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Nigerian entertainers will no longer back politicians without plan for industry

By Jayne Augoye

September 08, 2018

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has said that Nigerian entertainers will no longer campaign for any politician who does not have any ‘clear cut out plan’ for the creative industry.

The COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji, said this when he delivered his ‘State of the Music Industry’ address to musicians, entertainment stakeholders, intellectual property lawyers and the media at COSON House, Ikeja, Lagos on Friday.

“Today, we wish to tell Nigerian politicians that Nigerian entertainers will no longer be taken for granted,” said, Okoroji, who recently released a single titled Oriaku.

“We are making it abundantly clear that only politicians who have developed a well thought out long-term plan for the progress of our industry that can count on our significant support, the mobilization of our fans and their votes as the 2019 elections approach.”

Mr Okoroji also acknowledged that he was aware that politicians have exploited entertainers for many years because they are able to influence the voting decisions of their fans. He however noted that come 2019, the tides will change.

He noted, “It is our firm belief that creative people in Nigeria cannot afford to keep quiet any longer as Nigeria goes through another electioneering campaign season. The election period will see politicians hop from one end of the country to the other but none of them offer any direction for the growth of Nigeria’s creative talents.

“In the same manner, we will mobilize massively against those who have no plans to properly deploy the creative energy of young Nigerian people.”

He also explained why COSON has insisted on the No Music Day every year.

“We instruct broadcast stations in the country not to broadcast music between the hours of 8am and 10am on September 1 each year. It is in solidarity with Nigeria’s creative industries which has suffered immensely from the debilitating infringement of copyright laws.”