Nigerian executed in Singapore


Chijioke Obioha, a 38-year-old Nigerian, has been executed in Singapore after being found guilty of drug trafficking, the local media reported on Friday.

Mr. Obioha was hanged in Changi Prison early Friday morning alongside a Malaysian national who was convicted on separate drugs offenses, the Straits Times reported, quoting a statement from the country’s anti-narcotics bureau.

Mr. Obioha was arrested in April 2007 after being found in possession of more than 2.6 kilograms of cannabis. The quantity surpassed the 500 grams threshold that triggers the automatic presumption of trafficking under Singaporean law.

He was found guilty in December 2008 and was sentenced to death by hanging. An appeal he filed was dismissed in 2010, the Strait Times said.

His execution came two days after he lost an appeal for clemency from the Singaporean government.

Amnesty International, which made serious efforts to overturn his death sentence, condemned the scheduled execution of Mr. Obioha.

“The death penalty is never the solution. It will not rid Singapore of drugs.

“By executing people for drug-related offences, which do not meet the threshold of most serious crimes, Singapore is violating international law,” the rights group said on Wednesday.

Mr. Obioha is the latest Nigerian to be executed for drugs-related crimes in the south-east Asian country.

In 2007, Iwuchukwu Tochi was executed by Singapore in the same Changi Prison despite all appeals from the Nigerian government and threats of diplomatic backlash.


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  • michro

    Will they ever learn? They won’t


      But give excuses

    • Iskacountryman

      cosmic…he was hanged in CHANGI prison…buhari definitely hates eboes…

  • John A

    Well, life is a question of choice, the only choice you can’t make is your place of birth and your parents, every other things you do is your personal choice.
    This young man choose Singapore as his drug traffic destination, knowing full well of its consequences, then what is he expecting the rest of the world to do for him?
    Wealth you did not work for will destroy you.
    There are ways that seems right unto a man, but the end therefor is death.


      Right on

  • Fadama

    Clearly, an offence was committed by Chijioke. But killing a man for trafficking Marijuana is barbaric, shameful and must be condemned. Drug trafficking is not an offence that should ever carry a death sentence. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.


      Create your own country, and let the drug barons in. Until then, respect all nations’ laws

      • Fadama

        Clearly your mental capability is seriously impeded to see value in human life.

        • BABUYANMA

          Drug Pushers are lower than the lowest animals in the world. They are a load of trash

          • Fadama

            You are a disgrace. I am sure you are one of those who mob people to death for petty stealing. F*ck off

          • BABUYANMA

            Their brothers and sisters, parents, teachers and elders warned them. What do you think the end will be for those individuals? Disneyland?

          • Fadama

            Keep walking

          • BABUYANMA

            I need to walk and put a booting on your behind

          • Fadama

            You see the reason I earlier said you are poor in mental capacity.

        • makinde

          You talk about value of life, does life have any value in Nigeria, a thick jungle where people are burnt alive for stealing garri, people are sacrificed on a daily basis not to mention the millions that die daily as a consequence of corruption, do u know that in your village people die because they can’t afford to buy malaria medicine…things are working in Singapore because they as a people made a collective decision to make their lives better by making laws to suit their circumstance, no one is above the law, if their PM carries drugs they’ll hang him…I don’t feel sorry any Nigerian caught out there, you’d experience the effectiveness brutality of their laws but you won’t live to tell the story..

          • Fadama

            And you think I cared reading about the crap you wrote. Learn how to summarise your opinions.

        • simssoon

          Bro it will take them years to understand exactly what you mean human life means nothing in their own part of the world.

          • John A

            The people and families that are destroyed as a result of drug use are not human?

      • Do please include cities, villages, tribe … every community that allows you in.

    • John A

      This man clearly disrespect Singaporean laws, this same offence may not carry even prison terms in some countries, but their prohibit that and you must respect that laws if you want to live there.
      You have to dress like a Roman when you are in Rome.

      • Fadama

        Just because it is law in Singapore doesn’t make the law right. It is simply barbaric. Stop applauding an evil decree.

        • John Smith

          You are right, what a courage guy. Send me your number, you will help me carry 70kilo of marijuana to Indonesia next week. When they stop At the airport, just tell them how barbaric they are for killing drug dealers and then you will be set free ok.

          • Julius

            You are correct… I wasnt going to comment in such term but. I agree with you 100%. See my respond to him above.

          • Fadama

            Scoundrels will always agree with each other. No surprises here.

          • Fadama

            Take your idiocy elsewhere. Sewage rat!

        • John A

          Then don’t go there if you find their law barbaric, but it isn’t barbaric to their people.
          They NEVER invited you to their country, you have no right to determine what is right or not in their country.

          • Fadama

            Off point.

        • Julius

          But, thats their law !!. Dont every country has the right to enact their own law ? You and I dont have to agree with it but, if we must visit or live there, we must obey it. Its simple.

          • Fadama

            In some countries, it is backed by law and other religious norms to marry girls once they are 10 year old girls or even younger. Should we also accept and obey all in the name of respecting what they believe in?

          • Julius

            The key word is “In some countries” and like you stated, its backed by their law and other religious noms…not yours. You and I do not have to live by or agree with that norms and laws. Its theirs

          • Fadama

            Shame on you.

    • Peace

      They should change their law so that you too can be able to push drug their country right?

      • Fadama

        Who is this maggot? I command you to crawl back into that pit latrine.

  • Watch man

    “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.” — Pro.13:11

    “An inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning; but the end thereof shall not be blessed.” — Pro.20:21

    Would people learn? God knows!

    • ucheyahct

      What about your Pastors. Nigeria is stinking with corruption, human sacrifice rife in a country that should be model and beacon of light to the world, due to the fact there are no consequences for evil deeds. Pushing drug was his choice,
      and Singapore, has the right to keep to the letters of their law.

  • amazing2012

    Good work ! Keep killing anybody who want to destroy the life your people !!

  • Malachy1010

    Common Marijuana the country is sick


      You think you can disrespect other countries the same way you disrespect Nigeria?

    • Julius

      Yea, imagine that. I was thinking something much more than that..hard drugs. This is so sad.

  • Anonymous

    Get rich or die trying mentality has provided job security for the Indonesian hangman. I do not pity anyone that goes to Indonesia to traffic drugs. May his soul rot in hell!

    • Paul Young

      He has a better chance of making heaven than most of us. He has been in prison over 8 years. More than enough time to have repented, asked God for forgiveness and accepted Jesus fully. For all we know he could have even become a pastor in those 8 years. If God were to judge us by what we did 8 years ago how many of us would make heaven?

      • plus1

        This logic is is flawed. Most of this type of activity can be avoided. Is there any indication that he truly saw the error in what he CHOSE to do?, how many lives those 2kg of drugs will destroy?. I lived in Singapore. They are strict and do not allow anyone to dictate to them regarding their laws. You see the results the moment you land there. It is not the right place to commit a crime just because Our Lord is faithful and just to forgive us …(1Jn 1:9). I’m sure he will find out soon enough if he makes heaven or not. Let’s recognize it for what it is: Crime and Punishment by humans. God’s judgment will come later.

      • Peace

        Drug baron pastor she?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he had a better chance of making heaven or hell.

  • Bigtin

    Unfortunately that’s the Law …..its blind!


    May God protect our mind from as act.


    Any person who defies common sense and operates without any sense of self preservation deserves what they get !!

    My dear Igbos,

    please lets come out in unity and fight the drug pushers in our midst , the evil trade has snuffed the life out of many of our young people and is bringing a lot of shame on our proud hard-working people world-wide, just take a good look at that young man in the photo, he could have made money through legitimate means only if he had patience and positive mentality towards wealth creation.

    1. Lets ask questions and become more critical and more sceptical towards those amongst us who get rich through all means…we know them.

    2. Lets stop giving our daughters and sisters in marriage to drug dealers.

    3. Lets name and shame them using traditional means, lets distance ourselves from them and report them to the law more frequently.

    4. Lets revisit our entire value system in Igbo land and go back to those our traditional values of success based on integrity, hard-work, dignity and self respect.

    • plus1

      Those who have ears let them hear!!

    • Wale

      Mansion in the village mentality.
      Nigeria should stop arresting them within our shores, but start reporting them to the authorities of their destinations.

      • solomon olushola

        Thank you. The Nigeria judiciary and the NDLEA will the learn on how to treat and prosecute drug pushers.

    • 678

      Tawanda, you just gave your fellow Igbo brothers and sisters a good sermon. But will they hear or listen to you?

      • Senator

        Was the Yoruba woman caught with drugs heading to Mecca in the name of pilgrim an Igbo? Hate and tribalism Will surely destroy Nigeria

        • Peace

          Dike head ,surely you know that Igbo are the masters

      • Sword of Damocles

        We are all Igbo, all Yoruba, all Hausa, all Edo, Ijaw, and so on. We are all Nigerians, but most importantly, we are ALL God’s children. This is the lesson to be learned, and IJN, we will learn this lesson. It is never too late. May soul Rest In Peace, and may our Creator bring succor to his loved ones.

        • ‘We’ speak for yourselves only, i no of no sane person who want to be igbo-biafra or travel to their region.
          The igbo-biafra felonious man must get his own passport and be force of this union, this a demonic creature form hell.


            Islamic terrorists are the worst, and you are what the world is avoiding on every street of the earth.

          • Burbank

            But you claim to be a Senegalese!

          • Sarcasm!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      I applaud your stance.

      Just so you know where I stand, your sermon is applicable to all Nigerians.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    failure of massob and ipob ………………………………. couldn’t make use of their “international” connections to rescue one of theirs …………………..

    • Julius

      lolz, they have no International connections and Trump, their new best friend and savior is not yet the president of the States.

      • 9jaIsFinished

        More of a joke for them to see Trump as their “savior”. The man doesn’t even know the name “IPOB”, what it stands for, let alone it’s existence or relevance. Lol!!!!!!

        • Otile

          Imam buhari does not know the name of his VP. Imam calls the man Osibande. What a shame!

          • serubawon70

            what has buhari got to do with this?

          • aboki

            Otile ba BUHARI ya kashe ma Dan uwa a Singapore

        • Julius

          You know that delusional people never do anything with sound reasoning, so what do you expect from them. You and I know that Trump could care less but, the biafools dont know that. We shall see. Its mlore than a joke, its sad actually.

    • thusspokez

      Your tpye have a habit of reducing every issue to tribalism. With primitive mindset like yours, you wonder why Nigeria is so backward?

      • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

        primitive mindset ……… maybe ……. nothing tribal about my comments …. the executed is an igbo man,right? besides being localized nuisance with international connections and contacts even with donald trump,WHAT EXACTLY DID MASSOB AND IPOB DO TO HELP HIM FOR SMUGGLING “ORDINARY” MARIJUANA?!!!

  • A-Aron

    he look like gucci mayne lol

    • thusspokez

      What is there to laugh about stµpid?

  • Julius

    Too bad. May his soul rest in peace. I guess ipob and mossob has no time to help him. Shit, they cant even get kalu out of the cage at the prison. What a jokers !

    • igbo-biafar man has no soul!

      • Julius

        The Igbos does but, the biafraudians indeed has none.

  • 678

    With the rate at which this people are been sent to undignified death and punishment, they still not relent on their get-rich quick syndrome.
    The love of money, which you do not work for is the root of all maladies and self- inflicted pains and regrets.

    This guy is already wining and dining in HELL! There is NO Mercy, Food, Water, Air, Peace, Rest, Light, Bribery, Stealing, Freedom, and you can’t 419 anybody there as you’re under the influence of angels of Satan whose job is to punish those who go there.
    Hell is prepared for Satan and his Angels ONLY!

  • SAM .A

    Sad that he traded his life with drug trafficking . More sad that he was hanged this morning for this offense . The question now is ,why do you want to get rich at all cost , by all means even when you will end up on international scene of disgrace ,shame and death. The lesson here is that this should be shown on NTA repeatedly for would be drug traffickers to know the consequence of their get rich quick syndrome is DEATH . All Nigerians should watch this, a word is enough to the wise .

  • thusspokez

    This should be example to Nigeria’s law enforcement and judiciary on how to enforce the law without fear, intimidation, bribe or inferiority complex. Foreign criminals in Nigeria get away very lightly because of corrupt law enforcement agencies and judges. Recently some Russians and Asians caught stealing Nigeria’s oil were fined pittance by the judge and allowed to leave the country. There can be no doubt that the judge had received bribe.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Sorry! Chijioke Obioha, an Igbo-Nigerian, has added another indelible dent to Nigeria image in Singapore,Asia as every Nigerian in that part of the world would now be seen as a hard-drug suspect.
    Igbo, would do anything to get rich. Caution to the Edo State and Delta State citizens, as they must desist from traveling illegally to Italy, through Libya, on rickety boats which usually end in untimely death in the Mediterranean-water to Europe.Thousands of Nigerians from Edo and Delta states have been victims.

    • Otile

      You are talking as if no dirty Yoruba has ever been executed outside Nigeria. Shameless hypocrite.

      • Igbo-biafra with fake Yoruba name; YES

    • Julius

      News flash !!!. They are used to it. More on the death row as we speak.

    • 3v1l G3n1u5

      Do you people still exist? Please remove the “Dr.” from your name, so we know how (un)serious to take you.

      • Ha ha ha we’ve all heard of pennis envy; now we have to add intertextual envy?

    • thusspokez

      I don’t know why idiøts like you always inject tribalism into every issue to provoke other ethnic groups.

      The rest of the world has left their primitive past behind except primitive Nigerians like you who are still locked in tribal war with one another.

      • Michael

        That’s rich coming from you. I have called you out before for making an equally bigoted statement against Yorubas on this platform. Hypocrite.

        • thusspokez

          I don’t know who you are nor do care or keep records of respondents to my comments — I get more than 30 responses to my comments each day. The stµpid ones are often from Nigerians on Nigerian websites.

          Anyone who calls another person a bigot is by implication a bigot. I suggest you spent the rest of the week to figure this out. But your stµpidity doesn’t just end there; your primitive logic assumes that only none Yorubas criticise Yorubas. This is a testament of an immature thinking process.

          • … his point is igbo-biafr man is crooked, felonious, worthless creature that must be forced out of this union by all way possible.
            This worthless creature has single (tribe) handedly taking away the security of this nation by way of robbery, kidnapping ….

            selling fake killer medication
            devaluing the currency
            destruction of the fledgling manufacturing industry etc

          • Abdul Princewill

            @Quest, Watch ur back, let’s see how tough u are. Men of sentiment like u are considered bad egg that must be picked out of other eggs, to avoid gross damaged.

          • You mean to say bad apples not eggs.

          • thusspokez

            No, the poster meant to say “eggs”. You can use eggs in idiomatic expression too!

          • thusspokez

            But according to the EFCC and other Nigeria’s law enforcement agencies, most of the criminals behind these crimes are based in Lagos.

          • Is … ajegunle is in abia state?

          • Yemi

            Ha ha ha. I’m glad you’re tasting your own medicine. Michael is right, so many times you make tribalistic comments but like a typical Yibo you crumble like a pathetic child when it goes in the other direction. a complete nincompoop. You don’t even know the meaning of bigot if you think one person calling another a bigot must mean they are a bigot. I can sniff out you Yibos a mile off; full of crap dripping out of your anuses.

          • thusspokez


            What does this word even mean? A local slang? You are on the Internet but nevertheless think that you are having this discussion with people in your own social circle. I also, notice the world “nincompoop” — obviously, a word you had picked up from my comments but which exist in the English language, unlike “Yibo”.

          • Yemi

            LOL. Nice try, a Yibo that is pretending to not know what it means. How about Ebo? Understand that one? Even worse, a Yibo pretending to be so sophisticated that he does not understand local slang, yet cannot even string a grammatical sentence writing “I suggest you spent the rest of the week to figure this out.” The word is spend not spent, or you didn’t finish primary school? Did they teach you past tense and present tense?

          • thusspokez

            You are so stµpid, you think that every poster on this Nigerian website is a Nigerian or must live in Nigeria and maybe from your village and social group. That is what backwardness and primitive mindset can do to you.

          • Octagon

            Why do you come on a Nigerian site to make comments everyday and abuse Nigerians? You sound slightly unhinged.

          • thusspokez

            Stµpid question! The Internet is a global village and anyone with Internet connection can visit and participate in discussion on any forum of their choice. You would also like to know that none of these Nigerian websites are hosted in Nigeria, there!

    • Leonard Orji Offor

      If at all you are a doctor as you wrote on your profile. Let me ask you if all those Yorubas recently cut in Saudi Arabia with drug if they are Nigerian igbos. Stop been tribal bigots. What is wrong is wrong, I have personally seen a Yoruba men who died in the name of trafficking drug too, but it is not and will not make me to becomes a bigots like you. What is wrong us simply wrong and have to be condemned. I do not goes on and say is because their Yorubas.

    • DanielOsazuwa

      Below are the names of the drug traffickers arrested and sentenced to death by Justice Desalu in 1985;
      1. Bartholomew Owoh- executed
      2. Bernard Ogedegbe – executed
      3. Alhaji Akanni Lawal Ojuolape – executed
      4. SIDIKATU TAIRU – pardoned by IBB
      5. SHOLA OGUNTAYO – pardoned by IBB
      6. OLADELE OMOSEBI- pardoned by IBB
      8. MS. MORONIKE FAUSA LAWAL – pardoned by IBB
      9. JIMI ADEBAYO – pardoned by IBB
      10. Gladys Iyamah – pardoned by IBB

      Bigot, there is no single Igbo man/woman among the above names.

      You need help my brother.

      • Arogbo

        A lot of Yorubas were involved in the trade in those days, but as soon as the Ibos got into the deal, they hijack it. Every Tom, Dick and Harry starts peddling in it, until the Yorubas quit the game for the Ibos.

      • Michael

        These are all outcomes of the Nigerian justice system which as we know is not fit for purpose. I would have been more impressed if you had produced a list from a more civilised country such as Singapore. Producing a list with IBB pardoning these so called drug dealers when IBB’s Igbo wife was herself a drug dealer is truly laughable. In case you weren’t born research why IBB assassinated Dele Giwa.

        • Bantze Hotep

          What is so civilized about Singapore? Murdering people over drugs is not being civilized! Do you know Singaporeans suffer from stress than any other people in so called developed economies? Their system produces stress, then they need drugs. Killing the supplier is hypocritical. People still smuggle it since it is so lucrative.

          • Michael

            I do not support the death penalty for drug traffickers and I agree with your statement below that there’s a double standard although I think you meant to say that if they were Westerners they would not be executed. By civilised I am referring to a society where things function particularly their criminal justice system. I certainly think it’s a more civilised society than ours. At least people don’t get lynched as happened in Lagos the other day.

      • You carry an Edo respected name why do you want to die for igb-biafra cause?

      • Sir Louis

        Thanks Osazuwa.


      Go to the prisons in the UK and Europe, the Yoruba are the most in number , if its not fraud, its drugs or people smuggling.

      • It all finally makes sense you did spend time in EU jail, spoken like a true igbo-biafra crook.

        By the way UK is in EU!


          Face the subject matter, I was never jailed anywhere on planet earth.

    • Sir Louis

      A Singaporean was also executed for the same drug offence. Drug trafficking is not an Igbo monopoly. Dare- devil characters from all nations and ethnicities are involved in it and those involved know the consequences of being caught.

      • Keep repeating it to yourselves, because nobody is buying

  • Rommel

    I am sure that even as this tragic end is being discussed,there are still those who are planning how to undertake the same trip right now,it is just so sad.

    • Arogbo

      My brother that’s the honest to God truth of the matter. As we speak some our buying tickets to go out there and smuggle drug for some Christmas party bonanza in the village. This is sheer madness.

    • The tragedy was allowing them back into the union without any form of punishment to their forefather after their war of greedy and usurper.


        Go back to fouta djallon….are you even a Nigerian ?

        • maybe i don’t know; but my uncle is the president so maybe


            Well get an extra camel or donkey and take your uncle back home.

          • We’re home, it’s you and your kind that would wonder the earth until the end of time, because you can’t find your way to your fake biafra homeland

  • Peace

    Majority of Igbo in abroad are in prison and on death row, due to their over desperation to make money. because the only thing that Igbo worship is money . in their Land they don’t want to know the source you get money from. That is why Igbo are the most dangerous people in the world. And that is why Nigeria got bad image internationally due to these Biafran evils

    • marc umeh

      You have made your point. Stick it to the Igbos . Now celebrate. Go get a beer !!!


      The most dangerous place to live in West Africa is northern Nigeria where you come from.

      • Arogbo

        Nna, there are despicable things that your people do in this drug trade that we cannot launder on this platform. My question to you is, why are they still going out there when they know that if they are caught they will die by hanging? Tell me what can be driving that kind of mindset if it’s not greed.

    • Fadama

      Dirty pig!

    • Yankee

      To prove you wrong,I will call names and I will be truthful with you by telling you where I met these guys.I happened to have immigration issues in the USA and I found my self in imigration detention in South Texas close to San Antonio. The 2 nigerians I met in detention unit I was were Yorubas:Lateef and Balogun though I met another guy called Kingsley from Edo State.While Lateef spent 10 years in federal jail for dealing in drugs,Balogun commited credit card fraud ten years ago and served jail term for it but after 10 years immigration came back for him for the same case and wanted to deport him (forgiveness is not in American law).Kingsley from Edo state comitted various credid card fraud.I will stop here because story is too long.My reason of giving you my eye ball experience is to prove to you that crime does not have boundaries and the earlier you allow this gospel truth to sink into your skull the better for you,hence you stop your hate.

      • Bantze Hotep

        Who is greedier than the Oyinbo people who came to African rape us and enslave us? We as a people have internalized their values. Let me stay poor! I will never want to be in such situation. Without breaking the law, they still hate you. It is very sad.

  • Enemona

    May his soul rest in peace. I hope others are learning.

  • Leonard Orji Offor

    My condolence goes to his family. But I must say it the way it is, let everyone desist from this practice of drug trafficking in which ever way. But to those that are using it as a means to of tribal bigotry in social media well I really feels sorry for you all. People should rather give out a positive comments in the social media rather than to use bigotry and hate for this evil of drug trafficking. In Nigeria there those looting the federal accounts of Nigeria which many and majorities are not the Igbos,
    If one should judge by a true standard there far woser than those that die are killed for a drug related offences. I will advise everyone to desist completely from any drug related business of any type, though matter the country you are living in. Find a very legitimate ways of making money and and growth your bussiness and be patience with what ever you are doing for a living.
    Do not allow anyone or a person to push you into doing anything that is against the law in the country where you lives in the name of making easer and fast money.

    • Peace

      You are Biafran so you must support him systematically

      • Leonard Orji Offor

        What is the needs of staying in the social media to be responding and replying ignorant and a coward person like you.

        • DanielOsazuwa

          Don’t bother yourself replying such scumbag

        • The igbo-biafra man is a plague-cure on this nation, he must be force out by all means possible.


            I think the Islamic terrorists from the Sharia north and the government looters of the SW are a worse sort of plague.

    • Arogbo

      Majority of the Nigerians in Singapore jail today for drug trafficking our Ibos and as we speak some our getting ready for another trip to Singapore because the oracle of Amadioha told them to go ahead and that they will have a successful journey.
      Nna, it’s real foolishness for our people to be going out there knowing that if they’re caught they will die by hanging. Let’s call it what it is, there can be no justification whatsoever for this kind of madness. They need to stop going out there for drug trafficking, period.

      • They’re abnormally greedy by nature!

        • Bantze Hotep

          Not necessary!

      • Sonny Martin


  • Sidney

    There’s no hurry in life what will be will be let’s just be patient and take life easy it’s not a do or die affairs

    • Arogbo

      True talk my friend!

  • Yunusa

    If you must stay in another man’s land, the law of the land should be your watch word.

    • thusspokez

      So he happens to be the first to break the law his host country?

    • jon

      Most importantly, if one is a Christian living in an Islamic State.

      • dx

        Sorry to burst your bubble, I am a xtian who has lived in the middle east, the laws do not respect religion. In fact, harsher on muslims who they claim should know.

      • Ade

        And Muslims wants sharia law in another man’s land?

  • Tunji Olarewaju

    This is a crime i believe doesn’t deserve the death sentence. I wonder how his family are feeling right now. This a crime against humanity

    • dave jacob

      If you believe it does not deserve the death sentence but a country in which you earn your living says any offender caught will be executed, why do it, knowing that all the views of the anti-death penalty world combined would not save him? I believe Obioha dreamt more of the good life he would enjoy than the death danger that he would be in if caught.

    • Arogbo

      I totally agree with you, but my question is, why are they sill going out there for the trade? That baffles me!

      • Once you ‘totally’ agree you have no more say you have ‘totally’ surrender to opinion.

    • Believe what every you want, they have to protect themselves from the likes of you.

  • Robert Lee

    It’s a darn weed and it’s legal in some state of USA. Come on, it’s nature product. Mother nature made marijuana and is not some synthetic human made product.

    • dave jacob

      But once you know that the punitive consequence in a place is death, why do it in the place? It is painful the guy was executed but he should not have been that daring.

  • Mbah Pascal

    just as I say NO to drugs so I say NO to capital punishment, may his soul rest in peace and may his death serve as lesson to others!!!

    • Arogbo


    • Bantze Hotep

      These Malaysians are hypocrites and savages. Cannabis is legalized in the same countries these Malaysians worship. If there was no demand, there would not be supply! As a Ghanaian, I am disgusted to hear my Nigerian brother is slaughtered like that. I understand some Ghanaians too have murdered in that God forsaken country. It is a shame the world allows these savages to keep on doing that. Anyway, our people should take note. It is not worth it.

      • Stay away from their country; stay away from everybody’s region, go back to your own region and live like the lawless creature that you are.

  • Allahu Akbar, Allah bless the day this greedy amoral creature igbo-biafra gets their own passport, the damage they done to the reputation of this nation is more than enough.


      I think Islamic terrorism from your Sharia north is more destructive to Nigeria’s reputation that a few criminal drug pushers, drugs are found in every country of the world so are dealers but terrorism is restricted to a few dangerous countries.

      • Sir Louis


    • Fadama

      Bigot and evil minded retard

      • The disabled; the in-firmed are your new victim of abuse, what a tribe of degenerates

        • Fadama

          Your vile nature and insanity are unrivaled.

    • Maria

      And what can compare with being a boko haram country?

      • Sir Louis

        Brother, I share your worries. But what of those from Nigeria who were caught with drugs during the last Hajj in Saudi Arabia? Were they also Igbos? Igbos have done nothing especially bad as an ethnic nationality. Stop picking on them. Treat each case on its merit. We need to work hard for a better governed society where opportunities abound for every one without discrimination. Wish you well.

        • Maria

          You misread my comment…my comment is against the man who attached igbos to drugs claiming they have brought shame to Nigeria. My question is to him…being a boko haram nation is worse than this drug matter. But those doing drugs must stop it.

          • Sir Louis

            Sorry Maria. The comment was actually meant for the same man (Quest), but i mistakenly clicked on your comment and when i realised it and attempted to correct it, i discovered it was not easy. As to your comment, i totally agree with your submission. Cheers.

        • Click on the curser to the right corner of your post from there you can delete or repost at any time.

          Fake killer medications…
          Igbo-biafra dubious characters

    • Burbank

      I am sure you are neither a muslim nor a true Nigerian.

      • Yes i’m a Senegalese not a real Nigerian.

        • Burbank

          And should have commented on your Senegalese maid Mbayang Diop’s case executed by Saudi Arabia!

          • Igbo-biafra posing as a man of honor, don’t be deceived by the name(s)

      • how sure are you?

  • okungbowa james

    House, while the white guys are really living off the internet and becoming billionaires by the day, what is the most populous black nation in the world doing? Sitting down and asking if its possible! Wake up Nigerians, its possible and if you’re dedicated to it like your regular 8 – 4 job, you’d make millions out of it, expect your returns back in just 4 weeks!

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    Wish you well in your online exploits!!

    • Yello

      @okungbowa James
      How does the mcdavefuns work.

    • Burbank

      drug trafficking businesses

  • Abdulkadir

    Well, it is business gone bad. In Nigeria someone would have said it is because he is Igbo. Even now, somebody somewhere is trying to write a piece suggesting Buhari instigated the Singaporean government to kill a Biafra citizen. Crazy Nigeria.

    • firethem

      very soon God will disgrace Buhari and his Advisers

      • Burbank

        Well, until then God is blessing Buhari now.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      Buhari is god to you,human to me.

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  • smart one

    This is the result for desperation of money may his soul rest in peace

    • Burbank

      May his soul burnt extra-crispy.

      • here here!

        • Jay

          You are a cunt….. anybody who doesn’t know will keep replying to you baseless comments… but go ahead…. internet warrior.

    • It’s a result of zero moral compass tribe/clan of trashy people.

  • Nigerian Citizen

    It is a shame to Nigeria ,a shame to Nigerian leadership, a shame to those who have ruled this nation without doing anything positive to protect the future and destinies of Nigerian citizens.
    Many commentators here are behaving like the biblical Sadducees and pharesees ,hypocrites who are quick to point at the saw dust in others eyes while holding dear to the logs in their own . is on record that the first tribe that introduced drug peddling in Nigeria is Yoruba,even fela who was the most celebrated drug abuser is still being adored and worshipped by yorubas.likewise armed robbery, 419,ritual killing still very thick in Ogun state till date,financial scam, Internet scam ,treasury looting, falsification,idolatry, juju and cloning of documents etc.for some yorubas to soon forget the report from this years hajj where not less than 20 yorubas were caught for drug offences and then go ahead to blackmail igbos for the sin of few criminals amongst them is to me very immoral and mischievous of yorubas.
    The facts remained that the government of Nigeria have rushed her citizens into despondency, fear of tomorrow and restiveness and the results are showing in many citizens who know not God nor have fear for him straying into vices that are even injurious to their lives and destinies. Evil and vices in Nigeria have no tribe,party or religion. Check the list from kidnapping, boko haram,ritualists, armed robbery, treasury looting, falsification of documents, inflation of contracts,prostitution, drug,frauds etc ,no tribe or religion is immune from this vices. May God save Nigeria and give us leaders that are sincere, burdened with the burden of the citizens of Nigeria. May God forgive the soul of this citizen.

    • Arogbo

      Nna, make u comot for this platform make you let us here word. So if na Yorubas starts the drug trade as you claim. Nai be say Ibo man don take over. Una no dey reason again, una no dey shame? The way wey una take dey look for money na do or die. The Yorubas wey teach una everything, wey una know don live una for the trade, na dem come be una mortal enemy. Abeg make you go die with your jangbajantis lecture make you let us here word. A lot of you are bunch of ingrates and delusional usurpers. Big time money misroads!

      • Nigerian Citizen

        You hypocritically and deceitfully ignored the salient points that I adumbrated and chose to entertain yourself with foolishness. My point is that Yoruba invented those vices and are still neck deep into them till today but they are too quick to blackmail others especially ibos once a case of vice is reported against them.
        For example ,one of the senators representing Yoruba in the NASS presently is a drug baron whom the NDLEA is in court trying to extradict him to USA for drug offences.The undisputed Yoruba leader of today called Jaga ……. Is a confirmed drug baron. The last hajj saw about 20 yorus been arrested for drug offences .so what are you talking about ,an armed robber celebrating the arrest of pick pockets is immoral and deceitful. That’s my points.ibos are not more desperate for money more than yorubas ,if they are ,the likes of tafa balogun,obj,thieftunbu,bode,obaniko,fayoshe,ffk,ladoja,etc would have been ibos.
        The only difference is that ibos are too focused,courageous, and show expertise in whatever they do while yorus are too lazy,cunning crafty,envious, jealous and too tribalistic.

        • Go back to biafra who is stopping YOU!

      • Bantze Hotep

        Yoruba or Ibo or Ashanti, do these savages make a difference between us? why are we so hung up on ‘tribe’? Africa wake up!

        • igbo-biafra an unscrupulous, fraudulent, scheming, amoral, heartless creature.

          YES it makes a huge difference!

    • here, here, well said.

  • Grace Adeyomo

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  • Bantze Hotep

    The killed for cannabis? These people are savages!

    • Burbank

      Singapore also executed Chinese Indians, Arabs, Malaysians, Australians, Britishs and Singapore citizens too.
      The laws in Singapore are blind to races, tribes, languages, religions or political memberships.

  • Ayo Blessing

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  • Burbank

    Another Kashamu Buruji’s wannabe bites the dust.