18 Nigerians died in Saudi Arabia during 2016 Hajj — NAHCON


Eighteen Nigerians died in Saudi Arabia during the just concluded 2016 Hajj attended by Muslims, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) says.

The victims were from Kwara, Kogi, Bauchi, Taraba, Niger, Kaduna, FCT. There were foreign-based Nigerian pilgrims as well.

The head of NAHCON’s medical team, Ibrahim Kana, said two pilgrims, including a 40-year-old woman, died in Madinah.

Three died in Muna, while 13 died in Makkah. A mentally ill woman was amongst the victim.

He however said the 2016 death toll was the lowest in five years. He attributed the low figure to enhanced sanitation, increased medical awareness and compressed national medical team.

The medical team attended to over 21,000 patients since the commencement of the hajj rites, Mr. Kana said.

He said despite repeated warnings, the medical team detected five pregnant women.

The Hajj is 95 per cent complete and pilgrims started travelling home on Saturday.

NAHCON chairman, Abdullahi Mukhtar, said all states who failed to give basic transport allowance to their pilgrims as well as those who collected Adiya money (money for ram slaughtering), and failed to remit same to NAHCON, would be penalised.

He said the commission would reimburse those who paid for but did not enjoy products and services like air conditioned tents, and the newly introduced e –wristband.

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  • Patrick Aminu

    What is really wrong with Premium Times? Why are u bothering us with Hajj stories all over your web pages? Buhari’s misrule and destruction of the economy and how he should be impeached are more important issues than these useless Hajj stories.

    • favourtalk

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        • Idris

          Last time I checked there many on line newpapers. Please you go there and read other stories. Better still start you own online newspaper.

  • favourtalk

    May thier soul rest in peace, at the end. God has a final.say

    • Quantumspirit666

      which god ? YOURS or one of the other thousands of gods. Final say my arse. Instead of investigating what killed your people you are talking about god. Is it not the ARAB god they went to worship? And spend Nigerias money with their ARAB slave masters.? No wonder your country is a cesspit.

      • Musbau Hamzat

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        • Quantumspirit666

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          • Quantumspirit666

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  • PolyGon2013

    Government should not sponsor pilgrimage. Religion is a private affair.