UN to establish 2 aviation security training institutes in Nigeria

Photo: Google.com
Photo: Google.com

The United Nations has decided to establish two Aviation Security Training Schools in Nigeria to help  boost safety and security in the country’s aviation sector.

The  United Nations-appointed Project Manager for the schools, Douglas Melvin,  made the disclosure when he visited the Minister of State for  Aviation, Hadi Sirika, in Abuja.

Mr. Melvin said the main objective of the project was to support the nation’s overall counter-terrorism strategy by providing a key element of a robust national aviation security policy.

A statement released by James Odaudu, Deputy Director, Press & Public Affairs, Ministry of Transportation,  quoted Mr. Melvin as saying that this would help to mitigate the threat posed to civil aviation by terrorist groups.

Mr. Melvin said the initiative would also enhance the capacity within the UN system to help interested member states  implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in an integrated manner.

Mr. Melvin said the choice of Nigeria out of 25 countries considered was in appreciation of its clear roadmap in developing the aviation sector, with particular emphasis on safety and security.

“The country stands to reap more benefits than the training of its aviation security personnel by the best available security experts,” Mr. Melvin was quoted as saying.

He said other benefits include the provision of, and exposure to hi-tech Aviation Security equipment and the generation of revenue from training of aviation security personnel from other countries.

The UN representative also informed the minister that the forthcoming UN General Assembly was billed to make a proclamation on aviation security with specific reference to Nigeria.

He said the step underscored the importance attached to the project as a flagship and high profile one which the country was privileged to be a beneficiary.

Responding, Mr. Sirika commended the UN for recognising and identifying with the government’s vision and efforts to establish and nurture a safe and secure world class aviation industry.

He assured him of the government’s readiness to provide all that was needed for the effective take-off and operation of the two institutes to be located in Abuja and Lagos.

He also described the choice of Nigeria for the institutes as a massive boost to the nation’s desire to become a regional aviation hub.

“The project is to be fully funded by the UN and delivered by the UK Department of Transportation.

“Nigeria is expected to participate in the provision of training premises and supply of low-cost aviation training equipment, among others,’’ he said. (NAN)

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  • Useless LEADERS

    Unfortunately our old cargo mumuistic politicians, president and vice president will be “very happy” with the UN for this gesture. Whereas, the UN and the countries that control it will be LOL (Laughing Out Loud) in their closets and enclosed offices…laughing at the brainless unthinking African presidents/leaders who are never able to think out of the box and take charge of the destiny of their nations.

    BOTTOMLINE…Is it Aviation Security Training Institute Nigeria needs or An Institute that builds (or will teach Nigerians how to Manufacture) AirBus passenger planes and Fighter Jets? Why should Africans always learn only how to carry out maintenance operations…why is it that UN, France, UK never awards scholarship to Nigerians to go to an Aircraft company and learn how to manufacture Airplanes? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOway, they will not. They will give you scholarship to go and learn how to loosen screws and tighten them back, and Nigerians and their useless brainless govt officials will be jumping up for joy.

    • Du Covenant

      While I share your sentiments true & true, we must ask ourselves, what happened to the educational system we inherited from the British?. Why has education taken the back seat in Nigeria today?. We used to be comparable with any country up till the mid 80s or so. These are highly skilled endeavours you wish we have in Nigeria but, we are still very backward in all respect this is why nobody will bring anything serious into Nigeria. Our approach to anything in life is second to none, we are not serious, we are very, very corrupt as a society. Building and maintaining planes is serious business and don’t happen in an environment devoid of discipline or where corruption and nepotism is the norm. Unfortunately we have been reduced to people who can only be loosing and tightening screws because of the way we have presented ourselves. It will only change if we present ourselves differently I am afraid.

      • Useless LEADERS

        You have conceded defeat even before the start of the race. This is not the winning spirit. It is the worst form of mindset that can ever be found in a creation of God. I have seen the weakest of Animals put up some fight against even the Lion no matter how feeble that resistance might be. I am sure you are one of those who if dropped inside a mass of water/river/ocean will simply say the last prayers and slump down to the water/ocean bed. Whereas there are people who even though have never swam would attempt to swim and in the process find something somehow to hold on to…and eventually survive. I have seen that in Malabo, I have seen that at Akpabuyo Local Govt (border town between Nigeria & Cameroun)…and in some plane crashes in water. To give up because according to you, “These are highly skilled endeavours you wish we have in Nigeria but, we are still very backward in all respect…”, goes to show that Nigeria has no future. If a small boy like you can be thinking like this then where is the future? Your own mumudity is mutant in nature and a very dangerous one my friend.

        Julius Berger has been building roads in Nigeria probably before your Papa was born. They are still building bridges in Abuja, Lagos and PH as I write…Why? Because according to you, “…These are highly skilled endeavours you wish we have in Nigeria but, we are still very backward in all respect…” ………………..Shell has been drilling and stealing our oil since September 1957 when the first export of crude left my Niger Delta. Shell is still drilling your crude 66years after. Why? Because according to you, “…These are highly skilled endeavours you wish we have in Nigeria but, we are still very backward in all respect…”, …………..and you know what, whatever QUANTITY Shell tells you it has drilled, that is what Nigerian officials believe…and Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil etc keep making the monies for their countries while they give you crumbs. Have you ever asked yourself whether it was Shell who drilled the oil in the ground in China and Russia? How did China acquire the technology? How did Russia acquire the technology? ……………..Or are you telling me that the brains of the Chinese and Russians or the British and Americans are modeled specially by God? The Niger Deltans have the technology to refine crude to PETROL & DIESEL. Believe it. We dont need Shell and other oil companies………..Colonialism is a blight. A believe system that erodes confidence in oneself and places superiority in one race over another or more practically in the race of the Colonial master over the colonized. It is even worse when this belief system becomes genetic….and that is seemingly your situation. I believe you are redeemable and I can help you. Take fresh Palm wine in a filled Calabash and use half to wash your head and drink the rest. This must be done between 5am and 6am in the morning and by sunrise your colonized thoughts would have disappeared.

        • Iliyasu Biu

          Thank you. I don’t support violence but the truth stands. The Niger Delta people should be allowed to form small and medium refineries etc. With support from the bank of industries of Nigeria. If farmers which by landmass are in the north of Nigeria are being empowered why not the Niger Delta? Addendum : All those Shell, Chevron etc staff who helped illegal crude oil drill and sales plus the legitimate should be ready for God’s judgment.

        • Shame! Shame! …and Shame!!!

          God bless you real good. PT will never write Editorials to support local content and original innovations in Nigeria instead it continues to churn out irrelevant politically motivated Editorials. If Africa and Nigeria must compete and be classified as developed, then we must Manufacture, produce. innovate, and create. Looking up to Europe & America to ALWAYS provide the technology is an extension of colonialism and slavery. The other day PT said it was going to open an office in New York so that it can better study & influence US policy towards Nigeria, and I started laughing. In fact, I am still laughing. This colonial disease is really eaten deep into the brains of Africans and news media proprietors and Editors are by no means immune. How can Nigeria take crude oil and ship it accross the Atlantic and then begin to buy fuel with billions of Dollars from the same people it sold the crude to? And no news media Editorials captures it! Worse still, when the locals innovate and have a technique for local refinery, instead of the govt to examine their methodology and research it further, they send their clueless Army to arrest, sometimes kill the scientists and destroy their technology, and the news media report these with glee. Oh my Africans, is this how “stumpid” you are? Where is your common sense?……………and now I hear SWITZERLAND has been dumping contaminated Cancer causing diesel and fuel in Nigeria, and PT will not report it. Shame on all your Editors.

  • Apostel

    Another security center for the south?