Sunday, April 20, 2014

Edo to reconsider cases of sacked teachers


Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole

Mr. Oshiomhole said the teachers whose cases are “not really bad” will be pardoned.


The Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, on Thursday said his administration would reconsider cases of some of the teachers who were recently sacked.

Mr. Oshiomhole had ordered the suspension of some teachers and dismissal of 41 inspectors of education over dereliction of duty.

He also promoted some teachers.

At a town hall meeting in Benin, the governor said, “I am ready to reconsider the case of the teachers whose case is not really bad (sic).

“If you were absent, may be once a month or two months, we may reconsider, but those who are perpetual absentees and perpetual latecomers, may God forgive them, I may not be able to forgive them.

“But we must be able to strike a critical balance between being seen to be nice and taking the difficult decisions that will move the state forward.

The governor said the responsibility of driving the state must be shared by all. He said there is no sentiment in his administration and that someone has to build state without emotions.

“As a teacher, you are not into teaching merely on account of your pay. You are in the business because you have a passion for imparting knowledge,” he said.

Mr. Oshiomhole said the government would consider the establishment of adult education to cater for the needs of those who are above school age, adding that government would also rebuild the Technical College in Benin City in 2013.

The governor said government needed to employ more civil servants and teachers with matching grants to settle anticipated higher wage bill.

“The costs are going up but the revenue is static. God will not be pleased with me if I don’t look at the long-term future of our state.

“My wish is that we must lay a solid foundation so that a future governor who wants to work will work.”

He explained that the new Land Use Charge would not affect the poor living in high density areas and people in the rural areas, but targeted at the landlords in the GRA who live in mansions in excess of 100 ft by 100 ft.


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