Buhari to Obama: We’ll resolve Niger Delta crisis soon


President Muhammadu Buhari, Tuesday, assured Barack Obama, the American President that Nigeria is making steady progress towards resolving the problem in the Niger Delta region which has led to economic sabotage on a grand scale.

During a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 71st edition of the UN General Assembly, holding in New York, President Buhari disclosed: “We are making definite progress on how many factions of the militant groups exist, their leadership and operational basis, and we have equally sought the cooperation of the oil majors. In a short while, I believe the issues would be resolved.”

While thanking America for help rendered in the area of security through provision of armaments, training for Nigerian troops, and sharing of intelligence, which has led to the degradation of Boko Haram in the North East, President Buhari said the country was open to support in combating the humanitarian crisis currently ravaging the region.

The President said the farming season was good this year, with the prospect of good harvest, and “Nigeria is on the road to food self-sufficiency soon. We shall be able to feed ourselves, and utilize the billions of dollars spent on importing food on other productive areas.”

President Buhari reiterated that his administration came to power on the tripod promises of security, battle against corruption, and revamping of the economy. He stressed that there would be no let-up in fulfilling those electoral promises.
He wished President Obama a happy retirement, as he winds down gradually on his tenure in office.

Responding, the American President described President Buhari as a man of “integrity and honesty,” saying: “We have confidence in your leadership. There are some difficulties you face, but this administration is willing to assist in the short time we have left. You have made real progress in defeating the brutal organization called Boko Haram, and that was achieved because of your leadership.”

President Obama offered a hand of fellowship to Nigeria “in the final and comprehensive defeat of Boko Haram, resolution of the Niger Delta crisis, which would help ramp up oil production and increase revenue, resolving the humanitarian crisis in the North East, recovering stolen money, and revamping the economy.”

Describing Nigeria as a big and important country in sub-Saharan Africa, the American President said his country looked forward to a framework for sustained partnership between the two nations.

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  • Otile

    What did Alhaji Mohamed Buhari do with all the Billions of Dollars he borrowed when he came to power? Northerners are languishing in IDPs, SS SE youths are denied federal jobs, drinking water is lacking, more people have gone back to buying lantern lamps since only highly placed government officials are provided steady electric light, our money(Naira) has crashed looking like the German mark after the 1st and 2nd World Wars, hunger and disease have crippled citizens while feasting goes on daily in various government houses. From whence shall our help come? Our help shall come from God who made heaven and earth.

    • deansmart

      You are failure if i were you I would just keep quiet cos you have Notting to say you are just ranting

      • Otile

        Did you say you are a failure? Refute my argument with your own, not using uneducated English to display your emptiness. You are a failure indeed.

    • Olu from South Africa

      Oko ìyawo, The groom. If I’m unsure of others, did present administration stop water infrastructure Dr Dumbo commissioned in your region from working? Don’t tell me he did nothing because I already know.

      • Otile

        Iyawo okorin the bride, what do you know? In Kwazulu homeland are the dark Azanian men allowed to marry the colored awon omo oborin? Here in one Najeriya Dullard Imam Mohamed Buhari has handed the security jobs to his Fillanci relatives. Don’t tell me that nepotism is not corruption because you and I know it is.

  • sab

    Resolving the Niger Delta crisis with bullets?

  • Sword of Damocles

    This article raises the most poignant question as to whether “we”(Nigerians) listen.

    If my memory stands correct, President Obama used the same words to describe Mai Gaskiya when he visited the Oval Office last year : “the American President described President Buhari as a man of “integrity and honesty,” . My understanding of the American Presidency, is that the occupier ALWAYS chooses his public words CAREFULLY. Thus the fact that he again used the same words to describe our president, IMO, is a friendly piece of advise to his Nigerian brothers and sisters, to NEVER AGAIN elect a known THIEF as our President. Yes, objectively and factually, most of the previous leaders have had MAJOR character/ethical issues, but Nigeria has been blessed with an opportunity for a fresh START with President Buhari, and it would really REFLECT on the kind of people we are. if we were ever to go back to the era of electing known thieves as the occupier of the most important office in Nigeria after the current occupant finishes his term.

  • Realitytalk

    Sure, they are even been dealt with already, nice work sir. You have really done a great work concerning the side and region

  • new republic

    My advice to Niger Deltans is to discuse good on 50percent of their oïl,if not their lives will not change and for the 83 percent of oïl block in the hands of hausa fulani that is injustice to them.

    • absam777

      Even if you give them 100% their lives will never change. They cannot account for the what they have received uptodate.
      1. Niger Delta Ministry,
      2. 13% derivative,
      3. 6 very rich States receiving large share of the revenue every month.
      4. Oil companies donations and contributions
      5. NGOs operation.

      The people are in the hands of few people who are enjoying their money and giving them crumbs

  • St

    Boko haram has been silenced in less than 2 years(foolish people will say it’s a lie) Millitants will be silenced soon, then they will still not believe it has been corruption holding down progress for decades

    • front man

      Well said

    • Olatubosun

      No way for corruption

  • front man

    This is good militants your days are numbered, PMB will end Niger delta crises soon
    I believe in him

  • Olatubosun

    Niger delta Boyz are terrorists

  • Olatubosun

    We believe in buhari