How we secured ceasefire with Niger Delta Avengers, others – Dialogue team

Armed militants 
Photo: Buzz Nigeria
Armed militants Photo: Buzz Nigeria

The Niger Delta Dialogue Contact Group, NDDCG, headed by King Alfred Diete-Spiff says it will consolidate on the achievements made from meetings held with stakeholders.

A member of the group, Nkoyo Toyo, disclosed this at a press briefing at the end of its third working meeting in Port Harcourt.

She said the meeting reviewed the general security challenges in the Niger Delta and afforded participants opportunity to make valuable contributions on strategies toward attaining sustainable peace and development in the region.

Ms. Toyo, who said that the NDDCG had been able to host its working meetings in Akwa Ibom and Delta, added that the group was reaching out to other stakeholders for joint collaboration and partnership.

According to her, the activities of NDDCG have greatly contributed to creating a broad platform for effective engagement with government and other stakeholders on peace building in the Niger Delta.

“We have recorded active engagement with government, including meetings with President Muhammadu Buhari, Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu and Brig.-Gen. Paul Boroh, Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs.

“We reached out to Pan Niger Delta Group (PNDG) led by Chief Edwin Clark, we sincerely commend them for their decision to partner and have close interaction with us.

“NDDCG also had active engagement with all aggrieved groups in the region and ensured team work with all other relevant parties leading to the declaration of 60-day ceasefire by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA),” she said.

The NDA, whose violent activities led to a 50 per cent decline in Nigeria’s oil production, declared a unilateral ceasefire and accepted conditional dialogue with the federal government.

Ms. Toyo said her group would consolidate by further strengthening of collaboration and synergy with the PNDG and work to produce a blueprint of fundamental issues for dialogue.

She said the group would work with local and state governments to address security challenges and economic sabotage.

“We will set-up a committee to commence work on the issue of legal frameworks for extractive, environmental matters, including follow-up and replication of the ongoing Ogoni clean-up in other parts of the region,” she said

Toyo said the group would prefer that the forthcoming Niger Delta Summit be held in the region.

The meeting was attended by prominent traditional rulers and leaders in the Niger Delta region.


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  • Otile

    This trash because as soon as the next bad economic news is announced Buhari and his Fulani soldiers will be pounding some places in the Niger Delta to cover up their incompetence.

    • Mufu Ola

      The incompetence that your brother exhibited spectacularly for 5years plus & then land us in trouble.

  • FreeNigeria

    All this dialogue is like applying bandage to a bad wound without treating it. What happens to the arms with these Niger Delta outlaws? Paying criminals is not the way out. They need to surrender all the arms and live a civilized life. Or the worthless Nigerian military can fight it out once and for all.

    • Izon Manu

      Have u ever thought of introducing the same Luciferic ideas from the 3 Old Regions of Nigeria to the Saintly Boko Haram fighters from Mali–Chad and Senegal who have murdered more than 100,000 innocent Nigerians from the K states and North Central within the last 5 years? Buhari has freed over 3,000 Fulani Boko haram fighters since the inception of his Satanic rule————-How many Militants have so far been freed–by Bingo Buhari? Are the Okah brothers who owe their allegiance to BINGO BUHARI ati the Apes in APC FREE NOW?—Was this FAKE ITSEKIRI AND URHOBO Group, not in place when the soldiers of Occupation put together by Mumu Boro killed the father of Tompolo——-?—————Did u see any soldier in the North impose their rule on the Fulani cowhands in the North who are often led by our soldiers to sneak into the South East —to kill Ibo farmers and split open the belles of Ibo women–under the directive of Bingo Buhari?——U described militants fighting for their freedom as criminals abi-?What name will u give to Kabiru Sokoto who murdered more than 100 Ibos on a Christmas day–and was recently freed by Buhari?-Freedom is our goal-Not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas—that late Awo said we should not bow down our heads to———————animals

  • IZON Redeemer

    The entire communique, ISSUED by the Itsekiris and Urhobos in the NDCG and some greedy Ijaws does not make sense one little bit–The agenda of the Militants is for us to split–Restructure Nigeria–For us to–CONTROL OUR GOD GIVEN CRUDE OIL RESOURCES———–Not this cosmetic statements DESIGNED to appease the sultan of Sokoto and BINGO Buhari—in Mali and Chad———-99.9 percent of those rusting away now in the GULAG of Buhari are from the Niger delta—from Akpos–Nimasa to Dudafa—–Chief Roberts–ati-Orubebe and Mrs Madueke whose properties have been seized by Bingo Buhari———-Buhari has released over 3,000 boko haram Fulani fighters—since he was imposed on us by the CIA—-Besides the Ijaws are not allowed into the down stream sectors of the oil industry——–Again why are the Urhobos and Itsekiris still bombings oil pipelines are they part of the struggle?——If they want their own Independent state fine–But we do not want theses TRAITORS led by Sagay and Kenyamo in our backyard in the niger delta———–Ours is resource control—–if the Yorubas can control the sea ports—-in Lagos——and generate revenue from it– why should we not do same to ours in Warri–Calabar—–and Port Harcourt—————-Let the Yorubas remain with the Tincan Island Ports—————————-and the Lagos Ports-built with the oil resources of the niger delta people–Every Fulani Yoruba and their Ibo errand boys dashed an oil well in the South south must be made to leave the oil wells—for the indigenes——–In lagos their fake oil wells are not under the control of Ilaje Ijaws. It is the Yorubas who control it via Falawiyo—why should ours in the SS be different—-?———————Freedom is our goal—————not the Rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates-in APC———————-As for Boro his own time will soon come———-Let him continue to work for the Fulanis and Yorubas-

    • freedom is our goal

      President Muhammadu Buhari has, at the U.S.-Africa business forum, said that his administration would ensure that “Nigeria does not slip back into a lazy and dangerous dependence on the crude oil from the Niger delta ” again. Unquote–what a mental case–we have at our hand in Nigeria-as President-Yet these fake group claim they want to dialogue with the militants that Buhari says he has little or no regard for–I begi

  • Realitytalk

    You did a wonderful job, this are people who have the interest of the National at heart. God will reward you wonderfully