Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele has promised a return for her highly successful character Jenifa. The actor, who came to limelight casting as the eponymous character in the self produce movie ‘Jenifa’, has revealed that the much loved character will be returning for a third spell after a successful second installment last year.

“We are already working on the script for Jenifa three,” Akindele told Premium Times Entertainment in an exclusive interview. “Jenifa has come to stay now; the third part will be out before this year is over.”

“I have decided that I will do with Jenifa what Tyler Perry has done with the character Madea. We all watch Madia and love her. So I will make Jenifa a character that will always come back as a means of bringing laughter to my fans and also passing important messages to the general public,” Akindele said.

Akindele created the Jenifa franchise and alter-ego in 2008 to wide critical and commercial success. In 2011, she brought the character back in ‘The Return of Jenifa’ which even recorded a greater success and was premiered in Illinois in America as well as in Lagos to excellent reviews. ‘The Return of Jenifa’ only started selling on DVD last week.

Meanwhile, Akindele has concluded shooting of a new movie titled ‘Waso’ which tells the story of a young conman’s escapades.


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  • Iyilakin

    Funke, you are good and talented. But I have a question for you and other talented and good African actress and artistes. Your looks-especially your hairdo represent who you are. Your looks should be a model for young African females. Artistic works should help us free ourselves from slavery and colonial mentality. But your hair do and look is caucasian. Your hair do does not look African. In other words, you perpetuate the view that Africans are not confident about the way they look. They must look like the Oga Oyibo the master-the old slave owners and colonial masters. Funke, our young females watch you, they want to be like you. It is a disaster and tragic if the result of wanting to look like you is a negation of who they are. In other words given that you look like Oyibo the “master” which is NOT coooool at all, if they want to look you, then they will look like Oyiba-“Oga the master”, and that is just not coooool, it is worse, it is horrible. It takes us back to the plantation period of slavery when blacks ape Europeans. Please in the name of self confidence, help use your visibility to shape the consciousness of our young females by first shaping your own consciousness, by being African and true to your inner self. Please STOP this APING of white woman’s looks. The White Body and White hairlook ARE NOT the symbols of BEAUTY. Funke and other artistes, please stop this absurdity in false looks. Let your talents shine in your looks and African hair do too. Use your talents for our young ones-and NOT to promote white looks

  • Folushois

    Iyilakin keep quiet!!!! Y can’t we Nigerians let us enjoy a positive minute without having somefin negative to say? Funke should live her life as she wishes. Wish we could see how perfect ur own life is. “smh”.

    • Serere

      Folushois, I know that there are many of your types who still believe that Oyinbo is your master. People like you will never see anything good about yourself because you have self-contempt for yourself. Iyilakin is not condemning Funke, but wants her to be a good model for the younger ones to emulate. Why is it so difficult for you to see the point being raised about Funke. Funke is good and talented as said by Iyilakin, which I also agree with, but does she look herself in this picture? NO, she is NOT! You dont even think that you should start from yourself rather than from oyinbo’s point of view. No wander that oyinbo always think they are superior to black race. Folushois, do you realise it that oyinbo people do not have a single respect for black race? Ask any black person be Nigerian or whoever, who is living in western society this question, I bet it with you, the answer you will receive will surely be “YES”. Think about it omo, you just have to be yourself before anybody can have respect for you.

  • Chukwuman10002

    Folushois. Iyilakin did not deny Funke’s talents. But she is saying we need to begin to take ourselves seriously. So Folushois you do not see that it is disgusting that we Africans queue in American embassy and other western embassies ready to die for a stupid visa? You are not shocked at the way ordinary clerks at these embassies treat “respectable” Nigerians? So you cannot see the connection in making the White man and White woman to be Ogas and the humiliating queue at these embassies? If you cannot see this conenction, then I am sorry. When your best fail to make you proud, when your best say the model of beauty is the western model why will people not want to foam in the mouth and die at the western embassies so that they have the taste of the so-clled “real thing” in America and Europe.? Unfortunately when they get to America and Europe, they go and queue in the ghettos, but they will never come home to tell you what their eyes saw. Okay no problem Folushois, If you cannot see these multilevel connections, I am sorry there is no hope for Nigeria. But no sha that Iyilakin’s question is not about Funke’s talent but that it is disrespectful for a whole race that our best see western sense of beauty as the best and that it is disgusting to put on that white hair look on a beautiful black body-sikena-I don talk my own. If you like listen-Sebi na Oyibo be our Oga.

  • 3alabi2012

    So Folushois you cannot see what Iyilakin is saying? Haba, so you Folushois missed the point. Iyilakin is saying ‘when do you Africans want to put yourselves at the center of the world”? Is that too difficult for you to see Folushois? Iyilakin is saying that we understand the days of slavery and colonialism when Oga Oyibo -the White man forced us not to be ourselves-the period they even raped our women. But Iyilakin is asking that in the 21st century, who is forcing us not to be ourselves if we see western figures as the symbols of beauty? So you are contented with being a second class citizen even in your own country? No wonder whenever any of us see even the most lowly white man or white woman here in Oshodi, Ikeja, Kano, Owerri, Portharcourt, we immediately see the master even in our own country. Too bad if you want to remain second class in your own country with your own false sense of what the beautiful figure is. No one is spoiling Funke’s paaarrrty! But Iyilakin is saying “Black woman, Black man put yourself at the center of the world for once at least in your own country” Abi. dat one too difficult? Na wa o dis poverty of ideas. O le o!

  • Beliefinself2012

    Folushois, O ga fun e oooo. E tall for you oooo. Ah! I can now see why the black man and black woman cannot make it. With people like Folushois, it is not possible-black man cannot make it. Thank you o jare. Iyilakin for drawing our attention to this. Funke, do not mind Folushois. Iyilakin says you are good. But that you should help reinforce self respect, belief in self, love for the way we look, love of African image etc in our young females who love. Is that too difficult? Not too difficulty except for people who may have inferiority complex.

  • Falseglobalization

    I am not sure Folushois know what he is talking about. It is better to ignore him. Since when is asking the good and talented ones among us to lift up our image and not to subordinate it amount to a negative thing and abuse? Who is comfortable with the way the cultures, language, the way we look are disappearing in the world in the name of some stupid globalization? We cannot even speak our languages anymore! Haba!!! I can hear some people say that we “need to be “modern” or “global”!!! I just dey laugh. Please check globalization and tell me what you find inside that stupid thing called globalization. Do you find or see yourself as an African inside that globalization? When our young males zag their trousers in the name of globalization and zag their grades in their subjects in schools is that globalization? When our young ones talk and speak through their noses as if hot yam is in their mouths in imitation of the the white man -Oga the master-is that globalization? I am sure people like Folushois will see “globalization” in that historical loss of image and self. Yes the Folushois of this world will not mind to disappear from history so far the white man passes some dollar or Euro to him. With people like Folushois Africa does not need any post colonial master and post colnial undertaker to bury her. Iyilakin thanks for waking us up. As someone said no one is spoiling Funke’s paaaaarrrrrrty!!! Go on sohun!

  • Iyabomeji

    Does this Folushois person know what she or he is saying? Okay let me give you a good example. You remember Michael Jackson? What happened to his nose? Why will such a talented musician decide to attack his own nose so mercilessly in all kinds of useless surgery so that his nose will look pointed like that of a white man? Does that make him more handsome? Is destroying your nose with useless surgery fashion or being modern? Is that also globalization or what do those people call it now? It seems the black person both at home in Africa and abroad has a hopelessly low esteem of himself or herself. I think this folushois person definitely does not know what he or she is saying. Iyilakin, thanks for shocking us by calling our attention to this inferiority complex among us Africans-an inferiority complex that is being normalised by us without us knowing that we are normalising it. Just imagine that white hair do on a beautiful black skin-it is ugly and disgusting. It is also like when those stupid boys I see on the streets zag their trousers in the name of some stupid fashion. It is not about Funke. It is about we Africans and our lack of confidence in ourselves-period.