Top 5 Kannywood movies of 2017

By Mohammed Lere

December 31, 2017

A few years ago, the idea of producing a Kannywood movie in English language would have been unthinkable. But it became a reality in 2017. During the year, Kannywood filmmakers were quite adventurous in their movie themes. From action thrillers to romantic flicks and dance movies, they ensured that their audience remained spoilt for choice all year long. As we bid 2017 goodbye, we take a look at the top five Kannywood films of the year.

5 – Kanwar Dubarudu – 

Kanwar Dubarudu was a hilarious movie that featured Kannywood’s biggest actors: Ali Nuhu and Rahama Sadau. In the movie, Ali and Rahama were siblings who could pretty much do anything for each other.

Ali went to great lengths to delight his sister and even went as far as causing so much havoc to the villagers. Ali did not even spare his onscreen wife, Aisha Tsamiya.

A feel good movie, it caught the attention of comedy film lovers. It was directed by Kamal S Alkali.

4 – Auren Manga – 

Yet another hillarious movie, Auren Manga featured Adam Zango, Hadiza Gabon and Falalu Dorayi. It is a movie worth watching several times. Suleiman Yahaya Bosho was the star of the movie what with his police officer role. This master piece comedy was directed by Falalu A Dorayi.

3 – Mansoor – 

Umar Shareef played the lead role in this movie. He fell madly in love with Maryam but several trials put their love to the test.

The climax of the film was when the school authorities expelled those involved in the fight with Mansoor for his lover.

The film was a classic in 2017. Other actors who featured in the film include Garzali Miko, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Ahmed, Baballe Hayatu and others. Mansoor was directed by Ali Nuhu.

2 – Rariya – 

This Rahama Sadau’s film had a theme which explored how the rich and the poor live in love. The film explored themes like love, fashion, dance and hate.

It was Sadau’s film production debut and it was welcomed by most northern Nigerian youth. It was directed by Auwal Yaseen.

1 – Mijin Yarinya – 

Mijin Yarinya is definately the most talked about Kannywood film in 2017. It featured Maryam Yahaya, who is a new face in the Kannywood move industry. The film tells the story of an old man who got married to much a younger woman. She becomes his favourite wife. He became so smitten by his young wife that he had his children worship her as a condition for the entire family to live in peace. A blockbuster film, it was directed by Ali Gumzak.