Ex-Army Chief, Ihejirika, testifies in court in Boko Haram suit


A former Chief of Army Staff, (COAS), Azubuike Ihejirika, has told a FCT High Court that he was not involved in Boko Haram Sect.

He told the court on Thursday that he fought Boko Haram sect using his commanders in the field.

Mr. Ihejirika, retired Lt.-Gen., sued This Day publisher, Nduka Obaigbena, Leaders and Company Limited and Stephen Davis, an Australian, a hostage negotiator working for the release of Nigerian Women held hostage by the Boko Haram at Chibok, Borno, in 2014.

The former army boss is claiming N100 billion for damages from the defendants for alleged defamation in the interview granted by Mr. Davis to Arise TV. The interview was published in ThisDay.

Mr. Ihejirika asked for a perpetual injunction restraining the defendants from further defamatory comments against him.

Mr. Ihejirika wants the defendants to publish a full retraction and apology in the front page of ThisDay Newspaper.

Mr. Ihejirika, who was cross-examined by counsel to the defendants, Frank Chude, said Boko Haram members are terrorists and the Nigerian Army is fighting the group.

Mr. Ihejirika said he was a public figure and issues related to him were for public consumption.

The former COAS said he did not have personal issues with Boko Haram but fought them as terrorists.

He admitted that he had heard about the tape of the interview and his name was not mentioned.

But Mr. Ihejirika said he was the only Chief of Army Staff that retired in January 2014 as mentioned in the tape.

He also said he had never granted ThisDay Newspaper any interview but read the said publication when his attention was drawn to it.

Mr. Davis said in the interview that a Boko Haram sponsor a former Chief of Army Staff retired in January 2014.

Mr. Davis also said that he got his source from a Boko Haram senior commander who named the sponsors.

Justice Valentine Ashi adjourned the case till Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 for continuation of cross examination and defence. (NAN)

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  • Haba mallam

    Yes you did, your commanders abandoned their weapons for boko haram to use. Who is deceiving who, we know your plans, under the pretext of being attacked they throw away weapons and run only for boko to collect them and used them against us. You collaborated with CAN and committed crime against humanity, you must face the full wrath of the law. Who trusted an iboman with a five star generalship to lead the Nigeria army your loyalty lies somewhere else.

    • Ologunguntere

      Your type are the reason why Nigeria should be restructured. You can’t continue to blame innocent people for an ideology which is alien to them. You spit on them but want their resources. It’s really disgusting, shameful and cowardly.

    • Solomon Brown

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    • Jayjay

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      Are you sure you are a nigerian, and are you writing form Nigeria or from Swat Valley in Pakistan or from Iran or Afghanistan where terrorists and State are as good as one?

      Can you please shut your trap and let these flies aroud your mouth go on holidays?

  • Charlie

    God will punish you if you’re lying. How in God name can you say CAN has committed crime against humanity? When people killing and maiming people are religious fanatics like you.

  • Colonel Mariam

    I can see how General Ihejirikar, a Christian , will recruit a bunch of Islamic terrorists affiiated with Isis to attack other Muslims. This is totally believable. This Australian has been deceived and played as Boko Haram will always divert attention from their real sponsors. Ihejirikar’s only crime is that he killed Boko Haram wherever he found them and denied them control of any Nigerian territory. They will try to implicate him for killing them mercilessly. It will be sweet revenge on their part. Dumb Westerner who gave an interview in which he claimed to have talked to people from different “tribes” during his investigations.How come he knew and visited Boko Haram , chatted with them and broke bread with his buddies that comfortably?

  • lo

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    • Julius

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  • Realitytalk

    God will expose all of them one by one.. God is bigger than those that milked us all dry

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

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  • Jayjay

    This man won’t be held responsible for what his commanders chose to do on the ground. We all saw how the lack of equipment made the Army smaller and weaker than Boko Haram due to the wickedness of Good Luck and his team.

    If there is any lag or failing anoteable to this man with respect to the Dasuki Gate, yes, I concour. But if not… They should stop bothering him and anote his honours due him to him as one who fought for the defence of his father land.


    • Rommel

      Are you serious? what did he do when it was revealed that time that the arms being used by Boko Haram came mainly from the Nigerian army armory

    • Julius

      What did he do when the funds meant for new weapons were being looted . It was all done under him. He got some cuts as well. Those are the questions he needs to answer to.

  • Rommel

    The real Boko Haram was crushed by president Yar’adua,this new and violent one we have today was sponsored by the PDP to enable president Jonathan get an extension of two years using security concerns in north east,it was the plan B hatched to counter those that were seeking to oppose his second term bid,this extension would have given him 8 years which is the max allowed as president,the plan however fell apart when speaker Tambuwal decamped to opposition,it was only after the decamping that president Jonathan became serious and the main reason why emptied Nigerian coffers to bribe anybody that could be bought.Ever Oba in Yorubaland received Jonathan’s money,every prominent man that control a large following across Nigeria,from Imams,to pastors to Juju men,traditional rulers,opinion leaders etc were all paid in Naira and dollars,this is the sourse of Nigeria’s problem today.The boko Haram plan was much like how president Reagan allowed the CIA to sell narcotics in America but within the black community in order to raise money for their activities in Nicaragua when the congress under democrat speaker Tip O’Neill refused to fund the dirty activities of CIA in central America.President Jonathan was willing to sacrifice people to his advantage,this was why his soldiers concentrated on looting of fund meant for equipments,former national security adviser Andrew Owoye Azazi discovered and raised alarm,we all know how he ended up because of his linking the PDP with Boko haram.

    • bugwu

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    • radical

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    • Muhammad Naib

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