Falana, Ozekhome, others disagree on arrest of judges

Femi Falana
[Photo credits: Newsbreakers]
Femi Falana [Photo credits: Newsbreakers]

Reactions continued on Sunday to trail the weekend arrest of some Nigerian judges in their homes by operatives of the State Security Service, SSS.

While most of the voices have been in condemnation of the development, foremost rights activist and lawyer, Femi Falana, had a different view as he blamed it on alleged years of negligence by the National Judicial Council, NJC, to stamp out corruption among judges.

In a statement he issued from Lagos, Mr. Falana called for the release of the judges but demanded their prosecution by the Attorney General of the Federation.

“As the detained judges are presumed innocent until the contrary is proved by the state, they should be admitted to bail in self recognizance. At the same time, the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation should ensure that the suspects are arraigned in court without any further delay.

“However, it is a matter of grave concern that the legal profession has allowed the denigration of the hallowed temple of justice because of the misconduct of a few corrupt judges. For several years, judges who committed grave criminal offences were not prosecuted but merely retired by the authorities on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council.

“Although the National Judicial Council recently recommended the dismissal and prosecution of a judge for extorting the sum of N197 million from a litigant, the authorities had paid lip service to the menace of judicial corruption in the country.

“About two years ago, an anti graft agency found N2 billion in the account of a high court judge. As soon as the judge was invited for questioning, she reported and made a statement and was granted bail. But as she could not defend the lodgement in her bank account, she obtained an interlocutory injunction from one of the judges in the custody of the SSS.

“It is common knowledge that two Senior Advocates of Nigeria are standing trial in the Lagos high court for allegedly bribing a judge. Even though it takes two to tango, the judge has not been charged to court for allegedly receiving bribe,” said Mr. Falana.

Mike Ozekhome, a Senior Advocate, however described the attack as dangerous and against the very foundation of democracy.

He alleged that intimidation by the current administration started long before this attack and that the silence of Nigerians created the room for what he described as the increase in the abuse of democracy.

“It started with political opponents and opposition. Some of us cried out. Many gloated with éclat and a sense of victory at opponents’ horrific travails. Then, they moved against some very senior and well respected lawyers being rubbished. Some clapped. They said it was anti-corruption. We cried out. It extended quickly to the National Assembly, another different arm of government. Many hailed the Government as tough, no-nonsense and anti-corruption- inclined. Some of us warned.

“Now, the Judiciary, up to the very apex court of the land, the Supreme Court, has been targeted and is now being intimidated, humiliated and annexed,” he said.

Mr. Ozekhome warned that if the clampdown was allowed to continue, the media would be the next target of the SSS.

In the opinion of a U.S. based lawyer, Emanuel Ogebe, the action of the SSS represents what he described as the dictatorial style of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement addressed to media practitioners in Nigeria, Mr. Ogebe said the attack on the judiciary is worse than any in the history of Nigeria’s dictatorship.

“Here is why the president goofed. In furtherance of the doctrine of separation of powers, the National Judicial Council is the body primarily charged with the discipline and appointment of judges involving violations of the Code of Conduct of judges in S.292(1) of the Constitution. This peer review ombudsman agency serves as a bulwark to arbitrary and vindictive attacks on judges from the executive or legislative by conducting internal self-cleansing.

“Indeed just the day before the raid on the judges, NJC had listed almost 70 judges upon whom disciplinary action had been taken in a 5 year period. At 5% of the approximate 1042 judges, this is more than the number of governors, ministers or legislators ever sanctioned for misconduct in the past 16 years of democracy combined,” said Mr. Ogebe.

He gave examples of alleged dictatorship by past administrations, adding that Mr. Buhari’s “style of dictatorship has always been worse” than that of other dictators in Nigeria.

“Firstly, not even in the dark days of the brutal dictator General Abacha, the butcher of Abuja, did anything of this sort happen. Abacha’s highest action against the judiciary when they granted his political rival for the presidency, MKO Abiola bail, was to appeal the decision and refuse to appoint new judges to hear the case.

“Similarly even President Obasanjo, also a former military dictator, only used a similar mechanism under the constitution by declining to forward names of certain judges recommended by the NJC to the Senate for confirmation. Obasanjo ultimately appointed judges to the bench.

“However Buhari’s current government’s action is worse compared to his prior record as a military dictator in the 80s. Buhari then retired many judges whom he felt did not give judgments against the ruling party. Furthermore he created special tribunals and rewarded judges who agreed to serve on these tribunals with promotions over and above those who didn’t,” Mr. Ogebe said.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria also condemned the attack and vowed to stage a nation-wide protest to register its concern.

In a statement signed by its President, Ikenga Ugochinyere, the council described the attack as shameful and grossly undemocratic.

“We totally condemn the arrests of these jurists as their arrests could have been done in civilized ways. Who says it is only under the cover of darkness that they can be arrested? Was the onslaught by that time of the night for an opportunity to do anything the Service will not want Nigerians to know about? Was it necessary to pull down the doors of the houses of non-violent judges to execute an arrest warrant?

“While we note that no one is above the law and that security agencies can arrest anyone who commits a crime, we wonder how such highly placed citizens who were not known to be violent could be arrested with a combined team of SSS and Police and in such a Gestapo style.”

The council called for an immediate release of the arrested judges and an end to all forms of attack on judges in Nigerians in general.

It asked the Nigerian Bar Association to order boycott of all courts of law for the next 48 hours as a demonstration of its dissatisfaction of the action of the SSS.

The council further said it will organise protests across the nation, where the NBA fails to exercise a show of dissatisfaction.

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, asked President Buhari to order the immediate release of judges arrested by the office the State Security Service or face global legal action.

In a letter dated October, 9 SERAP asked the president to order the release of the judges and an end to what it called the undue intimidation of the Judiciary and Nigerians in general by the SSS.

“If following the receipt and/or publication of this letter, your government fails or refuses to immediately and unconditionally release the judges as requested, SERAP would promptly consider appropriate legal options nationally and internationally to ensure the full and effective implementation of our requests,” it said.


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  • Du Covenant

    I really do not know what the fuss is all about these so called judges who have aided and abated the destruction of our country by few greedy idiots. Are these judges not fellow human beings?, if we are serious in building a solid foundation for Nigeria, no one should be above the laws of the land!. Petty thieves are the only criminals that face the wrath of the law, what type of a society is this?. A society where the more money you steal or the more you abuse public trust the more free you become?, Is this normal?. Let these judges know that they will be raided on a regular basis. All we are asking is of them to uphold the sanctity of the position they hold in our society and do what is just right!…

    • AbdulMajid

      Serious incriminating items and even money in both dollars and naira ware found with these judges. So the question now is what are they selling or from where ar those items including money find with them from.After all no body is above the law.those judges should simply explain the source of those monies.

  • Sword of Damocles

    of all i read, i am profoundly disappointed with SERAP. Trust is the hardest thing to earn. I sincerely urge SERAP to revisit this issue vis a vis, their stated duty to advocate on the behalf of the betrayed Nigerian masses. God save our Republic.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Femi Falana’s stand is unfortunate and self serving. How can a lawyer of Falana’s rank justify an illegal act by the failure of another person to act. So to Falana extra judicial killing of an offender is justifiable because the person committed an offence. Mob action and lynching of miscreant is justifiable because the Police failed to apprehend and punish them. What a wishy, washy, woolly SILK!

    • Jossy J

      Is this the first time the dss has made such arrest? Why is this one news? Judges not above the law.

      • Smart

        Yes jossy, they’re not above the law, they should be detained, interrogated, prosecuted and imprisoned if found guilty.

      • Jaspa Matanga

        That you broke the law before does not justify your continuing to do so. If you stole before and were not punished, is that a justification for you to continue stealing? NO. From all indications you do not have WASC like Buhari so you will not understand the points we are making. Go to school so you can reason with your brain and not your heart. Bear in mind that in a civilised society like ours, THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS. LAW AND ORDER DO NOT CONDONE SELF-HELP. You must follow the laid down ways of doing things. DSS DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY OR POWERS TO DO WHAT THEY DID.

        • Jossy J

          They do not have the power to do what they did? Ok fine. You are complaining because it affect these big thiefs. The same judges has been presiding over cases of suspects arrested by dss, both you and these judges saw nothing wrong then. What is good for Peter is good for Paul. Next time we will send the efcc don’t worry but for now these few crooks will face the music. It’s not the job of the efcc to arrest kidnappers, but if under circumstances they do Are we going to ask them to release the kidnpapers because it’s d duty of the police ? In any case the role of the dss is very broad so do not be deceived. I will school u free

        • Wisdom Alpha

          Truly you speak well! Now even the forgery case they just dropped what happened and why? Is this not corruption? this govt is for now an error to Nigeria and her progress!!

    • Abdulkadir

      What is illegal about the arrest? Are judges exempted from arrest? There is a reason the executive is given responsibility for all that happen in a country. Is the constitution particular about the time of an arrest? Were warrants of arrests/search not tendered before effecting the arrests/searches? Is unprecedented the same as illegal? One cannot keep doings things in the same way and expect a different result. Corrupt people may shout, but they don’t own Nigeria. Decent Nigerians are happy with the President.

      • Wisdom Alpha

        Who among the govt of the day is not a criminal? Let speak the truth!!

    • Michael

      What’s illegal about going to arrest alleged criminals in their homes? Your ignorance is appalling.

      • Wisdom Alpha

        Who among the govt of the day is not a criminal?

    • Wisdom Alpha

      It is simply a failed govt we are having today!

  • orkuma gbushum

    A cesspool of corruption ,the wig oozes in stench;
    in all places alas, at bar or at bench,
    even in the ivory towers, their robes are drenched
    in squalor and filth, as all is clinched
    the judiciary and legal profession as a corruption-ridden cult, is now well entrenched.

  • folabi

    Mike Ozekhome should just shut up and defend these judges in court if instructed. He’s clearly showing himself as an ally of crooks by trying to colour perfidy with unfounded allegations. The issue is simple. Are these judges above the law? The answer is a simple NO!!!

    • Hank

      Those who are not part of the solutions are part of the problems.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      No! but the present govt, who is not fighting corruption but witch
      hurting perceived opponents. Take a look at what happened in Edo
      election where APC induced people with money to vote for them, is this
      not corruption? Let speak the truth and not lie!!

      • Mr.SCOTT

        When PDP you support get into power they can as well probe APC,but it was generally admitted that PDP had misrule in Nigeria, so leave the rest argument. It like a thief caught but trying to defend himself by asking why others in the past have not been caught. The caught thief is the confirmed thief not the one that have not been caught.

  • Haba mallam

    Ok ibo lawyers trying to destroy Nigeria

    • Wisdom Alpha

      No! but the present govt, who is not fighting corruption but witch hurting perceived opponents. Take a look at what happened in Edo election where APC induced people with money to vote for them, is this not corruption? Let speak the truth!!

      • Mr.SCOTT

        U don’t commit offense in the presence of your enemy, so don’t bother about APC offenses now, when PDP or any party in the later days would probe APC as well,but it is generally admitted that PDP members had violated laws in the past,so let’s us dwell on those that are in good book of the ruling party,except if you have PDP affiliation or sentiment against APC.

        • Wisdom Alpha

          You are so wrong in your thoughts and you do not mean well for Nigeria!!

  • ayi-baba

    In 2015, 2014, 2013, FBI carried sting operation on some federal judges, arrested and prosecuted them. Nobody calls Obama administration dictatorial. The said judges were eventually jailed. Most people commenting on this platform or other platform against the action of the DSS are simply ignorance. With a valid search warrant, DSS has done nothing wrong as no one, even the president is above the law. What is learned about ignoramus lawyers who are so lazy to just search the net for information that will enable them to make an informed comments. Obama said and I quote, “in life and in politics, ignorance is not a virtue”

    • Michael

      Don’t mind the ignoramuses including the ridiculous NBA and SANs who are just as crooked as the Judges hence why they support them. We didn’t hear their voices about the poor people who have been languishing in jail for years because Judges and lawyers love to waste time with adjournments and adjournments. This country is sick at the core and the Judiciary is the pinnacle for that sickness.

      • Wisdom Alpha

        …but what happened in the forgery case the govt of today just removed
        from court, is the present govt not obstructing justice? Edo election,
        APC induced people with money is this not obstruction of the peoples’
        will? You can see it that this govt is the most corrupt govt ever seen
        and dwells in lies! Let is speak rightly!!!

    • paul irumundomon

      When did this raid, in American supreme Court justices, carried out and in what states. What was the motive for the raid, was it carried out in the middle of the night. Who are these justices. Please, I feel embarrassed, when Nigerians try to compare, what is happening in Nigeria, to what is happening in America. FBI don’t work for Obama, dea don’t Obama and secret service don’t work for Obama, but they work with pride for all Americand, there is no FBI boss, who can afford to buy a house, like the one your brother, former efcc boss bought in Abuja, I mean in the history of United State FBI bosses.

      • Mufu Ola

        But will an average American judge be obstructing justice the way Nigeria judges do? If Nigeria have a self cleansing institutions like US or Europe we don’t need to worry.The DSS is spot on in this case. How many times have NJC sat this year to consider various allegations against judges? Or u want us to keep waiting for the ‘2nd coming’ of Jesus Christ?

        • Wisdom Alpha

          …but what happened in the forgery case the govt of today just removed from court, is the present govt not obstructing justice? Edo election, APC induced people with money is this not obstruction of the peoples’ will? You can see it that this govt is the most corrupt govt ever seen and dwells in lies! Let is speak constructively!!!

          • Tjay

            You are sounding like a broken record with this your “Edo election, APC induced people with money is this not obstruction of the peoples’ will? You can see it that this govt is the most corrupt govt ever seen and dwells in lies! Let is speak constructively!!!” Don’t you have anything better or another thing to say? It is making you like a dullard… Mtsewwt

          • Wisdom Alpha

            Are you alive or…..

        • Peter_Edo

          hahahahahahaha “second coming!!!!”

    • Wisdom Alpha

      Nothing to say is bad about arresting people and judges when they are found corrupt but the thing is that these arrest are against people and judges who are not dancing to the present govt tone. Come to think of it the present govt talking about fighting corruption is even worst, like at what happened in Edo State election
      where APC was using money to bribe people to vote for them, is this not
      corruption but there have not been SSS to arrest any body. Let us think constructively before making statements!!!

      • okpada

        Did they collected money to pervert justice? Yes. So why all hues

    • You are a bloody liar. Come up with another one.

      • ayi-baba

        A simple search on the internet could have covered your ignorance, and I think some of you are very lazy to do the needful before attacking another man on the net.
        In Nov. 4, 2015 FBI arrested Judge Arnold Jones II on sting operation
        In May 30, 2014, Superior Puerto Rico Judge, Manuel Acevedo Hernandez was arrested by the FBI
        In Jan. 31, 2013, nine judges were arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, perjury etc among them are Willie Singleton, William Hird, Michael Sullivan
        All these were arrested after thorough investigation by FBI, even some of them were baited.

        Please change your name to George_Benin Republic because you are out of touch with the reality in US.

        • And without warrant…. and on the US president whimsical decisions. Try and understand the basics of a dictator’s mentality and paranoia. You don’t abduct citizens in the dead of the night illegally. Everybody is an enemy that must be neutralized except his sycophants. We know the antecedents of this man called buhari. God has decided to teach us a lesson in Nigeria.

          • ayi-baba

            With what we read, DSS secured search warrant from magistrate in Abuja, so they have valid search warrant. When you are searched and illegality is found, they don’t need warrant to arrest such a person. And really, I get your point, but I don’t think that is the reality on ground. When you read the genesis of the whole arrest, the correspondence between the DSS and the NJC, you will understand the need to make it clear once and for all that Judges can’t play God. All accepted that the judiciary stenched of corruption, why then are we afraid to flush and purify it? Mind you, the DSS, EFCC etc are working base on intelligence, therefore, sting operation like this is expected. Buhari is not perfect, in fact, I am disenchanted with him, but he seem to be bearing down on common enemies, enemies of the state. We have long been ruled by cabals who are playing God. For those Buhari sees as Saints at this material time, their moment will definitely come, be rest assured.

  • paul irumundomon

    Any one who condemns this, just want Nigerians of tomorrow, to have that expression of free speech, without fear or favor. Is just going away fast, this is no longer democracy anymore.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      You are saying the truth…the present govt talking about fighting corruption is even worst, like at what happened in Edo State election where APC was using money to bribe people to vote for them, is this not corruption but there have not been SSS to arrest any body.

  • okpada

    Ozekhome and Ogebe are absolutely corrupt, if not they will not support this rubbish happening in Nigeria. Can a judge in the US indulge on what these judges have done? Can they keep more than a thousand dollar in their home? There is a cashless policy in Nigeria, how do these judges get about this cache of cash of various denominations? Idiots.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      Yes these ones may be corrupt but Is the present government not corrupt and even worst? This government is not helping the country but rather killing it. Like in the case of the so called forgery case that has been withdrawn from the court, have you asked yourself why this withdrawal? Let us think critically when making some statements!!

      • okpada

        Because Saraki and Ekweremadu were not the ones that did the forging of the standing rule rather it was duo of the NASS clerks that did it,so they are the ones that will face the problem, though Saraki and Ekweremadu benefited from forgery but it is none of their business

        • Mr.SCOTT

          A senator initially foresaw it that they will persuade the clerk and the other officer to claim responsible so as to exonerated them been top figures in the National assembly. So this development should not be strange to those who know how crook,rich politicians go about their ways.

        • Rosebud

          The case against the NASS clerks have been dropped as well… so what next?

          • okpada

            No, the charges are in the process of amendment to rope only the two clerks who conducted the amendment without due process, that is exactly what is happening. Our media houses are not reporting properly if you go their daily captions

      • e_orpheus

        I wonder the nature of your thought process.
        “Yes these ones may be corrupt but Is the present government not corrupt and even worst?”
        If this is the case, what do you propose? All arms of government should continue to fester in corruption? Each one should look the other way while everyone does as they please and the nation continues to descend?

      • Mr.SCOTT

        In case you don’t know Federal government is revisiting the case with a better evidence and strategy, please don’t get carried away in your PDP sympathizers manner.

      • Chibobo

        Your critical thinking at most is very shallow. You don’t kill a country by fighting corruption. Mind you that its the reason majority voted for Buhari.

        • Wisdom Alpha

          You do think that my critical thinking is very shallow, because you are missing the very understanding of what i am talking about. Again if you are fighting corruption let it be total and not selective. More so fighting corruption should not be something that we continually shout about. And i must remind you again there is nothing like corruption fight right now in Nigeria! Think friend constructively!

  • Mufu Ola

    Ozekhome have always been a strong supporter of the looters brigade.So no surprise here. By the way where did PREMIUM TIMES get the “most people condemn the development” stuff? They should go to the streets & get people’s opinion instead of relying on orchestrated press releases by agents & grandmasters of corruption.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      Let us think before we talk….have any arrest been made in Edo state where the APC was inducing people with money to vote for them…where the voting was totally rigged?, Friend is this not corruption? Let everything be done rightly and not one sided.

      • Kareem Haroun

        Both parties used cash to induce politicians; as a live witness, I can tell you that

      • okpada

        Did PDP not induced voters also. Or you did not read the report of the TMG/ Civil Coalition/ EU observers group report. Please let us face reality, there is no PDP would win the Edo state governorship if elections are adjudged by performance because out of two things you must the good, better; and APC performance in governance of Edo state is better in all ramifications.

        • Wisdom Alpha

          The giving of money to induce people is not corruption, irrespective of the party doing it? The two parties should be disqualified and the mandate be given to the next party, this will be the beginning of corruption fight in Nigeria. You see where we are?

      • Mufu Ola

        Only APC was inducing? So PDP have suddenly become agents in political corruption?Wahala dey plenty for some people!In any case how are sure those distributing money were APC?They wrote APC on their forehead? And did they follow voters into the polling booths?

        • Wisdom Alpha

          But whosoever gave money is it not corruption?

  • GOI

    Did they pay taxes on those monies found in their houses? It is economic sabotage to have such huge sums of money in your bedroom, they should be charged with economic sabotage as well

  • SirB

    Falana have made a good observation and recommendations but Ozekhome is too bias for taking side of the corrupt judges, my hope is, that he is not among them. National youths council should be careful with what they’re proclaiming because that’s not the interest of Nigeria youths. We support arrest and prosecution of any corrupt judge as long as the arrest is not selective. What respect is deserve for a judge who blindly uphold corruption. #IstandwithDSS.

    • Kareem Haroun

      Ozekhome is a lawyer to many opposition politicians, so it is understandable if he is not happy with what happened to some of the judges that may have been good friends of his politician clients. As for youth council, I have long lost fate in them; since they had become willing tool of manipulation in the hands of politicians

  • Oseriere Law-key Oyanyan

    This Ogbe is a goat for making this statement. What does he mean by highly placed people. Is he emphasizing that we are not the same in this country? Does it mean that the law addresses citizens in accordance with their political position? He is stating that the we are not all equal.

  • Oseriere Law-key Oyanyan

    I suggest strongly that corruption should face a totally different type of penalty. Like death by hanging or firing squad without trial. I mean immediate killing. If i were the president, i will higher private assassins to cleanse this abominable act called corruption.

  • Audu Al-amin

    Mike, you are part of the corruption in our judiciary today? Because you negotiate between the looter and the judge shameless man. Is the law made for a common man?

  • thusspokez

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

    Source: Sermons in Erlangen, Marburg, Göttingen and Frankfurt (January 1946), as quoted in Martin Niemöller, 1892-1984 (1984) by James Bentley, p. 177.

    • Mufu Ola

      Only the looters need to be afraid.Anybody with clean hands will not buy your sentiment above.

      • Clement Okundaye

        what about any one with clean hand who criticizes the government? do they need to be afraid? like the guy who named his pet..

  • Johnson

    Sadly for the NBA and its corrupt lawyers Nigerians can no longer by hoodwinked by meaningless catchphrases. For the first time in Nigeria, the common man may now accept that the Law is no respecter of persons.Kudos to the DSS and the government. As for statements by Ozekhome and Ogebe (Whose father was a respected judge) …. just scare mongering

    • Clement Okundaye

      why is Dogara still the speaker? why is that man Kyira or whatever his name is still the Chief of state? why is Burutai still the COAS? why is Emefiele still CBN Governor? why is Amaechi still Minister? Why is Guazo still minister?

  • As we speak, we are organizing protests at the United Nations, New York and in all major capitals in the EU, Africa and Asia. We call on all Nigerian patriots to turn out to join hands to rescue our Nation from its rapid descent into fascism. Nigeria must not return to dictatorship. Buhari is a dud.

    • sirb

      The so called protest as you called it, is not in the interest of Nigerian. #westandwithbuhari

    • IG

      I live 4miles away from the United Nations Headquarter so we will all meet over there. Mind you,we are also organizing protest against your support for Nigeria looters who are your pay masters.

      • We welcome all protestors, both for and against tyranny and fascism. Nigeria Corruption campaign must follow the rule of law. Dates for world wide protests shall be announced. Stay tuned.

    • Mufu Ola

      You want to protest after cleaning the streets of Brooklyn? Our is it Harlem?Double dud!

    • Rominiyis

      The worst kind of assault on the rule of law and constitution is the auction of justice to the highest bidder.

  • Africa

    Brilliant lawyer, the very conscience of a country.

  • Kpansia

    Enough of all this brouhaha about rule of law, constitutionality or otherwise. Ask any oppressed Nigerian to go to court and hear his/her response; it will most likely be “I no get money”. He/she is not talking about transport fare but about what to bribe the judge with. Judiciary is nothing near the last hope of the common man in Nigeria. The police and the Judiciary that are supposed to protect the country are two of the most corrupt institutions in the country. Kudos to SSS! Kudos to PMB! Corruption is on its way out Nigeria.

  • Etomi

    Femi Falana is not a foremost human rights activist sh1t!

    He’s a criminal…..he manipulates his clients to part with their money, but fails to pursue their case….

    Many such small cases there are in which he browbeats his poor clients to part with their money, only for him not to pursue it just because they are small, not big, cases that could generate media buzz….the man is shamelessly hungry for media attention…

    Falana is a common criminal, who ought to be cooling his pathetic heels in Kirikiri Maximum!

  • ebong

    Ozekhome is a messenger of corruption.He makes his money by defending corrupt officials in courts headed by corrupt judges! His fear is that he would soon be out of business.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    Corruption in Courts, NBA & Press must be fought in other to bring sanity to Nigeria.
    It is no news that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt Countries in the World. Falana is among the few lawyers left in Nigeria who speak their mind. My kinsman Ozekhome once pleaded amnesty for kidnappers.
    Morality, truth or justice are secondary to him compare to wining an argument at all cost, even if at the expense of perverting the course of justice [setting a thief or murderer free] in the process.