Plagiarism of Obama’s Speech: Presidency to expel deputy director from Aso Rock

Buhari meets Obama2

The Presidency will this week transfer a deputy director, blamed for the plagiarism of U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech, out of the State House, Abuja.

The presidency had on Friday blamed the yet-to-be-named deputy director for the scandal that has embarrassed the Nigerian government.

“Already, a Deputy Director in the Presidency has accepted responsibility for the insertion of the contentious paragraph,” Garba Shehu, Mr. Buhari’s spokesperson, said in a statement on Friday.

“The Presidency wishes to state in the clearest possible terms that it regrets this unfortunate incident and will ensure that this does not happen again.

“This serious oversight will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate sanction meted,” he added.

The official will start facing disciplinary proceedings in accordance with civil service rules today (Monday), presidency sources said.

But he will first be directed to vacate his seat at the president’s office, officials have told PREMIUM TIMES.

The Permanent Secretary of the State House, Jalal Arabi, is expected to query the official and then refer his case to the Head of Service for further actions, our sources said.

The unnamed official has been blamed for tinkering with a speech prepared for President Buhari, plagiarising a famous speech Mr. Obama delivered when he was elected the first black President of the United States.

The plagiarism was first detected by THISDAY Newspaper and Mr. Buhari apologised for the “wrongful insertion”Friday night.

PREMIUM TIMES sources said the official committed the embarrassing act after Mr. Buhari’s speech had already been vetted by officials at the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administration.

Presidential spokespersons, Femi Adesina, and Garba Shehu, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES requests for comments on the disciplinary actions being taken against the deputy director.

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  • Unbiased

    Government of the Blamer by the Blamer and for the Blamer? This is one of the problem i find with this Government. Never take responsibility but rather look for scapegoats. They want to always be seen as saint.

    Why not just admit the mistake as you did and leave the rest internally. Would have been even proper that the said offender admit it himself publicly and offer resignation, that way you avoid the scandal.

  • emmanuel Azodoh

    The President is not ashamed of his mistakes and he is still compounding it by his utterances, last week he said he is going to punish the speech writer, this morning he is telling Nigerians that a deputy director yet to be named has accepted the responsibility of the scandal, and is going to be expelled from Aso rock villa, Is this speech the deputy Director’s or the President’s . Buhari is just letting us know that he has no opinion of his own, If some one should write your speech for you the person must drive home your person vision which you must go through and confirm that it conveys your vision and ideas the president stood up to lunch a campaign that he does not believe in, He gave would be inspiring speech on patriotism,selflessness, dedication and commitment to duties still he did not understand his words neither did did the words coveys his vision he is a bunch of deceiver

  • Abdulkadir

    It is clear that the person responsible for the impasse is the same person who called the attention of the press to it. Presidency sources usually negotiate with the media to give out information concerning the presidency. Its unfortunate rgisnhad happened but I am happy the presidency refused to just bury it and move on. Its good we deal with people who run foul of the ethics of their work, for without standards, everything become chaotic.

  • Abidilagungun

    He or she must be a PDP member, sent to embarrass the President…but you shouldn’t sack the person if those PDP civil servants who padded the budget were only redeployed

  • Nkem

    “PREMIUM TIMES sources said the official committed the embarrassing act after Mr. Buhari’s speech had already been vetted by officials at the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administration.”

    This people are so utterly shameless, lying so brazenly. Why not name the person for all of us to know, and give him the opportunity to tell us his own side of the story. Answer: Because there is no such deputy director, period!

    So you vet the president’s speech; then the deputy director smuggles in a statement that was not in the original speech; the president reads the speech; you listen to the speech but cannot detect that the speech was doctored, until the media points it out to you. You people are all brazen liars. I am thoroughly disappointed in PMB.

  • Martins

    Doesn’t the Deputy Director have a name? Shameless people, never accepting responsibility and always passing the buck.

  • Decimator

    It is for this reason that people should qualify for the jobs they take on to. If Mr.
    Integrity had sat and acquired a WAEC certificate as stipulated by the
    constitution, to be the minimum prerequisite for running for the office of president,
    he would have been in a better position to read and understand a speech he is
    to deliver as his own, even when it is written beautifully or otherwise by a
    professional speech writer to reflect his opinion. The responsibility lies on
    the speech owner and Mr. Integrity had better sacked himself. Sorry

    • Dejandon

      Nothing kills like hatred brother. This your hatred for Buhari has resulted in a warped judgement. Someone being paid by taxpayer did a very shoddy job in preparing a speech, and you don’t deem it fit to direct your judgement to his ineptitude, rather you are here spewing your frustrated mind on the person that red the speech? So the person reading the speech is the one to research where the sentences came from when he knows someone is getting salary for doing that job already and should justify his salary?

      • emmanuel

        Buhari’s illiteracy is manifest everywhere. It is about a round peg in a squared hole. Na so he send some useless paper to NASS as budget.
        Buhari should take a leave of absence to go write his WAEC jare, we are tired of low classed president

      • Decimator

        What has hatred rather than honesty and accountability got to do with possessing or not possessing
        the WAEC minimum constitutional prerequisite for the office of the president ?
        For those who may doubt the reason for such prerequisites, here we are with one
        fumbling after the other and the responsibility always shifted to others. If
        the president himself has no responsibility except to accept kudos when things
        go well and shift blames when they go wrong, then his own salary is in no way
        justifiable. Sorry

  • thusspokez

    The official will start facing disciplinary proceedings in accordance with civil service rules…presidency sources said.

    The ‘civil service rules’ applies to civil servants only. The Deputy Director in the Presidency is a political appointment and therefore its holder is not a civil servant.

    • aisha ani

      The statement given by the “official” was also plagiarized.

  • emmanuel

    Stories have it that the speech actually originated from the big masquerade and head of the current cabal.
    It will suit Nigerians to hear that the one responsible for copy and paste has been sent out, when the one who actually did the stealing still hold on to power

  • Ogom

    Wow, they acted quickly in punishing this act of plagiarism.

    If only they were this quick in stopping round trippers at the CBN, the Nigerian economy would be well on the way to recovery!

    • asuevie

      my brother, they nobody. How can you punish somebody without a name? Even terrorist name and pictures are known. No core civil servant will make such mistakes.
      This APC IS A LYING PARTY. They will be reaping their lies till 2019 terminal date for them.

    • Otile

      Punished who? There’s nobody to punish here. The whole thing was the work of the devil. Go ahead and punish the devil let us see.

  • Titus


  • thusspokez

    Plagiarism by one of President Buhari’s deputy director seems to be the top discussion on the Nigerian media, and overshadows President Buhari’s trip to the UN. These trips provide excellent PR opportunities for heads of states to advertise their statesmanship to their citizens and the rest of the world.

    Sadly, President Buhari’s media and PR advisers are mediocre in the art of PR. They have no clue how to promote their boss, and are missing an excellent opportunity, in this UN trip, to put their man on Nigerian newspapers’ frontpage.

    Further, Buhari’s popularity is approaching rock bottom. It is said that the popularity of a head of state improves slightly when the later makes foreign trips and is seen with other heads of states. I wonder how many of the countless number of Buhari spokespersons is aware of this little fact.

    • Ikenna Okwuchi

      Have you seen that chap on TV. Bros it’s embarrassing much like GEJ. I assure you most educated nigerians are already cringing at the thought of that fellow onstage at the UN

      • thusspokez

        I should blame the civil service or perhaps not. When a new head of state comes to power, it is for top civil servants to coach him in all aspects, including presentation and speech making. Perhaps not, because, Buhari surrounds himself with members of his family and other unsophisticated northerners.

        Gowon was well-polished because the Nigeria’s civil service at his time was world-class and provided him first-class support. Indeed, GEJ and Buhari make me cringe when I hear them on the television. I wish the civil service will step up and give him some coaching to save Nigerians embarrassment that they currently suffer.

        • Ikenna Okwuchi

          We deserve better.

    • emmanuel Azodoh

      please can anything good come out from Nazareth. we are covering our faces with our hands because another disgrace could be coming our way in the presence of the whole world, imagine Nigerians having a President who can not spontaneously express himself. This is a great blow below the belt

  • Bishop

    The Nigerian media is lazy and partisan ,it’s not the first time that Mr President has lifted other peoples speech ,the popular i belong to everybody and belong to nobody speech is a song from an American band in the late sixties . The man is surrounded by men of low intellect ,unlike what was obtained in the OBJ era where the likes of cerebral minds like Dr Tunji Olagunju ,Dr Patrick Dele Cole ,Prof Jibril Aminu were major contributors to presidential speeches ,the bar has been drastically lowered ,shame

  • UOU

    when this govt expires Nigerians infact, the world will hear the un-hearables because many lies, dangerous and secret are going on within the liars

    • asuevie

      True talk…

  • Bishop

    PMB is dam lucky that some gullible people are making excuse for him,seriously ? Buhari got a standing ovation for the said speech ,but recants after some eagle eye peeps burst his bubble . The presidency should take responsibility and apologize for the copyright infringement . By the way, where are the cartoonist ,this drama should have found space in our dailies ,Mr and Mrs should have used this material . I recall those good old days when we had a vibrant media,i always look forward to cartoons from Sanya Ojikutu in the News magazine and Fame. Sadly,what we have now iare bread and butter journalist and hatchet back page writers ,

  • asuevie

    The truth is that Buhari those not know the meaning of plagiarism, and does not see any offense in it.
    Nobody will be punished.

    As for me, I suspect Garba Shehu as the culprit for this crime. He thought Nigerians are daft. He is a well known Atiku’s stooge. You can see that he is the only one struggling to lay the accusation on a ghost who does not exist. Shame.

    By the way what concern Buhari and plagiarism. Remember, Liar Mohammed who said that APC will prefer a president with a NEPA certificate to PDP.

    • Kickboxer

      I wanted to write my own comment but you have captured it all well.

      • Otile

        Are you saying that he plagiarized you as Imam plagiarized Obama?

        • share Idea


  • Datti

    Have you thought of it that the plagiarized portion was inserted by a wailing wailer, a PDP sympathizer, to cause disaffection? Wonders will never end!

    • Otile

      Too bad. This is the same way PDP falsified WAEC for Buhari and aided him to swear a false affidavit about it. As soon as Buhari took office PDP crashed the economy for him and plunged Nigeria into recession. If care is not taken the same PDP will bring economic depression. Na waa for PDP.