Nigerian troops arrest another “militant kingpin” in Cross River


The Nigerian army says its troops from 13 Brigade, 82 Division, have arrested Victory Benjamin (aka Abuja Daddy and G3), said to be a “high ranking militant kingpin” in Cross River State.

The army spokesperson, Sani Usman, said in a release issued on Saturday that “Abuja Daddy” was arrested at Saint Joseph Hospital, Ikot Ene junction, Akpabuyo Local Government Area of the state, when he attempted to collect ransom from a relation of one of their kidnap victims.

Cross River has seen a spate of security threats this year, with multiple cases of kidnapping by suspected militants.

The troops also arrested three other militants while they were robbing their victims around refugee camp at Efut Isigi in Bakassi Local Government Area in the state, the army said.

A locally made pistol and some cartridges were recovered from the suspects, the army said.

The army said troops have cordoned off the resident of “the most wanted militant kingpin” aka G1, in the state, who is said to be at large.

The two arrested militants – “G2” and “G3” – are currently providing useful information that could assist in the tracking down of other criminals in the region, the army said.

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  • abuja daddy

    Militants are not into kidnapping pls—-they are freedom fighters–there is a world of a différence between the Militants in the creeks of the Niger delta and kidnappers pls

    • Gbola

      How do you think the Militants source their fundings ??

      Do you think they are donating their life savings into this cause ?

      How do you think their foot soldiers and errand-boys are being fed and retained ??

      Do you think they have a (9 to 5) job working as an administrative clerk at a Firm during the daytime AND then carry out their bombings as a part-time job at nighttime ??

      Unbelievable !!
      Simply Unbelievable !!

    • kinsly

      They are same. Kidnappers and oil thieves are just daily runs for these criminal militants while pipelines bombing is for large political settlement.

  • abuja daddy

    Do not mind these mumu soldiers under thief Buratai. All they do is to lie and lie–while they steal the country blind

    • Julius

      I pray that you will face them so they can lie about you too. How is that ?

    • ndababa

      How market?

  • Voice of Niger Delta

    “Mr. useless President, the truth be told, we are the “GREAT WHITE SHARKS” of the Atlantic when it come to marine warfare! “Operation Crocodile Smiles” is ironically, a simulative military operation cum exercise for waters less than 2 fathoms in depth orchestrated by the top hierarchy of the military to undermine any genuine disposition from your government towards restoration of tranquility in the Niger Delta and to exhaust your security budget for the year, except you are thinking otherwise towards peace in the Niger Delta too.

    We the Ijaws and the people of the Niger Delta occurred here times immemorial. We have resisted, any attempt of exclusions in the control of our God Given Resources, from the Portuguese and British colonial trades and periods to date. We are ever ready to continue that resistance even without guns and ammunitions.” — Niger Delta AVENGERS (7th Sep 2016)

    • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

      “god given resources” or self-given destruction? una mumu don dooooooo ………………………….. u can’t clean your A$$$HOLE …………………………………..

      • share Idea

        Nigeria army is supposed to be doing operation Crocodile Smile in the creek but arresting kidnappers and labbling them top kingpins of militants. Everyone serving under this propaganda government lies alot to massage the ego of this leader.. every criminal arrested or killed in Niger delta now, is labelled militants. Nigeria we hail thee.

        • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

          and what is the difference between “militants”,kidnappers and armed robbers in the niger delta? absolutely nothing ……………………all are under the same “ministry” …………………..

  • Efetobor

    The Criminals are the Ministers of the so called federal republic, and certainly the hardened irredeemable thieves like Mallam Dogara (Head of National Assembly) and all other legislative thieves in the chamber of thievery of Nigeria otherwise called “hallowed chambers”. The thieves also include the presidency which has refused to arrest close friends and associates and others with same ethnic identity. These are the criminals and not the Niger Delta freedom fighters.

  • Galantman

    Good mr president. Let them know the difference between fire and water. All those misguided elements insulting the president and pushing fools call militants to there ultimate destruction should know that the game up. Called PMB any name you like , it doesn’t matter. Security is improving and you people should be happy that kidnappers and other criminals elements are been neutralized, but because most of you are parties and benefitted from the criminality you wish it to continue.
    As for the militants it’s now becoming history because they have all scampered and melted into the civil population like chickens, the foolhardy ones are perishing by the day.
    Any e rat who feels offended should join the criminals and face the consequences instead of writing trash , blackmail and lies from the deepest part of hell.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    just don’t understand why cowards we call politicians refuse to make kidnapping a crime punishable by death …………..

    • Otile

      …Because if kidnapping is abolished most Northerners will starve. The North is the only place in the world where over 276 girls were kidnapped in one fell swoop. Satan alone can tell how many people are kidnapped in the North each week in the name of jihad.

  • ndababa

    Poor boys! I can’t imagine they are confessing like self acclaimed witchcraft or something

  • Dd

    Blaking News: FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Niger Delta kill 17 Nigerian Soldiers. The Lord is good!

    • Deb?

    • Gbola

      The Lord is good ??
      Did you really say this ??
      You must be talking about your Egbesu lord.

      where did you get this your fabricated news from ??

      Even if it were to be true, does this criminal act help pay your bills ?

      Unbelievable !!

      • Otile

        What are the looting vandals doing in Niger Delta? Serves them right.

      • SAM .A

        Gbola that nameless Dd is hallucinating. He is saying and writing things that will make his psychotic mind happy.Ignore him next time . The game is up for all of them , the Operation Crocodile smile is real . It is going to sweep all of them to the belly of Sharks and Whales .

    • Realitytalk

      What a shame to the womb that brought you here, we can only pray for you

  • Realitytalk

    God will continue to support the good people of the military as they defend us all from the militamst and terrorist against the peace of this nation