Why Buhari wants emergency economic powers — Minister

Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun
Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun

The Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, on Friday explained why President Muhammadu Buhari is seeking the National Assembly’s approval for some emergency economic powers.

The minister, who was briefing the media on efforts by the federal government to navigate the country’s economy out of recession, said “unusual times need unusual measures.”

With the economy in recession, analysts say the country can ill-afford the luxury of time in search solutions to bring the economy out of the woods.

Mrs. Adeosun, who said the government was aware of the pain Nigerians were experiencing, said President Buhari was in a hurry to get the economy out of the recession as soon as possible.

“It is a tough time. But, there is hope for Nigerians,” she said. “Government is doing everything to ensure the country comes out in a sustainable way, so we never get back here again by addressing the infrastructure challenges.

“The government has a very credible plan. It’s going to result in an economy not dependent on oil, and not subject to the boom and burst of oil price. When oil price is high, we are happy, and when low we are sad.”

To address the challenge of infrastructure, which the minister identified as the government’s biggest problem, Mrs. Adeosun said the long procurement process must be cut down drastically to speed contract awards.

“The procurement process was put in place for normal times – advertise, give three months, send in bids, evaluate bids and so on and so forth.

“There are some provisions in the procurement process for emergency situations. That emergency process means you would not necessarily have to advertise and wait.

“So, what government is asking for, which is why there is discussion about seeking emergency powers, are some of these things we have to look at now,” she said.

In view of the peculiar situation of the economy and the need to get basic infrastructure in place to drive economic recovery, she said the government could hardly afford advertising for jobs for 12 weeks.

“That’s what government is seeking for. But, we need legislative approval to do so. Given where we are, that’s one thing the National Assembly would happily grant us the ability to do.

“It’s still important we should have open procurement. Open procurement would give the best pricing and the best opportunities to Nigerians who do not know anybody in government.

“What we need is speed. That is why we want the National Assembly to help us with. We don’t have the powers to truncate the law. These are unusual times, which need unusual measures,” the minister said.

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  • Tunde

    Yes Minister! I bet you the NASS dishonorable swill truncate this! You watch!

    • Gary

      They should, since Buhari has not shown himself to be trustworthy to act in the best interest of the WHOLE country.
      The NASS must insist on following extant laws and only consider policy changes on a case by case basis without a blanket surrender of its oversight functions; lest they render themselves irrelevant.
      We cannot afford a slide to tyranny by a man who has presently packed all strategic positions in govt. with only his kinsmen and fellow Moslems.

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        na you go first complain say the president
        is not doing enough…

        • ukoette ibekwe

          That is the simple reason the Constitution provides for term limits and provision to impeach if the incumbent cannot discharge his or her duties. We don’t want Buhari impeached but for him to live the legacy of his stupidity and Nigerians to bear the consequences of voting in a fraudulent person as their President. My only regrets are all those who continue to suffer as collateral damage of this evil and confused government.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            sorry to say this… if you have lived in Nigeria all your
            life you will never know how a healthy economy works,
            why the economy is where it is and what the FG Needs to do
            to reposition it..

          • BBNN

            They CAN do this with the powers they already have. What do you do to the man who was given talents but buried it? Or the one who squandered it? Give them more?

            You own a shop and put in a sales boy, he spends 2years complaining about the former sales boy and how he destroyed everything earlier! About the quality of the goods in the shop. Travels around without managing the shop; saying he is looking for new buyers while the goods in the shop stay exposed to weather and rotting. Finally comes back and makes his incompetent family members assistants, sells your goods to only his town people at a rate below your cost price . Now you can barely pay your rent and your shop is facing ruin . He comes to you, still blaming the past salesman but asking you for more powers, even power to sell goods without receipt. That receipt is wasting his time.
            WILL YOU GIVE HIM ?

            If the way Buhari is managing this country is good for you, may God manage your life that way. Kindly say amen.

            But sorry, we ain’t giving him extra powers . Your hand Is already on your head. Kindly hit it against the wall.

          • kinsly

            Clear dysfunctional brain.

          • Sir Demo

            No one can be more concise. The symptoms of a full blown chemical-induced brain sclerosis are all over the jejune the chav posted

          • Sir Demo

            Evil and confused? Boko haram being routed? Kidnappers, terrorists, looters scampering into holes? Local industries mushrooming? Importation of foods falling? Fuels supply improving? Looted funds being recovered? We love this CONFUSION AND EVIL pls.

            God will never ever allow the evils of the past to visit our land again. One can only imagine THE SITUATION OF YHE COUNTRY NOW IF JONOTHIN HAD WON. With Diezani, Dasuki, Koro, Fayose, Wike, Metuh, FFK, CAN, Kukah, and co in corridors of power! First, BH would have invaded Lagos by now, and a military COUP DE TAT would have been mounted.

          • Manuel Tobby

            Ha ha ha ha ha! Buhari is evil, your GEJ is an angel!

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Isi Agwo

    Emergency powers like what Buhari had in 1984/85 to break into people’s shops and warehouses and seize their hard-earned goods with the force of guns. When they were suffering to build their businesses, Buhari was in Daura and Katsina drinking fura and making it a duty to dodge writing his WASC.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      is that all you could say?

    • Sir Demo

      No matter what, the evil ways, chaos, lawlessness etc under which you Yibos thrive WE NOT SEE THE LIGHT OF THE DAY IN NIGERIA. Maybe in the creeks and ur hide out. But in most part, the war on the anarchical time u dear the Buffon will not be allowed. Not as God liveth, and Bubu, Osinbajo, Sagay, Daura, Buratai, Magu breath. Awon Were jatijati

      • Manuel Tobby

        Keep your support up bros. I have never believed in any government in Nigeria than this buhari one.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    This “emergency powers” just de sound to this house
    members like dissolution of the National assembly..
    there is maximum fear, suspicion and uncertainty in
    that camp cos they know they are not clean!

  • evidence

    The tyrant does not need more powers.

  • GameChanger

    No to emergency powers! Buhari and his ministers can work within the framework of the existent laws, if they are not satisfied with the time frame of any proceeds, let them seek amendment from the National Assembly. The emergency powers proposal is a back door to dictatorship. Buhari’s anticedents alone is enough reason not to grant him emergency powers, National Assembly must rejected it and insist on check and balances.

    • C.A.E.P


      Emergency Powers are liberties to Steal, Sir!

      We are the Coalition against ‘Emergency Powers’
      as being grossly irrelevant to the current nature of economic recession.
      We expect that if and when President Muhamadu Buhari presents a request
      for Emergency Powers the Senate will firstly read it on the floor, if only as
      courtesy demands, before rejecting it in toto as a suggested solution to a
      non-existing problem. Nigeria has no issue with the Procurement Law and its
      due process steps that public contracts must be advertised. What President
      Buhari will be asking for, according to Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, is the
      power to be the sole decider of all public contracts which he would award on
      discretionary basis to whom he pleases. The very idea of this proposal is an
      insult to all Nigerians. It should be condemned. President Buhari is too much a
      tribal bigot and nepotist to be given such discretional powers to take and sell
      any asset of the federation at his sole discretion.

      • Sir Demo

        Your rantings, seditious messages, hatred laden comments and sickening political activities failed to stop the Change from sweeping you cretins from office then. Is it now that you are more inconsequential that ur bigotry and outright nonsensical wailing will have any effect.

        The majority that brought this govt into power will when asked grant Bubu anything he ask fuel the Change Train. That coalition is as strong as ever. So far Buhari team dedication, honesty, and probity they are known for stands.

        • tuby NY

          WELL said bro..

    • tuby NY

      U don’t seems 2understand the situation or the different btw what the govt intend 2seek for (emergency power) and constitutional amendment by ur respond. Emergency power can be debated by the Senate alone within a day or two and BE GRANTED, while any constitutional amendment can take six months to one year at minimum because it has to involved most arms of the govt including on d states level 2.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        And the Senate can be blackmailed into expanding it year after year and then indefinitely. Obasanjo has used it in the past. You underestimate the power of blackmail.

  • Martins

    They just woke up to their responsibility. If they knew the procurement law was an issue why not advertise contracts earlier? After wasting the entire nation’s time they have suddenly woken up from their slumber. It took the incompetent and clueless leader 6months to appoint a cabinet in an economy such as ours, what exactly was he expecting? That the entire economy will wait for him!!

    • kinsly

      Don’t worry bro, it’s better to wake up than not to wake up at all. Naija must work.

      • emmanuel

        Emergency power is not about procurement process please. It is about power to sell Government propperties including NNPC and Oil Blocks to themselves without recourse to anybody.
        Wise up

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    It is sad when Kemi Adeosun is selling us the backdoor to authoritarianism.

    • kinsly

      Continue your pre-election mode, Nigeria will keep forging ahead,not for your sake because you are lost already but for the sake of your Children and those yet unborn.

      • tuby NY

        TELL him!

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          Tell me what? That I am anti-Buhari because I am worried about a slippery-slope and temptation of expanded powers? Remember that I was not pro-Jonathan. The most patriotic thing one can do sometimes is to question government.

      • emmanuel

        There is no future with Buhari please.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        How am I lost? I wonder how sounding the alarm to a potential slippery-slope slide is being lost? I thought it was being vigilant for the preservation of our democratic republic.

  • Mr Stephen

    The hatred for buhari and the northerners by the wailers from South East if when the south South that their son was defeated had move on, will only advance the course of South West when power will return to South come 2023, am happy as a yoruba for existing alliance between West and the North, let East continue their hatred for the North, the pay day will be 2023 when the north will pay them back by backing the West. No any single zone in the south can get the presidency without the support of the core North which buhari came from, so let the hatred continue and we will all be alive to what will happen, instead of East to start making friends across the Niger for support others towards 2023 especially the two major tribes but they keep on sowing the seeds of hatred.

  • Mr Stephen

    The hatred for buhari and the northerners by the wailers from South East even when the south South that their son was defeated had move on, will only advance the course of South West when power will return to South come 2023, am happy as a yoruba for existing alliance between West and the North, let East continue their hatred for the North, the pay day will be 2023 when the north will pay them back by backing the West. No any single zone in the south can get the presidency without the support of the core North which buhari came from, so let the hatred continue and we will all be alive to what will happen, instead of East to start making friends across the Niger for support others towards 2023 especially the two major tribes but they keep on sowing the seeds of hatred.

    • emmanuel

      mallam shut up and use your terrorist name. Who dash you stephen?

      • yasir

        How on earth can you call a name terrorist?
        What ȋ̝̊̅§ Emmanuel ? Saint’s name?
        Please don’t let us be divided.
        Life ȋ̝̊̅§ short and ephemeral.

      • Julius

        lolz, see your fake life so. So, everybody be Hausa man to you. Chei, just because you change monikers to post your bigoted garbage doesnt mean that everybody is a coward like you .Yea, steven , Julius na muslim name in your village..abi. Oloshi

  • Sir Demo

    U don’t need any approval from that legislathieves chambers but from the public and masses. Just go ahead and do the needful, the end will justify the means. Any positive change will put the masses on ur side. By masses I meant the majority of Nigerians. Most of the ipodian Ugandans, the master developers of the universe lots is to wail.

    • emmanuel

      mallam stop your rubbish campaign using so many monikers to drum up support.
      You nor see say your English and words usage dey betray you?
      You want Alhaji Bingo to have a full feudal powers for a democratic country? Is Nigeria a foolani enclave?

      • Sir Demo

        U must be new to this forum to make such a vacuous and vacuous comment. Support for what! That at all cost and no matter what, Nigeria must leave the infamous immediate past and change?

        Your types thrives only under chaos, lawlessness, dishonesty and supremacy of might. God is not on ur evil side.

  • tuby NY

    What is WRONG with this “ultra necessary” action by the govt? Kudos to PMB for this good intended action pls — any legal aggressive action that can be TAKEN 2push this economy hard 2recovery urgently has to BE TAKEN NOW and not tomorrow self!

    This emergency economic power as explained in details earlier by the govt months ago is overdue and OVERDUE passage NOW! This recession-laden economy has 2be pushed with all sensible available options pls.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Well you know what they say, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari has taken Loans from teh World Bank and China without the consent of the NASS, he spent NLNG earnings without any, he borrowed from China without any.
    What more does he want emergency power from? To steal like Abacha?
    It will be suicidal for a very nepotic man to have such powers, given his antecedent of his immediate family holding all offices in the FG.
    Anyway, Nigeria is no more operating a Presidential system of Government with a national spread as in the constitution, but a Unitary Northern Oligarchy to the exclusion of the South – President, Seante President, Chief Justice, Speaker House of Representative, Chief of Staff, SGF, NSA, etc.
    What he now want is to award all contracts, sell all parastatals and agencies to his family and leave Nigeria in 2019 destroyed.
    Buyers beware

  • emmanuel

    Emergency powers would put the Oil blocks, NNPC etc in the pocket of Buhari, El-Rufai, Sanusi, etc wholesale.
    Buyers beware

  • Peace


  • Abdulkadir

    One remarkable irony is the strident criticism of this regime that it is not doing enough to cushion the effect of recession, yet when the administration comes out with deliberate measures aimed at doing just that, the wailers jump their guns without let or reason. They just start shooting aimlessly claiming due process and other vague principles. If not for due process, the government of change would have implemented what it wanted to implement without recourse to the National Assembly. It is visible and discernible that change is in place at the top in Nigeria. What we needed is for it to trickle down and be embraced by the common man on the streets. Once that is achieved, Buhari would have birthed a new Nigeria where industry and honesty shall be a threshold of marking success as against the old ways where dubiousness and nepotism defines the path to success.

  • Ifeanyi

    After spending six months to form his cabinet and another six months on budget, President Buhari suddenly realizes how important speed is. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Emergency powers will rig the Nigerian economy & take us steps closer to dictatorship. President Buhari doesn’t need more powers.

    • Rommel

      I thought they said you are IGBO because if you were,you would realize what our people say about an old woman that falls twice on her journey,that we are required to check her basket thoroughly to know what she is carrying that is making her to fall,this was what Buhari did with vetting of ministries while people who knew he was looking for were screaming for him to move on,if Jonathan left Nigeria in good hands as you people claim,would it take even 2 years to run it aground? president Buhari’s decision then was a very wise one from a serious man.

      • FreeNigeria

        You mean it took six months for a brain dead president to find equally brain dead ministers?

        • blackdove

          If President Buhari is brain dead, then you are a walking dead.

    • Julius

      Are educated at all ?

  • Ogom

    Abeg, forget it. Buhari has never been in a hurry.
    This is just more of the same shameless power grabbing

  • share Idea

    It is ridiculous that this administration thinks that the reason it could not perform is because of procurement processes. Amend the relevant procurement process and not emergency law.
    Does this administration think that other previous PDP governments they called clueless were not inhibited by such laws but they were able to use them to build several infrastructure.

    How many projects jas this administration advertised, and the procurement process was stalling its implementation? Please can anybody name any project that have been initiated by this administration? The administration have been in power for more than 16 months, yet 3 months contract procurement period prevented from executing any project. It is now obvious that the country is no longer buting the last administration blame and they want to shift to laws of the country. This administration is not only clueless and hypocritical but highly unashamed.

  • abdul dull daura

    GEJ and Shagari did not use emergency powers to keep the nation out of recession in their tenors. Buhari took over from both men. We got into recession with Buhari after taking over. Buhari is an expert with AK47 and cows. Not things to do with calculations. Please somebody should tell him that he cannot shoot at the economy with AK47 and win, you can only use your head, the brain in it and experts to make the economy work.

  • FreeNigeria

    How will handing the power to a brain dead president help us out of this mess? Will this power start manufacturing products in Nigeria? Make us export what we don’t produce? Give us light? Stop this administration from blaming others? Or stop them from building castle in the moon?

  • olubayo

    It is unfortunate reading un called for names the president is reffered to by some people on this page. I’m surprised by the way some people used words carelessly here. It is not compulsory making a comment if one has no good thing to write. Please keep quiet forever if you cannot improve the silence. God will see this present administration through to get the nation out of these challenges the nation faces now.

    • onyema22ohaka

      You ain’t heard or seen nothing yet.
      How about all the discriptions and names given to GEJ by afonja journalists for your pecuniary interest?

  • thusspokez

    Why Buhari wants emergency economic powers

    Because Kemi Adeosun is out of her depth and has no clue nor answer to Nigeria’s economic problems.

  • thusspokez

    …not subject to the boom and burst…

    Plagiarism of Gordon Brown’s speech. Gordon Brown is former UK Chancellor and Prime Minister.

  • thusspokez

    In view of the peculiar situation of the economy and the need to get basic infrastructure in place to drive economic recovery, she said the government could hardly afford advertising for jobs for 12 weeks.

    Gosh! This is why Buhari needs emergency economic power?

  • suleiman

    I like her hairstyle, which is the only thing she does best! This lady doesn’t have a clue about what to do, not even economics 101 would help! This is what you get when you put unqualified people to run your economic policy! All this lady does so well is to change her hairstyle everyday, which is by the way what gullible Nigerians voted for. May God help us. The worst is yet to come. It came in 1985 and Babangida had to rescue us by overthrowing the government. This time it will have to be the people’s revolution. No military man should dare mess around with our democracy. It is they who destroyed and are still destroying the county.

  • Babrutus

    He also needs emergency powers for 15th anti-corruption crusade. Please let’s support the government in this initiative.

  • Stanley

    The jobs at CBN were not advertised. Employment was done in secret within days.National Assembly did not complain.

  • ayo

    Nigerian buyers,beware .Caveat emptor. This was the reason why buhari and tinubu wanted total control of the NASS because they knew Ab initio that a day like this shall come. I have been following this government for some time now,and I dare to say that this is the worst government that Nigeria will ever have.A government that derives joy through lies and falsehoods, a government that is clearly deficient when it comes to integrity. This same presidency have denied this issue when it first came on air only to come back to now announce it by themselves.
    To me ,I have lost all the respect I have for buharis government, this is the worst government in terms of inconsistencies and somersaults. These guys are not reliable fear is that this was the same route taken by abacha and before the eyes of the gullible cleared,many Nigerians had ran into exiles.
    Buhari did not need emergency powers to run Nigeria into recession, so he must not be afforded any to return Nigeria to pre may 29 conditions before he took over. buhari must resign if he cannot rule Nigeria according to the dictates of the constitution under which he aspired and campaigned for the office of the President. This nation is not under an external invasion by any foreign forces,this nation is not under any natural catastrophe like tsunami,earthquake, volcanic eruption or outbreak of Ebola.buharis cluelessness and sleepwalking on duty is the only challenge facing our nation.if buhari can’t meet up with the demands of the office ,he should resign honorably than to ask Nigerians to make him another idiamin or Hitler.ok

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    If Nigerian lawmakers are truly working for the good interest of Nigerians and their constituencies,they must grant such special power to president Muhammadu Buhari,s government immediately.Nigerians are under fiscal/economic quagmire.