Criminals displaced from Zamfara infiltrating Nasarawa – Governor Al-Makura

Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Al-Makura
Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Al-Makura

Governor Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has said that criminal elements dislodged by recent military operations in Zamfara have infiltrated the state.

Mr. Al-Makura raised the alarm when the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, visited him in Lafia.

He said that three hideouts of the criminals have been identified in the state and appealed to the Army chief to also extend its operation to the state.

“Since the military operation in Zamfara that dispersed the criminal elements, we have noticed a gradual sipping of some of them into our vicinity and we have been able to identify about three areas as their hideout.

“Once we finalize our survey, we shall liaise with you to use your usual formula to defeat the miscreants,” he said.

The governor commended the military for decimating the Boko Haram terrorists, and joining hands with other security agencies to curb security challenges in Nasarawa state.

Mr. Al-Makura pledged to support military authority to ensure successful take off of the Command Science Secondary School located in the state.

The governor also appreciated the support of the Army chief in decongesting the Abuja-Keffi highway.

He disclosed that the government had set up a task force to relocate all hawkers and petty traders operating along the road, to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

In his response, Mr. Buratai said the military was poised to rid the country of all criminal elements wherever they are hiding.

“We have more military exercises to carry out and wherever the criminals elements dispersed by our operations migrated to, we shall follow them and clear their doubts,” Mr. Buratai said.

He assured people of the state that the military would continue to monitor and collaborate with other security agencies to address any act of criminality.


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  • Simeon Nigel

    Governor Al-Makura and his former and past predicessors Governors spent their considerable times to daily and often telling everybody in the entire Nigeria about Nasarawa state is all moslems enclave state that is right in the heart of the Middle-belt region areas of Nigeria, when everyone in the whole Nigeria perfectly and actually does fully aware that this Nasarawa state is majority Christians state, which was forcely and deceifully taken-over by a ‘gang of former Alhaji Shehu Shagari NPN supporters’ that did later found favour in Late General Sani Abacha, who used his miliatry mights to caved-out Nasarawa state out of Plateau state in 1996 year. And ever since democratic rule was introduced in 1999, there has never/not before that a Christian Governor been elected, even though the state’s original natives were pre-dominately and majority Christians faith inside the state. No wonders why those moslems ‘hard-core’ criminals that are now or today flooding into Nasarawa state, were meant to ever beleived before already by “a big false and pack of lies in the whole of far Northern region about Nasarawa state is mostly moslems ‘enclave’ inside “unbeleivers” middlebelt areas, and which is currently very closer to ‘the heart’ of Nigeria capital; Abuja. It is like Nasarawa state is an indirect extensions of the Northern moslem’s caliphate main centre of Abuja city. Each time that there has been democratic elections period/time, both the moslems in the state with their ‘cults collaborators with their fellow moslems from far Northern region areas does team-up together to seize-up by forced most of INEC elected offices during elections time in order to keep moslem claimed staus quo agendas on. All Christians in that state do not have a state currently, because they were all today had been sacrificed by both the so-called retired Plateau state Langtang military generals that served during General Ibrahim Babanjida evil regime period purposely for in returned for Abuja’s Ministrial and Police Affairs positions offered them by Late General Sani Abacha regime to caved out Nasarawa state. Unless there has once have been once a Christian Governor elected in future for once only then that the moslems criminally drifting or floodings from far way Northern region areas will ever stop.