Popular Kannywood hilarious actor and singer, Ado Gwanja. [Photo credit: Official Facebook page of A


My relationship with Adam Zango intact – Ado Gwanja

By Mohammed Lere

May 04, 2018

Popular Kannywood hilarious actor and singer, Ado Gwanja, has debunked rumours going round that he has parted ways with actor Adam Zango.

In a chat with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr Gwanja said nothing like that happened between the two celebrities.

“If I must confess to you today, I never had any misunderstanding with “legend” Adam Zango.

“People have been spreading this rumour for long but it never bothered me, because I know Mr Zango has a special place in my heart. He has done everything for me.

“I started as his boy and quietly, the journey got better and better. I have acted in several movies now from the stable of Zango productions. They are wonderful movies and many of them we even acted beside each other.”

When asked if he still acts in movies where he dresses and acts like a woman as he used to do in his early acting career, Mr Gwanja said that he has stopped acting in roles that will make him look or dance like women.

“I have stopped acting that way. I only act in comedy scenes. That is all.”

On his music, Mr Gwanjo insist that he will remain focused and produce great music to the delight of his fans.

“People have accepted my style of music and I am happy about that. Everywhere you go it is Ado Gwanjo, especially during weddings and parties. This is one thing I always thank Allah for. Soon many of my songs will be released. In fact those that are pending are being released.”

He told PREMIUM TIMES that he will soon get married to his heart rob. “I am not married yet but I am seriously working on that. You will know when the time comes,” he said.