How Governor Mimiko Ambushed Me In Akure, By Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, Governor of Ondo state, Olusegun Mimiko, the First Lady of Ondo state, Kemi Mimiko and others at the Divine Agenda Praise Night, Akure, Ondo state, on January 18, 2014.

I spent my birthday at the swearing-in of my friend and brother, Governor Ayo Fayose, as Governor of Ekiti state in Ado Ekiti on October 16. It was a grand occasion and I was very happy for him and the people of Ekiti state.

I had arrived in Ado Ekiti the night before and on arrival, I had a lovely dinner with Fayose, Akin Oshuntokun, Governor Gbenga Daniel and the Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro (who had resigned from the cabinet earlier that day in order to pursue his ambition to run for the governorship of Lagos state next year) at the Spotless Hotel.

The governor-elect shared his powerful testimony with us and as we made merry, I couldn’t help thinking to myself that God is really raising some very powerful men and women of faith with great testimonies, a prophetic calling and a powerful anointing in the murky sea of Nigerian politics.

The following day, Ayo was sworn in as Governor of Ekiti state.  After the ceremony I left Ado Ekiti and went next door to Akure, Ondo state, to spend a couple of days with my dearest friend and brother, Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

To my sheer delight, the Governor threw a wonderful surprise dinner party for me in Akure on the night of Friday, October 17, and I was really touched. This was made all the more  a pleasure because I had no idea that he had planned it.

He drove down to the hotel to pick me up at 9.00p.m. for the monthly ”Praise and Worship” all night prayer service in Akure and as we stepped out of my hotel room at the Sunview Hotel, he asked me to pop into the hotel’s conference room with him just for a minute. I told him that I would wait for him in the car but he insisted that we go together.

Since he was adamant, I agreed and went with him. As we entered the restaurant I was amazed by what I saw. The place was packed with senior officials of his government, old friends and a number of highly respected individuals and party leaders.

It was a wonderful gathering of people who had all seen fit to attend a surprise birthday dinner party which was thrown just for me. Honestly I was deeply humbled and I felt highly honoured. This was a real ambush but it was the sweetest type of ambush that anyone could possibly imagine.

Our spirits were high, the food was excellent, the speeches were moving, the birthday cake was beautiful and the prayers and kind words of encouragement and support from the governor and so many others moved me deeply.

Such good friends are rare and hard to find and I consider myself truly blessed to have them. They really made my day. I will never forget this wonderful gesture. After the dinner, we all proceeded to the all-night prayer and worship service, which took place at the Ondo state Cultural Centre and which lasted till 4.00 a.m.

It was simply awesome and the various youth choirs that led us in praise and worship throughout the night were mind-blowing. May God bless Governor Mimiko, his entire family and the great people of Ondo state for honouring me in this way and for making this such a memorable birthday for me. I will never forget it.


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  • simonibekwe

    This drab of your stupidity wouldn’t be complete without telling us how you excreted on your vermin body on seeing the huge crowd of Nigerians beckoning on Gen Buhari to come to our mecodonia to help us get-out of corrupt PDP government of your Jonathan

    • teewhy

      I can see you really blind with hate! Sit down and enjoy another espouse from the real FFK.

      • simonibekwe

        Your pathetic condition is writ large when you foolishly a charlatan and perfidious FFK becomes erudite in your narrow world of intellectual blindness. How is a scoundrel FFK erudite? Put simply, you seem to lack the capability to understand what erudition means. I am sure FFK will never describe himself as one.

    • Voice Out

      “The Crimes of Buhari” – By Prof. Wole Soyinka.

      The grounds on which General Buhari is being promoted as the alternative choice are not only shaky, but
      pitifully naive. History matters. Records are not kept simply to assist the
      weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to the future. Of course, we know
      that human beings change. What the claims of personality change or
      transformation impose on us is a rigorous inspection of the evidence, not
      wishful speculation or behind-the- scenes assurances. Public offence, crimes
      against a polity, must be answered in the public space, not in caucuses of
      bargaining. In Buhari, we have been offered no evidence of the sheerest prospect
      of change. On the contrary, all evident suggests that this is one individual
      who remains convinced that this is one ex-ruler that the nation cannot call to
      order Buhari? Need one remind anyone – was one of the generals who treated a
      Commission of Enquiry, the Oputa Panel, with unconcealed disdain. Like
      Babangida and Abdusalami, he refused to put in appearance even though
      complaints that were tabled against him involved a career of gross abuses of
      power and blatant assault on the fundamental human rights of the Nigerian
      citizenry. Prominent against these charges was an act that amounted to nothing
      less than judicial murder, the execution of a citizen under a retroactive
      decree. Does Decree 20 ring a bell? If not, then, perhaps the names of three
      youths – Lawal Ojuolape (30), Bernard Ogedengbe (29) and Bartholomew Owoh (26)
      do. To put it quite plainly, one of those three Ogedengbe – was executed for a
      crime that did not carry a capital forfeit at the time it was committed. This
      was an unconscionable crime, carried out in defiance of the pleas and protests
      of nearly every sector of the Nigerian and international community religious,
      civil rights, political, trade unions etc.

      Buhari and his sidekick and his partner-in-crime, Tunde Idiagbon persisted
      in this inhuman act for one reason and one reason only: to place Nigerians on
      notice that they were now under an iron, inflexible rule, under governance by
      fear. The execution of that youthful innocent for so he was, since the
      punishment did not exist at the time of commission – was nothing short of
      premeditated murder, for which the perpetrators should normally stand trial
      upon their loss of immunity. Are we truly expected to forget this violation of
      our entitlement to security as provided under existing laws? And even if our
      sensibilities have become blunted by succeeding seasons of cruelty and
      brutality, if power itself had so coarsened the sensibilities also of rulers
      and corrupted their judgment, what should one rightly expect after they have
      been rescued from the snare of power. At the very least, a revaluation, leading
      hopefully to remorse, and its expression to a wronged society. At the very
      least, such a revaluation should engender reticence, silence. In the case of
      Buhari, it was the opposite. Since leaving office he has declared in the most
      categorical terms that he had no regrets over this murder and would do so
      again. Human life is inviolate. The right to life is the uniquely fundamental
      right on which all other rights are based. The crime that General Buhari committed
      against the entire nation went further however, inconceivable as it might first
      appear. That crime is one of the most profound negations of civic being. Not
      content with hammering down the freedom of expression in general terms, Buhari
      specifically forbade all public discussion of a return to civilian, democratic
      rule. Let us constantly applaud our media those battle scarred professionals
      did not completely knuckle down.

      They resorted to cartoons and oblique, elliptical references to sustain the
      people’s campaign for a time-table to democratic rule. Overt agitation for a
      democratic time table however remained rigorously suppressed military
      dictatorship, and a specifically incorporated in Buhari and Idiagbon was here
      to stay. To deprive a people of volition in their own political direction is to
      turn a nation into a colony of slaves. Buhari enslaved the nation. He gloated
      and gloried in a master-slave relation to the millions of its inhabitants. It
      is astonishing to find that the same former slaves, now free of their chains,
      should clamour to be ruled by one who not only turned their nation into a slave
      plantation, but forbade them any discussion of their condition. So Tai Solarin
      is already forgotten? Tai who stood at street corners, fearlessly distributing
      leaflets that took up the gauntlet where the media had dropped it. Tai who was
      incarcerated by that regime and denied even the medication for his asthmatic
      condition? Tai did not ask to be sent for treatment overseas; all he asked was
      his traditional medicine that had proved so effective after years of struggle
      with asthma! Nor must we omit the manner of Buhari coming to power and the
      pattern of his corrective rule. Shagari’s NPN had already run out of steam and
      was near universally detested except of course by the handful that still
      benefited from that regime of profligacy and rabid fascism. Responsibility for
      the national condition lay squarely at the door of the ruling party, obviously,
      but against whom was Buharis coup staged? Judging by the conduct of that
      regime, it was not against Shagaris government but against the opposition. The
      head of government, on whom primary responsibility lay, was Shehu Shagari. Yet
      that individual was kept in cozy house detention in Ikoyi while his powerless
      deputy, Alex Ekwueme, was locked up in Kiri-kiri prisons. Such was the Buhari
      notion of equitable apportionment of guilt and/or responsibility.

      And then the cascade of escapes of the wanted, and culpable politicians.
      Manhunts across the length and breadth of the nation, roadblocks everywhere and
      borders tight as steel zip locks. Lo and behold, the chairman of the party,
      Chief Akinloye, strolled out coolly across the border. Richard Akinjide, Legal
      Protector of the ruling party, slipped out with equal ease. The Rice Minister,
      Umaru Dikko, who declared that Nigerians were yet to eat f’rom dustbins –
      escaped through the same airtight dragnet. The clumsy attempt to crate him home
      was punishment for his ingratitude, since he went berserk when, after waiting
      in vain, he concluded that the coup had not been staged, after all, for the
      immediate consolidation of the party of extreme right-wing vultures, but for
      the military hyenas. The case of the overbearing Secretary-General of the
      party, Uba Ahmed, was even more noxious. Uba Ahmed was out of the country at
      the time. Despite the closure of the Nigerian airspace, he compelled the pilot
      of his plane to demand special landing permission, since his passenger load
      included the almighty Uba Ahmed. Of course, he had not known of the change in
      his status since he was airborne. The delighted airport commandant, realizing
      that he had a much valued fish swimming willingly into a waiting net, approved
      the request. Uba Ahmed disembarked into the arms of a military guard and was
      promptly clamped in detention.

      Incredibly, he vanished a few days after and reappeared in safety overseas.
      Those whose memories have become calcified should explore the media coverage of
      that saga. Buhari was asked to explain the vanished act of this much prized
      quarry and his response was one of the most arrogant levity. Coming from one
      who had shot his way into power on the slogan of discipline, it was nothing
      short of impudent. Shall we revisit the tragicomic series of trials that landed
      several politicians several lifetimes in prison? Recall, if you please, the
      judicial processes undergone by the septuagenarian Chief Adekunle Ajasin. He
      was arraigned and tried before Buhari’s punitive tribunal but acquitted.
      Dissatisfied, Buhari ordered his re-trial. Again, the Tribunal could not find
      this man guilty of a single crime, so once again he was returned for trial,
      only to be acquitted of all charges of corruption or abuse of office. Was Chief
      Ajasin thereby released? No! He was ordered detained indefinitely, simply for the
      crime of winning an election and refusing to knuckle under Shagari’s reign of
      terror. The conduct of the Buhari regime after his coup was not merely one of
      double, triple, multiple standards but a cynical travesty of justice. Audu
      Ogbeh, currently chairman of the Action Congress was one of the few figures of
      rectitude within the NPN. Just as he has done in recent times with the PDP, he
      played the role of an internal critic and reformer, warning, dissenting, and
      setting an example of probity within his ministry. For that crime he spent
      months in unjust incarceration.

      Guilty by association? Well, if that was the motivating yardstick of the
      administration of the Buhari justice, then it was most selectively applied.

      The utmost severity of the Buhari-Idiagbon justice was especially reserved
      either for the opposition in general, or for those within the ruling party who
      had showed the sheerest sense of responsibility and patriotism.

      Shall I remind this nation of Buhari’s deliberate humiliating treatment of
      the Emir of Kano and the Oni of Ife over their visit to the state of Israel? I
      hold no brief for traditional rulers and their relationship with governments,
      but insist on regarding them as entitled to all the rights, privileges and
      responsibilities of any Nigerian citizen. This royal duo went to Israel on
      their private steam and private business. Simply because the Buhari regime was
      pursuing some antagonistic foreign policy towards Israel, a policy of which
      these traditional rulers were not a part, they were subjected on their return
      to a treatment that could only be described as a head masterly chastisement of
      errant pupils. Since when, may one ask, did a free citizen of the Nigerian
      nation require the permission of a head of state to visit a foreign nation that
      was willing to offer that tourist a visa? One is only too aware that some
      Nigerians love to point to Buhari’s agenda of discipline as the shining jewel
      in his scrap-iron crown. To inculcate discipline however, one must lead by
      example, obeying laws set down as guides to public probity. Example speaks
      louder than declarations, and rulers cannot exempt themselves from the
      disciplinary structures imposed on the overall polity, especially on any issue
      that seeks to establish a policy for public well-being. The story of the thirty
      something suitcases it would appear that they were even closer to fifty – found
      unavoidable mention in my recent memoirs, YOU MUST SET FORTH AT DOWN, written
      long before Buhari became spoken of as a credible candidate. For the exercise of
      a changeover of the national currency, the Nigerian borders air, sea and land
      had been shut tight.

      Nothing was supposed to move in or out, not even cattle egrets.

      Yet a prominent camel was allowed through that needles eye. Not only did
      Buhari dispatch his aide-de-camp, Jokolo later to become an emir- to facilitate
      the entry of those cases, he ordered the redeployment as I later discovered –
      of the Customs Officer who stood firmly against the entry of the contravening
      baggage. That officer, the incumbent Vice-president is now a rival candidate to
      Buhari, but has somehow, in the meantime, earned a reputation that totally
      contradicts his conduct at the time. Wherever the truth lies, it does not
      redound to the credibility of the dictator of that time, General Buhari whose
      word was law, but whose allegiances were clearly negotiable.

      On the theme of double, triple, multiple standards in the enforcement of the
      law, and indeed of the decrees passed by the Buhari regime at the time, let us
      recall the notorious case of Triple Alhaji Alhaji Alhaji, then Permanent
      Secretary in the Ministry of Finance. Who was caught, literally, with his pants
      down in distant Austria. That was not the crime however, and private conduct
      should always remain restricted to the domain of private censure.

      There was no decree against civil servants proving just as hormone driven as
      anyone else, especially outside the nation’s borders.

      However, there was a clear decree against the keeping of foreign accounts,
      and this was what emerged from the Austrian escapade. Alhaji Alhaji kept, not
      one, but several undeclared foreign accounts, and he had no business being in
      possession of the large amount of foreign currency of which he was robbed by
      his overnight companion. The media screamed for an even application of the law,
      but Buhari had turned suddenly deaf. By contrast, Fela Anikulapo languished in
      goal for years, sentenced under that very draconian decree. His crime was being
      in possession of foreign exchange that he had legitimately received for the
      immediate upkeep of his band as they set off for an international engagement. A
      vicious sentence was slapped down on Fela by a judge who later became so
      remorse stricken at least after Buhari’s overthrow that he went to the King of
      Afro-beat and apologized.

      Lesser known was the traumatic experience of the director of an
      international communication agency, an affiliate of UNESCO. Akin Fatoyinbo
      arrived at the airport in complete ignorance of the new currency decree. He was
      thrown in gaol in especially brutal condition, an experience from which he
      never fully recovered. It took several months of high-level intervention before
      that innocent man was eventually freed. These were not exceptional but mere
      sample cases from among hundreds of others, victims of a decree that was
      selectively applied, a decree that routinely penalized innocents and ruined the
      careers and businesses of many.

      What else? What does one choose to include or leave out? What precisely was
      Ebenezer Babatope’s crime that he should have spent the entire tenure of
      General Buhari in detention?

      Nothing beyond the fact that he once warned in the media that Buhari was an
      ambitious soldier who would bear watching through the lenses of a coup-detat.
      Babatope’s father died while he was in Buhari’s custody, the dictator remained
      deaf to every plea that he be at least released to attend his father’s funeral,
      even under guard. I wrote an article at the time, denouncing this pointless
      insensitivity. So little to demand by a man who was never accused of, nor tried
      for any crime,much less found guilty. Such a load of vindictiveness that
      smothered all traces of basic human compassion deserves no further comment in a
      nation that values its traditions.

      But then, speaking the truth was not what Buhari, as a self-imposed leader,
      was especially enamoured of enquire of Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor both of
      whom, faithful to their journalistic calling, published nothing but the truth,
      yet ended up sentenced under Buhari’s decree. Mind you, no one can say that
      Buhari was not true to his word. Shall tamper with the freedom of the press
      swore the dictator immediately on grabbing office, and this was exactly what he
      did. And so on, and on, and on……

      • simonibekwe

        The candid message to the Buhari-Haters on smear campaigns regarding the “N2.8 billion missing oil money” is that they go and update their records from relevant subsequent development on this baseless, scurrillous and uncharitable claims “dripping with false information, inaccuracies, terrible innuendo and deliberate or expedient amnesia”(David-West).
        The Alhaji Shehu Shagari government set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by Honourable Mr. Justice Ayo Irikefe of the Supreme Court, to inquire into the alleged N2.8 Billion missing oil money. The findings? They were in the “negative…no such funds were missing” (Soyinka: You Must Set Forth At Dawn page 263). “I got a copy of the White Paper when I was Minister of Petroleum and read it over several times. I was satisfied with the conclusion that no such money (or any money) ever got missing…The Honourable Justice Ayo Irikefe Commission of Inquiry so declare unequivocally and categorically” (David-West).
        The saga of the ‘missing’ oil money was exhaustively treated with relevant quoted documents by no lesser person but General Olusegun Obasanjo in his book : “NOT MY WILL”, the Buhari-Haters are particularly requested to read: Chapter 11, pages 216 – 240:
        Obasanjo said: “It was interesting that Buhari’s name as Minister of Petroleum Resources and Chairman of NNPC was not mentioned. Of course, since no money was actually and truly missing, his name should not have been mentioned” (Not My Will, p 222).
        All key witnesses invited to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry as showed by the White Paper said it was all lies and it did not happen:
        DR TAI SOLARIN: “He has no material, fact or proof that the sum of N2.8 billion was missing. ” (Not My Will, p 221).
        FELA KUTI: “Denied knowledge of the missing N2.8billion.” Fela was even ‘disclosed’ for tendering forged document (Exhibit 102 d) on money movement (Not My Will, p 221).
        SOLA ODUNFA (Editor, Punch): “…Agreed he published the story of the missing N2.8 billion and followed up with the publication of apology.” (Not My Will, p 222).
        ROBERT HUBBARD, MANAGER, MIDLAND BANK, LONDON:”The Enquiry Tribunal went to London. He categorically stated that any reference to his bank was untrue” (Tam David-West).
        OLU SARAKI (Senate Leader): “…had no personal knowledge of the loss or movement of money. Derived his knowledge from telephone calls,letters and telexes received. Was satisfied that no money was missing.” (Not My will, p 221). Now, ponder over this and judge..

        • Truth

          You conveniently or deliberately evaded to touch on salient points raised against Buhari and chose to pick on one issue that is neither here nor there. Since you chose to dispel what you tagged ‘false’ with your ‘truth’ you will do well to answer other questions. I watched a live presidential debate between Sekarau and Buhari and since made up my mind. Buhari has not, can never change from sectional biases, religious bigotry and utter arrogance of a military dictator. Buhari was asked his reaction to Fulani herdsmen invasion and killing of berom people of plateau state. His answers were shocking as it exposed the mindset of a sectional Buhari. In answering the question Buhari abused the sensibility of the Berom by saying the Fulanis have the right to feed their castles anywhere since they are Nigerians. They have the right to unleash their cattle on other crops and means of livelihood in their traditional land. That did it for me. Buhari is not our messiah pure and simple. Be careful what you pray for before it is too late. Buhari can’t function effectively in democratic setting. He lack the skills, patience, ability to negotiate because he is not use to this and will not or have not done anything to prepare himself for such necessary part of democratic process. How Buhari will bypass the legislators and judiciary to perform his magic still remain a mystery. Precious time will be wasted on bickering on principles of separation of power and nothing will be achieved. Buhari is not and can’t be a democrat.

          • Enemona

            When you lose on facts, you resort to lies and sentimentality. A time-tested strategy often bound to fail. Deception is an act that ends up consuming its creator. But then, who are you deceiving but yourself?

        • Enemona

          Well done Simon, you’ve done a good job. The Buhari people should quickly draft you on their team if they haven’t already.

        • Ahmeed

          You are either deluded or mentally unbalanced quoting from the pages of a book written by someone that all respected and responsible Nigerian leaders regarded as a serial LIAR!

  • Sanusi Hammari

    What kind of nonsense story is this?

  • EPO

    FFK sorry!

  • Ogunsuyi Olakunle Raphael

    What is the meaning of this nonsense story? two betrayals dinning togerher? Mimiko is finished politically, so are you, wait till 2015 when Buhari will be elected as our president. For your information the honeymoon between Mimiko and the people of Ondo state is long over and its time for him to harvest the fruits of his tyranny,self center and the looting of the common wealth of the people of Ondo State and finally the prayers of public fund looters and their supporters is abomination and empty noise before God.

    • teewhy

      Hug Transformer!!!!!

    • emmanuel

      I beg nor bring Buhari mata come here. Buhari is a political liability and the APC already knows.

      Check the list of the APC Fulanis who do not want him – Atiku, ElRufai, Kwakwanso, Marwa, Tambuwal, Wamako so na who wan vote for am.

      Make you dey deceive yourself.

  • teewhy

    Egbon, you are such a brilliant person!!!! Beautiful piece from the erudite FFK, this has been your trademark both in play and in war. Your haters are having a running stomach as we speak!!!!!

    • Enemona

      How did you know? My stomach churns!

  • Anonymous11443

    Psychopat eating dinner all over the place.After dinner,he smoked a little igbo.After prayer session he smoke a little cocaine(snort) with a little PCP needle injection.Fani Kayode is getting his own stomach infrastructure.

    • emmanuel

      All of una just dey craze this evening.

      Femi don ambush himself too. Trouble dey sleep Femi go wake am up. Oga o!

    • Truth

      May God forgive you. One day you will have rethink. FFK is not the type of person you think. Let’s just say you don’t get it. Straight and blunt people of strong character are difficult to understand. They say it as it is, sometimes too forward but the truth is what it is. Happy birthday brother, may God bless and keep you.

      • Enemona

        “Straight and blunt people of strong character are difficult to understand.” I really don’t get it! FFK and strong character should never be mentioned in one breath nor in the same sentence. FFK has a very weak and flail character this is evident in the way he speaks from both sides of his mouth, he lacks personal principles, he just flows with the wind, anywhere belle face! He says one thing today and, depending on the weather, he says the entire opposite the next. This is a guy that has turned the government’s mouthpiece overnight after he was freed of his corruption case… abeg say something else joo!

        • Omoagunmate

          He is hedging his bet to replace Abata (abati) or Oku-igbe (okupe) in case his Emperor of Otueke wins the 2015 election. Desperate fellow, dream on.

    • HOJALE

      what good can come out of their meetings. VULTURES.

    • Enemona

      PCP or PDP? Looks like a typo.

  • Johnny

    FFK, happy birthday. May God continue to use you for the betterment of this great country. May He grant you grace to apply your heart to wisdom. Amen. For those who love to insult others, you need a rethink because your children will rise up to insult you too.

    • val

      That is my prayer for them

  • Enemona

    Godly crooks! Church goers by night, treasury looters by day.

    • emmanuel

      Anu Ofia!

      • Enemona

        Hahaha, someone is hurt, sorry o!

  • Goddey

    Sorry o. Just take it easy. FFK marches on while you wait and rant. Who are you sir. ???? Mr executive……….???

    • King Carlos

      Marches on to political wilderness and obscurity? I suspect this ‘Goddey’ to be FFK. You have come out to defend yourself hiding under the the anonymity of the internet.

      FFK is nothing but an EXECUTIVE NOISEMAKER. He’s in the same class with officer Mbu. But if FFK was intelligent enough , he could have taken a lesson from history. He should please remember how former AGF Aondooaka ended his career and political life abruptly.

  • olomola

    Useless hypocrites, they think they can deceive God, idiots

  • Kemi Adewale

    Fani-Kayode is slimy. Mimiko and the PDP know this.

  • MrFesh

    Beautiful piece and wonderful experience for one person. Totally unwarranted on a national daily.

  • Akiika

    ‘Alatenuje’, keep frolicking the various government houses, all of you will still pay for your sins….both of the parties, PDP & APC. You are greedily feasting on the collective wealth of the people. Day of judgment is around the corner.

  • Guguru

    Why are people wasting time commenting on FFK? He is a waste of valuable time.

    • Omoagunmate

      So full of himself, what a total waste of time.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Dirty and corrupt-ridden elements or same feathers flock together and Nigerians and Ondo State indigenes have noted them and shall deliver swift judgement on them at the appropriate time.Corrupt-ridden elements.

  • Olukayode

    Self confessed pigs. They eat anything, anywhere, anytime, and from anyone. Sadly, it is in the genetic make up of Fani kayode. All his ‘nobility’, ‘exposure’, ‘education’, or ‘polish’ is worth is Jonathan’s errand-boy. Were alasho.

  • samiis

    who says we are interested in stories like this… bullshit!!!