Nigerian scientist in ABU ‘develops malaria vaccine’


Nasiru Shua’ibu, a professor in the Biochemical Parasitology Department of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, has developed a new malaria vaccine to prevent high rate of death from malaria fever.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Zaria, Kaduna State on Tuesday, Mr. Shu’aibu said the new malaria vaccine was different from others currently in use.

Mr. Shu’aibu, who is currently working with the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Japan, said the result of the research on the new vaccine would soon be out for Nigerians to use.

“In a simple term that a layman can understand, the content of this malaria vaccine research is difficult, but let me try if I could simplify it, it is called DNA Vaccine.

“It is a new technology for discovery and delivery of vaccine against any infectious disease that was developed in the early to mid 1990s.

“The DNA of the malaria parasite was extracted and the portion of the DNA that is tested to be a good vaccine candidate is subjected to molecular biology methods which are used to produce a lot of the DNA,” Mr. Shu’aibu said.

According to him, the amount of DNA from the malaria parasite was very minute in quantity and to expand the quantity, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was used.

“Then a method of cloning is now used to insert the DNA into a vehicle that will carry the DNA into either animal or human body.pic-7-abu-lecturer-develops-new-malaria-vaccine-in-zaria-kaduna-state

“It is then injected into the body of the animal or human and it eventually enters the cells of the animal in the same way a virus enters and infects cells.

“The injected DNA now uses the cells in the body to produce chemicals that will prevent malaria from infecting the body,” Mr. Shu’aibu said.

He said the vaccine was different from any of the licensed vaccines like polio and other EPI vaccines.

Mr. Shu’aibu added that the approach was also different from the other malaria vaccine (RTS,S/AS01) that was likely to be licensed but the goals were the same, to control and eventually eliminate malaria.

Nigeria, with an estimated population of over 170 million, constitutes the highest malaria burden in Africa and in the world.

Mr. Shu’aibu doubted the figures from the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) indicating progress in containing the disease.

“I still doubt; the tools currently used to fight malaria are not sufficient to have a substantial and sustained impact that is needed to resolve the malaria crisis in Nigeria,” he said.

Mr. Shu’aibu said the need to monitor the growing resistance to anti-malarial drugs and insecticides.

He said if not checked and documented, it would jeopardise years of global public health success and investments in malaria control.


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  • Watch man

    We do not need vaccines. What we need is DDT; that was what oyibo man (US and Europe) used in eradicating mosquito-bearing malaria in their region during the 70s’ before they used WHO to ban DDT usage in Africa and other developing countries so as to moderate population growth through the deaths resulting in malaria. They lied that DDT was not eco-friendly only after they used it in cleansing their own environment. Vaccines are useless if mosquito-bearing malaria are still thriving. So, let’s push for DDT and not vaccines.

    • Apostel

      Watch man, beat your dealer to pulp, you weed is rubbish.

      • Peter_Edo

        very fake weed like that!

    • River Jordan

      The professor’s efforts are highly welcome and a ray of light for Africans solving Africa’s problems. More success to our teeming problem solvers.
      Meanwhile, Mr. ‘Watch man’, is it not supposed to be malaria-bearing mosquito instead of mosquito-bearing malaria?

      • Watch man

        Thanks for the error (which has been corrected). Honestly, I commend the effort of the professor; however, like I said before, throughout my stay in Europe and the USA I saw mosquitoes but they are not the type that carry malaria. I assure you that if you come to NY for instance you will be surprised that you will not see such drugs as Halfan because malaria has been eradicated in the early 70s’. You know, I am making statements that need verification and not vilification. Few years ago, when Thabo Mbeki was SA president, he revived the use of DDT in SA. When WHO could not stop it they had to give approval to its usage. Some people in this forum need to be civil in their comment (not you anyway). Thanks again for the correction!

      • delta K

        Keep your bokoharam malaria treatment to your region

        • musa aliyu

          We’ll use niger-Deltans as Guinea pigs for the drug. Ntooor!

          • delta K


          • musa aliyu

            Yeah, that’s the only title capable of shaking everyone on earth. The cowardly you should scurry in to hide!

        • Mufu Ola

          That’s why you will remain static where you are. People are discussing intelligently & u want to pollute with your normal hatred.

          • delta K

            Yoruba coward

    • Peter_Edo

      DDT is good? Malaria in the Western world? this guy did you miss secondary school? didn’t they teach you that ONLY anopheles mosquito an spread malaria, and that there are different types of mosquitoes carrying varying pathogens based on location(Zika Virus in the Americas right now)? Why did you think Europe and the west kept SA and the Mediterranean for themselves sic because malaria and tse ste fly were in most of central Africa but not in SA and the Mediterranean areas which had similar climatic conditions that propagates the growth of the same produces that they were accustomed to.

    • Okolkondem

      Another conspiracy theorist.

      Who told you there are no mosquitoes in the US?

      • Watch man

        I never said there are no mosquitoes in USA. Read my post well. I wrote “malaria-bearing mosquito”. There are a lot of mosquitoes in USA but not “malaria-bearing mosquito” popularly referred to as ‘anopheles’. I see mosquitoes there every time, even in Scotland but not “malaria-bearing mosquito”.

      • Tori Osa

        No mind the guy.

      • aisha ani

        Not Malaria causing mosquitoes.

    • Tori Osa

      Read about Aedes and Anopleles in the US. Mr. “we do not need vaccines”

      • Watch man

        Do you have malaria in the US? What is your point Mr. “Read about Aedes and Anopleles”?

    • georgia23

      God bless u for pointing this out. I have written to successive ministers for health in nigeria about this but on one listened. No matter the anti malaria drug or vacine they invent, if the vector population is high, reinfection becomes frequent and negates the effectiveness of any treatment. DDT is key in malaria vector control.

  • Be Careful

    Abrakadaabra !. Watch out. Before this concoction is approved for use on animals or humans, it should be thoroughly tested. Dont be in a hurry. From Madrassas they are taught how to Kill nor how to CURE.

  • TrueFairGame

    The truth is that the western companies are gaining alot from manufacturing malaria drugs to the Africans. There was reluctance to invest and carryout deep research into the vaccines. Sometimes working for humanity conflicts with international and business interests but generally countries that such diseases are endemic must invest in research to build some capacity. The investment will now attract scientist which will open up other business opportunities.
    We should commend and encourage their efforts.

  • LionHeart

    Malaria vaccines have existed for ages, The corrupt Nigerian system have not made it available to the masses because a group of corrupt people are benefiting from Malaria drugs.