Thursday, April 17, 2014

Talk Your Own, By Pa Monday


The author writes in Nigerian pidgin English.

By Pa Monday

My name na Pa Monday. I don dey for dis country tay tay. I dey Nigeria when na Oyinbo dey rule us and we dey complain. I see as we fight for independence come begin rule ourself. I see as we begin enjoy our freedom, when we like ourself, when we be one Nigeria.

I dey here when Army enter government, talk say civilians dey spoil Nigeria. I dey here when things good small and I still dey here, dey look as things begin spoil so tay things don no get head again. Things even still fit spoil pass as e be so, if we no do something.

Na ‘im make me say I go talk. I go talk my own for hia. I no go school o’ but e be like say people wey go school no dey get sense nowadays. Because if dem get sense, Nigeria no fit spoil reach like dis.

Before we talk say we be Giant of Africa but now e be like say we don become dwarf goat of Africa. Before na we dey fight make others get independence. Now dem don get independence, come better pass us. Small countries wey no reach us, wey dey polish our shoe before, don better pass us sotay we dey go dia for holiday, dey send our pikins dia to go school.

But Nigeria na land of hope. No matter how e bad reach, we go say ‘e go better’. And true true e go better, but we must begin do wetin go make am better, now. If we begin do something now to make Nigeria better, the small pikins dem fit get hope. If not, dem fit no see dis country when dem grow.

Me I go talk. I go even shout. People wey still young, wey still get energy, people wey dey office, wey dey government, pastor, teacher, doctor, nurse, bank people, bricklayer, taxi driver, make una do something to make dis country good. Make we no allow bad people spoil Nigeria. If na only 10 good people dey, dem go fit start the change wey we need for dis country. Dem go fit start something, wey go lead to something, wey go bring better change. Na only one person we need. Make you be that person, for your house, your area, your workshop, your office, your school, your church, anywhere wey you dey.

I don talk my own. If you no like wetin I talk, talk your own. If you like wetin I talk, do something.

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