Herdsman gets 2 years sentence for grazing

Fulani Herdsmen

Credit: Today.ng
Fulani Herdsmen Credit: Today.ng

A Chief Magistrate Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti has sentenced a herdsman, Ali Haruna, to two years imprisonment for grazing his cows in a farmland in Ado-Ekiti.

The Magistrate, Idowu Ayenimo, in his judgement, said the accused was arraigned in his court on Jan 22, 2016 on a two-count charge of willful and unlawful damage of farm crops at Ago Aduloju in Ado-Ekiti.

The 18-year-old Mr. Haruna was confirmed by the four prosecuting witnesses to have been caught in the midnight grazing his cow in the farm belonging to Abdulahi Yaho and Bello Mohammed.

The cash crops said to have destroyed by the cows in the farm included cassava, maize, okro and pepper, all valued at N3 million.

The defendant told the court that the owner of the cows lived in Ilorin, Kwara.

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose

The magistrate said the court did not believe Mr. Haruna’s defence as it was not credible.

He held that the Police prosecutor, Olasunkanmi Bankole, had proved his case beyond reasonable doubt.

He thereby convicted the defendant as charged without option of fine.

The magistrate ordered that the sentence should run concurrently, explaining that the term was minimal because the offence was committed before the Grazing Law was promulgated in the state.

The Ekiti State government recently outlawed the grazing of livestock in open areas without permission.

Defaulters face sentences and fines.

The defence counsel, Chris Omokhafe, had prayed the court to be liberal in the dispensation of justice, saying that he was a first offender.


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  • laleshi

    Fayose for President, 2019!!! The only serious and honest politician in Nigerian.

    • Wale

      Wrong move, appeal court should overturn this lower court decision; the 18 year old, Mr. Haruna should counter sue.

      • Alhaji

        Why? If your parents owned the farm and it was their livelihood and Haruna destroyed it with his cows, would you pray the supreme court to overturn Haruna’s conviction? You would likely tell the court to convict your parents because there were not supposed to farm there.You will only be blessed when you are truthful.

        • Wale

          One of the problems with you guys is allowing your emotions to becloud good judgement.
          Ok, my answer to your question is this:
          I would ask my parents to sue for monetary damages from the 18 year old who happened to be a caretaker of the herds and from the real owners of the herds in a civil court of law.
          Fayose is trying to score a political point here bro. How does this judgement help or compensate the farmer?
          The convicted guy can come out and be the winner after all the chips are downed.

          Sentiments no de win argument, Facts has a better chance.

          • Abah of Ipolo

            At least it is a deterrent to further destruction of crops by those herdsmen who look the other while their animals devour the farmer’s crops.

          • Wale

            The law is on paper now; but this very act was committed prior, so, as at that time, it was a civil matter between the farmer and the herdsman.

          • Mufu Ola

            U’re exchanging views with brain wavers who think only on d surface.An offence before enactment of the ‘law’ is not punishable by the penalty specified.Not allowing fine shows the magistrate as one of those immature people drafted to dispense justice.Probably less than 10 yrs as a lawyer.

          • Wale

            Thanks, I tried to go lower than “low” in order to put my point across to him, but………

          • Alhaji

            What if your parents had no money to sue? What if the judge was Judge Yanusa? Are Chief Justice and Buhari not muslims? Do you get justice through muslims? Do your parents had to suffer when an animal directed animals to destroy their crops? Would it not be convenient for them if the incident was prevented? You will only be blessed when you are truthful.

      • Abah of Ipolo

        You must be one of those the Sultan refers to as “terrorist Fulani herdsmen”.

        • Wale

          You be real “olodo”

    • Abah of Ipolo

      You are not far from the point bros!

      • Mufu Ola

        You are always celebrating miscreants. So Fayose for President bcos he ‘jail’an hapless soft belly?

  • Wale

    “The magistrate ordered that the sentence should run concurrently, explaining that the term was minimal because the offence was committed before the Grazing Law was promulgated in the state”. _ Punch Newspaper.

    What happened to the grand-father clause, if the offence was committed prior to the grazing bill was signed into law.

  • Otile

    I strongly believe Haruna that he does not personally own the Lamas. The Lamas belong to a rich dude living and praying in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria.

    • Colonel Mariam

      But he had custody of the cows at the time they destroyed somebody’s property. Why did he not restrain the cows as required before he even got the job? The sentence is a first baby step in the right direction.I hope other states will take proactive actions like this instead of complaining to an unresponsive federal government which does not care one bit about their plight.

  • thusspokez

    He thereby convicted the defendant as charged without option of fine.

    The magistrate, Idowu Ayenimo wasn’t using his head when he sentenced the poor 18-year old Haruna. It is obvious that the 18 year-old boy doesn’t own the cows, so why send him to jail? His master like drug barons will simply find a replacement and allow the boy to rot in jail.

    A better judgement should have been a fine paid with heads of cows. This will affect his master’s pocket and make the latter see to it that his herdsmen obey the law in the future.

    • Abah of Ipolo

      Age 18 years is and adult. He, but not the owner of the cows, was the offender. He deserves the jail.

      • thusspokez

        Do you need someone to help explain my comment to you?

    • Wale

      Somebody is thinking.

    • Mufu Ola

      The magistrate gave a mob judgement which will change nothing until a cool headed solution is found to d long standing problem.

    • Professor A.E.S. George.

      Who took the cows to the farm the owner or the herdsman

      • thusspokez

        May I ask what relevance your question is to my comment?

  • e_orpheus

    What happened to vicarious liability?

  • Abah of Ipolo

    Kudos to Ayo. I hate his ramblings against Buhari but I support him on this fruitful bold step.


    Nigeria is owned by nobody, i enjoy eating goat meet than cow.