Ezekwesili cautions against forceful removal of Sanusi as CBN governor

Oby Ezekwesili
Oby Ezekwesili

Ezekwesili demands for public debate on oil revenue earnings

The forceful resignation of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Governor, Lamido Sanusi, is not an effective response to the nation’s challenges, Obiageli Ezekwesili, a former Vice President, World Bank Africa Division, has said.

Reacting on Twitter to claims that the president has proposed to remove Mr. Sanusi as Central bank Governor, Ms. Ezekwesili said she hoped the report was untrue. President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly asked the Central Bank Governor, to resign immediately on the grounds that Mr. Sanusi leaked the letter he wrote to the President on the unremitted $49.8 billion (N7.94 trillion) oil revenue, to former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mr. Sanusi could also be suspended, and then barred from accessing his office once the announcement is made, sources had told PREMIUM TIMES. One of the deputy governors within the bank could then act as governor until a substantive one is appointed.

“Can this news possibly be true? I hope not. Such cannot be an effective response to our deep challenges. No,” she tweeted on Thursday. “The greatest obstacle to our nation building is intractable economic misgovernance. The epitome of it is oil revenue mismanagement.”

Ms. Ezekwesili said it would actually earn the Federal Government great laurels if it turned the Central Bank and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC, squabble into an opportunity. She challenged the government to decisively confront oil revenue mismanagement.

She added that rather than the forceful resignation of a Central Bank governor, who had barely six months left in office, because of concerns he raised over oil revenues, the Federal Government should resolve the issues raised.

“It is more worthwhile for the Federal Government to work at building the confidence of citizens in institutions like the NNPC, Ministry of Finance and Central Bank. That we seem comfortable with the fact that “missing” or “still to be reconciled” figure of oil revenue is only $10 billion (N1.59 trillion) is very disturbing,” she said.

Ms. Ezekwesili, who was a former Minister of Solid Minerals, said she raised similar concerns about oil revenue mismanagement and accountability in her University of Nigeria, Nsukka speech in January, 2013.

“I continue to wait for the Federal Government to accept my request for a public debate on oil revenue earnings and management during this 5th oil boom. Beyond the 5th oil boom, we should use the occasion of such public debate to track the lessons of the wasted 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th oil booms,” she said. “Let’s free Nigeria by digging into the truth of all five oil booms. Citizens who speak ignorantly, do so only because they do not know that mismanagement of oil revenue leads to rotten politics and to deep poverty!”


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  • Mani_Kay

    Disgraced and badly damaged CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – a man of many mistresses – owes the President a public apology and he should have resigned long ago.

    I hope Obiageli Ezekwesili is not one of the CBN Governors’ many mistresses.

    Through my online interactions with Premium Times, I am fully aware that the CBN Governor does not spare other men’s wives (married women) in his adulterous acquisition of mistresses.

    It’s goodbye to ungodliness, immorality, adultery, rubbish and incompetence @ the CBN

    • Ade

      U are a BIG Fooooool

      • Dodson Doya

        SLS can’t BE called incompetent and rubbish. Every Nigerian knows who is incompetent and rubbish and that is GEJ.

    • Naijagogoodagain

      Mani_Kay!!! You are doing your paid job very well! It is always funny to see an hypocritical and committed fool like you at work! It beats watching rubbish on telly! God will reward you!

    • Contact Point

      You are a disgrace to your race and region. You are a big IDIOT for digressing from the subject matter to an inconsequential issue that only catches your fancy. You are a buffoon.

    • KeyserSoze

      They are not sincere with this debate request..why did they not so it during their time.

    • Al

      You people are mistaking sanusi lamido for Gej when it comes to adultery

      • kome ovo

        Please tell us any story you’ve heard about GEJ with the wives of other men oga…

  • Ette

    If the GEJ government is sincere and knows its responsibilities, let them agree to this proposal for interactive debates on management of our oil resources. Can they. If they refuse Nigerians should know that what SANUSI said is true, and we believe the truth will prevail one day.

    • Mani_Kay

      What do they mean by interactive debates and how many of such debates took place during the over fifty years period (out of a total fifty three years from independence in 1960) the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani solely controlled Oil Resources without any involvement of other ethnic groups in Nigeria?

      Oby Ezekwesili an Obasanjo stooge and a well known second-hand mistress of CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is free to organize a public conference on the management of our oil resources. (Note: I call her second-hand because Sanusi came after El Rufai …… apart from Obasanjo, she likes Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani men ….. may be she should try Femi Fani-Kayode …. after-all FFK also has fake Hausa-Fulani blood)

      Unlike in the past with other Presidents and Heads of State, President Goodluck Jonathan founder and pillar of genuine democracy in Nigeria has created an enabling environment for such a conference to thrive. What is Oby waiting for.

      At that conference, Oby Ezekwesili is very free to provide and disclose her debate points.

      What is Oby Ezekwesili waiting for …. an elementary school-type debate or may be she really really has nothing to say …. just making noise as other useless critics

      • naija man

        if it has never happened befor is not a reason for it not to happen now.why are you against good governance.

        • Mani_Kay

          They are not calling for the debate out of desire for good governance. They are calling for the debate as part of their misguided and failed evil scheme to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan who is doing all that is humanly possible to clear the mess they left behind.

          • naija man

            but you should not abuse Obiageli Ezekwesili simply because you don´t agree with her opinión.i red your comment bellow were you refer her to as one of the many mistresses of CBN Governor.that´s not right.don´t insult her person.

          • Mani_Kay

            Go hang yourself!!!

          • naija man

            i can see you lack proper training.

          • Dan maikoko

            Correct man, its a waste of breath to discuss with these characters they will say anything for a pot of porridge.

          • kome ovo

            And you will say anything but the truth, was she not a minister? What are her legacies? OBJ was both minister of petroleum and president did you know what oil theft or subsidy meant under him or the amount of money he and his cronies frittered away? You people just jump into bandwagons because you expect GEJ to solve all of Nigeria’s problems under 3 years.

          • Truthometer

            What do you expect? Mani_Kay is blogging directly from aso rock villa. His payment is based on how many Dumbo’s real and perceived enemies he can attack online. He is one of those creek criminals brought to abuja for rehabilitation. If you expect anything different from what he is doing online, then, that is what is going to surprise me. He is one of the “Na awa oiye monie”.

          • kome ovo

            And you call yourself Truthometer, shey you are the SSS official that gave mani_kay clearance into the villa? You can call people whose lands and rivers have been destroyed by the very same oil your father receives his salary from criminals because you have no idea what it means to have oil pipelines running through your backyard and you can’t treat your children who got sick from inhaling toxic fumes while men like Danjuma own oil blocks.

        • kome ovo

          Does good governance amount to public sparring? If she has facts let her bare them, has GEJ stopped anyone from exercising their rights to speak? Most of you people talking here would not tolerate a Sanusi in their Government, even if the man has good intentions, he is not working for your betterment. He is clearly sabotaging this government to favor northern interests; we don’t need a soothsayer to see this.

      • Africanchild

        No one is to blame for who you are except yourself because “No one can corrupt you unless you are corrupt” (Ewe proverb)

      • ABD

        Why do you like using foul language on people? This is unbecoming!

      • Naija Boy

        She is just seeking cheap publicity. Have you noticed she is always asking for public debate for everything. How many public debates did she participate in while in office. They are all becoming so fast irrelevant in the scheme of things in Nigeria they can’t handle it. Her “father” just played himself out with his own suspension from his party… We now know one of the main reasons he wrote the first letter. …. God will take them all out one by one for the goodness of the country. … ONE by ONE…

  • Jason

    The only thing wrong with the memo from Sanusi was the title. If he had replaced missing with not reconciled, the memo would have been just perfect. The president however, is perfectly entitled to ask him to resign whilst Sanusi also reserved the right to reject the advice and that should end it until he exits in June. As to the body of the memo , the unreconciled $10.8 Billion has turned out from NNPC’s explanation to be a huge abuse of the appropriation act for which everybody involved must be prosecuted. Extra budgetary spending should not be tolerated and everybody must join hands to make example of the people who did this so that it will stop. As to our so called coordinating minister of the economy, I think if she has any shred of her reputation left, she should be the person putting in her resignation even as I am certain she will not have the courage to do so. This mismanagement no matter her excuse happened under her watch. As to our National Assembly members, they should bury their heads in shame as this remains the result of there so called oversight function.

    • Mani_Kay

      The the deliberate intention of the CBN Governor was to help his Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani born-to-ruin kinsmen bring down President Goodluck Jonathan’s government. He would not be spared and allowed to continue till June 2014.

      • Muhammad

        Mani Kay u will die young with hypertension as u took upon yourself unnecessary hatred for Muslims North.You should reserve ur prostration up to 2015 when you and your ilk folks will have to stay goodbye from Aso Rock/Muslim north territory and head back to creek.

        • kome ovo

          Muslim north territory that was built from scratch with our Çreek oil, the man hasn’t even been in office up to 3 years yet you people cannot contain yourselves. In all his inefficience GEJ has achieved more than all your kith and kin who have occupied that office. You should be ashame that for all the years your region has held power, your people still hold the highest number of illiterates, gatemen and servants in this country.

      • Muhammad

        Mumu so u think GEJ has the constitutional power alone to sack a CBN Governor,Olodo go take ur fresh ogogoro from SS &SE Republics as there is nothing positive u can contribute to the fora.

        • kome ovo

          Just look at them Muhammads and Abubakars, as GEJ the Commander In Chief of the armed forces cannot ask the CBN Governor to resign, so it would be impossible for you people to oust him from office. You guys better drink more kunu and wait for another 5 years.

      • Bala Abubakar

        This guy needs to go back to school, why can’t you ever have an intelligent argument? Your only line Hausa/Fulani typifies your persona. Say something about the issue. If Sanusi were Yoruba, you will turn to abusing Yoruba’s. People like you are the problem with this country.

        • kome ovo

          Abubakar I know you have cousins that need school more than Mani_kay.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    In all the years they controlled the oil sector and in periods when presidents/head of states also held the petroleum portfolio, DID THEY GIVE ACCOUNT OF OUR OIL EARNINGS, why now ?

  • Jikandalhayola

    Mani Kay is a creek baboon whose shallow mind cannot allow him to see beyond his tribal cabal that surrounds the Presidency. He and his ilk are just suffering from inferiority complex hence cannot reason objectively, no matter how much decent people expect them to do. An educated and knowledgeable person, who is well-brought up by his parents cannot engage himself in abusing a whole race because some few of them disagree with his masters’ short-sightedness.

    • A true nigerian

      I learnt that in SS n SE they don’t respect their elders. So stop wasting ur time expecting them respect others. It’s a matter of time, they will leave the Hausa Fulani Abuja and go back to the creeks where they belong… PDP for SS n SE … 7states in all (SS minus Imo n Anambra) and SS minus Edo and Rivers.. Simple arithmetics.

      • kome ovo

        Please we want to leave, you people can have the rest of Nigeria, just let us have our creeks. Does Sanusi have respect for his commander in chief?

      • kome ovo

        Your imams are constantly being chased by your illiterate youths all over the north and your emirs are afraid to come outside their clay palaces yet you say we don’t have respect.

    • kome ovo

      Have some respect for the creeks and its baboons, so you don’t starve to death because your father and mother will not be paid this month end if the creek stops yielding its treasures.