Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LUTH re-introduces In-Vitro Fertilisation Clinic



The LUTH in the Nigerian commercial capital, Lagos, is re-introducing the clinic.

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, will re-introduce its In-Vitro Fertilisation Clinic in 2013 to assist women seeking conception.

The Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Akin Osibogun, said in Lagos on Thursday that the clinic would deliver quality health care services to citizens, especially in the area of reproductive health.

It would also focus on difficulties in conception experienced by some women. In-Vitro Fertilisation is the process of fertilising an egg with sperm in a laboratory dish and transferring the embryo into a woman.

“We are restarting our In-Vitro Fertilisation programme. Part of the equipment is already on ground and the infrastructure is already on ground.

“We’ve completed the place, and we will restart work and providing that service shortly in this New Year,” Mr. Osibogun said.

He said the clinic would provide due support to families or couples who have been having challenges in having babies.

“In our hospital, we want to be able to provide a holistic services delivering to those who are able to get pregnant on their own and then providing services for those who are having difficulties in getting pregnant.

“And, In-Vitro Fertilisation programme is going to help in that direction and we are starting it this New Year, within the next three months you will be hearing more about that programme,” he said.



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