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  • Thenjiwe Obong

    then in one fell swoop, one person go channel am into their account and gbam that will be the end of that. anybody remember the NPF (national provident fund)? whatever happened to all the money we all contributed to that fund. nobody is even talking about that tragedy.

  • Martins

    Brilliant article. I have stated in other forums that the President has practiced/engaged in the greatest act of nepotism and cronyism since amalgamation of this country. Never has any leader in this country been so insensitive in making federal appointments in this country even during military rule. He has clearly shown that he’s a President for the North, by the North and of the North. I like your take on the aspect of abolishing federal character principle nationwide, we know those who benefit from it in terms of having ridiculous scores to get into unity schools. My joy is the fact that he won’t rule forever and all these actions will not suddenly make the North better than the South in 20years. If nepotism isn’t corruption, then what is. Soon they will label the writer a wailing wailer or corruption is fighting back.

    • Austin

      You have said it all, i do not have much to say because by my profession, i am not supposed to make an emphatic statement without supporting reference, Non of you, including the writer have given a detail account of the profiles of the appointees of this government. and i have not been able to articulate it myself. However, i believe democracy is a government where the three arms of government participate in appointments and other issues bordering on governance. How is it that we hear President Buhari appointed this and that, what is the responsibility of the senate? If the president have the sole power to appoint as i seem to understand from your contribution here, it means we are in Military government camouflaged with democracy. If it is because the senate has been stripped of its portfolio in the present setting, then again, we are the worst situation of dictatorship. A democratically elected president should obey court rules, this is laying a good example for other arms of the government and the entire citizens. If the president should continue to rule Nigeria single and highhandedly, as this is what it seems now that the senate id torn apart, then why are the senators been paid with tax payers money for doing nothing? Let us continue to wish Nigeria well, support leadership and criticize it when necessary so that wrong can be corrected.


    I disagree with your tone, you should be outraged, and ashamed of your Buhari.

    He played you. And unfortunately, millions of Nigerians.

    We’ve been here, done that in 1983 to 85! He is a dictator. He is doing the exact same things he did before. He was asked by many if he had changed, and he said that he had. He lied!

    “It is not too late for president Buhari to retrace his steps”. It is. He massacred almost 1000 Shiites, his religious nemesis, without even addressing the country; as we speak, he has another thousand or so in gulags since December 2015 without a court approval, actually, against a court order that folks be released!

    Hey look, if you are NOT outraged that a person massacred almost 1000 of your fellow citizens in broad day light? I’m sorry I can’t debate with you.

  • BAKO

    This analysis in this article is superficial and lacks deep research or even understanding of Nigeria. Let me tell you guys ur general problem. You problem is that you always see the entire north as one geopolitical zone and then sees the south as 3 geopolitical zones. Nigeria has 6 geopolitical zones : 3 in the north and 3 in the south, it means that if six people are to be appointed according to federal character system, then 3 out of the six of them are frm northern states, so u may have 3 Mohammeds from the north, 1 chukwu from the SE, one Adeyemi from the SW, and 1 of either Bassey/Peterside/Amakiri SS. A Good and educated analyst will know that the fact that 3 mohammeds com frm the north does not mean that the north has more, u wil only tink so and get urself digruntled wen u see th north as 1 geopolitical zone, PLS TAKE NOTE THAT THERE ARE 3 GEOPOLITICAL ZONES IN THE NORTH. And also not that not all Mohammeds or Lawals, or Babachirs, or Usmans from the north are muslim. Those names are hausa names which a lot of hausa christians have it.

    I only hope that this has opened you hithero narrow mind !

  • Dan

    I will only agree with you only if you take census of all Federal appointments (including those done by PMB) and categorize them according to geopolitical zones and religion and see who is dominating who. You cannot only consider appointments now and think federal character was not followed. Please stop this scrap about ethnicity and do yourself a favor. As postulated @ Boko below many so called educated southerners are not aware that Jerry Gana, Gowon, Modu Sheriff, Late Tafawa Balewa, Late Sani Abacha, Shekarau (former Governor of Kano State), Babachir, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdussalami Abubakar etc are all neither Hausa nor Fulani or all Muslims. They have their tribes many of them Christians. To those “educated Southerners” every person wearing Abagda or bearing Hausa name is either Hausa or Fulani and a Muslim. What a shame and you call yourself educated. An average northerner knows that Nmandi Azikwe, Rochas, Nwabodo, Kachiku are all Igbos and not Yorubas. Likewise they know that Femi Falana, Wole Shoyinka, Bola Ige are Yorubas and not Igbos; and Peter Odilli, Melford Okillo, Tam David West, late Joseph Wayas are neither Igbos nor Yorubas but from the Niger Delta. But when it comes to Northerners they cannot differentiate a Hausa man from a Kanuri, Nupe, Gbagi, Idoma, Angas, and other minorities. Once a person bears a name resembling Hausa name even if he is not, to them he is Hausa and Muslim
    Despite their abundant blessing from God and advantage in many spheres of life, they always complain, criticize and are not happy to see others progressing. What a pity!

    • thusspokez

      I will only agree with you only if you take census of all Federal appointments (including those done by PMB) and categorize them according to geopolitical zones and religion…

      This sort of silly response — typically Nigerian — always make me wonder about the thinking process of the commenter.

      Dare I remind you that you are the one trying to prove a point supported, as you claim, by non existing census, which you can’t be bothered to provide but instead want the author to collect to prove himself wrong? The way some of you Nigerians think never ceases to amaze me.

  • thusspokez

    The facts are that Buhari’s appointment are based on nepotism; We know that nepotism is corruption, which makes Buhari corrupt, divisive and setting a bad precedence. But it is the divisiveness that should trouble Nigerians.

    GEJ was very fair with his appointments, but given what Nigerians are seeing with regard to Buhari’s blatant nepotism, the next President from the south might well do as Buhari is doing now and appoint only people from the south. Is that what Nigerians want–a tit-of-tat?