Paralympics: Team Nigeria wins first medal


Team Nigeria has won its first medal at the ongoing Paralympics through Latifat Tijani who clinched Silver in the women’s – 45kg Power lifting event.

Tijani entered the competition at 101kg, while other competitors attempted below 100kg.

The Nigerian lifter made a bright start, lifting101kg to smash the earlier existing Paralympics record. But that was short-lived as China’s Dandan Hu set a new one of 102kg.

A keen contest ensued between Tijani and Hu. But it was the Chinese that had the last laugh winning gold in style; setting a new World and Paralympics record with 108.0kg to finish tops.

Tijani lifted 106kg to come second.

Great Britain’s Zoe Newson finished behind Tijani to win bronze.

More Nigerian Paralympic athletes are taking part in games on Friday in Rio and the country is expected to win more medals.

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  • Maria

    The Nigerian disabled win more honors for the country than the abled Nigerians. Something is wrong with us.

    • Tunji

      She is not disabled! She is physically challenged. I hope u are aware her Boxer husband fights in the Super heavy weight Category?

  • Domingos

    There are so many people who voted for Buhari because of his disability. Unfortunately unlike this challenged athlete who has made herself and all nations in Nigeria proud, Buhari has been a sporadically colossal failure. We thought he could turn his Wasclessness to something positive but it has become empirically futile.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      everything about Nigeria is politics,
      even Rio Olympic silver medal..
      sorry Nigeria..!
      why cant you just congratulate this lady
      for making herself and her family proud?
      cos if I say she made Nigeria happy a lot
      of people will be quick to tell me her tribe.

      • Joseph

        …because you are running away from the truth – that we, sorry you are not a Country. Nigeria is a group of nations put together by Britain. Simple. And this is what you know but are running away from admitting. It is like bringing Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece together and then say English is the Lingua Franca and tell the Italians, Spanish, Germans and Greek that they should accept they are one country. And one day, someone will start a terrorist activity from a forest in the North East of Greece and declare himself President somehow. Will the Italians and/or Germans agree? Will there be peace? This is exactly Nigerian situation. Break up Nigeria and u will see how the countries that emerge will soar.

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          Hahaaaaaa, you sound very incoherent bro..
          with your Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece theory.
          because those countries have different tribes within
          them yet they learn how to stay together..
          for example your school results from any other
          part of Germany will never place you on an equal
          Grade to Student in the same grade in Bayern but
          still they accept it and are living together, if its in Nigeria
          it will be called discrimination.
          have a nice weekend…

          • Joseph

            Olodo, are you not aware that Igbos of Biafra have other tribes too? Agbor, Nnewi dialect is different from Anambra…and then Agbor and Ndokwa people just accross the bridge in Delta state. Or you are not aware that the Niger Delta Country has other tribes? See how u have even argued in my favour! Maybe u think I did not pass WAEC. Those of us who are not Nigerians and hate been called Nigerians must leave and we will…learn to work hard and not be comfortable as a parasite!

        • Ayoola Stephen

          And that is the main topic of this article?

  • Xtreme!

    Please test the Chinese for steroids.

  • Tatafo

    Do u see what I see? The colour of her face is different from the colour of her hands/fingers? Pls you people should help confirm. My eye glasses dropped and got damaged at the Bus stop 4 months ago but the economic situation in the country has made it impossible for me to replace it.

  • Fadama

    Many congratulations, Latifat.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    resilience in the face of depressing odds..
    we love you sister.. Congrats!
    this is not a topic to fight over so many will not
    comment cos some people hates anything that
    will unite us as a people. God Bless Nigeria.