No successful bank robbery in Lagos since 2008 — Gov. Fashola

Babatunde Fashola

The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, on Wednesday said there has been no successful case of armed robbery on any bank in his state in the last six years.

He said since 2008, all robbery attempts on banks in the state were frustrated by the better equipped Lagos police.

Speaking at the debut of “Both Sides” a political discourse organized by The Kukah Centre, Mr. Fashola attributed the feat to his administration’s commitment to the kitting and arming of the police for security enhancement.

The Kukah Centre is promoted by a Cleric, Matthew Kukah.

“We have looked into the problems of the police and resolved the logistics problems. We also discovered that with increase in allowances for our policemen and putting them on life insurance policy, their services will be enhanced,” he said.

“There is resource deficit in some of our security agencies and we waded into it to see what we can do. Once we solve that, we resolved the major problem of insecurity in the state.”

The governor also said previous experience in administration is vital in enthroning good governance and development in a nation.

Mr. Fashola recounted that the experience he acquired while serving as Chief of Staff to former Governor Bola Tinubu provided him with the knowledge on how to govern the state.

Mr. Fashola,who featured on the programme alongside his Jigawa State counterpart, Sule Lamido, said, “My earlier participation in governance assisted me with the knowledge that I require to work and make things happens.

“For you to use the system of the civil service, you must understand and know how to deploy them for development. Once you do not understand them, you will run into trouble.

“Initially, we were not too sure of what to expect, but all I knew was that we were committed. We had town hall meetings in all the local councils in Lagos after we got an agency to seek people’s opinion on what the electorate wanted from us as a government.

“We discover that six key issues were topmost on the people’s minds. These were security, power, education, environment, among others areas.

“The idea was to feel the people’s pulse and see what they expect of us. Once we knew what the problems were and what the people expected of us, we went to work and ensure we got things done for the interest of the people,” he said.

Asked if the Federal Government was handling the issue of the missing Chibok girls with all sincerity it deserved, the governor said only President Goodluck Jonathan, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, could answer whether it was sincere or not.


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    Bt in 2012 for the first time armed robbers storm Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Lagos made away with 500 million naira

    • Grace thru JESUS

      Sometimes I wonder if we ask the right questions, who provides security for all federal institutions? And hope u know the airport is not controlled by the state. Misplaced priority…

      • ifebuche

        I hope you know the police is a federal body. No you forgot that. You presumed it is fashola ‘s police. Don’t fall these political talks. Sieve through it and take the gainful info.

        • Jones

          You are beyond recovery. PDPigs.

    • Mosaku 147

      Is Nnamdi Azikiwe airport in Lagos or Abuja? Where is MMA located in Nigeria? When did airport turn into a bank? It is better to shut up than to open your mouth and ridicule yourself. Didirin.

  • basty

    I don’t read some people’s comments when I see their names. I can identify the part of Nigeria they are from. They vent their angers and bitterness in any discuss. They go out of the topic a writer is discussing to say other things.
    There is a country


    A simple, concise, and factual caption of this present administration. Hope its being read by those concern?

  • BoT

    A wake up call, this is. If PMB and his handlers would heed these early warnings, they still have an ample opportunity to salvage whatever is left of their tattered goodwill amongst some of their staunchest supporters like me. However, they have a choice to continue in the illusion of having 4 years to play with. They shall soon realise, albeit too late, that a day in governance is a pretty long time.

  • Lenz

    Anyone that suggested to Okey Ndibe that his commentary might help shape a “negative” view of PMB’s government lied to Mr Ndibe.

    Or perhaps Mr Ndibe is lying to himself.

    PMB is moving at exactly the pace that is required to perform surgical recovery of a nation in as complicated an economic and social predicament as Nigeria finds itself after 16 years of misrule and particularly the last 6.

    The new administration has been doing its job and informing Nigerians accordingly. Today we know for a fact (because the AGF and NNPC helmsmen have finally told us) that in the past NNPC have divided the nation’s revenues in half, given one half to the FedGov, States and LGAs and kept the other half for itself. There is now an ad hoc investigative body to look into this and other similar matters of financial mismanagement in an effort to provide for us a true picture on the basis of which sound economic policy can be driven. I suppose this is something PMB could’ve started well before he actually stepped into the office of president (???).

    Ministries are being run by perm-secs until substantive ministers are appointed. So, the business of governance is ongoing.

    If Nigerians are so bored (Mr Ndibe included) that a list of ministers yet to be forthcoming is the source all this angst against PMB then perhaps they should find other ways to keep themselves occupied, because they obviously don’t have enough to do.

    I know that perhaps the news of who is nominated for the job of ‘chop-chop man’ — sorry, Minister — is something many Nigerians take delight in (especially those who stand to gain in one way or another). But there is no hurry in this regard.

    Let PMB take his time. He needs it. He is not here to entertain anybody. I know many of us from the southeast were addicted to the propaganda and noise making of the Jonathan years (in the name of governance). Thank God we have a no-drama northerner (like Yar’Adua in that respect) who is restoring dignity and calm deliberation to the office.

    Nigerians should wait for this man to deliver on his promises. He has 4 years within which to do so. And he will.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      “He has 4 years within which to do so”. So sorry,what he is doing now is what he was doing for 20 months between 1983-1985 when he was flushed out.

      • Lenz


        And what is wrong with what he was doing “for 20 months between 1983-1985…”?

        Is it not precisely because of what he was doing back then that he was re-elected by Nigerians in 2015?

        So what is the problem? Why elect him in the first place and not allow him to do what he knows how to do?

        Could it also be that it is precisely because he was “flushed out”, as you put it, that we are where we are today?

        People should tune the TV to another other channel and stop making noise about Buhari. He is doing his job.

        If he is not doing it you can vote him out in 4 years.

    • Mayo

      You said that we know today that in the past NNPC have divided the nation’s revenues in two – kept half and only given the government half. Well, maybe you are the one just getting to know that. People have always agitated that you ‘really’ can’t curb the corruption in NNPC till you change the laws which setup NNPC. The law allows NNPC to deduct their running expenses before remitting the balance to the Federation. The proper thing should have been for NNPC to remit all monies they receive to the Federation account, for NNPC to have an annual budget and receive money from the government just like other Ministries and parastatals.

      Secondly, creating an investigative panel made up of governors from just one party and the same governors who accused the person they are supposed to be investigating, gives the impression that the outcome of the investigation is already predetermined. Oshiomole who is a member of the panel had previously accused Okonja of mishandling several billions of dollars. Even after the panel was inaugurated, Oshiomole basically pronounced Okonja guilty. I’m not here to defend Okonja but if we want justice and equity, Buhari should have appointed a non-partisan panel to look into this.

      Yes, the Perm Secs might be running the Ministries but the Ministries are there to implement the policies of the political class (the governing party). If there is no Minister, what policies are the Ministries implementing? In addition, there are a bunch of things only the Minister can do, there are several things only a substantive Minister can approve.

      Even if you ignore the Ministries, what about the office of the SGF or the Chief of Staff (if Buhari wants to maintain that). He hasn’t filled any of those positions too.

      • Lenz

        So, you wrote this long article because PMB did not appoint Ministers or a SGF (among others) within 1 month of taking office?


        In his own case Mr Ndibe went as far as saying that PMB “is groping abou” in search of what to do”. Is that even true or commensensical? Well, what else to expect from someone who must write something (anything) about somebody (anybody) to be ‘relevant’.

        Why don’t you find something to do yourself, my good fellow. Even if PMB appointed the SGF and Ministers after the first 3 – 6 months (as his predecessors have done) that wouldn’t materially alter the trajectory of your life (or Mr Ndibe’s) — for better or for worse, or would it?.

        This is too bland. Get something doing, please. PMB is working even if you cannot appreciate it yet. He is not there to entertain you.

        • FactsandFigures

          Buhari’s perceived actions or lack thereof was enough to warrant an article on “Bloomberg” echoing same thoughts as Mr Ndibe. Perception matters. I think is not that he is not doing anything, it’s more of he is seen as not doing anything. His press team has not been good enough in shaping the narrative around his administration. They will be better served if they could communicate significant highlights of his daily meetings/schedule.

  • onyema22ohaka

    We are waiting for the magic wand of change.