Niger governor blasts Babangida, Abdulsalami

Niger governor to IBB, Abdulsalami: No one can frighten me into doing his bidding
Niger governor to IBB, Abdulsalami: No one can frighten me into doing his bidding

The self-styled chief servant and governor of Niger state, Muazu Babangida Aliyu, on Saturday poured venom on former President Ibrahim Babangida and former Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar, for not doing enough for the state when they held sway as heads of state.

Speaking at a Town Hall meeting Saturday as part of the National Good Governance Tour led by the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, at the Lego Kutigi International Conference Centre, Minna, Mr. Aliyu said in spite of the state having the longest stretch of Federal roads in the country, past Nigerian leaders refused to do anything about the deteriorating condition of the roads until recently when President Goodluck Jonathan awarded contract for the dualisation of the Suleija-Minna highway.

Obviously referring to Messrs Babangida and Abdulsalami, both former Generals in the Nigerian Army, Mr. Aliyu provided an Hausa parable saying, “Ana zaton wuta a makera sai gashi a masaka” literally meaning contrary to expectation, it is President Jonathan that is delivering governance dividends to the people of the state, and not its indigenes.

The two former leaders are indigenes of Niger, and reside in Minna, the state capital.

Governor Aliyu also sent a direct message to the two former leaders that he would not allow himself to be teleguided but would remain accountable only to the people who elected him.

“Nobody will frighten me into doing his bidding; it is the people who have voted us that we will listen to, and I am happy that majority of the people are happy with us,” he said.

Speaking further, Governor Aliyu said, “When we were elected, we said we will not share money to some few people, …we needed to change and we needed to perform and do things that people will see”.

He also responded to threats of impeachment hanging on his neck following a petition written against him by opposition parties in the state, saying he knew those behind the moves, adding that no one can remove him but God, vowing to run his critics out of Niger state.

“They think they can run us down, but we are not only going to run them down, but run them out of Niger state, because they have no concern for the local people,” he also said.

The governor said he plans to fulfill his promise of building a five-star hotel in Minna, the state capital, before 2015 and a new shopping complex at the site of the old market at Minna city centre in 18 months.

Also speaking at the event, Information Minister, Labaran Maku, said the Federal government has concluded the dredging of River Niger from Warri down to Baro, adding that work has reached 70 per cent on the Baro port which will ensure water transportation for both human and cargo.

Mr. Maku also revealed that the Federal Government had, through the Ministry of Transport, concluded the reconstruction of rail track bridges that were damaged between Zungeru and Akare, which had cut off train transportation between the North and South of the country.

The minister revealed that the good governance tour team had a successful train ride from Zungeru to Akare across all the new bridges.

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  • Maska2

    Atleast, you are bold to exercise your right to freedom of speech.

    • Christopher Gani Dikko

      But yet thesame Babangida Aliyu is scared of criticism and others exercising their right of speech. Hypocrisy in this man is too much, at night he run to this elders and prostrate and call them big brothers and in the morning he open his loud mouth and insult them, A dirty goat in human skin.


        mr diko you are right that man deserve beating because he is an ideot

  • Khaleed Adamu

    A leader is always a leader,,Gen Abdul Salam & Gen. Ibrahim Babangida have done much for the state and Nigerlite…is it the restructuring of minna township or NECO, Science equipment manufacturing, IBB specialist hospital etc,etc…Pls Talba should respect those leaders that are there before him…Na Gaba yai gaba, na baya sai labari, kuma bin Nagaba bin Allah….



    • Danlami Maiagogo

      Babangida Aliyu is not better than IBB all the roads IBB and Abdulsalam did in Minna are still very good while the one Gov. Aliyu did are a year ago are all in deplorable state,,,,,, if i may ask which is better???? He should shut up crazy thiefffff

  • Oyewale Oyegoke Solomon

    Governor Aliyu is a very rare Northern politician. well done Sir.

    • Daiyabu Ali Minna

      He is a noise maker that can noot show one single achievement all his 6 years as Gov….. Oyewale Gov. Aliyu is crook and a pen robber!!!

  • Rochas

    Speaking from both sides of your mouth, Gov Aliyu. On August 17, 2012 you described IBB through your Press Secretary, Danladi Ndayeba, as “a symbol of patriotism, vision, courage”. How do we now substantiate your blame on IBB. All of you including Abubakar are just one and the same CRIMINALS.

  • manzon Ayuba


  • Abdulyasar Black Bee

    That is life atleast they trIed who construct express way from Abuja 2 Kano, Police Academy, Malan Aminu kano international Airport/ Hospital

  • Kabir Jibrin

    when our governor give a speach u will now think that all things are posible by him but i am sorry to say speakles we need much of your action.and also which of the northern governor that have senperty for his peaples ie peaples that voted then in to power.However,is not a speach that u give can made u to become or road to become a president of this reach nation.This nation need peaple with action,the only advice that i can give is that do the posible u think u can and leve the remening one for god.



  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    Thumbs up Gov Aliyu. You are the man.

  • Naijaa

    Wonder which Nigeria these guys want to president of come 2015, with the dog eat dog situation

  • Kulie

    Yesterday this same Aliyu was criticizing Jonathan a) for being a failure, b) for breaking a gentleman’s agreement not to run again. c) for interfering in NGF. Wetin change 360* today that would not be reverse tomorrow if better no dey again. I tire ooo for politician.


    Idieot which side you belong even you claime youare supporting your northern forum governors but you delebrately turn arround and became a hipocrite shege munafiki gwamna

  • Shittu

    I find it difficult to start this discussion owing to the level of provocation Aliyu has ignited with his self centered opinion as if The presidents sited were Minna presidents or that of Nigeria. However, anything could be said to Babangida but Abubakar Abdussalaam should be let without any headache or disturbance. At least he should be praised for transition to Democracy.