300 houses affected by Kaduna tremors – NEMA


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said on Thursday that over 300 houses were affected by the earth tremor that hit Kwoi in Kaduna State last week.

The agency’s Zonal Coordinator in the North West, Musa Illalah, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna.

Mr. Ilalah, however, said no life was lost in the incident, but that the affected houses either collapsed or got cracked.

“We have gone round and have seen the houses that were affected.

“The assessment is still ongoing; we are waiting for the geologists to tell us the root of the problem and what will be the next plan of action for the occupants of these communities,’’ Mr. Ilalah said.

He called on the residents to remain calm, saying that measures were already being taken by the Federal and State Governments to provide succour to the affected persons.

“We in NEMA will do our best; we are going to write our report and send it to the headquarters, Abuja.

“We all know that the rock is the root of the problem but only the geological services will be able to tell us the cause of the tremor,’’ he said.

Multiple earth tremors were recorded in three locations in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State over the weekend.

The remors that occurred on Sunday and early hours of Monday at Kwoi, Nok and Samban Dagi also left scores of structures with cracks or total collapse. (NAN)

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  • Excisionist

    Except the East African Rift Valley most of Africa is stable. This means that major earthquakes of the types that occur in the area know as the “Ring of Fire” around the Pacific or in Southern Europe, would be unlikely in most of Africa.

    The fact however is that there are possibly many small tremors within any particular week in Nigeria as is the case in areas with similar geological structure as Nigeria. They are perceptible only to seismic monitoring instruments known seismographs. A network of a number of such instrument would detect the occurrence of such and give scientists data with which to locate the epicenter. They can also detect earthquakes and explosions occurring elsewhere.

    Many countries have seismic networks that monitor earthquakes or tremors They are usually managed by experts in Geological Survey in collaboration with universities. Usually there are areas where most of these small, tremors occur within a region (or country). The occurrence of earth tremors that could damage settlements and infrastructure cannot be ruled out. It is important to know these places when considering the location of important installations or infrastructure

    Nigeria needs a good seismic network in order to monitor the occurrence of earthquakes and tremors.

  • NoSpinEd

    Do our geological experts have any data that quantifies the magnitude of the tremor? What was it on the Richter scale?