Owed six months, UBE teachers accuse federal govt of neglect

With an emotion-laden voice, Yinka Adekunle, a teacher, spoke of how difficult life has been as with debt piling for him, six months after the Federal government failed to pay teachers taking part in the Universal Basic Education teachers scheme in Ebonyi State.

The scheme is designed to engage unemployed holders of the National Certificate of Education, NCE, as teachers, for a period of two years. The teachers serve in primary or junior secondary schools and are paid a monthly allowance of N18, 000.

Mr. Adekunle was recruited December 2013 in the fourth batch of the programme.

But majority of the teaching staff have been owed for months by the government to promised to help them.

Mr. Adekunle worried not only about his creditors but also how to provide for his pregnant wife.

To get to work daily, he spends N280 on transportation and still covers most of the distances by foot to reduce cost. And with his wife’s pregnancy, N20, 000 for a month’s feeding is no longer sufficient.

“I have started buying baby things now for my wife and I also have to pay for hospital bills too. The only luck I have is my wife is an understanding woman; if not, I’m certain she would have left me long ago,” he said.

He said his family was surviving on credit while waiting for the federal government to pay him.

Frank Emeka, another teacher on the same programme, is single but still finds it difficult to survive.

Mr. Emeka lives in the outskirts of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, which is a long distance from the school where he teaches.

Unlike Mr. Adekunle, Mr. Emeka does not depend on public transportation. He owns a motorcycle and spends N200 for two litres of fuel per day.

To cut costs, he had to reduce his feeding to two square meals from three.

“I spend N300 for my meal which I will eat in the evening and then in the morning I will take something light. I cannot afford to eat three times a day again as I still have other things and family to look out for,” Mr Emeka said.

Ebube Godson is yet another teacher with a wife and a one year old baby whose family survives on proceeds from his wife’s provision store.

“My wife is understanding, thank God for that,” he said. “It gets to a point I feel so shy as a man that can’t provide for his family. I go out to look for where I could hoe grasses and get token as low as N200, depending on how wide the lawn I hoe is.”

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the desk office in charge of the payment in Ebonyi State, Mary Otosi, she explained that she was only a middle person between those in charge and those being owed.

“Yes, it’s six months we’ve owed them but they should not worry,” she said. “Like I have always told them, nobody is taking their money from them. It is not as if government wants to take their money. They will be paid and I hope very soon from what they told me in Abuja.”

She said some people had been paid but others were no paid due to wrong account numbers.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that on July 25, allowances for six months, January to June, was paid to only 60 per cent of the present batch.

All 400 participants were asked to open an account with both Stanbic IBTC Bank (Nos 1-200) and UBA Bank (200-400) for easy payment.

Those who opened an account with Stanbic Bank were told that their accounts were closed as they had not been operated since they were opened. Those who opened accounts with UBA were told their name and numbers were incorrect.

Mostly those who opened accounts with UBA were affected by the delayed payment, purportedly as a result of wrong/incomplete account name and numbers.

The teachers affected were asked to fill and submit another form to the desk officer and promised they would receive their allowances in two weeks’ time, between August 6-19

“On August 20, we visited the desk officer again to ask for our allowance and she told us that she has packaged the correction to Universal Basic Education Commissions, UBEC, which would forward the money to our various accounts,” one teachers said.

On October 10, when PREMIUM TIMES visited UBEC, Abuja, our reporter was passed from one desk to another for over an hour before being asked to return.

Four hours after the reporter left the UBEC office in Abuja, one of the teachers called to say they had been paid for the entire six months.

However, some of the teachers are still owed their money.

“It’s a week now after some teachers received alert, am yet to receive my own, about 75 of us are yet to receive ours,” one teacher said, asking not to be named as civil servants are not allowed to speak to the media.

“We have gone to complain and we were told that it will be worked on soon. But its long due and nothing from them,” a teacher said.

Some names were changed for this story to protect the affected staff from victimization.


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  • tsunami1earthquake

    Government insensitivity to the citizens will never end. The government has the money to pay but will prefer to delay payments for reasons best known to it. Why must workers be owed salaries in a country everybody hears about billions of naira being moved from one person to the other in the name of corruption? It’s just a pity that a country called Nigeria exists on the map.

  • Fula


  • eclub

    I like it.

  • Ibukun Fadairo

    I agree with you in the area of Separation of powers and the need for FG to respect court orders no matter how absurd they may appear. At worst, where permissible FG may appeal against such decision and apply for stay of execution of earlier order. However, your antecedents as political jobber have made nonsense of yr valuable contributions. Your presentations too depicts hatred for PMB and his Party. Otherwise, all the alleged injustices / marginalization of the Igbos didn’t have PMB govt as a reference point. There’s no specific area his govt has erred in this regard. All references you made were in the past. What did Jonathan whose govt u supported so viciously do to correct the perceived injustices u are saying. It shows evidently that you are an enemy to Nigerian Nation for inciting a section of the country against a popular government. You will make me reason along with u if JEG had taken visible and substantial step to redeem the perceived injustice. For now, Fani Kayode please stop this ranting and advise the section u are inciting to go and talk to their Governors on the need for them to utilise the meagre resources they earn like other sections forTHE BENEFIT OF THEIR PEOPLE. Am proud that some state governors in the S/W ard developing their states infrastructural wise without waiting for FG. Let them also do same to justify their purported self – determination.

    • michael

      What a lot of BS!!!!!!! Sorry for Nigeria.

  • Sanmi Falae

    No bone for this dog from Mr Buhari’s presidency.

  • Adedehinbo M. Adeyinka

    Femi Fani-Kayode, Mr Chameleon is at it again. Advocating for the Igbos- the ones he once bitterly criticized during the Oba of Lagos utterance saga. Very unprincipled!

  • Richard Wall

    Femi Fani-Kayode’s articles should start with a warning from the Federal Ministry of Labour that…
    “Attempting to read the following may result in possible brain
    damage including the inability to distinguish between fantasy and
    reality. Cognitive dissonance may result from
    prolonged and repeated exposure. Sharing of the opinions
    expressed within may harm those around you, if you must
    continue to consume these opinions please do not expose children
    to their harmful rhetoric.”

    The miserable waste of oxygen called FFK is a pice of s**t.
    For those who may not know.The man is a certified lunatic,who was institutionalised some time ago.He has ostensibly made a recovery but the jury is still out on that.You know it is not possible to ever completely recover from lunacy.The lunatic may just begin to have longer lucid intervals.To make it worse,his lunacy was caused by drug abuse for which he went to rehab in Ghana.This is verifiable and explains his erratic behaviour.
    The only consistent thing about him is his inconsistency and I illustrate.
    In the period immediately after OBJ first took office,he was a fierce critic,under the cover of an organisation called the Progressive Action Movement.When his vituperations got him noticed,OBJ invited him to “come and eat”.
    OBJ then became his personal lord and saviour and the best thing since sliced bread.
    Fast forward to when Yar’adua took over and FFK lost relevance.He then became a critic when EFFC went after his sorry arse.This continued when badluck jonadaft aka Fortunato, took over.
    FFK decamped to APC and became the fiercest critic of badluck jonadaft,he called him clueless and a wimp among other choice epithets.
    Lo and behold,Jonathan invited him to ” come and shop “.True to type,FFK did a complete 360 degrees about turn and badluck jonadaft became his personal lord and saviour,jonadaft’s friends became FFK’s friends and jonadaft’s enemies became his enemies.
    Fast forward to March 28th 2015 and jonadaft was kicked out.The buffet had ended for FFK.He now went back and polished his hitherto successful formula and went after PMB,all guns blazing,with the hope of being invited to ” come and eat”.Unfortunately for him,PMB is not buying what he is selling.
    FFK does not mean Femi Fani Kayode,it means Flip Flop Kayode.The miserable specimen of “humanity” is always shifting positions,depending on which side his bread is buttered.
    Any one who lays any credence to what Flip Flop Kayode says is a prime candidate for Yaba left side.It will be time for the men in white coats and the padded cell..Please break out the straitjacket
    Any one who doubts this should please google all his articles but take note of the warning from the Federal Ministry of Health

  • Oh!

    We do not have the patience to try to make sense out of this thing that this obviously mentally retarded man has written.
    The unoriginal ideas he tried to present here are so precariously placed on paper that we have to concur with RICHARD WALL below, they are an assault on the mind.
    The whole article is directionless, ‘Brown nosing’ Buhari at certain points and insulting at others.

    It is not difficult to imagine the writer in a mental stupor created by the over consumption of alcohol. The only reason we did not conclude as such (that he was drunk) is because we did not hear him say “I know what I am doing” in a slurred and drunken manner.

    In any case, he should go and sleep off whatever he has used for self medication.

    There are some things one will post online that have the capacity to haunt you and your family till the end of time.

  • Justice

    Man of courage. Only regional and deluded minds will ignore the message here but resort to name calling. However it will not detract from the truth as espoused by courageous FFK.

    • Richard Wall

      Please read his other articles and then you will see that the waste of oxygen called FFK ( Flip Flop Kayode) is a few snacks short of a picnic.I would strongly recommend the article ” The Bitter Truth About The Igbo”,wherein he poured invectives on them and he has transformed into their Lord Protector llttle over a year later. Try and also read ” Jonathan, Tukur And A Government of Jezebels” , “A President Without Balls”( about Jonathan) , and “An Ode To Jezebel ” (about Bianca Ojukwu).
      I would suggest that you ask a doctor to prescribe a drug to prevent throwing up.Make sure you take a double dose before you read the articles.I dont envy you though. Reading Flip Flop Kayode’s articles is cruel and unusual punishment.It is indeed a crime against humanity to have to read the moron’s ( apologies to the National Association of Morons) articles.
      But keep in mind the warning from the Federal Ministry of Health

      • Justice

        Hahaha! Brother, I ve read all those and really do understand your point. But my only reason for admiration is his consistency in risking all to bare his mind. He also could be a reformed character and so we should give him the benefit of doubt. But you almost bust me up with laughter. God bless jor.

        • Richard Wall

          My brother,the man is consistently inconsistent.I can assure you that if PMB invites him to “come and eat” the man will convert to Islam before you can say Jack Robinson,and PMB will become his personal Prophet. He will claim that he said all those things about PMB,because he had not “seen the light” then.

          We are are all entitled to change our position in the face of superior argument,but Flip Flop Kayode changes position based on pecuniary considerations.That is what gets my goat.

          Please my brother,I dont know how long ago you read his articles,but please I am begging you at great personal risk to yourself to read all of them again.I know you will think I hate you for suggesting you subject yourself to cruel and usual punishment,and I understand completely.

          To mitigate the risk,please dont read more than one article a month.
          Thank you my brother

  • shegxy

    Keep writing Mr femi keep writing but be rest assured this not jonothing administration which you think you can be called to service or be giving an appointment after criticizing a government we all know thats only how can eat or survive if not what exactly do you do for a living FEMI FANI-KAYODE?

  • shegxy

    I do not know what Fani-Kayode Senior would have done if he were alive to witness what his son is doing to earn a living in Nigeria today. For all the members of the family of the late great Fani power who are alive, I know that the actions and deeds of Femi Fani-Kayode would have been a thorn in their flesh for years now. Aturu mulu ebunu gba aka nwa.
    -joe igbokwe.

  • Okokokoko

    This scumbag needs to be caged. He sits in the comfort of his house and threaten war. Femi, Mr. President is not interested in your open letter. Should you want to see him, book an aappointment with him at Aso rock and we will have it as bold headline in the newspaper “Buhari holds meeting with junkie”