Kannywood star actress, Nafeesa Abdullahi. [PHOTO CREDIT: BBC]


Kannywood mourns as Nafeesat Abdullahi loses mother

By Mohammed Lere

August 19, 2018

Colleagues have condoled with Kannywood star actress, Nafeesa Abdullahi, on the death of her mother.

Nafeesat announced the death of her mother on her Instagram page on Saturday.

“16 years ago one of the two walls shattered, when my father died, and you never allowed us felt his absence, you built another wall again for us. I have no Idea how to recover from this lost,” she wrote.

The message drew response from hundreds of well-wishers who rushed to her Instagram page to condole with the actress over the loss.

“I am here but crying in my heart, Mama we missed you.” Fati SU

Ali Nuhu, Maryam Booth and many other actors and actresses also dropped condolence messages on the Instagram wall.

Hassana Dalhat, a Kannywood film commentator, told PREMIUM TIMES that the loss may affect the actress for a very long time.

” She lost her father much earlier, and now just like she said, the pillar she leaned on is finally gone.

“You can see the entire Kannywood is mourning and consoling the actress.

Nafeesat has won several awards in the Kannywood industry. She is currently the winner of the best actress award, 2017 Arewa films Award.