

PT: Are you impressed with what the current government has achieved over the past three years?

Maharaj Ji: All the governments have been doing well, even the present government. The difference is that even though people are sceptical about Buhari and his administration there are two things he has initiated that one need to be happy about. One, the TSA where all government monies go to one bank, we appreciate this. Secondly, the anti-corruption drive, not only did he initiate it but he crowned it with the  whistle-blower system that makes even you a journalist a millionaire. With this, compare with other governments. I read in the paper where the former prime minister of Britain said if the amount that had been recovered were to be stolen in UK, the whole system will have fallen. So today Buhari is actually leading all of them. The fact is that as a human being he cannot be perfect because he is not Maharaj Ji. So all he needs is our support and I’m doing that today. He has done well for the people to have respect for the rule of law even though there are cases here and there but, of course, the opposition must be there to pinpoint these things so as to stimulate ultimate growth

PT: You were quoted to have said in the media that Buhari will win the coming election. Is that correct?

Maharaj Ji: Buhari? No, I didn’t say he’s winning, I said I want him to be there. Because, one, IBB has tasted power, Shagari, followed by Buhari, Murtala… many others. Can’t we all unite and support if they mean well for Nigeria?  Imagine a Nigerian government where Buhari is leading, Obasanjo is there, Abdulsalami is there, Sultan of Sokoto is there, Maharaj Ji is there, all the church leaders will join, the Oyibo guys will speak out: these guys we cannot divide them anymore. So my support for him is beyond what you are saying, I just want to make sure that whoever is there succeeds. Now from what is going on, he’s now going to prove himself, Nigerians are going to decide on February 16 and I, as a father, can never oppose whoever is there. They say give honour to whom honour is due. By February 16, he’s going to prove himself…

PT: (Cuts in) So you’re not predicting?

Maharaj Ji: I’m not predicting. He has to be there. Nobody can kill him to make sure that the elections holds. Of course, that does not mean that I will not tell him off if he messed up. Like when Jonathan was there, I walked out. I’ve been a very constructive part of this process of bringing Nigeria, Africa even the globe out of the present mess we find ourselves through racism that gives birth to tribalism, ethnicism, all these impurities within man. So I’ve been actively involved right from Shagari to Yar’Adua and then Jonathan and, of course, the present regime. But then, one thing is this, tomorrow, if he starts messing up I will tell him ‘Ol’boy, you’re going out of the way’ because that is what is needed for anybody who is in power. He must be seen to be near perfect, his love must be real because he is in a position that is very important, especially now that we are seeing that the black race is trying to now participate in the global politics as a leader.

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PT: What do you think about young people taking up leadership positions?

Maharaj Ji: It’s acceptable, except we want to segregate or we want to create another problem. We have 65-year olds going to universities when they need more pay, we have 70-year olds going to polytechnics, so the younger people they are okay. But you have to look at it, what kind of younger people? The younger people today they are trying but they don’t eat Nigerian food, they don’t speak their language, they dress up like hippies. You see them, they don’t look anything but fun. They are children of the same people inside. So, today what we need is to allow sanity to prevail. It’s just like saying gender equality. Did we stop a woman from going to school? No, you’ll go there, to be able to make it, we have the good ones who became Indira Gandhi, all of them. So the same way the younger ones must know that today I’m moving. For so many centuries they are talking about dying to see God I say no no, you cannot die to see God, I am among the youths now. The youth, the incoming new blood so they have to prove it the way the way they do this and that. There is a power that says you can see God alive and it’s happening, people have been seeing me in their homes. The younger ones must prove themselves. Otherwise, these old men I am the only one that can touch their hearts to allow the younger ones to come in.

PT: In the run-up to the 2015 presidential election, you were quoted in the media to have told Buhari that ‘there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.’ And then you later withdrew your support for then president, Jonathan. Was it because he did not visit you?

Maharaj Ji: He (Jonathan) messed himself up, he has no respect. I think he is a zoologist or whatever they said. If he had been a student of contemporary African history and post independence Africa, he won’t have behaved like that. He knows that there’s a fight. The Euro-Arab forces have already occupied here. The Europe forces came through Ajayi Crowther, from here, and the north, Usman Dan Fodio. Before they came we know God, that is why the Living Perfect Master is just a language. I am the God man on earth today, the prime mover of all actions going on. Anybody praying in Russia, London, Canada for good, I’m the one who does it. But there is information war, that they are now showing the picture of somebody, a white man. A white man cannot be God o, except you want the whole world to turn upside down. So the moment they started talking jazz – let me use the word ‘jazz’ or blues…. You need to see a parent that has lost the only child there is nothing even the doctor… he will say, ‘O God what did I do? What is my offence?’ And this is what I brought down. I wrote letters on the kind of industry, apart from the Marine university, we can make factories to make shoes, we can make secondary industries with oil… Today, there is nothing wrong with Jonathan calling a press conference, ‘Europe I need 300 million pieces of mosquito nets.’ We will pay for the next 20 years for every Bayelsan to have it. Mobile clinics, nothing, mobile toilets, there is no water and you can get water from even the lagoon. We have the money, man. If it gets to that point, I cannot change it. Because this light, it’s indifferent to anybody who is messing up, this light will not agree it.

Tomorrow, let Buhari react negatively I will tell him off in the papers everybody will hear. No you can’t get there, I have the authority to put you there as president. Look, last year I was talking about making an Igbo man president. Ikedife (the late former president of Ohaneze Ndigbo), we had a meeting. I don’t know what they discussed, they made him to write a rebuttal in the newspapers, he didn’t know that they want to trap him. Within six months, papa has changed body.

PT: You always say that if Nigerians have been trusting a particular source and not seeing solutions to their problems, that they should turn to you. But there is a general belief that your movement is somewhat occultic. Are you concerned about that?

Maharaj Ji: No, no, no. Look, When Noah was there, they were saying so many things, that they were excreting inside the boat, it’s spiritual language, he was telling them watch out, ‘hey hey your behavior you have to…’ Now they are carrying guns to go and rob, nations are going to fight nations, lethal weapons are used here and there. If you watch the TV everybody is naked already. You need to buy a cell phone, you browse small you see man and woman, for this child 10-13 that the parents want to give something that was the end of it. The same way today. But the difference is that this person says call me wherever you are, it is a holy spirit, and it is happening to others, for almost 40 years now. I won’t say persecute because if I you are a carpenter, they must test you. And in my own case, people have tried here and there and I must say that this power is genuine, perfect, caring, understanding and teaching everyday. So what is that they are saying that it’s diabolical? You want to compare me with someone that will say take the bible read, when you are hungry, that God is omnipresent, you have to die to see him. It doesn’t make sense. For everything to change on the planet, the world teacher must come he is science, he is the economy, he is everything. With overwhelming printing, suppy of Bible, Quran where are we now? We have produced armed robbers, pen robbers. They go to the same church, they go to the same mosque. If you look at the high level of invective language, vituperations being poured out today, that makes the government to say they criminalize hate language. But how could I not say something when you are pinching me? The food is there you say because I am an Igbo man I can’t eat it. The position is there you say because I am an Hausa man I can’t be there. I have to react because I was sent to school, people are enjoying it in Europe and america I’m not saying they are the best.

So today whatever they are saying tell them they want to deceive everybody. I am the holy spirit incarnate, the fire of Adam, Abraham, Moses, call me anywhere you are I will answer and I’m doing it. And I am challenging all the universities in this country, the elites because they are the ones who are behaving like morons. How can we sit there Oyibo man will say you want to see God take the book and read. Do I have to learn English before I see my God? Do I have to learn Arabic before I see my God? The air, I feel it, I see the sun, I can taste water. I can’t talk to somebody En europe by shouting, it is from the heart. That is why I said they should talk to me from the heart I will answer them, I will do it. Today I can stop death in any home. That does not mean to say that in Maharaj Ji kingdom, are people not dying? If I give you a car and you go drink, what will happen to the person? He’s going to have an accident. So don’t go into that area, the area now is that we don’t want our children to lose anymore. Go to some areas in the east, even here, count the number of cars going to the north, to the west, you will find out that almost every weekend you will find nothing less than 50 people being carried to the cemetery. What has happened to man? Because there is a disconnection, if the creator is perfect and he is omnipotent so when somebody says that, tell him that he is a 419.

PT: Around April last year, there were rumours on social media that Maharaj Ji has died. How did you react when you heard it?

Maharaj Ji: My ears are not meant to listen to such information. Through out, I don’t listen to anything negative, anything causing anger, fear, and doubt. Why?  When I heard about it, it was through my media men. They said Maharaj Ji, this is what is going on. I said okay what do we do, they said they will reply them, as in arrange an interview. I said okay because as the high chief of culture and tradition, when people are saying such things about you, it means you are going to live longer. And you can’t blame our people because they are manipulating the ignorant ones. Because you cannot mock this power with death and go free. I was told that the two officers that were used to carry out this rumour, one from Sokoto and one from Oyo, they changed body within seven hours after the announcement.

And I don’t blame them, because why? I have been shouting and screaming for years now. Why is it that Maharaj Ji is talking about knowledge, power, and even the books have said knowledge is power, it’s not knowledge of physics. So I was okay, they had to try me. Maybe because they didn’t see me coming out as usual, I don’t know, some of my informations are blocked.

You know Nigeria has changed, there is press freedom but is no news freedom. A news that are coming out is based on how much you can pay, and how do you expect me to be paying? What for? When what I’m saying is genuine, perfect and is the only message that humanity needs to know in order to change things for good. So I was okay, I came out people were surprised and that is just the beginning because those who carry those messages today they are regretting. Publicity is now going up again so everybody running saying Guru has come again, now we can’t steal money, now we can’t fight everybody, we have to leave here for elsewhere. Where are they going that I will not see them?

PT: When you said the two people that started your death rumour ‘changed body,’ what did you mean?

Maharaj Ji: They died. One from Sokoto, one from Oyo. They changed bodies.

 PT: At the time those death rumours were flying, there were also conversations about who is going to take over from you. Are grooming a successor?

Maharaj Ji: We are not in the school of philosophy. When you talk about a king that is living and they are saying somebody to succeed him, what are you doing with the one that is here? Take advantage of him first and that is where people should preoccupy themselves. The camping of masters  and the assertion of whoever succeeds is not something that can be discussed. What they need to do is take advantage of this one. If you know how to drive the car called Maharaj Ji now, future Maharaj Jis will be seen. Like they say love thy neighbour as thyself it means that everybody is a perfect image of God. Because they don’t know who they are, what they are, that is why they are thinking of successor. Everybody is a potential Maharaj Ji, because you are the perfect image of the creator. So successor or no successor, what we should preoccupy ourselves with is the black revolution and the global implication to mankind. That is what we should be our focus now.

PT: You often mention the Bible when you are speaking. Do you use the Bible in your teachings?

Maharaj Ji: Hmmm hmm (shakes head). That is what they used to tie everybody and from there we have to untie ourselves. Imagine me, I want to see a journalist and they will bring the book, read. Where is the journalist? They say I have to die to see him. What will you tell that person? You’ll call him a murderer. They have murdered us already. Look, they have turned all of us into walking ghosts. Okwaraji was playing football when he collapsed. Look at Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley. Not to talk about Harry Bellafonte, James Brown and others. Look at the way Murtala was killed. If they knew Maharaj Ji they will have made me president for life. Because it is good to spend the money. Europe, America, China they are looking forward to the black man to wake up, our not being able to wake up is affecting them.

PT: What kind of relationship do you have with the big pastors, like the Oyedepos, Adeboyes, and others?

Maharaj Ji: They are my children, but the way they are looking they are looking crooked. They are stealocrats. How can you say you are carrying Bible and you forget that in the book of Revelation it is said, ‘he will come in a new name.’ Just like… I’m here to crown their efforts. Go to the churches, you will see the number of people dying every day. They even have hospitals, mortuaries; is university the answer? No. We are not against the establishment of the universities but what of this common man coming to your church when you are declaring four billion annually. And this person is living in the ghetto, there is no transport. Do you even see going through the expressway when they are having their conventions? You are spending 7-10 hours and the leaders some have four billion in their account, 15 billion. The Bible said when the creator is here all these crooked people they will build their own huts. And because the people  are not being fully educated – I cannot say beyond that – their intelligence is very low.

So whoever they are and they knew that for the past 20-40 years is enough for them to come say the Saviour is in the bible and not go inside and say Maharaj Ji is the one. Because of why? They are also trapped spiritually. So the relationship is okay as I know, because my publicity is going on and I have made it clear to them that the true name for the creator is Maharaj Ji, not God. It was when the Atlantic civilisation broke up, it then got to a point where everybody started running helter shelter and that’s how languages started coming up. The Igbo man says ‘Chineke,’ the Yoruba ‘Olodumare,’ English ‘God’ and so on. But that should not stop people from finding out what happened. And that is why I’m here to let them know what happened. And what do they want to know from me? It’s simply that there is that life in them if they have knowledge they too they will able to know what went wrong with them so they don’t make any mistakes again in life

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