Aig-Imoukhede, chair of presidential panel on subsidy verification, is oil cabal member too

Chairman of the special committee appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan to verify and reconcile the records of payments on fuel subsidy, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, owns a company that received millions of Naira in subsidy payments for products it allegedly failed to deliver.

Detailed company searches by an Abuja-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Youth Alliance Against Fuel Subsidy Removal, revealed that Mr. Aig-Imoukhuede, who is the Group Managing Director, Access Bank Plc, also owns Ice Energy Petroleum Trading Limited, which allegedly received $2,131,166.32 in hard currency (about N345.3 million) in 2011.

It is not clear whether the company delivered the product for which it was paid but the House committee believe it did not.

The defunct Farouk Lawan-led House of Representative Committee had, in its report, queried the company for receiving payment when no petroleum products were imported and supplied. 

Ice Energy was one of the 45 companies invited to appear before the probe committee, but which failed to either honour the invitation or submit documents concerning their involvement in the monumental fraud that attended the subsidy scheme. 

Findings by Youth Alliance at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and made available to PREMIUM TIMES, show that Mr. Aig-Imoukhuede heads the three-man board of Ice Energy, which has Iroche Chuks, as managing director, and Aikhionbare Sam, as member.

Asking Aig-Imoukhuede to probe self and accomplices

Following the shocking revelation in the report of the House of Representatives Committee that fuel subsidy payment, for which about N245billion was appropriated in the 2011 budget, had suddenly spiralled to over N2.6 trillion (over 2,200 per cent) as at December last year, the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, constituted a Technical Committee on review of Fuel Subsidy Payments, and appointed Mr. Aig-Imuokhuede as its head.

It is not clear if the ministry was aware of Mr. Aig-Imuokhuede’s involvement with Ice Energy before appointing him to the committee, which was mandated to verify, ascertain and reconcile discrepancies related to all subsidy arrears payments to petroleum products marketers. 

Following the completion of the assignment, President Jonathan, apparently glossing over the indictment and complicity of Mr. Aig-Imuokhuede’s company in the fuel subsidy scandal, last Thursday re-appointed him to head another 15-man committee to further verify and reconcile all claims made in the report of the Technical Committee he led.

The president requested the new committee “to properly identify all cases of overpayments and/or irregular payments; to accurately identify all likely fraudulent cases for criminal investigations, and to review any other pertinent issues that may arise from its work and make appropriate recommendations.”

Mr. Jonathan’s decision to appoint the Access Bank’s MD to lead such an important committee, observers say, underlines the administration’s reluctance to act appropriately on the report of the House committee, which uncovered monumental fraud in the fuel subsidy regime.

When PREMIUM TIMES sought to know from the president’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati, whether the president was aware that Mr. Aig-Imokhuoede also benefited from the fuel subsidy payments he was asked to verify, his response was a question: “Are you sure?”

When our reporter answered in the affirmative, he continued, “If that is the case, the question to ask is: Is his company guilty of any wrongdoing?”

When he was asked whether that did not amount to asking the Access Bank’s managing director to probe himself over the scam, “Mr Abati said “No” pointing out that “it would only amount to asking an insider to do an inside investigation.”

Mr. Abati, who promised to get more information, and revert to our reporter, never did by the time this report was published Monday morning.

Putting faces to ‘subsidy marketers’

Youth Alliance Against Fuel Subsidy Removal said it conducted the search on the indicted companies to “put a face to the indicted companies, to let Nigerians know exactly who took their money and then formed a cabal stronger than the government.”

Before announcing the removal of subsidy on petroleum products in January this year, one of the reasons President Jonathan gave was that a few Nigerians, who had since constituted themselves into a “cabal”, were enjoying the fuel subsidy largesse.

Up till last April, when the House of Representatives Committee released its probe report, the companies and individuals that benefited from the subsidy regime were largely unknown.

But extensive searches by the youth group at the CAC appear to have exposed some of the individuals behind the crook companies as well as the make-up of the faceless ‘cabal’.

“Mr Aig-Imuokhuede is not the only government apologist who belong to this ‘cabal”, a spokesperson for the group said in a statement at the weekend.

Like Aig-Imuokhuede like General Abdulsalami Abubakar

Other beneficiaries of the subsidy scheme revealed by the searches include former Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar, who owns Maizube Petroleum, which was listed in the House of Representatives report as one of the 45 companies fingered by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for benefitting from the subsidy payment but failing to pay tax.

Maizube Petroleum, which was invited to appear before the probe committee, never showed up to answer questions, though it sent documents. 

The report also said Maizube Petroleum should be compelled to refund the about N5.51billion it collected as subsidy for millions of litres of petroleum products it claimed to have imported but which could not be verified.

The House probe report also indicted the company for discrepancies in volume claims and dates of discharge it claimed it made between 2010 and 2011.

The former head of state, widely celebrated as one who facilitated the birth of the current democracy after he voluntarily handed over power to former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, sits on the Board of Maizube Petroleum with Abubakar Isa A, and Abubakar Aminu A.

Fola Adeola too

Another member of the cabal is the running mate to Nuhu Ribadu in the 2011 presidential election under the Action Congress of Nigeria platform, Fola Adeola, who is also the co-founder of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Mr. Adeola, according to CAC records, sits on the board of Eterna Oil Plc, listed in the subsidy report as one of the companies indicted for tax evasion. 

After details emerged that Farouk Lawan, chairman of the House Subsidy Committee, received $620,000 bribe from oil marketer Femi Otedola to clear his company, Zenon Oil, Mr. Adeola campaigned vigorously that government should set the report aside.

“If the allegation is proven, the report is contaminated. Period! We need to get to grips with this” Mr Adeola tweeted on June 12 via his Twitter handle @tfolaadeola.

More details

Out of the 74 companies indicted in the report, only 48 were properly registered with the CAC.

Click here for details of some of the companies that benefited from the subsidy regime and their directors.

Look through the document and scrutinize the directors of the companies. Email ( or to tell us what you know about them and their connections to public officials.





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  • Alchemist

    For the first time, we have meaningful probe with facts into the fuel subsidy scam and then this very lazy and absolutely foolish piece of journalism??? When does sitting on a board infer ownership of an organization? and the fact that aigboje could indict a company he sits on its board should tell you some fairness in the report…Thanks for your findings, absolutely important (if true) but please put your brain to better use in translating information to objective reporting….. #shame

  • M

    This is true investigative jounalism compared to most media outlet from Nigeria based on culled stories. Premium Times have laid the gauntlet down by presenting raw FACTS.

    Can Access Bank’s MD, Aig-Imoukhuede, or even President Jonathan deny this? Corruption always leaves a STENCH.

    • M is surely a Premium Times personnel. you guys should remorsefully retract your post if you have the slightest amount of shame. How is it investigative Journalism when in less than 24hrs you issue another statement that Aig is not the owner of Ice Energy and blamed similarity of names for that…Haba make una fear God now, He could sue you o!

      Gbamila – na wah for you self! but i see your point, truth be told, even if we argue about the reports credibility, its the best we have so far with proof. but does GED know what people do with such reports?

      In summary we are all of different opinion – but Premium Times should be apologetic for their image damaging report sha! i doubt i’d ever believe your reports again. Make i unfollow una sharp sharp.

  • Demmy4rose

    No Tom, Dick or Harry could just have gone out out there and succeded in collecting the cabalistic subsidy. Thanks for the good job done of unmasking them. That man is certainly not qualified to be a player and a referee at the same time. It is obscene!

  • patriot

    Shows why GEJ is highly ineffective & cannot fight corruption. He is also part of these oil cabals. Revolution is it. Kill off all the bastards & collect back our money.

    • I kind of think that GEJ is ineffective, but, remember he is the one that exposed them all by taking over the subsidy money.

  • Joshua C. King

    Abdulsalami Abubakar, Fola Adeola, and many others. Curiously though is the fact that we have a government that is not proactive enough to think before it acts on any issue.

  • Tortoise

    Bullshit! Junk, irresponsible and sensational journalism to the core!!! Access Bank’s GMD’s name is Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede not Aigboubiose Aig-Imoukhuede…

    • M

      @ Tortise,

      You are a “Tortise” for insulting Premium Times in such a manner. What is the difference between the two names? When you do a CAC search, it also reveals the photo of the person. Premium Times is head and shoulders above all the other media houses operating from Nigeria.

      You are not complaining about the numerous twist and turns in getting to the bottom of Oil Subsidy Billions. If Nigeria was an accountable society, we wouldn’t have had yet another dead-end committee investigation.

      Lawan has already confessed to collecting monies and Odetola clearly has video evidence of the incident. What facts are to be found with yet another committee? It is obviously a Police-And-Charge-To-Court matter. Unless our Enforcement Arm of government (Police) is weak or also completely corrupt.

      Almost everyone sniffing around the corridors of power are corrupt, hence these redhairing of questionable people keeps cropping up. Every committee set up on Both Houses will have a majority of shady characters.

      Come to think of it, how has this banker become stupendiously wealthy? What geniune knowledge does Banker Aig-Imoukhuede have about oil and gas that he owns and collected £2M worth of subsidy?

      Tortise, even a genuine Tortise will cover it’s old head in shame on this one. If you cannot deal with FACTUAL INFORMATION, don’t bother reading Premium Times as it’s too advanced for you.

      Enough Said

      • Enitan

        Mr. Enough S. I think you should leave Mr. Tortoise alone. This is their shameless character-Loot, Destroy Nigeria and take their children to common Ghana for their children’s education. This is the problem with this silly Nigerian so-called middle and ruling class. They give us terrible names all over the world. Just leave Mr. Tortoise alone in his shame. He is there on sponsorship like KenMani and others to divert us from the real issue.

    • Enitan

      Mr. Tortoise, so what has that got to do with the fact that a man who is one of the beneficiaries of a scandal has been asked to investigate the same scandal? Doesnt that amount to a suspect being asked to investigate himself? Tortoise why do you want to behave like regular and typical Nigerians who will complain from today till tomorrow about problems in the country and when the source of the problems is exposed that same Nigerian who has complained will turn around to make moves to absolve the source of the problem. Perhaps you are living up to your name-tortoise the symbol of mischief in African thought and Literature.

  • Guest

    Irresponsible journalism. If only we had a reasonable justice system in Nigeria, you guys would have been sued for every penny you’ve got. Rubbish.

    • Warriboy

      Sued for saying it is immoral for a brother to be asked to probe his sibling? Haba Nigeria!!! Where is your sense of objectivity.? No wonder you are al in this poverty while the world is marching on-even ghana and Togo, and Benin republic don leave una. Sit down there.

  • Is this what has become of journalism in Nigeria??? You load and bully your audience into a mindset… You investigate, interpret and conclude a matter from your own stance….good investigation if this were true, but what makes fola nd aig owners if they are just boar members??? Common…this is about the best probe with substantial evidence we have had in years and you are already pulling down its credibility. I would imagine that a sane person would not indict himself in a report he fully understands its consequence…

    • Kawu

      Let me put what has been said to you in more plain terms. Somebody has been asked to probe a scandal his brother or distant relation is involved in by the Nigerian state. Do you honestly want to testify to the objectivity of the so-called probe? Second Gbamila, sebi you know the 419 yahooyahoo boys, abi you know no dem again? So when they do their 419, do they use their real names and addresses? And please right on your nose was the latest yahooyahoo boys method used by Malabu oil a company in the scandal where Mr. Adoke the attorney General and President Jonathan used the Nigeruan state to facilitate a payment to Malabu a basic yahooyahoo company.Now Malabu does not exist legally and properly even to CAC under Nigerian law, yet President Jonathan and Mr. Adoke used Nigerian state power to pay money to this same company. Except you are part of this dubious milking of Nigeria, fraud and scheming you ought to see through all these. I am making this submission because I presume that you have the rational faculty to penetrate fraud-otherwise we have good reasons to conclude that you know what you are doing with your posts.

      • Sincere opinion – i do not believe outcome of any probe that lacks evidence. The result sent out recently even if dubious has content which can be put to good use in prosecuting indicted coys and while you argue correctly that it could be similar to the malabu case are you also telling me Ice Energy does not exist? I think it exist and its ownership forms the basis for this argument… And except your thirst for justice has blinded your baseline logical sense of rational thinking, you will see that perhaps this piece of lazy journalism might be a ploy to dis-credit what seems to be the most tangible evidence we have so far in investigating the subsidy scandal. If aig truly is guilty he has done himself in by firstly indicting himself, directly or otherwise. let our figure head president grow the balls to ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution…more revelations might then surface. And except you are instrumental to ensuring we do not see the end of the subsidy scandal (as you call it, milking of nigeria, fraud and scheming) “I am making this submission because I presume that you have the rational faculty to penetrate fraud-otherwise we have good reasons to conclude that you know what you are doing with your posts”

        • Kawu

          Gbamila, Listen to these. How do 419 yahooyahoo boys operate? They operate in a dodgy manner-aka Malabu. Okay? Member of Nigerian middle class and ruling class are no different from the 419 yahooyahoo boys. Why? They operate in a dodgy manner aka Malabu/presidency. Let me give you a good example. Catch a dubious Nigerian so-called captain of industry who has used all manner of relatives to register a company which is embroiled in dubious practices. What does the Nigerian so-called middle class captain of industry would say? He would say”Eh look I do not own that company… it belongs to my dead sister in law, belings to my cousin… it belongs to my father in law belongs to my girl friend, it belongs to my girl friend in law…” and so on and so forth. See what I mean?. Yet the dubious man comes out looking robust having destroyed the very foundation of the country. Meanwhile the children are abroad or perhaps in Ghana studying. So Ice exists, but is owned by the brother of someone who is probing a scandal Ice is allegedly involved in. That is a BIG ISSUE. So face that Mr. Gbamila. Does that say anything to you about objectivity, impartiality, non-partisanship in the conduct of the affairs of a modern country. I agree that through our conduct we are simply saying Nigeria IS NOT part of the civilised world. Tell me , you think this kind of silly things where a brother is asked to probe his brother will happen where Nigerian rluing class and middle class members send their children to school-western societies? Okay this is it I forgot the regular stuff form the dubious minds of members of Nigerian middle and ruling class-so called captain of industry. They will say :”oh do not rell me that, this na Naija, so anything Naija we dey, we fit do anything.. forget about dat big grammar about US and Europe… na Naija we dey .” See what I mean. If a brother cannot probel a brother in western societies, a brother can probe a brother in Naijaaaaa! And you can see the dubious nature of that. Since your latest post does not show that you saw this point, I will stiill call your attention to the need for you to deploy your rational faculty to penetrate fraud. We have seen too many subterfuges and frauds garnished in suits and coats from the presidency and their friends, and a brother probing brother is the latest one. Or ask your president to ask your Mr. Aig to get out of that probe panel and give the head of the probe to other Nigerian for objective and non-partisan investigation. So? Deploy your rational faculty to penetrate this latest fraud. if you cannot and do not want to then readers have good reason to make their conclusions.

  • As has become all too commonplace in our lazy attention-seeking mass media outlets, we now have journalists playing the role of concern trolls on a spectacularly low level. #shame #shame.

  • M

    Forget Oil Subsidy committee, Farouk Lawan Led Committee, Banker Aig-Imoukhuede (pointless) committee…Premium Times has come up with more evidence than the lot of them put together.

    Gbamila, Guest & Tortise are one and the same person judging from their train of thought in the thread. Corruption always leaves a clue, hence a LIE can have a head-start but the TRUTH will use just a day to catchup.

    • The all knowing Mr M. I hope you have seen today’s report by premium times and i hope it helps redefine your understanding of the word “evidence” and the phrase “credible reporting” As much as i hope we have justice delivered to Nigerians in this regard, i just dont swallow all information i see, hook line sinker, having worked with press journos in the past. For the sake of relevance they hastily publish reports that negates the common principle of investigative journalism… They force their audience into a mindset and when the real truth comes out. They remain silent knowing fully well how much public damage they might have caused their targets. Just yesterday they authoritatively confirmed aig was the owner and today…story has changed, yet they guide their reader into another mindset exploiting your thirst for justice and naivety… I believe you God has blessed us with baseline common sense, do not let to waste, think through what you are told before you accept it as fact. Here is a link to their new report –

    • Absolutely clueless…ABSOLUTELY!!! Hope you have seen today’s report by premiumtimes… You might want to reconsider redefining your understanding of the word “evidence” and maybe just maybe be less gullible. They force feed you with lies with intent to throw you of the right course in addressing the subsidy scandal. we have a report with substantial evidence for starters and you call it a lie already….We are our own problems here.

  • Oniwadep

    Aig-Imoukhede is not the owner of the company. This is just another attempt to muddle up the report and cast doubt on it. The committee’s report is much more in-depth than the higly compromised report of Farouk Lawan!

    • Finally i see someone that believes we might have the most substantial report to unravel the subsidy scandal… Why cant we see the masked agenda to kill this report? Are we soo blinded by our thirst for justice that we allow ourselves be easily derailed in addressing what matters?

  • Abdulhakeem1


    • Aminu

      so the brother of the person that has been asked to probe a fraud is the owner of one of the companies under probe? And you cannot see anything wrong with that? Haba Nigeria!

  • This is a gutter journalism from Premium Times.
    Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede is not the owner of Ice Energy neither is he a director in the company. His brother is a director in the company not him. This is another attempt by the oil marketers that are involved in the subsidy scam to muddle up the water.

    • Babalakin

      Oseun, remember the Malabu Oil gate scandal where Malabu “perfected” its act in a “dodgy” way with CAC? So Mr. Oseun just listen. We are used to all those stuff about “Oh I am not the owner of the company…it is owned by my mother-in-law…” See what I mean. Look we are Nigerians Mr. Oseun, you know how we Nigerian 419 in Aso Rock, in the banks, in the private sector, in the oil industry, in the industry in general, and the yahooyahoo boys perfect our acts so that we are not caught. See what I am saying? Now if you do not see this, then take this second one. Is it that we Nigerians have lost the language of neutrality, objectivity and non-partisanship? If not, how can a brother probe a brother and you want to testify to the integrity of that probe? And here I am going to bring one of the ministers into this. Ad I am doing this deliberately so that you go and check the the fact I will allude to with her. Please Mrs Iweala is the coordinating minister for the economy and by the grace of God she was formerly of the world bank and therefore lived in the US. Please ask her if this kind of nonsense where a brother will be asked to probe a brother will ever happen in world bank where she worked and in the US (state affairs)where she lived. I mean look, if these things cannot happen in these places why do we just insult ourselves in this country by failing a simple neutrality and objectivity test.? Oseun, I am just disappointed at this level of reasoning or is it unreasoning?

  • Reyes

    If Aig Imoukhede is not careful, he is on his way to being set up just like Farouk.

  • Saturday

    Farouk might be guilty, but i know for sure that there is something Otedola is up to that is far from the set up he is coming up with against farouk.

  • Alugboko

    How do you know who is guilty?they are the first to cry fowl in a situation.its posible the manFarouk might be guilty of certain tins we do not know yet.but cetainly, Otedola and his fake companies are guilty of robbing Nigerians and should refund our money.

  • i think iyke is great man for the post he is incorruptable and unbias

  • Madamdogood

    no one can stop d wind of change because a new nigeria is here

  • Madamdogood

    he would not be ike farou, al this people working for the kabal and are tryin to cluster d truth so that they wont be exposed God help them

  • TajudeenmyG

    Otedola is a liar am sure of that. na guilty conscience the pursue am about.

  • Mary

    I think the CAC should get heir facts right. they should research properly into the matter and stop accusing innocent people like Mr Aig-Imuokhuede.

  • Joel James

    the story is a bloody lie. Aig has contribute immensely to d growth of the economy. he cannot be dragged to this cheap blackmail. this is an attempt to prevent the committe from caryng out its duty

  • Chidi

    The paper should get their facts right. This is just a stunt to smear the good name of Mr Aig-Imuokhuede.

  • anonymous

    this stuff is guff u guys didnt check ur facts well…..pls stop giving nigerian flase info ooooo

  • Aig is a good and reputable man. He has carried access bank thus far through hard-work and a well dedicated staff, so also with Ice energy. I believe this is just the work of jobless haters. Get your facts right before making a comment/saying what u dont know.

  • At the end of it all, it is my prayer and also on-behalf of those supporting GEJ as well as Aig-Imoukhuede that their good work will not be in vain. All their hard work and sacrifices will pay-off someday, we should be thankful to God for these great men.

  • Madia

    In my opinion this is the work of the cabal trying to discredit Mr Aig-Imuokhuede through premium times. i think the president made a good choice because he is the right man for the job.

  • James

    These people should get their facts right, Mr Aig-Imuokhuede is not part of the cabal. He is a reputable man.

  • Abubakar shetima

    Aig belongs to cabal?this is unbelievable .Nigerian should not be deceived by group of selfish individuals who want to stop the wind of change in the system. Aig belongs to that new Nigeria with fresh ideas that will put a lasting solution to the mess in the system. GEJ knows this and thats why he was appointd to chair the committee. i belve this is a distraction. in sha allah the cabal will soon be unmasked.

  • Josua

    You will not be allowed to steal our money just like that. go and face the trials Otedola.

  • anonymus

    must u pple be popular, all this online scarmers dat wont check their facts you just want pple to keep commenting…..hp ur happy nw

    • Bayo Adigun

      Darkness cannot hide the light of the truth for too long, no matter hw hard it tries.

  • Nicholas

    Otedola and many others are thieves and we why this cock and bull story of bribe?

  • Onome

    This publication is not right. He is not even the owner of Ice Energy Petroleum Trading Limited. the company is owned by his younger relative. This is just a plan to drag his name in the mud.

  • Bayo Adigun

    you cant blame most of these people. I pity those who fall victim of “hear-say-hear-say”. Most of them arent seeing the real story behind this. One should not get blinded by mere speculations and negativity by people who dont want prorgess

  • orisetserundede

    all this fake ariticles wont stop the wind of change that nigeria is about to exprience…. pls u publishers should always check ur facts so u dont get ursef in trouble

  • Bayo Adigun

    I wish u guys will stop tryna drag a good man’s name in the mud just to make urselves happy or feel like ur doing a good job reporting news. I believe uv only heard one part to the story. Have u so called reporters gone to interview Aig, his so called younger relative and board members of ice to hear their own side of the story. They claim the story about collecting over $2,000,000 is false. Have u been able to prove otherwise.

  • Bayo Adigun

    I admire ur skills in investigative reporting but all cover up the other sides of the story too; the part that we the masses are not seeing and hearing. Investigate the matter to last end and not just the frontier/surface. I believe if it were any of u guys der/ involved or ur bosses u wudnt want ur names or ur bosses name tarnished and dragged into the mud coz sm1 is tryna impress with a story

  • Ini

    I earnestly look forward to the day that things will go the way they should in this country where the rich and mighty will not always be the ones to be heard and the forces that be. a day when the poor will equally have a say and justice will prevail over all considerations in the country. a time when the likes of Farouk and Otedola will not use us as a means of getting away with the truth. why was Otedola and other oil marketers not arrested when Farouk’s findings were made?

  • BestOgedenge

    Somebody should quickly inform Aig imoukhede that a slap on one of the oil marketers is a slap on them all and the consequences is what Farouk is facing now unless he wants to be drowned in public opinion like our lawmaker who used to be Mr integrity but now is being nicknamed Facrook even without a confirmation whether or not he took bribe.

  • Mabel

    ogaaaaa oooo na wa all dis online prints wey dey try to dey form familiarity na wa oo pls check ur facts before u spoil pple. Who God lifts up no one can pull him down UP UP UP AIG-IMOUKHUEDE enjoy ur new post and show us who the kabals really are.

  • Chocolatekandy

    all this media wannna be’s pls allow the mans success he has helped access bank a lot him been assigned this post is nt a mistake from the president so pls let slpin dogs lie. the change Nigeria is about to experience can not be stopped by any of the kabals bringing out fake stories like this article

  • The truth is yet to be out. All ye bad belle people who are just bent on spoiling the names of good nigerians and frustrating their good works. Tomorrow you say Nigeria is not moving forward, u guys also contribute to all this nonsense

    • Dadaogundana

      it seems as if you just got off a bus from an assylum. pls, tell us how hard working, investigative journalists are contributing to the problem. is Nigeria moving forward. you beggarly leeches, better stop disgracing yourself and put your miserable lives to work. stop supporting the satanic wolves amongst us. go nad see the ways of the ants, you sluggard and——