Nigerian Army recovers 55 assorted weapons from Niger Delta militants


The Nigerian Army said it had recovered 55 assorted weapons from suspected criminals in the Niger Delta.

The General Officer Commanding (GOC), 82 Division, Enugu, Ibrahim Attahitu, told journalists in Enugu on Saturday that the recoveries were made during a military exercise tagged “Operation Crocodile Smile”.

He also disclosed that 23 militants and criminals were killed by soldiers in their bid to flush out criminals in the area.

The GOC said that many of the criminal fled with various degrees of injury.

He said that 38 camps belonging to the militants and 91 illegal refineries, including bunkering sites and underground tunnels used by the suspects, were destroyed in the 10-day exercise.

“The precursor operations were followed by `Exercise Crocodile Smile’ proper, which was orchestrated and conducted with sequencing and lines of operation to upgrade the skills, expertise and competence of the troops in land and riverside environments.

“Over 3,000 soldiers were deployed along two axis on land, creeks and the general littoral area of the Niger Delta region, while forward-operating bases were established from where operations were conducted along the creeks and littoral area,’’ he said.

Attahiru, however, regretted that four soldiers died during the exercise, explaining that three lost their lives in a boat mishap while one died during cross fire with the militants.

He said that the exercise was also used to cement relations with civilians through humanitarian services in neighbouring communities.

“Books, stationeries and generators were donated to some schools while others were given facelift and infrastructure improvement.

“The effects of these humanitarian programs were immediately felt in the peaceful and warmth relationship that existed between troops and local communities throughout the exercise period,’’ he said.

The GOC said that collaboration between the army and other security agencies, including the Navy and Air Force and Police, had remained “very emphatic’’.

He revealed that the recent voluntary handover of arms and ammunition by militants and criminal elements in Imo and Rivers had direct bearing with the exercise.

“By and large, the exercise was a huge success as those engaging in economic sabotage were stopped during the period, while a number of criminals, militants and economic saboteurs were also arrested,’’ he added.

The the operation was largely carried out in Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers as well as some states within the supervision of 82 Division of the Army. (NAN)

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  • Idris

    Our gallant officers and men may God protect you all. To the militants may God touch your hearts so that you turn a new leaf in you lifes.

  • Babrutus

    Yes… The insurgency is now over. Never expected it to last anyway. Our boys remain gallant…

  • SamSam

    While 2 million Nigerians are trapped and held hostage by Islamic Militants aka Boko haram, the Nigerian Army through its killer president has relocated all armoured tanks and fighter jets to the Niger Delta where school children are kidnapped by the army and paraded as Niger Delta Avengers. It is the height of criminality by an Army.

    • Man_Enough

      School children who should be in school but are busy carrying arms and causing economic sabotage should not expect to be treated with kid gloves. In war fathers bury their children while in peace children bury their fathers.

  • Excisionist

    The criminals are not the innocent indigenes of economically exploited and marginalized areas. The criminals are the Funani soldiers and any accomplices they may have. The Fulani criminals and their accomplices deserve to be thoroughly punished.

    “Crocodile smile” ! what a name, suggests the level of hypocrisy and and the contempt with which they treat the people of the area. Let uncivilized barbarians take their children and their wives to crocodiles to smile at them.

    The greatest security threat to the people in the areas under the command of The General Officer Commanding (GOC), 82 Division, Enugu, Maj.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahitu, is Fulani herdsmen. The people of the area want to hear him detail how he is confronting this existential threat; not his cowardly statement here.

    According to the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani militants were the fourth deadliest terrorist group in 2014, using machine guns and attacks on villages to assault and intimidate farmers.. Over 1,200 people were killed in 2014 by different groups of Fulani herders. In 2016, more people died in clashes with the herdsmen than in Boko Haram attacks

    The Security Forces

    The members of the security forces (Army, Police DSS, SSS) from the SS, SE, SW and North Central should please not confuse serving the nation with serving the interest of the Fulani Cabal who have manipulated, exploited and abused this nation for so long. This is a critical moment in the history of Nigeria. In return for all the benefits these insensitive ingrats have got for the rest of us, they have resolved to send marauding herdsmen and terrorists to rape your women, kill your women and children and raze your towns and villages

    So, do not obey orders to kill your people and strenghten the hands of their oppressors. Dont forget the legitimate struggle started by Major Gideon Okar and Co to excise the oppressors from Nigeria and free the oppressed

  • amazing2012

    ….weapons giving to Christians by satanic western Christians to cause mayhem and destruction all over the world. Truly the root of every evil is Christianity !

    • Babrutus

      Come, this na new year o. Make you carry this your last year behavior come this forum dey cause kasala everywhere. Them no tell you say the quarrel too many, wen you come dey point finger give Christians? No dey play that kind play for here abeg.

  • Decimator

    One Nigeria in its totality is a scam .Period: Who is fooling who?

  • Arogbo

    Where are all those militants brandishing their assault rifles now? Dem don run pass house. It used to be like every Tom, Dick and Harry who can lay their hand on a gun call himself a militant. Ol’ boy those days are over because we have a new sheriff in town and this new sheriff is not a joke. Una go run pass house.