Adam Zango in Studio


Top three Kannywood controversies in 2017

By Mohammed Lere

December 26, 2017

As Kannywood reflects on the giant strides of 2017, it is also worth looking back at some of the major controversies that rocked the industry. Here, this newspaper reflects on Kannywood’s five biggest controversies of 2017.


In 2017, Adam Zango was immersed in a series of crises in the Kannywood industry. In November Adam has cause to write an open letter on his Instagram wall. In the letter, he threatened to sue whoever associated him with being a gay or fetish.

He was bitter about it and called out all those who are spreading that rumors to desist from doing that.

Again in December, Adam Zango on Instagram accused his critics of making fun of him by frequently correcting his posts in English. Adam called it a way to humiliate him. He insisted that people should allow him be. This generated lot of debate and comments by fans in Kannywood.


The aftermath of a live television interview between actress Ummah Shehu and host Momo on Arewa TV became a topic of discussion that spread wide with many calling Ummah Shehu an ‘illiterate’, who does not know Islam.

Ummah was asked some Islamic related questions during the show which she could not answer.

When the clip went viral she was almost crucified by people accusing her of not knowing the tenets of her religion, Islam.

Ummah had to go in to hiding for some time.

Ummah Shehu

Umma said “I don’t want to talk about that. All I will say to you PREMIUM TIMES is that what I told Momoh in the programme does not take me out of Islam. People will have different understanding of what I said. It is merely an interview and not an Islamic quiz. So he asked and I answered hilariously and we moved on, simple. Let us just leave it there.”


Rahama Sadau has always been caught in controversies since her romantic video with Jos born musician, Classiq in 2016.

In 2017, Rahama wrote an apology letter asking the Kannywood movie regulators MOPPAN who expelled her in 2016 allow her return to the Kannywood industry.

Although the industry did not deny accepting the apology letter, it however accused the actress of being stubborn about it. Rahama told the BBC Hausa in 2017, that as far as she was concerned she is still an active player in the Kannywood industry adding she never got the expulsion letter.

Rahama Sadau

She also ignored the sanction. Rahama is still acting in movies and producing Hausa films in 2017. The last is Dan Iya, which will be released in March 2018.