Nigerian Navy vows to continue attacks on Niger Delta militants

Armed militants 
Photo: Buzz Nigeria
Armed militants Photo: Buzz Nigeria

The Nigerian Navy on Wednesday said it would continue to clampdown on militant groups and criminal elements in the Niger Delta.

This is contained in a statement signed by its Director of Information, Commodore Christian Ezekobe, in Abuja.

The Navy said it arrested one of the top leaders of a group called Bakassi Strike Force (BSF). It added that nabbing the suspect was part of efforts to eliminate unwholesome activities by criminals in the Niger Delta.

“The suspected militant, Mr. Uduak Thompson aka SANGATA, was arrested on Sept. 12 in his hideout in Calabar by a joint team from Nigerian Navy Ship VICTORY and Defence Intelligence Agency,” it said.

The statement recalled that some top members of the BSF had earlier been arrested.

In a related development, the patrol team deployed by Naval Outpost (NOP) Ikuru has arrested four suspected sea robbers, who were alleged to be responsible for several attacks and robbery incidents.

According to the statement, they carry out these attacks at Oyorokoro, Ataba, Kaa and Oyorokoro communities in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers.

“The gang was alleged to have particularly attacked market women on Sept. 4, 2016 at Oyorokoro Community.

“These arrests bring to fore, the commitment of the NN and other security agencies to stamp out the menace of criminal brigandage in the region.

“Investigation into these untoward activities has commenced and the perpetrators will be handed over to prosecuting agencies for further action,” the statement said.


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  • Wise Counsel

    1. Chinese speak one language
    2. Americans speak one language
    3. Germans speak one language
    4. United Kingdom speak one language
    5. Spaniards speak one language
    6. Italians speak one language
    7. Portuguese Speak one language
    8. Russians speak one language
    9. Etc, etc, etc…

    …In Europe, every country speaks one major language and has one major culture. The only exception were former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and the two countries fought the most brutal wars of the 21st century and broke up. Since the break ups, the emergent countries have been peacefully peaceful…And so it will be in perpetuity. In Nigeria we have 375 Languages and about 7 Major languages. So we can effectively break up into 7 countries.

    One language. one culture and one people. This is the bond. Nigeria is NOT a country. The earlier we break up the better for the living and the dead.
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    • Fred

      @wise counsel, you probably think you’ve made a lot of sense. Keep stroking yourself since it seems to please you this much.

      The UK, UAE & USA are various countries made up of multiple areas big and sustainable enough to exist as independent countries so size doesn’t matter.

      We are in a global village shrinking everyday in size by virtue of access, trade, interdependence and most especially technology. Even if Nigeria disintegrates, it’ll be counter intuitive because we’ll still live and trade amongst each other. It actually will be more expensive figuring out, building and monitoring new borders (and splitting assets) which wouldn’t be without it’s attendant problems e.g. Nigeria/Cameroon issue with Bakassi.

      India as a country has multiple religions and regional languages with 2 official languages. Canada has English and French as major languages. All the mentioned countries are doing well.

      Only a lazy and shortsighted person blames others for their troubles and fails to see the upside of his predicament.
      It is challenging to be so diverse but it is as well our strength potentially. We just have to stop being narrow minded.

      • UMPIRE

        Your cosmetic and spastic theories are ridiculous. Hear you : “…India as a country has multiple religions and regional languages with 2 official languages. Canada has English and French as major languages. All the mentioned countries are doing well…”

        I will take you on one by one.

        India is homogeneous. Yes there is caste system BUT the people have an overriding identity – India. In speech intonation and appearance (Whether dark or light skin) ALL indians have this distinguishing appearance. This is the bond. And no Sharia laws exist besides Indian constitution.

        I really do not understand why you mentioned Canada. Maybe lack of ideas. With 2 official languages, Canada is as homogeneous as any other one country with one language. I wonder why you did not mention Cameroon. The NATIONAL identity (not necessarily culture) of all citizens in Canada is Canadian and this is what begets a sense of belonging. Nigeria has zero (0%) percent of this sense of belonging. BUT we all have 100% sense of belonging to our ethnic nationality (Tribes) and this shows that that is where the SYNERGY lies.

        So, my dear, @Wise Counsel in on point. On track!

        • Ade Omowest

          You are wrong on India. The Indians have many local languages like Nigeria, though the Hindus are more than the others like Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba being the big ones in Nigeria. They are all associated together by their peculiar tones of ‘spoken English’ alone. If you don’t agree, pick-up a historical book on Far East Asia with emphasis on Indian as a Nation. As for Canada, Fred is right in that aspect as quoted “….. Canada has English and French as major languages”–@disqus_VE0kxDujFx:disqus, unquote.

    • Patrick

      Not correct.US and China have lingua franca .

    • Ade Omowest

      With your jaundiced and ignorant language analysis of various countries, how many countries will the South/South and North Central be divided to? Yes, South East is monolingual just like South West to some extent, but the so called North is not.

      • Fizzy

        Bother only about your own West (Not South West). What we have in Nigeria is

        WEST &

        This South South, South North, WEst EAST and North West or whatever are all political jargons meant to decieve people. There are 4 positions. You are either North, South, East or West. When the Hausa man wants to play wayo he will say Kogi id North. He will even say Nassarawa is North. So na where South for begin? Nonsense.

        • Ade Omowest

          From your demarcations above, most part of Niger Delta is now part of the East and some fall into the West, How many countries do we expect from the East if each country must speak one language like the “Wise Counsel” is propagating above? Having it in mind that we have the Igbos, Ibibios/Efiks/Anangs, Urhobos/Isokos, Aniomas/Ukwannis, Ikwerres, Ijaws, Itshekiris, Okrikas, Ogonis, Kalabaris, Obudus, Ekpeyes etc.

          • vagabonds in power

            The wisest people among the whole lot are the Fulanis———————————–who are in Control of the entire North——–with emirs scattered all over the North –from Adamawa——to the Cameroon mountains ati Sokoto and Kaduna–to Kano——-and North Central are owned by the Fulanis—-That is why they are still killing in Southern Kaduna————–Borno state–North Central–All the killings are by the Fulanis in Boko haram That was how they took—over the entire nort and part of Yorubas land—Now Nigeria is assumed to belong to the Yorubas—Fulanis and Ibos———-The Yorubas have further gone down to enslave themselves to the Fulanis–while the Ibos are struggling to align themselves to the Fulanis–One thing that stands out here is that…the Ijaws would not want to attach themselves to any of the major tribes again————-we cannot move from one slave master to another again—–That is why Freedom is our goal——————————-……………………..

          • Ade Omowest

            If the Ijaws now decide to declare freedom and get Niger Delta Republic What is the guaranty that the Itsekiris, Ukweres, Ibibios/Efiks/Anang, Urhobos, Aniomas/Ukwanis, Ekpeyes etc will not want independence too as they will not want to be slaves to Izon tribe. “Abi all of them na Ijaw people?”. .

    • FreeNigeria

      Do your research before you post incorrect materials online. Most of the countries you listed have and speak more than one language. Please correct your errors.

      • Fizzy

        Give facts. “Most of the countries you listed have and speak more than one language…” Your assertion is hazy. Be scientific. Facts please!

        • FreeNigeria

          The Chinese have and speak more than one language. The Italians have their local dialect especially in the south. The general Italian language is actually the Florentine. American’s have the native Indians and now the Latinos. You can finish the rest for me.

          • Fizzy

            1. The Chinese have and speak more than one language. [Give the name of the language and population who speak it]

            2. The Italians have their local dialect especially in the south. [Give the name of the language and population who speak it]

            3. American’s have the native Indians [Give the name of the language and population who speak it]

            4. The Latinos. [They are not Americans. They crossed over from the Border – Immigrants like people from Niger Republic who stray into Nigeria] NOTE: Our point of reference is those who made up the country at that time it was formed.

            My concluding response to you on all points 1-4 above is that those languages you refer to are
            1. Spoken by an infinitesimal fraction of the total population
            2. The languages are almost always a variation of the general dialect (and not a completely different dialect e.g., Mandarin Chinese, Classic Indian and so on.)

            My friend, I have some small advanced degree in history. So be careful. Don’t disgrace yourself.

          • FreeNigeria

            You’ve disgraced yourself by your sheer ignorance of what you’re talking abt.

    • vagabonds in power

      No matter how long the Fulanis and Yorubas delay the break-up the Ijaw Nation will be gone one day—————————We are one country today in Nigeria because of the oil wells in the SS———–period——–Beyond that we are as divided as the word divide—–we hate each others guts like hell–

    • Observer

      Eeeya, another baby factory, self acclaimed wise counsel.. Abeg counsel yourself, you are daft man. Did you make any research at all? You are just wasting your data. Get some education via Google before you start fooling around.

  • Wise Counsel

    Let the people have their beloved separate country. There is no benefit derivable from being part of Nigeria except that toga of Islamic terrorism which the unproductive regions have placed on Nigeria and Nigerians through brash killings, violence and animistic laws cum code of conduct like beheading etc etc.

    Nigeria is the population of Spain, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom put together. It (Nigeria) therefore has no business being a country. Britain committed crime against humanity in 1914 when they amalgamated several countries in West Africa to from a Nigeria. This should be reversed and we can conduct a referendum asap before lives are lost and more violence become the order of the day.

  • vagabonds in power

    If this is not madness then tell me what this useless unthinking statement by the Navy means to the soul of the Average Nigerian—If the idea is not about stealing the crude oil resources of the SS is the main objectives of the lazy Nigerian Navy—people———–The same Navy that could not even defend the territorial intergrity of Nigeria–against Cameroon and Boko haram now swearing to kill Ijaws——-in the creeks—————How do u see u will chase Militants and criminal in d creeks was that what the Navy was set up for—-in Nigeria and around the globe-?—The job of the Nasvy is to defend the territorial waters of the Nation against outside invasion——————And not to go about chasing and killing innocent souls in d creeks because of lack of better things to spend their time on————–This is the same Navy that the Yorubas and Fulanis were afraid to join years ago——-