Why popular actress, Rahama Sadau, was expelled from Kannywood

Rahama Sadau

The Motion pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MOPPAN, after an emergency meeting on Sunday expelled Kannywood hit actress, Rahama Sadau, from the industry.

MOPPAN is a coalition of associations that set rules and regulations governing the conduct of actors and actresses, as well as production of movies in northern Nigeria.

Sadau’s offence was that she featured in a 4 minute 19 seconds romantic musical video by ClassiQ.

Reactions poured in immediately the video went viral on social media, with some fans of the popular actress criticising her role in it.

“Rahama has crossed the boundary line this time around. The video is all revealing and this is not proper for a Muslim girl to go this extreme in an open video,” a fan, Maryam Umar, told PREMIUM TIMES.

A communique issued by MOPPAN and signed by it secretary, Salisu Mohammed, stated reasons for Sadau’s expulsion from acting and participating in any Kannywood activities.

“Sequel to the recent meeting in which a resolution reached by all guilds and associations under the unified body of Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPA). That Rahama Sadau has been expelled from the Hausa indigenous film industry popularly known as Kannnywood.

‎“This is as a result of her recent immoral appearance in a certain video song where she appeared in series of visuals (video and pictorial) hugging and cuddling the music artist ClassiQ in his newly released video.

“The leadership of the industry has taken this decision for her violation of its codes of ethics known to all it practitioners.

“By this resolution, the leadership of the industry will no longer tolerate behaviours that are against conduct and ethics laid by the constitution governing the unified leadership of the industry.

“More so, the leadership hopes that this will serve as a deterrent to the actors and actresses to check their public behaviour as they are expected to be good ambassadors to the society they represent.

“Furthermore, a committee has been set to receive and deal with reactions and feed backs to this resolution in respect to the affected actress especially those producers that currently engage her in their projects.

Sadau was earlier suspended in May 2015 for six months by MOPPAN for a squabble she had with popular actor and producer, Adam Zango. She had accused him of demanding sex from her for a role in his movie ‘Duniya Makaranta’.

She later apologised to Adam Zango and in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, she said regretted what she did.

“I was too childish to have reacted that way,” she said‎.

“But immediately I said that, I wrote back to apologise to him; in fact he is my best friend now.”

Reacting to the new expulsion, Kannywood film promoter and marketer, Hassana Dalhat, told PREMIUM TIMES in Kaduna that the sanction came at the right time and it will serve as a lesson to upcoming actors and actresses.

“In as much as we are entertaining the people we should also be careful of what we give out to the people.

“I have spoken to many of her friends since yesterday and even after the sanction was announced this evening. They were all not happy for the decision of MOPPAN but also could not hide their dismay for Sadau’s performance in the video.

“She has really have gone too far and it is good that she is removed from them (actors) before it becomes a norm among them,” Hassan said.

Sadau is currently on vacation in India and is yet to react to her expulsion from the conservative Hausa movie industry as at the time of this report.


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  • PolyGon2013

    Hope they won’t issue death fatwa on her. She needs to join Nollywood.

    • S. A. Maigari

      Yes, she should leave conservative Kannywood and join ‘progressive’ Nollywood where she can feature even in actual sex scenes.

      • PolyGon2013

        Who says she will feature in real sex? Even if she does, it.will be her choice. However, I would rather she does not engage in actual sex scene.

      • Jay,The Indigo sheep

        How old are you? You react to talk about sex like a primary school student. You act like depicting human sexuality is wrong (mind you, no sex, being had) And I don’t watch nolllywood movies but I’m sure they try to be decent.

    • Abubakar Nataala

      read in between the lines before commenting

      • PolyGon2013

        I did. What is your beef? Did you read mine before you commented?

    • HAMZA

      All over the world, peoples’ life is shaped and affected by its’ culture, belief, norms and to some extent religion: Therefore those that choose tolerate the indecent and society-corrupting singular human rights would reap a rotten and decadent society: While those that choose to protect the collective human rights of society have something to benefit society – After all, Northern Nigeria is neither America nor any similar society that lives life worst than animals o men-fucking-men, women-fucking-women and men/women even fucking and being fucked by animals!!! Sadau would not be issued any religious (Islamic) fatwa, BUT has already earned the ‘fatwa’ of MOPPAN which is the professional body she had swone to abide by it’s rules and regulations. And as a free person, she would now be free to switch to the movies’ holy Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood. It is said she is already in India.

      • PolyGon2013

        Good response. I just hope she is not killed by her people.

        • HAMZA

          Whoever tries to kill her for her personal choice, as a matured being, does so at his own spiritual suicide – and such acts are neither pronounced by Islam nor the peoples’ culture in the North!!! That is the truth.

  • Bala Salihu Dawakin kudu

    That is good for your indudtries, now you the world that your profession is sanitize and only good muslims and christian can buy your idea which is vommendable.
    We support you by removing bad egg from the good ones

  • hamman

    The question i would like to ask, what about the Male actors that for long been involved in this kind of sensual acts. Both in movies and video songs. W you also turn a blind eye on them bcs they are males and kings of kanywood. Or it is a selective justice.

    • jay

      My thought exactly. Ali nuhu have been cuddling and kissing in nollywood movies and i’m yet t to hear people making noise about it talkless of imposing any sanction on him.

  • JasV

    Thank you for letting me know that Motion pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MOPPAN is the same as Hausa Indigenous Film Industry. Please apply for change of name to Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Northern Nigeria or more specifically Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Hausa in Northern Nigeria.

  • musa aliyu

    What do you expect from a culture-shock? The emergent will surely become the dominant. That’s why the film industry is taken with a pinch of salt in Islamic setups. If you excuse them as “culture ambassadors” they will degenerate into worse things like the legendary, despised Maryam Hiyana. Allowing them to continue this dastardly acts will certainly justify the Igbo adage: Allow a leper a handshake; he’ll require an embrace.

  • kabzs

    The so called moppan should have a rethink b4 making such a decision.She is not d only one why is Ali Nuhu nt banned or is he above d law? And i think he did more than wot she did