INTERVIEW: President Jonathan is a joke – Festus Keyamo

Festus Keyamo

Lagos based lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has urged Nigerians not to be deceived by the lies of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign organization against the All Progressive Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Keyamo said the president and his handlers have failed to understand that the 2015 presidential election was not about human rights or religious issues, but about insecurity, corruption and the economy.

Speaking with PREMIUM TIMES earlier in the week, Mr. Keyamo said, “It is not a campaign that should be dominated by human rights record because that is not an issue now because we have a competition in place. Chapter 4 has not been suspended, unlike in 1984. Now, this campaign is dominated by two centre things – there is a third one that is also crucial – which are insecurity, corruption and of course the issues of the economy is hanging in there too. So, let us be clear in making our decision. We know exactly what we are doing. This not a campaign that should be dominated by human rights record; that is where the PDP is getting it wrong.”

He said it was time for Nigerians to realize that Mr. Jonathan had no clue or idea on how to run Nigeria. He added that the country was at a crossroad and needed a commander-in-chief at the helms of affair.

“This is the time we need a commander-in-chief in this country. At some other time when we want to be chopping cabbage, maybe Jonathan can come back,” Mr. Keyamo said. “But I cannot entrust the next four years of my life, my children, under the smoke of ethnicity in the hands of Jonathan. He has no clue, he has no idea of how to take this nation out of the hands of insurgents.

“It is under a Jonathan administration that insurgencies germinated, grew and dominated us because he does not have the knowledge either historically, learning by training or simple intelligence to understand the dynamics of war. This is what concerns us all, our lives and property, the primary duty of government – he does not have it and that is why whatever his military chiefs tell him, he takes. They are all feeding fat on the situation and because of the issue of corruption the so-called ex-generals are all part of the game.

“Ask yourself these questions: for the five years of insurgency where do these insurgents come from? Where are these camps? The Nigerian Air Force, Army, Nigerian Navy cannot find and destroy them? It is an indelicate mix of incompetence and corruption on the part of government.”

He noted that a part of the country had been annexed by the insurgents and this happened under Mr. Jonathan’s watch.

“Look at what is happening in other parts of the world, they nip (terrorism) in the bud, they do not allow it to grow. Here, it has become a daily affair. Even in Kenya, there is insurgency but you hear of it once in a while. Before Jonathan, there has not been a total control of a territory by insurgents but under Jonathan they have achieved that.”

Mr. Keyamo said it was not possible for Mr. Buhari to “islamize” Nigeria and rule like a dictator as the constitution was still in place and other arms of governments were there for checks and balances.

“There is the National Assembly and you have to get an average of two third of all the House of Assemblies across the federation,” he said. “There is a constitution that states that Nigeria shall be a secular state, so you have to amend the constitution. When they feed the country with all these rubbish it makes me cry. There is absolutely no truth in it.

“And then, I was shocked the other day when Pastor Tunde Bakare said all the aides of Buhari are Christians – the driver of many years is a Christian, the cook of many years is a Christian.

“This is a campaign that is so clear that it is between black and white and they are trying to create a shade of gray.”

He noted that times have changed since Mr. Buhari first ruled as head of state.

“We have a constitution that enables Chapter 4. The first thing the military does when they get into power is to put ouster clauses and form decrees in respect of the court, like Degree 2 is an ouster clause. These were the decrees and rules Buhari operated with. Now, times have change, things have change, that it is practically impossible for anybody to come in and suspend human rights. That means that person cannot be president.”

War on corruption

The Delta State born lawyer reiterated that Mr. Jonathan was not sincere with his anti-corruption fight. He questioned the supposed plan by the president to fight corruption if re-elected.

“After six years, he is just planning,” Mr. Keyamo said. “All the president represents about anti-corruption has come together in one singular act in the appointment of Femi Fani Kayode as director of media and publicity for his campaign organization. This a campaign dominated by the team of corruption, a person facing trial for money laundry. We have a problem of corruption and corrupt members are dominating this team. If (the United States President, Barack Obama) does this that is the end of Obama.”

Mr. Keyamo insisted that Mr. Jonathan had “no appetite” to fight corruption.

“He went to the east and said Jim Nwobodo should be prosecuted according to the volume of money he allegedly stole; if it’s too much the government would look into it, if not they would have to let him go.

“That is the president’s view on fighting corruption. After six years he wants to use technology to fight corruption. This man is a joke.”

Mr. Keyamo said some parts of the media, but not PREMIUM TIMES, were complicit by “burying” stories on corrupt leaders.

Fayose’s infamous advertorial

Mr. Keyamo condemned the advertorial by the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, suggesting the possible death in power of Mr. Buhari if elected.

“That advertorial is spiritually offensive, politically incorrect,” he said, calling it the product of a warped mind.

“Is it the age that is more important than the character, or the character is more important than the age? Which is more important? Or do you want to put a man that is 35 and who is an armed robber? Or a prudent 90 years old with integrity. We are getting it wrong.”

He said his decision to back Mr. Buhari came after a careful study of the situation of things in Nigerian and going by the falsehood he sees in the media, it was time to stop fence-sitting.

“If you look at the mass media now, the volume of falsehood that is being fed to the people lately is so sickening. You will see fraud in the faces of those supposedly singing out achievement all just to swindle people to get their votes. For some of us who sit down to look at these things just keep getting angry because people who do not have access to facts, who do not have access to figures, who do not have access to history can be easily misled.

“There is a problem on ground and except we cry out from now to February 14 – I am ready to leave my work, leave my office and go on a campaign against this government. I can leave my life in their hands. Like (Mr. Jonathan) said, Americans supported George Bush (in the war on terror) so let us also support this government. But people are dying every day in Nigeria. Are people dying every day in America?”

Mr. Keyamo urged Nigerians to be careful as the elections get closer. He also warned that security agents not be used to rig elections. He said it was the character of the ruling party to use security agents to rig, but stated that while the PDP had the security agents, the APC has the people.


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  • Malam Crackerjack


    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Is Festus lying? Face the message, not the messenger.

      • Okey

        Big time ! To say “human rights record” of a would be president is of no consequence, is the height of fraud, dirtiness of mind and dirtiness of mission.

  • Kenny Kayode

    Is he lying? Message ,not the messanger.

  • Emeka

    Tell me what he said that is not true?

  • omoNaija

    What a way to say GEJ is incompetent, useless and corrupt. Back to Otuoke first flight on May 29 and June 1st share room with FFK at kirikiri maximum.

    • Malam Crackerjack

      Jokers like you does not deserve to come on this platform for any damn thing, GEJ has done more than those past leaders Nigerian has encounter in out history, Transformation has been the other of the day in every sector of our dear country..

  • Malam Crackerjack

    This young man is to blame but I pity his life and condition for saying something like this, GEJ has delivered Nigerian from the shackles of darkness and backwardness in spite of all security and economical challenges, rail is working, agriculture is working, job creation in all areas, in fact Nigeria has become of the promising economy to invest and the leading in Africa. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • solzil

      God bless u my broad fo dis wondaful post. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Fantastic voyage of deception. I refuse to live under your cuckoo cloud. I know the value of what I see and I know how much money and time we have “spent” on them. A faster 21st century train is coming our way. Are you going to join us or are you going to be left standing at that desolate train stop until you shout yourself hoarse on your “hello-hello, no network” phone? Choice is yours o.

    • Mark Nsikan

      keep dreaming….while sleeping

  • Samclef

    after this careful study some Nigerians r still not convinced ., wat has goodluck given to us oooo? pls God help us defeat this corrupt leader aman

  • Malam Crackerjack


    • Yola

      So you think they are chief of corruption, why did the GEJ govt not prosecute them, it is suffice to say the govt is condoning corruption.

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Even the spokesperson of the PDPig presidential campaign is wanted for corruption charges. He represent GEJ in the media. But because the are fools, they thought we would not know. GEJ barawu. You will be the first president to be prosecuted in the history of Nigeria after leaving office.

  • Grace Akpan

    Mr Festus looking for cheap popularity. When the foundation is destroy what will the righteous do? We can sit down and condemn Mr President knowing that all that has been said about him he inherited them from the past leaders and he has tried all he could to make things work but people keep kicking against him because of his simplicity. Even in the midst of the crises he has done more than we can thing or imagine… I will still vote him 100 times and more. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • solzil

      I support u my broad, he is jus luking fo publicity and eye service. I am an eye witness to his transformation. #GEJ4NAIJA

      • concerned9ja

        Keyamo looking for publicity. Only Dumbo could be more clueless than you

    • abc

      I don’t know either Festus is looking for popularity or not, but your assertions over GEJ administration shows your lack of common sense. Here are you alleging that he inherited all the problems. problems will only remain how it is when nothing is done about it, after all problems are made to be solved. So what Dumbo did with all the fund at his disposal. And here are you saying he did all his best but couldn’t solved any of the problems, do you know what that mean; then he will resign so that somebody whose best is better than Dumbos best will takeover. If he did his best and no any result why is he even contesting again, since his best is not even upto average expectations. Therefore, we need somebody whose little Is best for Nigeria. People who think with their foot. and sentiment eaten your brain to hollow, that you can’t even reason out of what you are saying not to talk of what somebody is saying.

      • Ato

        You dared not call Buhari Dumbo in 1983. GEJ is your President and should be treated with respect. Avoid abusive words an stay on issues . The same applies to Keyamo?

  • wilzy

    My pple. Suffer bcox of the lack of Knowledge,GMB might not be a saint buh he is beta dan GEJ if compared!is train worth a life,in Nigeria 2day we seems 2 4get de basic function of any govt.(securing lives nd properties of citizenry)lives of our brothers nd sisters hav bin cut short nd nfin is done by de now president,our economy has bin drain 2 marrow,our last ope the excess reserve that has bin kept 4 years hav bin tempered wif,now the insurgent hav threatened to fight the whole con3!yet the military kip dismissing soldiers let’s allow Buhari try his best!4 history sake!

  • solzil


  • Maryam Haurna

    Mr Festus let me refresh your memory a little GEJ came into office and removed ghost workers from civil service and reduce their wealth. He sold off NEPA and ended their fraudulent NEPA contracts, He handed NPA verification to a third party and eliminated port frauds, He hurt them by making sure they don’t hoard petroleum product and Nigerians will sleep at filling stations while they make astronomical profits, He brought back Nigeria Railway Corporation back into existence which I personally have enjoyed. Nigerian is going into transformation process if you must know, change you want is a process not an automatic. Good people Great Nation look before you leap. #GEJ4Naija.

    • Nathaniel

      Let me also remind you about the legalisation of corruption , insecurity etc. in this same Govt. have you also forgotten that 16 is greater than 19, missing $40 and $20 billion dollars, the obtaining of a court order by the FG to stop the probe of the almighty Alison who spent #10b to service an aircraft in 2yrs etc. 2015 presidential election is not about emotions and sentiments. its about CHANGE and CHANGE is what Nigerians need now.

  • clinton cole

    Nigeria is a great Country and we Nigerians will always fight for our right and vote wisely without wasting any vote on any wicked candidate that is not capable of ruling this great Country Nigeria. #GEJ 4 NAIJA.

  • Lizzy Omijie

    jonathan work very well to protect life and property by intervention in emergencies like 42 fire emergencies,police headquarters buildings, anti vandalism intervention.

    • Grace Akpan

      So true no president like GEJ…#GEJ4NAIJA

      • Sina Ajiboye

        Yes! There is no president as corrupt, clueless, incompetent chicken in chief like Jonathan. He sets a new record that made IBB to say he IBB was a saint.

    • Maryam Haurna

      my dear is only the blind that can not see all the good work he has done

  • alice momoh

    Nigeria ve see the light u ve to vote the right person goodluck jonathan

  • alice momoh

    . General Buhari’s attitude towards women in power is not favourable let reason together and vote Jonathan 2015

    • Grace Akpan

      He has no regard for women….#Gej4naija

      • Sina Ajiboye

        Can you prove it? I don’t think you live in Nigeria.

      • Mark Nsikan


      • Maryam Haurna

        very true Grace He has regards for women

    • Ralia Ahmad

      which women. oh! women like oduah? God forbid

  • Progress

    These PDPigs e-rats posting all these nonsense are taking Nigerians for fools. Achievements my foot. My advice to them IT IS NOT WORKING change method or embrace CHANGE.

  • anneedu

    And you look like cartoon, tell me who’s more funny now

  • DD

    Nothing but the truth. Jonathan is a joke!

    • Mark Nsikan


    • Maryam Haurna

      DD u r the highest joker#gej4naija

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Mr Keyamo, were you a prosecutor for the EFCC or not? If yes, could you tell the world how many convictions you secured for the EFCC and how many you lost? That would be the starting point for assessing your own ability and capability.

    • concerned9ja

      A prosecutor with EFCC is as good with the anti-graft body he is taking up their cases. Everyone knows that Jona is compromised when it is corruption and EFCC could not be different. Prosecutors cannot achieve anything if the body language of EFCC does not support them. Keyamo could do nothing if EFCC failed to support

  • bruno

    We should all know that Festus has a big mouth which he uses for popularity and livelihood but he has forgotten that he was given d opportunity to fight this so call corruption he is accusing Jonathan’s administration he fail bluntly, he knows only to criticize others come out & tell us your achievement with EFCC

  • ceweeco projects

    Will we be talking about corruption if the likes of Festus Keyamo that was engaged by EFCC to help out did their prosecutions diligently? Festus Keyamo is not only inept but clueless, a prosecutor that has not succeeded in prosecuting one single case successfully since time immemorial.

    • concerned 9ja

      You are as brilliant as Jonathan you support. Keyamo spoke the truth. He is well-to-do and could have taken the Jona way, but he chose the narrow gate. If you call Keyamo a failure, then Jona your hero is a calamity.

      • Otile hater

        Why bother with this renegade who has sold his soul to the devil? It’s amazing what hungry people will do for money..

  • mk

    Barrister people like you are scarce in Nigeria…keep ur updates we appreciate it.

  • mandida abubarkar

    we should not criticize or point accusing fingers to anyone, festus keyamo that is talking all the leaders that has been leading us, how many fought corruption? none of them yet the little GEJ is doing by eradicating corruption, poverty and making lives and transportation easy yet we don’t regard it as anything. pls we should appreciate. #GEJ4LIFE

    • Mark Nsikan

      d lil jonathan is duin?…alams.farouk,subsidy thieves,SA dollars,ffk,avaition scandal,militants guarding pipelines….etc..little abi?…..he is eradicating poverty?,by dashing out money(youwin)?…providing locomotives?…av u seen a modern speedrail before?……we wld appreciate jonathan if he silently goes back tu his otuoke house that has no power !!……..GEJ4LIFE@OTUOKE!!

  • Etomi

    Keyamo is an APC

  • sagereal

    It is a shame how we crucify a man that just rule this country for 20 months and compare it with someone that has rule us for 6 years under different circumstances. GMB was a military general that rule by decree and he shows his detest for corruption, ineptitude, poverty and unemployment. Secondly during his time he was able to achieve great things by cutting down on inflation, repaired our refineries, defeat the militant then. GEJ on the other hand has spent 6 good years n still unable to defeat the sect rather blame the opposite for his failure, corruption is on the increase, the economy is crumbling, inflation, unemployment, insecurity, poverty just to mention but few are on the increase.

  • chi dan

    mark my word – you INSULT a buhari and you go to jail but I pray God does not even let him smell the presidency.
    Have we forgotten how many people one BABA pursued and locked up using EFCC, no freedom then to insult anybody, but I tell you – a BUHARI will be worst.
    I sincerely hope God will not allow it because na God know who go win this election

  • metson

    Well I believe this is not for your political gains, we respect you but don’t toy it online for politics.

  • Mohammed Sule


    “My brother, you have contested the Presidential elections 3 times in
    this country and in all these times,you have never asked me or my
    people at Shagari village to support your bid. It is very obvious why…
    you can’t do that. You don’t have the courage after what you did to
    me. You truncated democracy with a dastardly coup and took away
    power from me.You humiliated me and made me to suffer,and you
    took away my opportunity to RULE Nigeria. You said you do not
    want democracy in Nigeria.. The same democracy you truncated,
    you are fighting hard to get with desperation and diabolical power.
    You have entered into unholy alliance with some known elements of
    disunity in the south but let me warn you. You will suffer hard in the
    hands of Tinubu and his political merchants who will use and dump
    you as they did to Nuhu. In 2011, you cried publicly when you lost
    election,and you made provocative and inciting statements that
    plunged this country into untoward unrest. You provoked our hot-
    blooded youths with war cries which erupted into post election
    violence, that brought Boko Haram into existence, over 500 innocent
    Nigerians died instantly, most of them youth corpers deployed from
    one of the unifying agencies of this country. Personally,I do not have
    a problem with your ambition. It is your arrogance that bothers me. If
    you cannot summon the courage to ask me and my family to vote
    for you because you know we would not,why do you think Nigerians
    would look kindly on your past record of destroying a progressing
    democratic institutions painfully put in place by some respected
    fathers of this nations like Awolowo and Azikiwe. No my brother. It is
    time to wake up from your delusion and do the needful if you still
    have some conscience. I am not writing this to you with vengeance
    intention. I am a practicing Muslim and we leave matters of
    vengeance to Allah. I write to you as a Nigerian,your brother and a
    statesman who is deeply concerned.Quit the presidential race now
    and save this country from the dangling sword of Damocles being
    menacingly wield by the crooks who surround you. This elections is
    not about you or President Goodluck Jonathan. It is about the unity
    of Nigeria which can only be assured by being fair. By this I
    mean,being fair to the people of Niger Delta. We can only do this by
    either re-electing Goodluck or substitute him with any of his kinsmen
    from the South-south as that can only count fair for a people who are
    entitled to 8 years in the office of the President. For the elders
    council in the north,we have come to the conclusion to work towards
    realizing that fairness. 4 years more is not eternity. It is not too
    much of a concession for us to make to move Nigeria forward as one
    indivisible and united country under one God. May Allah open your
    mind to see reason.God bless Nigeria~~ Alhaji Shehu Shagari
    ( GCFR)”

    • blueeyedkitten


  • Arogbo

    I want every sane mind to read and listen carefully to what Brother Festus Keyamo is saying in this interview. Those who believe that this election is about Jonathan need to have a rethink. This election is about the future of Nigeria and our children, the issues of insecurity, corruption, the stagnant economy and the state of our union, these are the issues that is driving this election. Majority of the Generals who served in the Nigerian civil war are all still with us, while some bubble heads from Niger Delta are still threatening to plunge Nigeria to another civil war should in case Jonathan lose the election. When the push come to shove, Jonathan and his acolytes will have no one to blame but themselves. I want to seize this opportunity to thank Brother Keyamo for his huge contribution to this national discourse. I rest my case.

  • Maryam Haurna

    Nigeria is moving on nad is Jonathan that will lead us there#gej4naija

  • Maryam Haurna

    Nigeria is a great Country and we Nigerians will always fight for our right and vote wisely without wasting any vote on any wicked candidate that is not capable of ruling this great Country Nigeria. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Maryam Haurna

    I support u my Uncle Jona, he is jus luking fo publicity and eye service. I am an eye witness to his transformation. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Maryam Haurna

    Mr President has worked very well to protect life and property by intervention in emergencies like 42 fire emergencies,police headquarters buildings, anti vandalism intervention#GEJ4NAIJA