Adam Zango and Ali Nuhu [Photo Credit: Hutudole]


Adam Zango reconciles with Ali Nuhu

By Mohammed Lere

September 06, 2018

A major tussle for supremacy in the Kannywood film industry has finally come to an end with Adam Zango reconciling with Ali Nuhu.

The two Kannywood giants have been entangled in squabbles that divided the industry into two factions.

Zango posted a picture on his Instagram wall kneeling before Ali Nuhu. He wrote, “King Ali, I am down on bended knees, please forgive me.”

Ali Nuhu, winner of the 2018, AMVCA award for best indigenous movie of the year maintained his silence as he did not respond to the post.

Both fell apart over a scandal involving Rahama Sadau in February 2015.

Rahama had accused Zango of demanding sexual favours to feature her in his movie, “Duniya Makaranta”.

She wrote at the time on her Instagram wall, that “Declining Zango’s love advances will not take me down”.

However, she later apologised to Zango, who had denied the allegation. Some said Rahama Sadau was instigated by Ali Nuhu to disparage Zango.

Colleagues of the two actors confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that they stopped speaking after the Sadau incident. The two actors however settled their differences in July, 2015.

But the two actors fell out again two years after.

An ally of Ali Nuhu later told PREMIUM TIMES that Zango had always seen Ali Nuhu as a threat to his career.

The reconciliation took place in Kano before the chairman of the Kano State Censorship Board, Ismaila Afakallahu Na’abba.