My wife rescued promptly as directed by Buhari — Emefiele

Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor
Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor

The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, has confirmed the release of his wife who was kidnapped on Friday.

Margaret Emefiele, who was abducted by unknown gunmen, was rescued by security operatives at Ugoneki near Benin City late Friday.

News website, Sahara Reporters, said a her captors demanded a N1.5 billion ransom.

It was not clear whether the amount was paid.

Mr. Emefiele expressed gratitude to God, President Muhammadu Buhari and security agencies for the rescue of his wife.

“I am grateful security agencies for their gallantry in bringing my wife back home within 24 hours in compliance with the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari,” he said in a statement Saturday.

“My gratitude to the Delta and Edo State governments, friends and well wishers who, through their actions, prayers and goodwill, helped to bring this harrowing experience to a joyful end.

“I reaffirm my resolve to continue to serve the nation diligently with all his heart without any fear of intimidation,” Mr. Emefiele said.

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  • Datti

    Kidnapping: the shame of a nation. This terrible act, like armed robbery, would be difficult to curb due to the high ‘profit’ yield.

    • OOkkoossiissii

      Nigeria is a shameless nation. The zoo must fall!

  • Ikechukwu_67

    …released by paying 80million naira….

    • Alhaji

      It could be more.

    • Iskacountryman

      na government do am…

  • amazing2012

    ….so quick ?

  • Otile

    If Imam can give the command and this woman is released why can’t he give the same command to release the Chibok girls? Politics must be the reason the girls are languishing in captivity.

    • Haba Mallam

      we dont want to rescue them because they are mostly christains, you can send CAN to go and get them back. We have no problems with muslim girls in muslim hands so go to hell.

      • Observer

        I know that you are not a Muslim nor an aboki, you are either an ibo or Bayelsa man impersonating islam and Hausa. Your baby talk cannot kajole me. You nothing bit a baby factory product

        • haba mallam

          I dont need validation from a kafiri like you

          • Otile

            Don’t pretend to be what you are not. If you were a fulani Muslim you would not be saying kafiri like a yoruba man.

          • haba mallam

            it shows clearly you’re a dummy from the delta, your think everyone is a pretender like you

          • Otile

            Northern moslems do not say kafiri, so you are a damned pretender.

      • Otile

        I am not going to hell anything. You captors are hell-bound forever.

        • Haba mallam

          you’re surely right we are captors just like the way we capture Niger Delta and get free oil forever, as for hell be rest assured you will be deep in the lowest and most ferocious section of it.

          • Otile

            So you already know all parts of hell and where your own portion is. Did Satan or Nabi Mohammed reveal this to you?

          • haba mallam

            unlike you with your tiny little brain and the most uninformed and ignorant people who worship other humans we know where the enemies of Allah will be on that day, yes you will be with satan as your master in bottom pit of hell where you will rot and burn with satan.

      • The Boss

        Could u be anymore useless than this

  • agbobu


  • Maria

    After you paid 80 million…stop deceiving us.

    • Gimba waziri

      did you mediate for her freedom, how much was your share ?

  • Man_Enough

    I do not see Emefiele’s talk as a commendation to say that the woman was released because of the president’s orders. It rather suggests that the president is part of the crime; otherwise why wouldn’t he give the same orders in other cases that had been long drawn.

    • Solomon Brown

      My thoughts exactly.


    They probably paid promptly.

    • Mufu Ola

      It’s not likely.The logistic of negotiation,trusting& then delivering the money all in 24-36 hours make unlikely.Maybe the kidnappers got rattled.That’s what I suspect.

      • Dejandon


    • princegab

      In his next incarnation, Emefiele will dare not stop rountriping. Pmb saved him this time around

      • Oleku

        There was no abduction, don’t be deceived.

  • Chi

    Kidnapping is condemnable. Condemn the criminal not the victim.

  • samG60

    When people think they are doing this president a favour by sucking up to him, saying your wife was rescued upon his directive. You are truly doing him no favours at all, if it will take a presidential directive for law enforcement and security agencies to do their jobs then it’s an indictment on the executive. What of all the Nigerians that are being kidnapped daily and don’t have connection in aso rock? does it mean law enforcement can’t be relied on to work for them in the absence of presidential directive? An executive that is directly in charge of security and law enforcement that cannot guaranty security for elections in only one state of the federation and people are still holding on to their jobs? Isn’t that a serious indictment on such an executive in any normal country.



    • Dejandon

      We’re you there when the Ransome was paid?

    • dlox01

      E b like say na you be the kidnapper…

  • Onike24

    Some animals are more equal than others….

    • Dejandon

      Even your fingers are not equal. Possibly fear caught the kidnappers. After all even a child whose fishing line caught a barracuda would let go of it with the hook.

    • Oleku

      There was no kidnap. Don’t be gullible.

  • ewuare

    Now you are indebted to pmb. You now must demonstrate your appreciation at every turn.

    • eneboy

      By issueing Dollars @ 190/$ for muslims going for pilgrimage

  • Dejandon

    Thanks be to God

  • Yusuf

    when will Buhari direct the release of Chibok Girls

    • A Aminu

      The issue surrounding chibok girls was complicated by GEJ. If only he was as sincere as PMB is, chibok girls would have been released in shorter a time than it took the release of this lady. GEJ and his dominating wife did not agree the chibock girls were kidnapped. So there was no attempt to set free a make believe kidnap, as far as they were concerned.
      We must give credit to PMB for the release of this lady. My worry however is, should the security agency wait for the presidential order to do their job. If she were my wife or your wife, would PMB even bother. This is not good for the country.

      • dlox01

        On the chibok girls , I agree with you. On the orders: there is no where in the world a ministers or its equivalents wife or a CBN governors family member or himself will get kidnapped and such orders will not be given. Why do u think even kidnappers dont go for high profiled kidnapping? They themselves know its a very big risk on this level. Even the heads of security parastatals know what to do when such happens,they need not wait for the president to give them orders, the CBN governor just thought he should give proops and win face too

        • A Aminu

          Well the higher the risk, the more the kidnappers will ask. Have you ever heard a ransom of N1.5bn but this high society kidnap? I agree with you that they avoid such high profile kidnap because they knew the security agency will not toy with such kidnapped souls. But the whole issue of kidnap be it high profile or low profile is absurd and the sooner the security agencies cooperate with one another, and bring a halt to it, the better. The S E and S S states, they made it a capital punishment, I am yet to read who was visited the capital punishment. So the whole issue is politics and not seriousness is attached to it.
          I respect your thinking. Have a good day.

      • George

        You are confused as your name implied.

        So you believes that old useless girls missing stories. SHAME MALLAM

        • A Aminu

          You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs but you cannot be a judge to your own cause. Leave the judgement of who is confused to other discussants reading our discussion. Always never loose your temper to people you do not know, as it amounts to waste of efforts, and leads to nothing. Grief shared is grief doubled.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Thankfully Emefiele’s wife was released. However, if what he is saying is accurate, there is something unsettling about how the rescue happened.

  • Iskacountryman

    your wife was released promptly by the dss…

    • Colonel Mariam

      lunatic, who gave the instructions to the dss?

      • Iskacountryman

        who else?

  • soulchild

    This man is still an ass kisser. Just like when I was in Zenith Bank and his lips were permanently kissing Jim’s ass. Na wa!!!

    Anyway thank God madam was released abi rescued???

  • Scatter

    So, if PMB didn’t issue a directive, your wife won’t have been rescued promptly? Does that also explain why many other kidnap victims are not rescued promptly or never at all? Do security agencies need such instruction to do their work? What a pathetic country!

  • eneboy

    Dear PMB, please issue a directive to the security agencies to rescue me whenever I am kidnapped. Thank you

  • shola

    The CBN governor must acknowledge that this is just an orange traffic signal for you and your office. Next time could be red. Always look back when you are making your decisions. If Buhari gave the directives as you claim, what will be the fate of the four police aides who fled the scene of abduction and left your wife on her own? Would they be charged for desertion and be dismissed from the police force?

  • GbemigaO

    Lol. But the police knew the kidnappers anyway and am sure they scold them for kidnapping the wrong person and drawing unnecessary attention !