Google removes Linda Ikeji Blog over plagiarism allegation

Linda Ikeji

Popular news and entertainment site, Linda Ikeji Blog, was taken down Wednesday by tech firm, Google, after a row over the originality of the blog’s contents.

Linda Ikeji Blog, published on Google-owned Blogger, has grown to become one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

The site mainly aggregates and republishes news items and entertainment bits sourced from other channels, although it occasionally publishes exclusive contents.

Its publisher, Linda Ikeji, has emerged one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in Nigeria and has been rated amongst Nigeria’s most influential young women.

Lately, the site has been hit by multiple allegations of plagiarism with critics allegedly prodding Google to suspend the blog. The tech firm disallows plagiarism on its platforms.

Ms. Ikeji denies lifting materials without proper attribution.

On Tuesday, Ms. Ikeji said the site came under attack by her competitors driven by envy over her success.

The claims followed allegations of plagiarism by the publisher of another blog, 15Past8, known by the name Aye Dee. Details of the controversial work are not clear.

But on Tuesday, Ms. Ikeji dismissed the allegation in an article, saying she cited sources in all published materials.

Ms. Ikeji said Mr. Dee and other tech-savvy publishers were out to have her website suspended by Google, angered by her success and her recent acquisition of a N24million SUV.

Ms. Ikeji did not respond to our inquiries Wednesday.

She however told her readers via her twitter handle @lindaikeji: “Linda Ikeji Blog will be back in a bit…biko bear with me…:-)”.

At 9:50 P.M. on Wednesday, she announced that she was trying to get a new site for her blog.

“Oh wow! Thanks guys for all the love and support. I’m overwhelmed. Trying to get a new site…please bear with me. Long live LIB. Kisses,” she tweeted.

Google could not be immediately reached also. An official who responded to our call denied knowledge of the suspension of the website.


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  • Segun Surulere

    Linda Ikeji had a good run while it lasted … But like a lot of Nigerian enterprenuers became complacent and failed woefully to consolidate on her hardwork. She failed to build a proper website at the right time giving us the lame excuse she was scared of hackers ???? … Now that her Blogger account has been deleted , she has resorted to the .mobi platform , which is a low quality platform. There is still hope. She can develop a new website and come up with an interesting amd ingenious name that will keep her teeming followers connected . One thing she needs to avoid however is believing your own hype … Its a classic error made by the newly successful. Focus on your core strenghts and desist from being the centre of attraction. Your paying clients and the so called celebrities you feature should be your focus . On refelction , the new SUV is Really not a big deal. You worked hard for it and it is your prerogative to spend your earnings as you well wish. Focus on your strenghts and let others write about your trappings of wealth and success.

    • naubiko

      @Segun Sulere … well said. I see no reason why she has not developed her own website by now. Been at the top is about hardwork and for her to get there she needs to start afresh.

    • sprum360

      You are right Segun. I mailed her about this 4 or 5 years ago about the implication of using free service and i got no reply from her. She is making the money and putting her website on a free service hosting like google.

      You can protect your website logins using IP authentication, SSL and being careful if you do not want to be hacked.

      • Nne

        She wasn’t hacked. Nigerian’s are good at plagarisim so let’s not blame this issue on hackers.

        • sprum360

          You lack comprehension.

          Linda Ikeji excuse of using blogger was being paranoid about hackers. Nairaland was recently hacked.

          Dont jump into what you do not understand.

          • Please cure you ignorance by searching for this online:
            “Cybersquatting? Wait a minute,
            Is the Man Who Accused LINDA IKEJI of Copyright Infringement OWNER of LindaIkeji.Net?”

        • Thank you.

    • Johny

      Best constructive comment I’ve read in months. You and Linda should partner in some way. It’s natural to relax and be complacent when the money starts rolling in, but the fact that she hasn’t metamorphosed into the real world, actually allowed this to happen – getting it free and earning big from it was the case. In Nigeria, you don’t go about bragging about the things you have; knowing fully well that this newly-found wealth is gotten from your loyalists and esteemed clients. It simply means you’re drawing undue attention to yourself. I hope she knows its just a taint, the cloud will pass and she will be fine again. Linda was living in a mansion made with glass, and she was all about throwing bricks. Lessons learned.

    • You mentioned nothing about her Plagiarism and Google’s frown against that rubbish
      (which made Google to shut-down her blog).

      • godsent

        you are a hater! u need love in ur life!

        • Wähala

          Why is she a “hater” for asking legitimate question…
          She was punished by Google for something and that chap failed to address it…
          A thief is a thief whether in Govt. or online. Linda Ikeji is a fraud who made a career out of stealing and you’re here blaming someone else for pointing that out… ever got your ideas stolen? I guess Google is a hater as well. Then, build Linda another platform, lover boy!

    • Wähala

      She worked hard only at stealing other folks’ works. She worked hard at being complacent otherwise, why didn’t she build a proper website for her teaming followers? A thief is a theif whether $20bn or my poetic lyrics to a girlfriend… Linda Ikeji is a thief, shikena! Now is the time to prove her mettle if she’s no fluke, she only has herself to blame… not Google or her plagiarism victims. Nonsense!

  • May

    Linda created avenue for cyber squatting on domain she could have registered, big company sometimes go to cyber squatters to buy back do,ain’t the wish to have

  • Maria

    Nigeria… a country where terrorists like Asari Dokubo, Ateke Tom, Tompolo etc are now government’s godfathers…. Nigeria… how did we get here?

  • Psalm 35

    I would have thought she would have a website of her own by now especially with her massive popularity and growth over the years. Hope she picks up again and avoids same negligence. As for the plagiarism accusation, I suspect its all mere fabricated lies fed google by organised spammers, these things are not new. I understand although she reproduces third party contents, she credits them accordingly hence that cannot be termed plagiarism.

    • How is it that Google couldn’t figure-out what you figured-out about the false-accusations against Linda?
      I guess you are more intelligent than their Staff who INVESTIGATES before taking a blog down.

      • ty

        Ode….u r jst yarning waff

        • I said you are more intelligent than Google.
          What do you want me to say? the opposite?

          • oba


          • Google has restored her blog

            Shame on Google for Not conducting PROPER investigations before shutting her blog
            which then made Google restore her blog.

    • Oskirin

      u av said my tin abt life is dt dere are ups and down.i believe she will bounce back.

    • Google has restored her blog.

      Shame on Google for Not conducting PROPER investigations before shutting her blog
      which then made Google restore her blog.


    HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN. In every interview, or opportunity she had to talk publicly about herself, she would always brag about how she was now a millionaire. she would Rub it in her readers faces that she was the greatest (in muhamed ali’s voice). Told people she was self made . she becAME A PROUD MONSTER. if i were an advertiser I would avoid her like a plague forever!. She would get a visa, and tell us how she bragged to the consular officer that she is “The biggest and number one blogger in Nigeria”. She even still said yesterday that she is the the target of cyber people because she is number 1, and that she

    HOW COULD she with all her ‘intelligence’ not have registered other domain names, and still operate on BLOGGER all this while. Even Ladun LIADI AND Stella Dimokorkus do not use blogger anymore.#

    LINDA you are finished o. Maybe in your next lifetime, you wont brag so much, or at least acknowledge GOD in everything even if u an atheist. lol

    • Clarividente

      Absolute ‘hatery’ from a small resentful mind.

    • Oluwasegun O

      wooow! all what you said is what differentiates her from others. She is Real. Note this, this just marks the beginning of LINDAIKEJI.

    • ayDeeisagbef

      Ocean sorry eh. Linda is coming back bigger. I am not a fan but I know she is just being targeted by some small ego naija man. His reward is coming.

    • Realyorubawa

      Damn you Ocean or lake. Chicken shit

    • imagine_2012

      Hate kills, face the issue and leave the person. If she is guilty of plagiarism let her face the music.

    • BENI

      U r a hater mehn… R u God? How do u know she has fallen??? SMH

    • tensiond

      You are an ugly being.

  • Nwiru Michael Ugochukwu

    Those that conspired to have the blog blocked failed to understand the way cyber system operates.Closing a popular blogging site doesn’t mean the end of the blogger it will just take a new site and the right publicity to be back again within one week.

    • She never had a site. She was using Google’s Blogger, and when she gets a website,
      Plagiarism and shady deals will still get her in trouble IF like you, she remains stup1d.

    • Google has restored her blog.

      Shame on Google for Not conducting PROPER investigations before shutting her blog
      which then made Google restore her blog

  • Realyorubawa

    I am for Linda. She will be back, better and on top….Finish

    • Plagiarism and shady deals will get you in trouble.

    • Google has restored her blog.

      Shame on Google for Not conducting PROPER investigations before shutting her blog
      which then made Google restore her blog.

  • ravenfin

    I don’t understand why a lot of people don’t adhere to LAW.. she plagiarized peoples work and now she is paying for it… If you want to use people’s content, get permission and credit them… its just like piracy..

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    When you have more money, you have more problems. I am a big fan of linda and I promise you, she is going to come back bigger than any one has ever expected.
    Her mistake is that she failed to prepare for her haters. No matter how influential you are, the enemy will still want to get at you. There is never a time where one person is been loved by every body at the same time.

  • Concerned Citizen

    If you have visited her blog before you know what she does is not plagarism. If it is then half the news and blog sites on the web are guilty of it, from CNN to Huffington post.

    • Aten

      But did the site give due credit to whom it was gotten from like other sites you mentioned. Please i think she got of lightly because she can always move to other platforms. But if the same continues the consequences may be totally different. A word is enough for the wise..

      • Concerned Citizen

        Yes her blog does. If you read her articles she starts of by saying so so and so (e.g TMZ, Dailymail) is reporting that…. that is citing a source. She also includes their links at the end which is standard. Legally she is safe. I’d like to see how the accusation holds up in court when their thousands of aggregate sites on the web. As for google its their platform so they can take it down that doesnt make it fair.

  • Segun Surulere

    Enterprenuership lesson 101 …. Dont get high on your own supply … lesson 102 … Focus on your core strengths … Lesson 103 … Secure your core asset base Lesson 104 … Beware there are competitors and detractors all around you …. Final lesson … Avoid undue publicity to your chattels of success.

    • Tosin Otitoju

      I actually need an adviser on all this asset base stuff 🙂 Or not, I don’t know.

  • godsent

    Bad belle ppl, even if she plagiarized there are other ways to handle the issue that is mutually beneficial instead of reporting for the blog to be shut down. Is she the first? No! Is she the only one? NO! So why the focus on her? Because she is successful and jealousy is the root of all evil! Anyway this move of her enemies will only make her stronger and better! that’s is what enemies are for! so well done u are doing your work!

    • Wähala

      Read the story again, she was given enough time to repent but thought like you, “bad belle people” are after her…
      Your rest post is the rubbish that got Nigeria where she is today, “is she the first… is she the only one… why focus on her”. Your idea boils down to… Nigeria has never had steady power supply so Jonathan should be blamed for not ficing our power sector since he’s not the first president of Nigeria. Jonathan is not the first to embezzle public funds so we should forget about our missing $20bn at the NNPC… see how dumb is sounds, get my drift?

      • tensiond

        Yes Sir! Tell them.

  • prince

    Our greatest challenge in this country is Jealousy, we envy compatriots and plot their downfalls. If you see a man or a woman that people are following or praising, this is because they have no choice probably their they get their daily bread from his or her table. Otherwise, they would become his or her haters.
    Linda Ikeji is one of such victim. She is being unjustly envy by never do well people.
    Linda all your enemies in and out shall be put to shame soonest.

    • oba

      My brother leave plotting of downfall alone. That’s sheer black man mentality. She allowed her enemy to strike her badly through her ignorant mistakes. She is running a multi million naira blogg so she is expected to have a legal backing. Because Nigeria is a country of impunity and reckless indifference to copyright laws.
      May God destroy all your enemies. But don’t break the law. I wish you luck.

    • G

      one of the things i commended Linda in my mind was her referencing her source. For real African’s don’t know how to network and always intimidated by competition. This is something I have learnt in this my small lifetime.
      I will share information with people with the mindset of them excelling in what they aspire and encourage them. Never with the mindset of them helping me in return. Low and behold as few years later I was the one needing help and I saw the true colours of these faces. Are some of them responsible for my setback maybe… they have laughed in my face, told me they want me to suffer and told me I deserve all my set backs.
      God has given everybody so many talents. An idea may spring up but doesn’t mean it’s only you that has that idea. For the reason there is copyright and patent…
      I had my reservations for her talking about her latest acquisition.. I said bad belle them go rise. Unfortunately with the mindset of most African’s, living a low profile life is best at the moment until something is derived with our mindset. God help us… notice y likes of Genevieve low profile?

  • Wähala

    It is not about bad belle, it’s about protection of intellectual property rights. She had enough warnings and time to make amends but arrogantly decided to ignore those whose property rights she violated with impunity. Google must have investigated the complaints and discovered she was a serial offender before pulling her down. The rest is rubbish about vanity. If she’s that hot or hurt, let her build another site and her crowd will migrate with her to the envy of Google who obviously found her expandable. The problem with Nigerians is this “one of us” can’t be wrong mentality. The lady broke copyright laws and got punished, shikena!

  • oba

    I’m sorry to hear this. I hope she gets back to do her business. But it is truly high time we start taking the issue of intellectual property seriously in this country.

    • Benjamin

      true talk

  • Segun Surulere

    Referencing . Annotations . Acknowledgements. Culling. Permissions. Quotations….. are widely used and established rules in all types of media. In most cases these are given FOC with only an attribution required. What may have killed LIB blog may be Ego … not Ego money LOL …believing in your own invincibility and not taking care of.your home front …. time is still there to recreate yourself and re brand …. don’t lose your readers and clients … There are a million and one blogs out there that can easily replace you.

  • Kuching Malayasia

    however.. he only share he experience from other source. why must be deleted?….
    Google is over