Nigeria to create grazing areas in south to end farmers, herdsmen clashes – Minister

Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture
Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Devlopment, Audu Ogbeh, has said that the incessant clashes between farmers and cattle herdsmen in the country would be brought to an end in the next two years.

Mr. Ogbeh said on Tuesday that the federal government would create grazing areas in the country where the herdsmen would take care of their cattle.

“We will grow grass in the South to feed the cattle in the North, just as Saudi Arabia did,” he said.

According to the minister, if Saudi Arabia with the largest cattle ranch in the world can grow its grass for the cows in the United States of America, Nigeria should be able to do same.

Mr. Ogbeh said the government would lobby banks to peg interest rate at five per cent instead of the current nine per cent.

He made this known in Ilorin at the launching of the 2nd phase of Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprise (AEHE) programme at the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanism, (NCAM).

The minister said nine per cent was too high as interest rate for farmers, adding that for people of Nigeria to feed well, agriculture must grow.

“So interest rate has to come down, if this is done, banks will have more loans to give and more farmers will be taking the loan because of the low rate,” Mr. Ogbe said.

The minister said he would soon come out with a road map for the ministry, adding that the ministry would come up with soil map of the country.

With this soil map, farmers would know the type of fertiliser suitable for his farm and how to apply same for optimal yield.

He said his ministry was targeting three million metric tons of cocoa and planned to plant more castor trees, rice, sugar and wheat.

Mr. Ogbe commended NCAM for its efforts in the mechanization of agriculture, adding that no country can practice large scale agriculture without mechanization.

He promised that the Federal Government would assist NCAM to improve on the tractors it developed.

“We cannot develop agriculture by distributing cutlasses and hoes to the farmers, only one per cent of farms are produced by mechanized farming,” he said.

The minister lamented that Nigeria has less than 300 tractors while the whole of Europe and USA are completely mechanized.

Mr. Ogbe said that from available statistics, there are 800 million hectares of farm land in the world with 400 million of this from Africa.

He said Nigeria has 79 per cent of farmland which translated to 92 sq km of land, adding that Nigeria is wealthy as land is wealth everywhere.


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  • PolyGon2013

    Sai Audu Ogbeh

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      You better think again with that reaction dude!

      • Dumbo

        Pomo lover. Where do you think all the Pomo and saki come from? Love Pomo and hate the cattle rearer.

      • PolyGon2013

        How? Please educate me. If I have a land,, and i’m using it for commercial grazing, how does that affect me negatively? Ogbeh has not.revealed the details of his idea.

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          Do herdsmen have the money to pay for grazing when they are currently grazing for free on other peoples land??

    • Ade

      you will soon say sai to your “dead”

      • PolyGon2013

        Shut up. You will say Sai to your deaf “body”

  • ukoette ibekwe

    The federal government does not have land the people of the South should vehemently resist the creation of Hausa/Fulani territories in the South in the name of grazing fields.
    Let the cattle owners start practicing intensive animal husbandry. It will even create more jobs and better living standards for people in the North.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    The federal govt does not own land within states. It only owns mineral deposits under the land. It cannot unilaterally give land in the South to Northern cattle rearers. This should be blocked at the NASS and court level.

    • Deen Tee

      If the FGN decides to acquire land in the South for this purpose, how does it affect you negatively; did the minister say he wants to confiscate your land?

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        It is a waste of limited funds in this era of low oil prices and declining revenue accrual from the government. Additionally, it will increase the flow of cattle rearers to the south thereby increasing the incidence of flash points. Thirdly, rearers allow their cattle to eat whereever the catting sees grass. I doubt that they would wait to get to the designated areas.

        • Deen Tee

          Except the minister is not clear enough. Are the cattle in USA transported to Saudi Arabia in order to feed on the grass grown in Saudi Arabia? If I understand the minister, the grass to be grown in the Southern part of Nigeria are to be used in feeding cattle in the Northern part of the country; which means there will be growers of the grass here and the end users will be in the North and what will move or be transported is the grass and not the cattle and definitely the grass cannot be for free.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            I think you may be correct. I thought that the North had more arable land for growth than the South though??

          • Larry

            @Dele: You are right. The North has more arable land for agriculture than the South. So, what is this Agriculture minister talking about?

          • share Idea

            The minister used the ‘Ranch’ to be created in the south and from my layman understanding of the word – it is a farm where animals are breed, thus, he does not mean growing grass in South. Nigeria we hail thee

          • share Idea

            Don’t mind the gullible.

          • eclub

            He is not correct, see if you can comprehend where the minister made it clear that the government will create grazing areas where the herdsmen will take care of their animals at, NOT that the growers of the hay will take it to them up north, simple reading comprehension, here’s the quote:

            “Mr. Ogbeh said on Tuesday that the federal government would create grazing areas in the country where the herdsmen would take care of their cattle.

            “We will grow grass in the South to feed the cattle in the North, just as Saudi Arabia did,” he said”


          • okenwa

            Get it from me, hausa/fulani are not like southerners who always go home death or alive. These people settle wherever they go. Dont forget what happen in kwara and in the middle belt. I rest my case.

          • PolyGon2013

            You got it.

          • eclub

            But what about the Southeast that has erosion problems, and no cattle issues? Why not help that area too with their problem?

        • okenwa

          The only time i have seen igbos and yorubas agreeing on the topic bieng discaused. To God be the glory.

      • share Idea

        How many places have FG acquired land for individual benefit. There is enough land in the north to irrigate and feed the cattle. Why can’t we improve on our ways of doing things, must we be moving cattle about in this modern age. With proper plan, required number of cows can be transported down to south on daily basis for slaughtering and not necessarily rearing them in the south.

      • takethetrain

        more of the same

  • There Was a Country

    This is the beggining of Islamization and conquering of the south by the Othman Dan Fodio’s offspring (Hausa/fulani) as directed by their father Sir Ahmadu Bello

    • Ade

      Nwa Amadioha, Biafraud, you are not making sense.

  • evidence

    This is how the fulanis conquer territories. ‎They start with grazing areas and then start killing their hosts and acquiring more of their victims land. This is how they conquered the hausas and how they’re slowly conquering the middle belt. We from the south should resist this move because the ultimate aim of buhari and his murderous fulani lineage is to conquer the territories along the coast. ‎

  • eclub

    When President Buhari picked mostly northerners to populate his cabinet, and for ministers, did you think he was just doing it to antagonize Igbos?

    No, the man is NOT that vain; he may not be an Einstein, but he does have an agenda. And that agenda affects all southerners, mid westerners, north easterners, north centralers, and so on.

  • bigbang

    Why don’t they grow grass in the North?

    Irrigation projects.

    There are grass that grow without a lot of water. You can also set up ranches.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    The government should not be involved in setting up land for a particular group of people. Whose land do they intend to take? The problem now is that the Herdsmen are encroaching. They will continue to encroach unless they have their own land to farm. Let them farm the way modern people do. Nomadic herding is no good.


    Yoruba soil is particularly nutritious to the type of grass needed to breed Fulani cattle so Yoruba land should provide 99% of the grazing land required by the conquering Fulani herdsmen and their leader at Aso-rock !!

    • Your Biodun

      Oloriburuku ni e oo!!!


        Stop being unpatriotic,remember the spirit of “one Nigeria”. The SW understand these Fulanis better ,in fact they traditionally rule over Yorubas in Kwara so giving away more grazing land in the SW would fall in line with historical antecedents.

        Again the type of grass suitable for the Fulani cattle grows and flourishes mostly in the SW. The Yoruba should provide the land and take it with equanimity.

        • PolyGon2013

          Dumbo if.they bring.their cattle to SW, maybe we will teach them about.cattle ranching with high tech. Yu will then bring your dirty mouth to SW for meat.


            I will pay for the meat so do not worry,you can have the herdsmen.

          • okenwa

            The hardsmen will also pay tax to develop your region.

    • PolyGon2013

      They already conquered your land in SE dummy.

      • Kickboxer

        Disjointed mentality….if ruling Nigeria means that the ethnicity of the president conquered other Nigerians the Ijaw conquered SW from 2010 to 2015. son of two mumus

    • okenwa

      Agreed because they said south east and south south is not fertile. It must be in yoruba land because thier land has natural fertilizer.

  • Sparzo

    Bad idea.

  • Lanre

    Audu Ogbeh. You are going to fail just like Shehu Shagari, Sani Abacha, Umaru Dikko did. Your generation of Nigerian Rulers is a cursed one from you to Obasanjo, Buhari to Babangida. So it is the South that must accommodate the marauding cattle rearers. There is not enough land in the North. First you lie about population, then you say you have more land. And still that land is not enough for you. Let me tell you something. The Yorubas are not Tivs, Idomas and Jukuns, the conquered ethnic groups of the North. You will ride this Tiger and you will be devoured. Quote Me!

    • umolu

      We are not a conquered people in the middle belt. We are only in an alliance with the core north and it’s not forever.Don’t suggest we are idiots, we have our eyes wide open and we are bold and brave. The only conquered tribe in Nigeria that I know is the Hausa, conquered by the Fulani.

      • okenwa

        Very very intresting.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Lanre is igbo pretending to be Yoruba. However on this issue, Yoruba and igbo interests are in alignment.

        • Lanre

          Baba e ati Iya e. Gbogbo idile e, ni Igbo. Alai ni kan se.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Da ke. O le ko!

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      nonsense! There will be another military base in the South South soon.
      Open your mouth and talk rubbish then.

      • Kickboxer

        lol …..Nigerian army base is now what? Fulani base? That is why I write that you are delusional.

        • takethetrain

          not worried about what is what and who is who, they will be exposed for what they are and where they’ve been.

      • 100%Black

        nigeria army base na ur papa house.
        dan iska banza

  • Kickboxer


    • okenwa

      Bros oooh, o seti go.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      foollish man

      • Kickboxer

        you are too delusional to understand…meanwhile, Fulanis may go do grazing in Yaribaland or Edo.

        • takethetrain

          id concentrate more on getting ur momma some rehab for the abuse you failed to prevent..

      • takethetrain

        imagine him calling himself a kickboxer! hahah! were your legs broken while ur daddy was beating his mate?

  • babateem

    If federal government can do it ,all the farmer throughout the federation we happy cos the they are facing from all nomad people I.e the Fulani is too much.that idea is a great solutions

  • Ochon

    So fulani man can’t use his own resources to build Ranch until the govt built one for them what a country this truly shows that some people are more Nigerian than the other. If this can be done for the fulanis then the igbos who are traders should invade any property they see sack the inhabitants and open their shop there so that govt can Wade into traders and landlord issues and build more shops for them to stop the clash. Any applicant who can’t afford accommodation should do same and farmer who can’t get farm land should do same. Govt needs to be fair to all Nigerians pls.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      Show us where the article said the Government was building ranches for Fulani herdsmen.
      There is something wrong with your head. Go try sack inhabitants and see what happens to you, id10t!

      • Ochon

        U lack netiquette. Sure you are one of the beneficiaries so you can never see any wrong about it. The best the any sane government can do is to arrest them jail just like you think it wrong for some one to sack another from his abode so its also wrong for fulani herdsmen to sack others from their farms. Just Imagine if this fulani herdsmen were igbos and sure the story would have been different. Ka kira kai nka shugabankasa ina Jin shugaban awaki ne ke. Kumar ka gane ce war ina da yanci na fada abin da na ga ba daidai ba. Ka fahinta? Sakeren banza!

        • takethetrain

          very boring

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    So is this to merely grow grass to feed cattle in the North or are the herdsmen going to own the grazing areas. If it is the latter, this is what Emmanuel Bosun warned about. Giving land by fiat to the herdsmen would send a signal that they are above the rest of the population and it would be one of the tools used to prepare the foundation in Nigeria for Sharia by 2031.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      You know the answer to the question you are asking. Stop being mischievous.
      Do you think anybody owns any land in Nigeria? Go and read the 1990 land act.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        If you read the article, it said something different than what the headline said. So, maybe you are being mischievous here by shooting your mouth off out of turn. Also speaking of land rights, whatever was left was signed away just last year when all 36 governors signed on to Agenda 2030 thus signing land rights over to the UN.

    • Rommel

      They have to purchase it at controlled prices from growers,it is because of free feeding that they destroy peoples farmlands,animal fodder is big business everywhere except in Africa where people believe in free things

  • Rommel

    It is a good idea as long as it is operated as a business like we have recommended,the president himself maintains a cattle ranch in Daura and his herdsmen do not carry cattle’s and roam around so that model should be adopted by all others,lifestyles must change,we are no longer in the days of passport of Mallam Ilia

  • Udom

    I just looked up the map of Nigeria and was quite surprised to see the mamy rivers all over the north. Wouldn’t it make sense to build canals frombthose rivers and set up irrigation systems as done all over the world? It is my understanding that the pampas grass would grow abundantly. The ranches can be set up strategically all over the northern states with meat processing plants close to them. Dairies can also be set up for milk and yoghurt plants. This would provide employment for men and women in those areas. That translates to kids being able to attend schools and be productive citizens in the future. The cattle would not have to deal with tse-tse flies and because they are confined to ranches the meat production becomes more profitable.

    • Lanre

      Thank you, Udom. Don’t mind the thieves ruling Nigeria. Chief Awolowo said the same thing in 1983. They made sure he never got there because of their Nigeria. The smart cunning Obasanjo who wants to ensure Yorubas are slaves. All these thieves are concerned about is Oil Money. Nothing more. Bereft of ideas!

  • Samuel Okpolagha


    This is a subtle way of saying the northern part of the
    country are trying again for the 3rd time to push for land
    acquisition in the south. In 2011/2012, this same proposal being modified by
    Audu Ogbe was thrown out at the NASS, I wonder why they are looking for another
    means of increasing the Fulani/ farmers’ conflict and extending it to the

    What these men have failed to tell us is that the land
    acquisition is for private use by Fulani business men. Has any government
    looked at creating river reserves in along the Niger and Benue for Fishermen?
    You can see from the article below that this will not work.

    “A bill that seeks to establish a National Grazing Reserves Commission,
    which will have power to acquire land in any part of the country for Fulani
    herdsmen to graze their cattle, has been generating ripples in the Senate.

    The proposed Commission, amongst others, will acquire and designate
    “dedicated routes” for herdsmen, in just about the same way as the Federal
    Government acquires land anywhere in the country for roads and other public
    projects. Expectedly, this bill which reportedly came up for consideration in
    the Senate on July 3, sharply divided the senators along regional lines.

    While senators from the South-West reportedly kicked against the idea of
    government acquisition and dedication of land in Southern Nigeria for Northern
    Fulani herdsmen and their cattle, those from the Northern region heartily
    welcomed the idea of dedicated grazing.” SunNews online

  • ayobamiba

    This APC guys are hopeless scammers, this is 8 months of buharis presidency and yet Audu ogbe is still talking about ‘we will,we shall,we are going to’.what kind of people have we fallen into there hands as a nation.That Adesina chap was doing great in agriculture under Gej and have covered a lot of milestone, why can’t this old man start from where he stopped and continue with his good and laudable agricultural master plan,why all this almajiri somersaults. This APC government have no iota of knowledge about leadership. Jegas fraud have set Nigeria 43 years back.may God help our nation to survive this locust invasion. Naira which buhari promised to exchange for 1 to 1 dollar is today 305 to a dollar and this guys are shameless to continue with their fake premises.

  • International games

    Does Saudi Arabia grow grass for American cattle? Is that what this man is saying? I am not clear. Is he saying the South will grow Grass for Cattle that will remain in the North or Cattle that will go down South to consume it?

    The reporter does not know how to write. How do these people actually get jobs as News Reporters? If you read ten news articles in Nigeria, you cannot understand nine.

    • takethetrain

      it doesn’t matter what it means. in two years we’ll all cease to exist..lmao

  • FactsandFigures

    The idea of having grasslands in the south that can support cattle grazing is a good one. This is a way of life for the herdsmen and it is better to support it in a manner that will be beneficial to all and minimize damages. With established grazing reserves, there will no longer be an “acceptable excuse” for cows to graze on farmlands. For those who are against this idea, take your NIMBYISM(not in my backyard) somewhere else. The Niger delta has supported this country for decades at a great expense with little compensation – so what’s your beef? It is much better environmentally for the cattlemen to move their cows to the south during the northern dry season than go through the expense of watering arid lands(depleting the water table unnecessarily).

  • Excisionist

    Creation of grazing area in the South is not only an insensitive decision but utterly retrogressive. It is another way of saying to the people of of the south, that “we can seize your land or even colonize you and you can do nothing about it” This is another proof of insensitivity of Bahari and his administration. Just how far can insensitivity go?

    Is this the only option available to them? Of course not. They can modernize their method by building ranches and growing fodder for their animals, like has happened in all parts of the world. But they seem determined to show that they are in charge and that they can do anything and get away with it.

    Already Fulani herders have caused a great deal of devastation in the Middle Belt and the south. This minister already regards the Middle Belt as conquered territory and now he wants to extend the same to the south instead of proposing a way of modernizing animal farming. His statements also show how unqualified he is for the post. Given the devastation caused by Fulani herders, he and others supporting this evil need to be tried for crime against humanity

    This is like a declaration of war. The people of the south and Middle belt should stop dreaming and start preparing for war if they wish to see an end to the raping of their women, killing and maiming of their people, burning of their villages … by Fulani herders