Election Reports

Elections Reports 2015

Election reports and charts from various situation rooms across Nigeria

What does Nigeria want to know about its politics

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PVC distribution by tmg

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93% of PUs Presidential ballot papers were accounted for
TMG-ballot papers2

Card readers were most prevalent in SW and least prevalent in SE, per TMG data

This shows that in 96% of PUs, voters weren’t permitted to vote without a PVC
tmg-voter not permitted to vote without PVC

72% of PUs gave accredited voters accreditation tags
tmg-polling unit

An average of 4 party agents present during the counting process at PUs
tmg-party yagent presence

Approximately 1 in 4 poll officials were women

By 4pm on election day, 91% of polling units had begun the voting process
tmg-election day

Party agents at most PUs (93%) received copies of the results sheets

Nigeria map showing states the 2 leading parties have won so far according the results announced by INEC.

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