Osinbajo orders 24-hour operations at Apapa Port

Nigerian Port Authority, Apapa Lagos[Photo Credit:Logbaby]
Nigerian Port Authority, Apapa Lagos[Photo Credit:Logbaby]

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, has directed the resumption of 24-hour operations at the Apapa port and outrightly banned touting by officials or unofficial persons at any port; be it air, land and sea ports in Nigeria.

Mr. Osinbajo had on Thursday signed three Executive Orders dealing with the business environment, local content in public procurement and timely budget submission. The Orders take effect immediately.

The acting president said in the Order that, “the Apapa Port shall resume 24-hour operations within 30 days of the issuance of this Order and there shall be no touting whatsoever by official or unofficial persons at any port in Nigeria.’’

According to the directive on port operations, “on duty staff shall be properly identified by uniform and official cards while off duty staff shall stay away from the ports except with the express approval of the agency head. The FAAN Aviation Security (AVSEC) and Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) Security shall enforce this order.’’

To address the menace of touting at the ports, the Order expressly stipulates that “all non-official staff shall be removed from the secured areas of airports. No official of FAAN, Immigration, security agency or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) or any other agency is to meet any non-designated dignitary at any secure areas of the airport.”

The acting president also directed that the official approved list of dignitaries that have been pre-approved to be received by protocol officers shall be made available to AVSEC and other relevant agencies ahead of their arrival at the airport.

According to the Order, “any official caught soliciting or receiving bribes from passengers or other port users shall be subject to immediate removal from post and disciplinary as well as criminal proceedings in line with extant laws and regulations.’’

“All relevant MDAs at the airports shall within 30 days of the issuance of this Order merge their respective departure and arrival interfaces into a single customer interface, without prejudice to necessary backend procedures,’’ the acting president directed.

On the harmonisation of activities of agencies operating at the ports, Mr. Osinbajo ordered that “all agencies currently physically present in Nigerian Ports shall within 60 days harmonise their operations into one single interface station domiciled in one location in the port and implemented by a single joint task force at all times, without prejudice to necessary backend procedures.’’

The new single interface station at each port, the order stipulates, “shall capture, track and record information on all goods arriving and departing from Nigeria and remit captured information to the head of the MDA and the head of the National Bureau of Statistics on a weekly basis.’’

In addition, the acting president, through the Executive Order, has directed each Port in Nigeria “to assign an existing export terminal to be dedicated to the exportation of agriculture produce within 30 days of the issuance Order.”


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  • Kenechi Casmir

    Nice one

  • Otile

    Oh my God! Honorable VP is doing something un-Yoruba. He is trying to ban touting, he knows that touting is second nature to Yoruba people. But then I must comment the VP for urging people to work hard day and night at Apapa Port, instead of wasting their time in touts and insults. May Imam Buhari stay longer in Ingila so that Nigeria and their able VP will get something done. Allah wubade

    • Deansmart

      And what is the job of you cannibals ? kidnapping, drug trafficking, armed robbery just to mention few, products of child making factory

      • Otile

        Hear yourself, kidnapping, drug trafficking, armed robbery, copious rapes, finger biting of clerks and more are going on in your Ondo state right now, hypocrite.

        • Deansmart

          Shameless donkey you still have got to reply to my comments, silly billy

          • Otile

            Are you saying that no incestuous rapes are going on in Oduduwa land right now? Where is the headquarters of treachery, ass-licking and back-stabbing? They are all in your backyard. Shame on you.

    • Uzoma John

      APC Govt is doing something, that’s what you should say. Don’t be economical with the truth. Without PMB, Osinbajo can’t do what he is doing. Same Govt you guys claim is in disarray. I know you are so disappointed by this feat. No-do-gooders.

      • Dgreatest

        *Without PMB, Osinbajo can’t do what he is doing*

        So you mean PMB is a better thinker than the VP?. lol..
        Guy guy guy, try reason well na, must u support people blindly

  • Bayo

    Thank you Prof Osinbajo.
    You’re too much.

  • new republic

    This can only happen in a balanced economy country not in Nigeria

  • arewethishopeless

    Work don start ….

  • Deansmart

    Professor pls try to make visit to federal goverment institutions unnoticed

  • Kingo Kizito

    Wonderful! Perfect!! Marvelous!!! One who understands our problem! It has totally become unbearable having to pass 101 controls at our airports, each control ASKING FOR BRIBE, without shame. This step is what northern cabals have been keeping Buhari taking. Carry on our true president whether the north like it or not.

    • Uzoma John

      Keep quiet and stop distorting facts. Anything the able VP is doing is approved by PMB. So stop fooling yourself. PMB, Osinbajo and APC as a Govt is making huge progress for Nigeria. Please leave APC alone. Nobody in the North is fighting Osinbajo. It is still our Ndi Igbo who are fighting the APC Govt which Osinbajo belongs. So go get a life.

      • Ceejay Iloelunachi

        Uzoma John…. your love for Buhari & his admin knows no bounds, I’ve come to notice. Tell us what you find captivating. Explain yourself or I will assume your using a fake handle.

        • Uzoma John

          Nwannem nwoke. Abum nwafo Igbo. Nothing can change that but what I hate is hypocrisy. We had our adopted son Jonathan at the helm of affairs with NOI, Odua, Deziani (Igbo by marriage), Pius Anyim, Ekweremadu, Emeka Ihedioha and host of others during Jonathan’s time but nothing to show. No good roads, no 2nd Niger Bridge. Even the rail projects, none of them thought of it for over 6 years. So who is fooling who. Our leaders of Igbo extraction are wicked and greedy. Anybody shouting marginalisation is economical with the truth. What have we done to help ourselves before looking elswhere? If care is not taken you live in Lagos and only visit the East occasionally. So what stops Igbo leadership to make Onitsha, Aba, Enugu to be a central commercial hub that will attract investments? Why are our people prefer to remain in Lagos, Abuja and Kano while home becomes a second thought? Ask your yourself that question and think through the answer.

          • Ceejay Iloelunachi

            Isn’t it funny when you ask questions like these and yet don’t know the answers-

            “So what stops Igbo leadership to make Onitsha, Aba, Enugu to be a central commercial hub that will attract investments? Why are our people prefer to remain in Lagos, Abuja and Kano while home becomes a second thought?”

            Yet you castigate those pushing to quit being part of this unhealthy union called a country?
            You need to answer these questions by yourself and desist from hating those who seek an equitable, prosperous and just nation.

      • Otile

        If Imam and Osinbajo are two faces of the same coin why do thing always get better when Imam Mohamed is not around, why do we have less Fulani massacres of innocent people when Imam hands over and takes off to England? Pray ye therefore that Imam stays longer in Ingila so that Nigeria can see some development before Mohamed comes back. Ogbeni Uzoma John say Amen.

        • emmanuel

          Otile, He is not an Ogbeni o, The man is prom kwarafsen

      • emmanuel

        This your tribal campaign is not taking you anywhere. Power is not secured for joke. Each time you post with this moniker in recent time is to tell how beautiful the duo of Buhari and Osinbajo are siamese twin (Even toddlers in Nigeria today already have a picture of what your people are trying to do, which has put Nigeria in another bad state), so stop looking for Igbo as an alibi.
        Ndi Igbo? You are not an Igbo man, we all know here where you are from.
        So Igbos made Buhari seek, or took his bran the day he was sworn in or asked him not to resign even when it is obvious he cannot carry on or devising means to hold on to power?
        Please what is the huge progress? By popular vote, world over, Nigeria has been in coma since this government came in. I recalled the days when JP Morgan took their leave from the Nigeria Investment community coverage, you said they knew nothing!

      • Dgreatest

        Approved by PMB does not mean the initiative/idea came from him .

  • Otokoto

    Osunbajo, you no dey shame sef? Instead of coming up with pragmatic strategic economic policies and industrialization all you can do is ORDER. Yeye man. See Emmanuel of France, in just 5 days he has done more than you and your sick Master have done in 2 yrs. See how u and Bokohari destroy Nigeria? Suffering everywhere in the land. Is it not time for you to resign? Why can’t you resign to protest the non resignation of sick Bokohari? Nonesense.

    • emmanuel

      The Port Access Roads in Nigeria (ALL) are in shameful state. The reason i understand led to the latest strike in Apapa, Lagos.
      Those issues including the roads and the holding bay/alternate bridge which had gove past 50% completion by Borini has not been sorted out, yet they want to remove touts and do 24 hours for more trailers to fall down and block the roads,
      Thank you for telling Nigerians what is happening in France, As of today Nigeria Economy has entered into a state worse than recession – reverse gear exactly two years after this government came in.
      Nigerians who hate progress are still asking for more time for a government to develop a policy – Let the ignorant know that what they call Economy Recovery Plan is a reactionary plan and not what the government came to do in the first instance.
      I therefore conclude that they have not said or done anything except to attempt to attempt to reverse the gullies they have driven the nation into.
      The only good thing about them is driving dissenting voices under, as if that will reverse the fortune of the country or rather take us to the state where coutries like Chad, Mali, Benin Republic are – poverty

    • Rommel

      Perhaps Nigeria under president Jonathan was your dream hence you are seeing nothing good in the economic recovery of PMB administration,only if crude oil money is made available to finance importation of goods and money shared to you will you know that things are happening,if you are suffering,it is because you have never been useful to the society other than to live on free largess’s, how many MWs of electricity did Jonathan add with over $200 billion he made in the highest oil boom in history of OPEC? which administration had 1/3 of money that was available to him? well those days are over,so what did your god Jonathan achieve in the 6 wasted years he governed Nigeria? your story about Macron shows you are on cheap drugs

  • Rommel

    Very good policy and I hope that it will be implemented immediately

  • George

    Animal Yoruba Osinbaju stabbing his father master Buahri just to get favor as the best man than his sicken master Buhari.

    Diya does same thing under Abacha but he paid for it and this half a man Osinbaju will surely pay for this back stabbing.

    He is even trying to release Dasuki just to divide the Northerners, Yoruba fear them Abokis.