Buhari, Nigeria’s major problem – Fayose

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has again criticized President Muhammadu Buhari over the country’s economic recession, describing him as the “major problem of Nigeria.”

“Our President, through his actions and inactions is destroying everything that makes Nigeria a country and well-meaning Nigerians must stand-up to be counted in the crusade to save the country from going under,” Mr. Fayose said in a statement signed by his media aide, Lere Olayinka.

He accused President Buhari of “de-marketing Nigeria,” by depicting her citizens before the international community as dishonest.

“Which foreign investor will invest his money in a country of dishonest people?” He asked.

“Who made investors to leave Nigeria if not President Buhari, who created atmosphere of economic and political instability in the country by his acts of nepotism and vindictiveness?”

According to Mr. Fayose, Nigerians will not measure his government on the basis of what his predecessors failed to do, but on what he did or failed to do between May 29, 2016 and May 29, 2019.

He said with the level of hunger in the country, President Buhari should rather get serious with governance, stop his blame game, and be innovative.

“No nation has ever reached greatness by their leaders engaging in blame game, nepotism and vengeance as being done by President Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC) government,” he said.

“Nigerians must begin to speak out now before the country is totally destroyed by this one-man government, which does not see any idea coming from those perceived as opposed to the government as worthy of consideration.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

“Like I said before, the main issue confronting Nigerians now is hunger and hunger does not speak the language of politics. It is therefore no longer about politics; it is about preventing hunger from killing Nigerians.”

Governor Fayose said the federal government should stop deceiving Nigerians with stories of injecting funds into the economy, given that the economic problems facing the country had gone beyond talks of injecting N350 billion into the economy through execution of capital projects.

“If they inject even N500 billion into the economy by paying contractors executing federal government capital projects, how does that affect the price of rice and other food items? How does it affect the price of basic drugs?” he said.

“Instead of unsustainable measures, what President Buhari should do is to bring economic experts in the country together not-minding their political and ethnic affiliations so that they can proffer lasting solutions to the country’s economic problems.”

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  • abdul dull daura

    Buhari is the present problem of Nigeria.

    • kinsly

      The name fits you,dull.

  • Nta Ekeng

    Dear Gov. Fayose, even a blind ma can see that this man buhari is a failure. Never do wells are like bulls. You know what it can cost you in an attempt to kick out a hostile bull frm a China shop. If U carefully look at the composition of the Inec as it is today, the armed forces and the police, you ll agree with all right thinking Nigerians that 2019 election is already rigged to return buhari for another four years. So what is expected of you is to bring together like minds, form a formidable force to counter him money for money and force for force to kick him of the back of Nigerians. Short of this, this country will fall a humpty dumpty fall of which the pieces it ll broken into, no man will be able to mend it.

  • humanbeing

    May God almighty allow this change to be changed

  • humanbeing

    My Governor, how is the president our problem? We have problem of herdsman invasions, he came up with the innovative solutions of making all security chiefs fulani herdsmen, afterall, you use fire to fight fire. We have problem of low DFI , he declared all Nigerians thieves in an international forum, what else can he do? We have issues with the valuation of the naira, he has successfully made $1 to be N420 as against N197. We had issues with purchasing a bag of rice @ N 9000, it is now available @ N22,000 and would soon be N40,000. So, how is the president our problem?
    I will humbly wish to advise your Excellency to be less a wailer and be more change compliant

  • willy

    We should be truthful in our various views about the present situation, is Buhari more problem than himself (governor fayose) who after collecting monthly allocation and bail out fund will refuse to pay staff, then distributing rams to Moslems as a way pacifying them.
    The bad way PDP encouraged corruption and looting of treasury, duping and swindly of foreign investors that make investors lack confidence in NIGERIA government.
    PDP blood is still running in many NIGERIA veins, so we cannot see the good mission of this present administration,
    I only discovered that even APC as a party have no one to explain the President mission toward changing NIGERIA from petroleum dependance economy to industrial and agricultural driven economy.
    There is change in this world that does not come with pains.
    But we refuse to accept the pains, even if and pdp angelic candidate should come to run NIGERIA government at this time low oil price and poor production, the pains will be there.
    We remove sentiment from our corruption afflicted mind and think reasonably.

  • Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins

    If Buhari is a problem, you, Fayose, are a bigger problem.

  • Lakeside

    Why I like this man is that he criticizes the president and at the same time proffers solutions for the myriads of problems facing the country. “The main issue confronting Nigerians is hunger and hunger does not speak the language of politics. ‘ How much is the price of a bag of rice today? Anybody? How much was it 15 months ago? Buhari has failed. He has failed Nigerians.

    • simon tor gideon

      Has Buhari taken your farm lands where you use to cultivate rice or rice is the staple food of Nigerians?Instead of most of you to go home and farm to increase farm inputs you sit in big cities doing nothing waiting for food from govt.Hunger will finish you.I beg let me go to my farm jare

    • Mufu Ola

      The “solutions” he had not applied to Ekiti State?Remember his state is second to last in the South in terms of development.Only betters Ebonyi slightly.

      • Lakeside

        So Oshun is better than Ekiti state. Hmmmm

        • Mufu Ola

          Do you know Southwest at all? Go on tour & find out d difference between Osun & Ekiti.

  • Anasieze Donatus

    For 2 Years you have continued to attack PMB and for 2 Years he continually ignored you and made it a policy that no one in the Presidency must respond to your attacks and for 2 years you have been searching for answers to what is going on in the mindset of PMB .Fayose,Mt condolence

  • Zakariya Peter

    Fayose, if Executive Thieves like you had not squandered Nigeria blind, the nation would not be in such economic mess, and Nigerians would not be having sleepless nights. The worst part of it is that you are neither sorry nor regretful, but are constantly insulting our collective sensibilities. If i were to have my way, people like you would be tied to stakes and shot pointblank for raping Nigeria, and having the guts to even ahow your demonic faces !!!

  • Lateef Kadiku

    As a constitutionally protected kleptomaniac, cant u keep quiet for once!!!!! You are such a nuisance and annoying bug!!!!

  • Mama Kay

    Yes Buhari is a problem for the thieves who depend on looting of national funds.

    Buhari is a saviour to the masses who see him as the only person to rescue them from the thieving elites.