Full Transcript: Boko Haram brags in new video, threatens Buhari, Buratai

Shekau New 1

The 12 minutes, 58 seconds video shows a crowd of Boko Haram members heading to a prayer ground for Eid prayers.

The Imam who led the prayers was identified as the assistant to the group’s known leader, Abubakar Shekau. His name was not mentioned.

Although Shekau did not feature in the video, the narrator made it clear the faction was loyal to Shekau. A separate faction of the sect has since earlier this year been led by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, son of a former founder of the group, Mohammed Yusuf.

The new video shows two different Eid prayer sessions at the same time. While a group was praying inside a mosque, another was praying in a different location outside a mosque. Each group had a different imam or prayer leader.

After a sermon in Arabic, which lasted less than a minute, the imam of the group inside the mosque delivered a rant in Hausa.

Below is the transcription.

“Brothers, this is our Eid for the year 1437 AH (2016) under the leadership of our leader, Abu Muhammad Abubakar Ibn Mohammad Ashakawi (Shekau).

“We extend our greetings to our people and fighters all over the world; and to our leader, the leader of Jama’atu ahlus-sunnah lidda await wal jihad Imam Abubakar Shekau.

“We pray that Allah should keep us together under this umbrella and cause.

“May Allah guide us to follow the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW). May Allah make us triumph over all the infidels of this world. May Allah protect our leader, mallams, wives and everybody all together.

“Our message to the infidels who are fighting us; especially their leader, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, is that he should know that we are still in this religion. And like they keep saying that they have defeated us; it is indeed not true, because we are in good health and succeeding in our cause. We are very strong and doing very well.

“Buhari is saying that he will finish us. Let him know that before he said so, other infidels said so before now and they couldn’t.

“So this infidel by the name Buhari saying that he will finish us, he should know that by the grace of Allah, he cannot finish us. Rather, he will die, he will die, he will die.

“Our leader who is leading us on this, Imam Jamatu ahlus Sunnah lidda awat (Shekau), may Allah continue to protect him for us.

“By the will of Allah, under the leadership of our leader (Shekau), we will capture Buhari with our hands.”

The congregation now disperses from the mosque chanting Allah Akbar. The Imam steps out from the mosque for a photo shoot behind the group’s flag and says:

“My last message is to you Buratai (Tukur, Nigeria’s Army Chief), Kukasheka (Sani, spokesperson of Nigerian Army) and the rest of the infidels.

“You should know that this is a brand new video which we recorded today the 12th of September 2016, using the infidel’s calendar.

“It is a new video, not an old one. It is a brand new video; (we hear) you are saying you will finish us with your fighter jets.

“By the grace of God, you will see what we will do to you.

“Under the leadership of our leader, Shekau, we will step further henceforth and will destroy what we never destroyed before.

“We are ready and even stronger now. We will go to where we never were before now and destroy what we never destroyed before now.

“You infidels, you are finished now. You all want to live and enjoy life; but this time around, we are well prepared to die. (Chants of “Allah Akbar”).

“No retreat, no surrender by the grace of God! No retreat, no Surrender by the grace of God! No retreat, no surrender by the grace of God!

“We shall cut off your heads with our swords and guns (removing his sword from the sheath).

“Allah is going to help us. And you shall see how he is going to do that soon. (Chants of “Allahu Akbar”).

The video then showed a mini horse race by some Boko Haram fighters to entertain the scores of members who were chanting “Allah Akbar”.

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  • JasV

    If this your allah helps you I will have no choice but to conclude that yours is a blood sucking devilish allah while the majority of peace loving Muslims have the real true Allah who is to be worshiped.

    • Otile

      At the rate Mohamed Buhari is leading Nigeria Allahu will certainly deliver him(Buhari) into the hands of Imam ibn Shekau for capture. Holding people who do not want to be with him with force of arms, under discrimination, injustice, and extreme hunger offends God. God created those Imam Buhari hates with good talents but Buhari is doing everything to stifle and suppress them for his own selfishness.

      By the grace of God may Abu Shekau capture Mohamed Buhari alive. All say Amin.

      • Omotolaaraujo


  • Remi

    If this video is indeed true, and not made up, the question
    is how could members of an organisation that has purportedly been proscribed
    gather in such large numbers, on
    Nigerian soil, without our security services having foreknowledge of the event
    or the whereabouts of it’s operatives? Ab
    initio, it has been clear that there is an intelligence-deficit in the
    prosecution of this war against boko haram.

  • paul osa

    Chai…..people with less than 15th century mentality in the 21st century.

  • Eluba Inas

    Why does PT and other media continue giving this lunatics the space to further their propaganda?

  • favourtalk

    Who takes this one serious again after they have been dealt with seriously, they are just making moutyh after been destroyed totally by buraintai boys

  • Ken

    We are just watching all the lies from government. The Army should come clean. These guys were subdued before but Buhari’s lack of tact brought them back on their feet