Police arrest Audu Maikori, Chocolate City boss

Audu Maikori
Audu Maikori [Photo credit: www.trendysturvsblog.com]

Audu Maikori, a Nigerian lawyer and CEO of Chocolate City Entertainment, has been arrested by the police. The arrest is linked to his tweets about a fatal attack on his relatives in Southern Kaduna that turned out to be false, his lawyer said Friday.

Mark Jacobs told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Maikori, 41, was arrested in Lagos around noon Friday by a team of police officers attached to inspector-general monitoring and intelligence team and was immediately transferred to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

“I arrived at the Force Headquarters and learnt that a detention order has already been signed for him,” Mr. Jacobs said of his client. “I am not sure he will be released tonight.”

Mr. Jacobs said he was told by the police that a magistrate issued warrant for Mr. Maikori’s arrest and are planning to charged him with attempt to “incite” the public.

Police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, did not immediately respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comments Friday night.

The arrest of Mr. Maikori, a vocal advocate for the plight of residents of the restive area, came nearly four weeks after he narrated an attack that purportedly took place in Southern Kaduna.

In a series of tweets on January 23, Mr. Maikori said his driver, later identified as Simon Joseph, told him that he lost his brother in a Fulani herdsmen ambush in Southern Kaduna and will be travelling for burial.

“My driver’syounger brother and five others students of college of education Gidan Waya were ambushed and killed by herdsmen yesterday #SouthernKaduna.

“They were in a commercial car going back to school when the driver stopped suddenly under the pretext of checking his engine #SouthernKaduna.

“As soon as the car stopped the attackers shot all 6 students but let the driver who is Fulani go. He gave us these details#SouthernKaduna.

“When we speak we are viewed as trouble makers by the Govt. Well I have seen the pictures and it’s a painful sight#SouthernKaduna,” Mr.

Social media users became livid after Mr. Maikori’s vivid naration of the purported attack.

The tweets were later picked up by some Nigerian newspaperswithout further checks.

Two days later, Kaduna State College of Education in Gidan Waya, where Mr. Maikori said the students were schooling, issued a statement denying any loss of students to an attack as described by Mr. Maikori.

The Kaduna State Government condemned the misinformation and the reporter responsible for the story in Vanguard Newspaper was arrested and charged.

On February 4, following intense criticism on social media, Mr. Maikori retracted and apologised for posting the tweets in a lenghty article that also offered detailed explanation of how he was misled by Mr. Joseph.

“I hereby tender an unreserved and sincere apology to the Management of the College of Education, Gidan Waya, His Excellency the Governor of Kaduna State and the Kaduna State Government, and also to the people of Southern Kaduna and the Fulani community and also VANGUARD newspapers whose source was my driver for the false statement by my driver which I also publicized believing same to be true,” Mr. Maikori wrote.

Mr. Jacob said Mr. Maikori’s driver was arrested a few days ago in Lagos, and had remained in detention ever since.

Mr. Maikori’s arrest caused social media buzz late Friday, with a prominent human rights activist and legal expert, Chidi Odinkalu, calling for his immediate release.

Mr. Odinkalu, a former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission, was among the first to raise alarm about Mr. Audu’s arrest Friday night.

“They should immediately release him because he had apologised for the tweets and I don’t think the matter is a criminal offence that warrants him being locked up for so many days,” Mr. Odinkalu told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone.

Over 200 have been killed and thousands more displaced in the latest violence between Fulani herdsmen and southern Kaduna residents.

A curfew Governor Nasir el-Rufai imposed in Zangon Kataf was relaxed last week.‎

Mr. El-Rufai said the attackers were herdsmen from neighbouring countries who had returned to avenge attacks on their relatives and livestock back in 2011.

The governor came under fire after admitting he had sent payments to the attackers to compensate for their losses, as part of efforts by his government to end the bloodshed.

A foundation laid by the Nigerian Army for the construction of a military base in the area was destroyed last week.


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  • Mulami Josiah

    Same old rubbish by the Buhari men–where was the Inspector General of Police– when over 900 real natives of southern kaduna were murdered–the Fulanis must be made to leave the area–

    • Adams

      Sensible people who genuinely feel the plight of victims of any form of violence should be glad the police is doing the needful by arresting people like Audu Maikori and his driver for deliberately misinformed the populace. Their action will on one hand is capable of rubishing the plight of the victims as one will begin to wonder how many of the reported incidents are true and accurate. If people can sit down and fabricate an incident that never happened and feed it to the world what about inflating the number of casualties?

      On the other hand it can incite people and excercebate the situation.

      • share Idea

        Pls can you suggest same to be treated to government agancies that have been lying to the public. When someone connected to this government lies, the agencies of government pretends that nothing happened but when anyone says things that are not favoring this administration, the law enforcement agencies mate the rull force of the law against such person.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          You don’t deserve an answer.

        • Julius

          I know that you are too smart to be playing dumb. That question doesn’t deserve an answer. Be serious for once.

  • thusspokez

    Mark Jacobs told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Maikori, 41, was arrested in Lagos….and was immediately transferred to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

    He was arrested in Lagos and then taken to Abuja?

    Yes Nigeria is a federal republic but these organisations keep behaving as if it is a unitary system of government. No wonder some Nigerians deny that the country is a federation. Is it a constitutional requirement that all arrests made by Nigeria’s law enforcement agencies be only dealt with in Abuja?

    • Peter_Edo

      Incitement is more serious. it borders on treason!

      • thusspokez

        Where is the evidence of the incitement?

        • Peter_Edo

          He already apologized… An admission of guilt.

          • thusspokez

            An apology is not necessarily an admission of guilt. Considering that he is under arrest, an admission of guilt will amount to self-confession. Granted, why would he admit the alleged crime?

          • Peter_Edo

            He admitted guilt before he was arrested. He said he apologized for spreading fake news. Wel spreading fake news is actually a crime when it can be seen from the lens of propaganda and incitement

          • thusspokez

            He admitted guilt before he was arrested.

            Yes, I remembered this after posting my comment. Anyway, why then was he arresting after his apology, unless like you, someone thinks that apologizing makes him guilty — which is a ridiculous assumption.

            As we know, many people in public eyes frequently apologize (often with the phrase such as ) “I apologize to anyone who may have taken offence at my comments” or words to that effect. At least, their country’s law enforcement agencies don’t take these apologies as an admission of guilt to arrest them.

            spreading fake news is actually a crime

            If this was so, millions of Nigerians, with their appetite for rumors and as channel for rumors and innuendos, would be in prison. But I am sure, that you are making up these laws to buttress your argument.

          • Peter_Edo

            hahahahaha. i give up. stay blessed.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Jacobs said he was told by the police that a magistrate issued warrant for Mr. Maikori’s arrest and are planning to charged him with attempt to “incite” the public.

    Where did Mr. Maikori incite anyone to violence? He only reporting what someone told him. He is a lawyer and must know that one way to avoid trouble with the law is to deny that you are the original source of a story.

    So exactly what crime did Mr. Maikori commit? Did the mediocre Nigerian police consult it’s in-house lawyers — assuming it has any and they are any good — before making the arrest? Because any good lawyer would have advised the police against the arrest and saved the Nigerian tax payer the cost of travel to Lagos and transport Mr. Maikori to Abuja. A caution to Mr. Maikori would have sufficed.

    • debbeljo

      I hated all Fulani because of Maikori’s tweets. His apologies shouldn’t stops the law talking it course.

      • Peter_Edo

        Thank You!

      • thusspokez

        How is this s response to my comment?

    • Peter_Edo

      bros we should be RESPONSIBLE. WE ALL KNOW THAT NIGERIA IS DEEPLY FRACTURED ALONG ETHNO-RELIGIOUS LINES. It makes absolutely no sense to help propagate the fractures based on fallacies. itr is the RESPONSIBILITY OF US, ME YOU AND ALL OF US THAT ARE HERE AND ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA to spread/disseminate truth or if you like lies (but those that shouldn’t cause harm). The guy is a big man, and a big man on social media and he has many followers who will readily believe what he tells them. SO HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE RESPONSIBLE IN WHAT HE IS DISSEMINATING. About the same period, someone shared a post of mass killings on FB to me. at that point it had been shared over 1000 times with active comments coming in every 2 seconds. i took the pictures an subjected them to scrutiny via google picture verifier. found out that all of the pics were different parts of Africa while in crisis even going as far back as 2001. i then sent a comment that it was FAKE NEWS and someone retorted back that it is REAL and that his cousins friends uncle’s aunty or some thing like that is from the same village. anyways i reported the matter to Facebook and found the originator of the post, some fake pastor in UK and i sent messages directly to his wall challenging him. by this time, the post had over 15000 shares. and believe me, the hate it spread cannot be undone easily. THIS IS THE SAME SITUATION HERE.

      • Daniel Okogie

        Do u kno, some persons ll never know he has apologised for spreading the hate based on lies,and they are forever going to judge some other persons based on d hate conviction they have developed from maikori’s hate post

        • Peter_Edo

          The point is his apology DOESN’T matter. He committed the crime he pays with time.

      • thusspokez

        Nigerian debates is always full of emotion but little in the way of thinking logically and rationally. Very few are capable of thinking with clear heads.

        If you lot are the police, prosecution and judge, Mr. Maikori will not even have a hearing before being sentenced to prison. Despite the lack of strong evidence against Mr. Maikori, you are all screening: Crucify Him!

        Crucify him because, for merely being accused of incitement, Mr. Maikori should now pay for all the crimes committed by others in Kaduna. And crucify him because of his ethnicity. This encapsulates the thinking process of many of you here.

        • Daniel Okogie

          So bcos he shouldn’t pay for all d crimes committed in SK,he should not pay for his own crime abii? Are we all not “Nigerians” now?

          • thusspokez

            What is his own crime?

          • Daniel Okogie

            In my lay man’s understanding which is not as good as u who say u are d learned that we know to come out in hundreds of sans to protect d corrupt at d expense of d oppressed in d country, his crime is willful lying with hate incitement to cause breach of peace.

          • thusspokez

            d learned that we know to come out in hundreds of sans to protect d corrupt

            I forgive you: You are a Nigerian, after all, who thinks that insult is substitute for rational debate. What a country, Nigeria has become. Now where was I.

            …his crime is willful lying with hate incitement to cause breach of peace.

            This is what many of you extremely emotional Nigerians keep saying but none of you would show any proof of the so-called incitement committed by Mr. Maikori. Instead, some of you argue that because he had apologized, therefore he must be guilty of… What nonsense!.

            Inadvertently, you lot here are doing exactly what you are accusing Mr. Maikori of doing. That is to say, lying against him; and some would argue, and inciting people to hate him.

        • Peter_Edo

          Bringing the ethnic card into this is puerile and of bad taste. This was a crime. He himself admitted he committed a crime and hence an apology. The sage Oby Ezekwelizi interfered and she said that the state should please be lenient since he apologized. That’s they angle we should look at this through. If we keep bringing up the ethnic card for any issue, Nija will never move forward

          • thusspokez

            Bringing the ethnic card into

            Don’t try to be smart with me or smarter than what you are. When @debbeljo posted the follow:

            “I hated all Fulani because of Maikori’s tweets…”

            You, Peter_Edo, and two other posters up-voted the above comment. It is therefore rich of you to want to preach to me about the evil of playing ethnic card because in your mind, any use of the word ‘ethnicity’ amounts to playing ethnic card.

            …he committed a crime

            For the umpteenth time, what is the crime?

          • Peter_Edo

            you should paste the full statement. The guy said he was incited towards hatred and that his incitement was based on maikori’s tweets. obviously he has come around and realized that his hatred was borne out of ignorance and lies by the tweets. that upvote was to encourage him. don’t get it twisted…

          • thusspokez

            …you should paste the full statement.

            Anyone could scroll to @debbeljo’s comment and read the full version.

            The first sentence in @debbeljo’s comment is: ““I hated all Fulani because of Maikori’s tweets…”

            These words should put off many decent people, but not you. You up-voted the comment. You can’t get away from exposing what you are by now trying to claim that you up-voted only for another sentence in the aforementioned comment. It is balderdash!

          • Peter_Edo

            i guess you are on of those that take the 95 5% out of context quote form PMB. Besides, he said he “Hated”, past tense of hate. If the hate is in the past, does that mean the “hate” is in the present after the writer discovered that he was being “incited” towards hatred by Maikori? Guy stop defending the indefensible. If you are arguing on humanitarian and sympathy grounds based on the fact that he apologized/ didn’t know he was being “misled”, that can be entertained, but trying to defend the actions of a dull person who doesn’t think much of his/her actions and their repercussions is inane.

          • thusspokez

            Besides, he said he “Hated”, past tense of hate…

            I don’t usually waste my time with other people’s typos and grammatical errors unless they are unbearable, otherwise, I would not have time to discuss the main issues. But you would realise that “hated” was a typo, in the least. It wouldn’t quite make sense to say that you hated something when that something still exist and in the present (tense), i.e., Maikori’s tweets.

            @debbeljo hated all Fulanis because of Maikori’s tweets. So does the use of “hate” in the past-tense now mean that @debbeljo no longer hates all Fulanis, despite the existence of Maikori’s tweets — which is the subject of our discussion and what, in the first place, had provoked @debbeljo to write his or her hate comment?

            I suggest that quit allowing your over-inflated Nigerian ego to keep digging yourself into a bigger hole. Learn from your errors and move on!

          • Peter_Edo

            guy you still dey on this one, abeg e… happy new week bo, we are NIGERIANS and we should love our country, you nor see werrin dey happen all over the world now, they are retreating to their protectionist enclaves and xenophobic tendencies are at play. stay blessed bro…

          • Peter_Edo

            i didn’t only upvote, i even made a comment commending him for realizing he was being misled by Maikori and able to actually come out and say so.

    • Daniel Okogie

      So bcos one knows how to deny, he should go out and spread hate based on his conviction from information which its only source is his driver who may nt b a relative now, that his blood brother has been killed by Fulanis in a tribal n religious violence, without first confirming from his other blood brothers n sisters, kinsmen who kno that that his brother lives with them in that SK,bfore going viral with it,only to com out n say I’m sorry after d damage has been done.they say oyibo wey make pencil,na im still make eraser. I say this bcos I don’t think u ll go spreading that u have killed someone just bcos u ll deny later that u were only saying so bcos someone told u so,without u first checking out d fact, not to talk of a man of his status who shud kno better, if he was not just been mischievous

    • SamPsalm

      Thank God you are not a lawyer – because you would have known it is not a defence even to basic defamation to say – I am quoting “someone else”. Because Maikori is smarter than you are, that is why he is apologising.

      In fact, the victim here is the driver. Who Maikori personally handed over to the Police. He should get a good lawyer who would easily maintain a case that his boss is trying to use him to cover his misdeeds. There is clearly almost zero hard evidence that Maikori was quoting his driver: that it was not all made up or that the information was not given to Maikori for him to lead a twitter campaign if at all. You can not mourn more than the bereaved remain as sound counsel in pre-Twitter generation as it is now.

      So, release the driver for telling a story people tell in beer parlours and newspaper stands everyday. Make Maikori answer for what he knew he was surely doing: incitement. There can be no doubt that he knew that his massive stature was sure to elicit the kind of response that attended it.

      • thusspokez

        Typical Nigerian response. Many of you lack intelligence and can’t think logically and rationally, hence the tendency to resort to emotional arguments to appeal to emotional sensitivity.

        • SamPsalm

          And with all your INTELligence, that emotional response was all you came up with in the name of logic? That a man who ought to do something as basic as verify a statement as to people being killed did not do that? Even when he had the connections to do so easily?

          And you are saying that the same man handing over his drivers to be jailed by Police was okay simply because that was is poor – but the same man being asked to answer for his negligent or deliberate incitement is wrong?

          There is no logic in hypocrisy

          • thusspokez

            Yeah, how many posters, journalists and newspapers are in Nigerian jails for publishing the story of Buhari being dead? Yet, it took me less than 5 minutes to identify the source (i.e., Biafra sympathiser) and debunk the rumour. See my comment: Okey Ndibe., “Buhari, Patience Jonathan, and Theresa May”, February 2, 2017.

            Do you see any parallel here? And on the scale of threats to national security, which is more serious? One which is a so-called (difficult to prove) incitement to yada yada yada, whereas the other is an attempt to generate confusion and chaos; and destabilise the Nigerian government and the country.

            Yet Nigerians like you are hot on the collar and spitting blood over a hearsay posted by some ‘social media warrior’. This is a case of being extremely irritated over minor things and yet very nonchalant over issues of existential concern. Of course, this is not to say that one cannot be irritated by one type of issue or both

          • SamPsalm

            You cannot see what is wrong with your statement simply because that is the is a worldview you have chosen: a world where the poor driver and the anonymous Southern or Northern Kaduna resident who may fall victim of reprisal killing has no value beside the Buharis of your world.

            You cannot see that is gross and wrong to compare a fake story by so-called journalists (it would be nice for you to mention one credentialed journalist who reported that story) along social media henchmen and neighbourshood gossip warriors trumpeting thedeath of one sick man who they had no means of accessing his true health state and who had a team of state sponsored media personnel actively rebutting the fake story (even if many persons felt their effort not satisfactory) against a story by a private individual of some social means asserting a state of affairs which was supposedly related to him by a direct source in his direct employ. A private citizen with some following asserting a state of affairs which has been demonstrable known to lead to reprisal killings and destruction.

            They are not the same: just in case you still cannot see it. This man was believed to be credible enough on his name recognition that a few mainstream media stables carried ‘his’ news. In Buhari’s case, just google ‘Buhari + dead” and see if what you would find on credible platforms aren’t rebuttals or at best speculative headlines apart from those fake websites created just to peddle the falsehood.

            Why is that even relevant? Simply this: you somehow believe fake news is fake news and should be treated equally. Whether one would have led merely to a presidential burial ceremony (since no one was asserting Buhari was killed in a coup) and the other to possible a few tens of people being killed or property worth a few millions destroyed.

            And with that kind of value system, this conversation becomes unhelpful. Go ahead with your fake advocacy for a man who wants to leverage every bad news to build his twitter followership while positioning for politicalpreneurship

          • thusspokez

            You cannot see what is wrong with your statement simply because that is the is a worldview you have chosen: a world where the poor driver and the anonymous Southern or Northern Kaduna resident who may fall victim of reprisal killing has no value beside the Buharis of your world.

            I stop reading after this paragraph as I assume that the remaining paragraphs will be full of inaccuracies and balderdash as the first

            The problem with many of you is an inability to follow arguments. , You are also always making stµpid assumptions about your opponents instead of first carefully reading or listening to their arguments before presenting your own counter argument where you disagree.

            It would seem that the art of debating is an alien activity to many of you. You, not only lack debating skills but tend to respond to issues too emotionally. For example:

            “poor driver”
            “victim of reprisal killing”
            “Buhari’s of your world”

            My argument was solely about Mr. Maikori’s (1) arrest and (2), nature of his alleged crime.

            You may infer what you wish from my arguments, but to claim that these two points make me: (1) anti-poor; (2) devalue life and, (3) that my worldview parallels Buhari’s own worldview is completely insane. I have nothing more to say to you!

    • Julius

      There are thousands of lawyers in the country committing crimes daily. Methu is a lawyer and I would assume he knows the law yet he was trying to destroy a legal document by eating it. The fact that this dude is a lawyer does not permit him to incite violence and you know it doesn’t take much to start violence in that part of the country.

      • thusspokez

        …he fact that this dude is a lawyer does not permit him to incite violence

        Where is your evidence to this effect?

        • Julius

          Genius, why don’t you ask the police that question ?. I’m going by what was written and the fact that yes, lawyers do commit unlawful acts as well.

  • thusspokez

    The Kaduna State Government condemned the misinformation and the reporter responsible for the story in Vanguard Newspaper was arrested and charged.

    Mumus, don’t forget to arrest twitter (representative in Nigeria) for publishing Mr. Maikori’s story.

    • Peter_Edo

      thats not possible… they should arrest an A.I. algorithm?

      • thusspokez

        …for publishing Mr. Maikori’s story.

    • SamPsalm

      Well, the mumu may need to look in the mirror. Twitter did not ‘publish’. Nobody ever goes to arrest a producer or marketer of blank news-paper newspaper reels for defamation or incitement: it is those who write on the paper that are arrested.

      Twitter is no more than a blank sheet of paper sold to you – for data Naira. what you decide to do with it is fully your liability. So, before we toss those stones, let’s look at our glass buildings again

  • Ade

    Nasir Elrufai the short shameless pathetic jihadist. Keep doing what you are doing. Your end will be terrible!

  • Shetty

    Your protectors are no longer in power where you do anything and get away with it , if you just say pim for the wrong reason you can get lock up .

  • Tommy Soto

    Finally break in all those fake Fulani herdsmen stories that have been circulating in the media for the past several months.

  • Adewolu Kazeem

    In as much as I feel for this gentleman’s plight, the law must still take her turn. Mr. Maikori should have done his one fact finding mission since he knows how sensitive such information his to the general public. Spreading hate is worst than the violence itself cos your can never tell who has picked up the hatred and yet your many apologies can never erase some people heart off hatred. He tribalise a situation and insisted he saw pictures, this is very poor of a lawyer. Am not a lawyer neither an elite, but I will never do such a costly mistake, regatdless of the government failure to arrest the situation. I can’t help divide this nation, I can only help unite it.

    • Peter_Edo

      bless you!

    • Daniel Okogie

      May u remained this rational to issues.u said my mind.

    • igboham

      There is a difference between a country and a nation. Perhaps you should find out which one Nigeria falls into. Thanks.

  • mike

    These lunatics that go about inciting the public on social media without checking any facts need to be locked up. Even the writer of this article said “thousands have been displaced” I live in southern Kaduna in Kafanchan, where are the displaced thousands,? This elrufai has tried more than all the governors to control this killing amd he should be commended. All these social media commentators should be locked up so we can live in peace!

    • Solomon Brown

      Commended for what, for paying the herdsmen who are in fact members of his tribe to stop killing civilians? I understand Maikori’s tweets were inaccurate, but as a resident of SK, if you are going to come online to toot el rufai’s horn, then you should really be ashamed of yourself, when all he has done in his capacity as as governor is compensate the killers instead of arresting them.

      • Chiemele

        Painful as it is and seeing security agencies in most cases cannot arrest them, I would rather people are giving amnesty than allowed to continue killing, kidnapping and destroying.
        It’s a question of a lesser evil. It’s in the same light, I argue for a grazing reserve.

        • Solomon Brown

          Amnesty does not help either, it only works in an organized society. Criminals should be arrested and locked up period. I agree with you as regards setting up ranches for their cattle, not funded by government but by the individuals who own the cattle.

      • mike

        commended for stopping the killings! if not for the way elrufai moved with security agencies yhe killing would have been worse. The man reached out to communities and controlled them. The so called payment to his tribe was not elrufais idea it was the implementation of both the agwai report and the recommendation to late patrick yakowa. The late governor was the one that started the payments as compensation to aggrieved parties so noone has any excuse to fight. I beg, apart from Yakowa no Governor in the history of Kaduna has entered this matter to resolve it like elrufai. the last governor came to southern kaduna only 5 times in his entire tenure, rufai on the other hand has come over 33 times in this period please allow the man joor. Have you ever come here to know what is truly happening.

        • Solomon Brown

          Stop lying through your teeth, and making up excuses for your oppressors. How much is really enough to keep a murderer from killing, assuming everything you wrote here is true? It was bad policy for Yakowa to agree to those terms and it is a dereliction of duty for rufai to continue in his footsteps, keep in mind it isn’t only fulani who are the victims here, the pertinent question is who will compensate the residents of SK for their huge loss?

    • Peter_Edo


    • Ade

      Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 7, Number 142: Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet used to pass by (have sexual relation with) all his wives in one night, and at that time he had nine wives.

  • Usman

    That is our major problem, the so called “educated elites” that are financially buoyant and capable of inciting violence pass critical rumors, they should be dealt with, we can’t continue to live like this under the pretext of human right, if past perpetrators and inciters were punished, he would have verified his tweets before sending them

    • Peter_Edo


  • Peter_Edo



      …the only thing we must not verify is the certipicate of Buhari. But whether u agree with me or not, the verification of Buhari’s certificate is one task many Nigerians really wish they were able to conclude while he was still alive.

      • Peter_Edo

        If you still hang on to that, well sorry for you, as for me, i verified already years ago and that’s one of the reasons for my staunch support for him…

  • Chiemele

    I believe in freedom of speech, but not freedom to dissiminate falsehood, not freedom to incite violence, hate, intolerance with false propaganda.
    People who do this, don’t deserve to be free. This is irrespective of their religious, ethnic or Party afiliations.
    I did believe a Lawyer should know better.

  • Razak Banjo

    Very very disappointed by Mr. Maikori. This is a man that has huge followers of Nigerian youths. He has sowed hate in the minds of these youths by those tweets. The damaged has already been done his apology is coming too late. Let him go back home to Southern Kaduna to lead in the peace process. Not saying in Lagos and be issuing apology letter. He really need to do more to end the problem in Southern Kaduna.

  • SamPsalm

    Driver of Maikori who is in detention, no one is fighting for him. He was placed there by Maikori for telling the kind of stories drivers tell at beer parlours, taxi parks and news-stand. Maikori was the one who took a melodramatic fable to the twitter sphere and presented it as facts.

    Let the driver go, please. And let the man who wants to build his political stock leveraging the unfortunate security situation of his home state answer. He cannot be heard to say he was crying more than the driver – the bereaved – without doing the basic: cross-checking what could be easily cross-checked.

    It is time for all of us to learn that rights under the Constitution can be abused: and when they, the Constitution gives the right to rein in its abuse