SSS’ claim that judge kept $2 million “concocted” — Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike Photo:

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike said the statement released by the State Security Service detailing how operatives found a huge amount of money during nationwide raids on homes of judges between Friday and Saturday was “concocted” to justify an “unconstitutional assault on the nation’s judiciary.”

“It is really unfortunate that SSS would concoct a false defence that $2 million —that is N900 million— was found in the house of the judge,” Mr. Wike said, describing it as “flimsy excuses”.

Mr. Wike made the remark when he met with the management and players of Rivers United Football Club in Port-Harcourt on Saturday night, hours after a standoff involving him and authorities nearly turned fatal.

Mr. Wike said he prevented the SSS from arresting the judge because they could kill him and use that as a pretext to say the state was not safe and to prepare grounds for declaration of a state of emergency.

“If they had abducted the judge, they may go ahead to kill the judge and they will say that Rivers State is insecure,” Mr. Wike said.

Mr. Wike said the SSS was wrong to seek arrest of a serving judge in such a manner, saying there exist legal procedures for checking and prosecuting errant jurists or other public officers.

“In the police, erring and corrupt policemen are first given orderly room trial, sacked and then appropriately prosecuted,” Mr. Wike said. “For judicial officers, the SSS has no role.

“I am not in support of any judicial support being involved in corruption,” but “this impunity must stop.”

The name of the judge in whose home the large sum of money was allegedly found has not been officially released. But sources identified him as Abdullahi Liman of the Port-Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court.

Mr. Wike said he remained unfazed in the face of the “blackmail” and will continue to protect the people of his state, notwithstanding the price.

“The way things are going nobody should relax. Freedom comes with sacrifice. Independence comes with sacrifice. Liberty comes with sacrifice.

“I was there with our state and National Assembly members, Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Austin Opara; the PDP Chairman, Felix Obuah; and some caretaker chairmen. When they said I was with thugs I just laughed,” Mr. Wike said.

The nationwide crackdown on the judges from high to appellate courts attracted widespread condemnation of the SSS, with eminent citizens and professional groups calling on President Buhari to immediately order the release of the judges.

The SSS could not be reached for comment for this story.


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  • Bigtin

    I fear for Nigeria ….something is so fundamentally wrong with the whole system.

    • Tj

      Buhari like his brother Abacha wants to throw Nigeria into darkness. He is an agent of darkness.

  • amazing2012

    …then why do you promptly come and stopped them from searching the compound using thugs ?

  • Olu-Lion

    what a ridiculous excuse, just like other judges were killed after their “abduction”. money (cash) is the most fluid evidence one can ever seek or used against an accuse in court, SSS was right to raid the judges home at the time they did, but I would have preferred that the operation should have been carried out by EFCC since the bulk of the allegation bothers on corruption, anyway as long as they are found culpable and guilty they should pay the price. Enough is Enounh


      Till date …. have they told us what they found during their unconstitutional invasion of Akwa Ibom State Government House …. immediately after the invasion they concocted lies that huge amounts of cash and several other incriminating items were found ….. what have they done about their so called findings to date!

    • abodes_124

      Metuh’s case is still in court after more than one year. you are going to have a long wait before Justice Abdullahi Liman ‘pays the price’ for the$2 million dollars they suspect must have been in his house but has been ‘spirited away’ elsewhere. What a country of obviously very clever people like you.

  • Comfortkay

    It is very unfortunate that people like Wike who attends University and who claim to be a lawyer is making this kind of bubbish statement.
    This man is not fit to run a local government council.

  • George

    Governors who know their right know very well that they are not answerable to president so Wike knew what he was doing and he did it very well.

    Buhari can go to hell but he can’t make Wike to surrender his state to him.

    • Mufu Ola

      He will surrender it legally at the appropriate time.

  • Watch man

    See political tout who calls himself governor talking. I doubt if this man EARNED a degree in law. The worst is yet to be out.

    • emmanuel

      Alhaji Buhari and his DSS Gestapo boss are the real touts.
      People who set aside civilisation and act like Boko Haram insurgents are worse than touts.
      Judges are most unlikely to be violent, so how did we get to removing their doors to arrest them?

  • Arabakpura

    Rivers state is very unfortunate with this guy at its helms! If there is no trouble, he will look for one thereby keeping the citizens always on their toes!

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Wike said the SSS was wrong to seek arrest of a serving judge in such a manner, saying there exist legal procedures for checking and prosecuting errant jurists or other public officers.

    I must put aside my hatred of Nigerian politicians and Wike’s interior motive for risking his life for the judge, and indeed complement him on his bold stand.

    Most Nigerians can’t think — my apologise if you are a Nigerian Socrates –,hence they unable to realise the terrible precedent and danger that these Gestapo-like raids pose to their own liberty, lives, the rule of law, and democracy in general.

    Surprisingly, even in our 21st century, there are still many cheerleaders for this sort of jungle justice in Nigeria.

    • SeniO.

      I was about to commend him for his courage too until I smelt smoked fish. His excuse was that there were going to kill the judge right? There were raids in other states and judges were brought in for questioning. And up till now, there has been no report of any one killed. How come na only PH judge sss wan kill?

      • thusspokez

        I was about to commend him for his courage too until I smelt smoked fish. His excuse was that there were going to kill the judge right?

        The plausibility or implausibility of his excuse is irrelevant in the bigger picture. The SSS acted outside its constitutional mandate. If the authors of the act of parliament — which created the SSS — had wanted to create the SSS as a police force, they would have done so and perhaps dissolved the Nigerian police force.– What would be the point of having two police forces?

    • Tj

      Wike is a hero indeed! We need more of this kind of patriots to stop this thinkless man and his demonic moves against Nigeria and Nigerians. Shame to Buhari!!!!

      • thusspokez

        Wike is a hero indeed!

        I wouldn’t go that far, bu: He was heroic, but I get your point.

      • Mufu Ola

        Keep on shaming yourself. We are tired of “injunctions & adjourments” after collecting shares from public looters.Buhari is a real hero.Only crooks,their agents& sub agents are crying.

      • Ikechukwu_67

        Hero for thieving judges of course! DSS can arrest anyone in the course of their duty. It doesn’t matter if the person is a judge. Does a serving judge have immunity against arrest? Please!

      • Mufu Ola

        Of course crooks hail crooks as heroes.

      • Bastino

        Hero ke?Thank God cool head prevailed.It could have resulted in unwarranted loss of lives

  • wode

    It’s only people like Wike that would believe his lies.

  • djay

    What is Wike’s interest with the judge in question?

  • paul irumundomon

    We are Nigerians, we know our uniform men and women, how they plant evidence, to prosecute suspects and the people they want to destroy. They just released the total amount found, how many days it took them, to count the money.
    One thing I’m happy for is, rich Nigerians, are also paying heavy price, and the legitimate rich people, if there is any, will be included because that is a price you pay, as a Nigerian, your kids all have excorts, your house have two gate men, your children lost privacy, and above all it will continue to grow. There is no adult Nigerian, who has not seen, be a victim, or have friends or relatives, as victims to Nigerian uniform men and women. They frame innocent people in Nigeria every day.
    I did business in Nigeria, for about nine years, I saw more than hell, how uniform people, accross board, what they do to Nigerians. Some just take it one day at a time, others curse the day it happened it happened to them.
    Buhari may not survive this draconian law, we are in democracy. Everyone who condemns this action, will be called haters by those who now assume a slave status to buahri. Those who know nothing about Nigeria basic laws, also contribute, by acepting it to be norms in law.

    • Lanre

      Thank you for your deep analysis and comment. The military instituted and nurtured corruption in Nigeria. Have you seen Buhari ordering troops to break into the family homes of the Abacha’s?

      • paul irumundomon

        That can never happrn, to buhari, all nother criminals, are saints. The slaves in the south, are the one that will pay a bitter price later. Buhari was found wanting to billions, not accounted for, during obj inquiry, into ptf. They kept every thing away from Nigerians.

        • Bastino

          Hope you not going to attribute your love for Nigeria is responsible for all thesei garbageyou spewing.You love Nigeria not.

          • paul irumundomon

            What do you mean?

    • Ikechukwu_67

      Slave status indeed!! You’re not concerned that judges have become part of the same problems you enumerated? Let them feel the pinch too. Thieves on the bench!

      • emmanuel

        due process please.
        Were you told that the Chinese parliamentarian sentenced to death this weekend for corruption was killed in his home while arresting him?
        Absolut power corrupt absolutely. Buhari has becoem corrupt with absolute power which you people made him seccure when he ran government for six months alone
        I did warn that he was not cleaning any stable, but sensitising our ability to accept or resist despotism

        • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

          the chinese man you mentioned would soon have a bullet passed thru’ his brains if that has not already happened …………………… when would we speed up our justice system to be as fast as china’s?

        • Ikechukwu_67

          The other judges that were arrested already have their obituaries out heen? How come the only judge who is crying blue murder is the one Wike supports?

          Please this crap of yours..

      • paul irumundomon

        I was happy for the arrest, way more than you, but I’m now concerned, how bahari wants to jettison Nigeria laws, that is what is bothering me.
        When a good message is delivered by a bad messager, it will carry same critisizism you are seeing now. The laws are there to be followered and respected. He should just follow basic rule of law. You don’t use power or fighting to enforce a good law. That is what I want to convey.

        • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

          i’d rather concentrate on false “judgements” these fools passed and the damages they have done to us so far ……….. all cases involving these thieves should be revisited ……………..

        • Bastino

          How does Buhari want to jettison Nigerian law when the sss did obtain the necessary warrant for search and arrest.The time of execution is immaterial

          • paul irumundomon

            What you call immaterial, is what make nations great. The most basic laws, is what make nations. Nigerians need to grow up, don’t accept wrong doing, just because you support buhari. Foreigners can not help us to build Nigeria, we as Nigerians, must do it alone, and together.

  • Tj

    Nigeria is in trouble with Buhari. Big trouble indeed!!!

    • Mufu Ola

      Only crooks are in trouble indeed.Better run for cover!

    • Dodondawa

      What is your point?

  • thusspokez

    Now reading some of the comments, you realise how stµpid many of these posters are, and why Nigeria is a nation of mørøns. They can’t look beyond Wike and see the bigger picture or think how this gross abuse of power by one of Nigeria’s law enforcement agency might one day affect their own liberty; and make Nigeria’s democracy even more fragile.

    BTW Where are the members of the National assembly whose duty it is to protect Nigerians from such excesses? Yes Wike has his own sins, but he is brave to take a stand on behalf of Nigerians and democracy. Let’s give credit where it is due.

    Shame on you distractors! One wonders if you distractors are propaganda agents or employees of the SSS trying to shift the debate from the rogue and outlaw SSS with its barbaric ways to discredit Wike. Further, why is the cowardly SSS not in the North-east helping the Nigerian army to fight boko haram or protecting areas liberated by the army so that boko haram does not retake them? Instead it is doing police job when Nigeria already has the EFCC and a police force.

    • Mufu Ola

      Wike is not standing on ” behalf of Nigerians” & democracy. He’s standing to protect himself.He can’t hide his fingers. How long are we going to be talking of “impunity” when judges adjourn crucial cases indefinitely, grant perpetual injunctions & it would take NJC endless rigmarole to sanction corrupted & compromised judges?And to top it the same culprits & their agents will accuse govt of not being able to convict certified crooks in gentlemen garbs.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      Keep quiet. When did it become Wike’s job to protect a judge’s from arrest? Does the judge have immunity against arrest? Why is Wike so vehement about defending this particular judge?
      It is not Wike’s job to determine whom DSS can arrest? So just keep quiet.

      Bigger picture my foot.

    • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

      had rather face a crude form of tyranny than a subtle one from the bench whose damage can hardly be quantified yet felt by all in the society …………..ultimately,such damage would be irreversible ………..

      • thusspokez

        Well, if you prefer tyranny — which is by nature, a corrupt, arbitrary, cruel and oppressive state then you would be choosing a corrupt, cruel, arbitrary and oppressive system of justice — the opposite of what, l would imagine, you desire.

        • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

          “you would be choosing a corrupt, cruel, arbitrary and oppressive system of justice” ……….. this,is already in existence without my consent!!!!!!

          • thusspokez

            this,is already in existence without my consent!!!!!!

            Do you understand my previous response? Anyway, you now say that tyranny is already in existence and yet your original comment would imply that it doesn’t exist, but that your would welcome it: “rather face a crude form of tyranny”. So does tyranny already exist in Nigeria or it doesn’t?

  • Ijeuwa

    Wike said publicly, during the “thanksgiving service” to celebrate his rhyrric “victory” at the Supreme Court that all thanks were due to Peter Odili, a former governor of the state whose wife was ‘promoted’ to the Supreme Court through means we all know. Wike said Odili would call him at 2am and tell him to go and meet this judge or that judge, and that he did as instructed…And that was how he won the case!

  • Ikechukwu_67

    When a Governor feels there’s a need to physically prevent the arrest of a judge, then, there’s a problem. What’s the relationship between the Wike and the judge? Wike should save us the human right platitudes please.

    • emmanuel

      Mallam make we hear word.
      A corrupt judge must pay for their offences, but Nigeria is not Mexico. Even in Mexico, the country’s constitution is not set aside.
      A warrant that brings down the door of a citizens door when security comes in at 1am?
      We hace heard recently how DSS operatives remove the roof of houses or break through walls to arrest people?
      You can be happy for now, but you would pay your price soon at the rate things are going.
      Ask Tinubu how it has been with him.
      A man refuse to allow Kano election rigged during 2015 Presidential election and he and his family get burnt to death? Evil.

      • Ikechukwu_67

        You are just a clown who loves to rant. Ikechukwu is now a mallam because you don’t agree with him. Funny man..

        Please quote the law that says that a judge cannot be arrested? Let us know what law gave the judge immunity from prosecution? Educate us on the law that says DSS cannot arrest a judge?

        for Wike to physically prevent the judge’s arrest says a lot. Everyone can guess why. It’s too obvious to be denied. Continue your rants…

      • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

        does the law specify a time when arrests could be made?

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    crying more than the bereaved …….

  • ayodele

    Gov wike is holding brief for d judge by saying the judge did not keep 2mdollaes in his house, he should have allowed him to confirm or otherwise d allegation. how will it sound if d judge confirms that he truly kept money.. as true leaders we should be carefull in meddling in the matter we don’t have facts about. pls note that Truth will surely be revealed as dss has unfettered access to all d means of communication which d judge used at his trying moment but unfortunately. gov wike and d judge do not have access to. let us all know that a new sherriff is in town and be law-abiding

  • Bastino

    I shudderedto think if the man in charge of the sss team has gung-ho mentality of some of some of our serving military officials,it could have resulted in a mayhem.Examples are abound.The government and police officials have no right pervert the cause of justice simce the sss were in possesion of search and arrest warrants issued by a competent court.Since the govermor has immunuty ,maybe time to make example of the man leading the police team

  • Man_Enough

    all the people he mentioned are thugs!